“Trick Shot” – Being The Elite Ep. 254 Recap

“Trick Shot” – Being The Elite Ep. 254 Recap

“Trick Shot” – Being The Elite Ep. 254 Recap:

* The Young Bucks show off their ring gear from last week’s Dynamite. They get close-ups of their Nike Jordan 11 Adapts. The two take some pictures.

* Nick looking for a basketball that got stuck above some ceiling panels. He can’t find it.

* The two brothers make their way for another photo shoot and talk about their ring gear. They say some of the other people don’t quite get their look and mention how hot it is in Jacksonville. Nick says people are probably saying they wished they looked as cool as The Young Bucks.

* Dark Order hangout, the group cheers up 10 after his loss to AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin. 10 says he lost his biggest match yet, and his mask is ruined now. The group all talk about things they’ve lost. Grayson starts to bug out again about a girl sitting up on the chair, but there is actually one there this time. Tay Conti waves to the group and reminds them she lost her title match. Cabana realizes they are probably losing BTE viewers right this second since Hangman Page isn’t with them. They decide to go look for John Silver and start looking inside everything in the room trying to find him.

* Trick Shots with Nick Jackson, he throws a ball up on his roof and it rolls down through the net of a toy basketball hoop.

* Ryan Nemeth tries to help JD Drake put a jacket on, but it’s too small. Apparently, it was Peter Avalon’s jacket. They go to find him and hear some people talking nearby and sounds a bit sexual. The see Avalon and Cezar Bononi nearby, and Avalon is just trimming Bononi’s mustache.

* The Elite hanging out in the limo for one of their Dynamite segments. Matt says he’d like to move forward and avoid doing the “too sweet” hand gesture, and instead do “The Elite” three finger hand gesture. Gallows and Anderson try it with each other and have to learn how to do it properly. Gallows makes a joke about his hat and Matt tells Cutler to cut the camera.

* Grayson finds Cutler and asks him to go with him on an adventure. He wants to hunt down “the girl” from last week that he knows exists. Grayson sees Anna Jay at a distance and runs over to her. When he turns her around it’s actually Powerhouse Hobbs. Grayson runs away from him.

* Nyla Rose and Ryzin bump into Bononi and Avalon in the hallway. They ask about a donation, but the guys decide to pass. Rose starts acting strange as Ryzin says she can see their future. During all of this Vickie Guerrero steals Avalon’s phone. The group heads off and Avalon realizes they took his phone.

* Backstage, Young Bucks showing off their expensive Adapt sneakers that feature laces that automatically tightened (with lights on the side). All of this is controlled by an app, which takes awhile to work. Matt and Nick are about to go out and wrestle, and even though Matt said he charged them all day, the right one is low battery. He worries they may loosen during his match.

* Nick Jackson with another basketball trick shot.

“Trick Shot” – Being The Elite Ep. 254 Recap

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