Three Controversial Wrestling Personalities We Must Not Forget

Three Controversial Wrestling Personalities We Must Not Forget

The pro-wrestling scene in the US are and has been filled with wrestlers we should never forget. Some are more obvious than others, but there are a few that are not top-of-mind to most people but deserve to be remembered.

Pro-wrestling has been fascinating the audiences since the first match, many years ago. The mix of rivalry, theatrics, and violence seem to be the perfect blend to satisfy the audience. It has been, and still are, a phenomenon that is shunned by some, by loved by many more.

The crowds that watch the matches and follows the league are diverse. There are people holding tough, manual labor kind of jobs, nurses, doctors, and many other categories of people. No matter if you are a flight mechanic working on engines most of the day.

Or just about to start up your own company, maybe worrying about finding the right branding, chances are that you also follow the latest news about pro-wrestling. It is an event that brings people together, that unifies people across borders and social groups.

Whatever your views are on wrestling, there are some names that we all know and remember. Persons that in some way has been controversial or in some other way has left a mark that cannot be erased.

Three names that echo in eternity

One of those people is Stone Cold Steve Austin. He changed how wrestlers acted and what people expected to see. He did not care much about others’ opinions or how he was perceived, he said and did exactly what he wanted. He was a great wrestler as well. A combination that has made him a legend in the sport. But he has a nice side as well, like when he responded to a kid’s imitation of him.

The incredible Hulk Hogan

Another figure that will be remembered is Hulk Hogan. He might be most famous wrestlers, outside of the world of wrestling. He was a good wrestler, but his greatest accomplishment was when he helped make pro-wrestling mainstream. That meant more attention to the league which in turn made sponsors attracted. Many wrestlers could secure their future with deals for ads and commercials.

The ballad of Ric Flair

A man that is hard to forget is Ric Flair. He has been dubbed, by many, “the dirtiest player in the game” for a good reason. This is due to the numerous fights he got in with other wrestlers. But not in the ring, but rather backstage. Something that has resulted in some added drama to the league during the years. Some like that, others think it is ruining the game.

There are so many names that should be on a list like this. It could be hundreds of stories that are worth telling, but we do not have the space or time for that today. One thing you could do, is to take a moment and rank your top three names that you think should not be forgotten. Chances are that it will be so hard to keep it to as few names as three!

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