NXT Results – May 18, 2021

LIVE NXT Results - May 18, 2021

NXT Results – May 18, 2021 – Tonight’s WWE NXT episode opens live on the USA Network with a video package to hype the show. We’re live from the Capitol Wrestling Center at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Fans chant “NXT!” as we go right to the ring.

Toni Storm vs. Zoey Stark

We go right to the ring as Toni Storm makes her way out for the opener. Zoey Stark is out next as Alicia Taylor does the introductions.

Toni slaps Zoey and Zoey runs Toni into the corner.  Zoey with kicks and forearms.  Stark with more kicks in the corner.  Storm pushes Stark away but Stark with a drop kick and Toni goes to the floor.  Stark with a pescado onto Storm.  Stark sends Storm back into the ring and Stark hits a springboard drop kick.  Stark goes to the apron and Storm pulls Stark down on the apron.  Storm sends Stark shoulder first into the ring post.  Storm with a running hip to Stark against the ring steps.  Storm gets back into the ring while the referee starts her count.

Stark gets back into the ring and Storm with boots to Stark followed by forearms.  Storm with kicks in the corner.  Stark with a forearm and Storm with a suplex for a near fall.  Storm works on the neck.  Storm with a boot to the head and she gets a near fall.  Stark with elbows and a knee to the midsection.  Storm with a punch and she sends Stark into the turnbuckles.  Storm biels Stark across the ring by the hair.  Stark with a kick and Storm kicks back.  Storm with a back breaker and she stretches Stark over her knee.  Storm gets a near fall.  Storm with a forearm and Stark fires back.  Storm with European uppercuts and Stark with a back slide for a near fall. 

Stark with forearms and an enzuigiri.  Stark with a clothesline and running knee into the corner.  Stark with a snap mare and she gets a near fall.  Stark sends Storm into the turnbuckles and she kicks Storm in the corner.  Storm with a reverse atomic drop and a European uppercut.  Storm with a snap mare and a near fall.  Stark with a chop and Storm sends Stark to the floor.  Stark returns to the ring and she connects with an elbow and gets a near fall with a jackknife cover.  Storm with a front face lock.  Storm sends Stark to the mat and conencts with an elbow drop for a near fall.

Storm and Stark exchange forearms.  They exchange kicks and then they go back to forearms.  Stark with the advantage and Storm with an irish whip but Stark with a thrust kick in the corner.  Stark sends Storm to the mat and hits a sliding clothesline followed by a sliding knee for a near fall.  Storm blocks a half and half suplex.  Stark with a rana to block Storm Zero for a near fall.  Stark with a half and half suplex for a near fall.  Stark with knees to the head.  Storm lands on her feet on a reverse suplex attempt.  Storm with a German suplex and Storm Zero for a near fall.  Storm with a hip lock bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Toni Storm

The lights go out and Franky Monet makes her way to the stage.  She will have her in ring debut next week.

— Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde are in the back and McKenzie asks about Santos Escobar.  Wilde says they are here to talk about MSK and they want their tag title match. Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa show up and Ciampa says that MSK has never beaten them and Legado del Fantasma never beat them. Thatcher says Los Gatos no tienes zapatos. The challenge is accepted.

— We see Cameron Grimes arriving at the guilding and he tosses his keys to Jake Atlas to park his car but Grimes is told by Atlas that Ted DiBiase has his parking space.  Grimes tells Atlas he will not be laughing after their match tonight.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and we are with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions on a spa day.  Candice says they deserve it.  She says Johnny is going to take care of Bronson.  Indi says that Candice was right about Dexter.  He keeps popping up wherever she is.  They call him a loser while Dexter is massaging Indi.  He walks away.

— We go to Finn Balor sitting down.  Kross wants the footage to be run.  Balor says he did not underestimate Karrion Kross at all.  Kross says he was walking it off for week.  He says he couldn’t believe that Balor got out of the choke.  Jimmy Smith says that Balor was not finishing off Kross with things he normally won with.  Balor says his conviction would be his biggest strength and he felt it.  Kross says he was trying to put his fists through Balor’s head.  It was kill or be killed.

Kross says it was a matter of time.  Balor saying staying down kills us.  

McAfee talks about how Kross showed his dominance since day one.  He says Balor has been a champion wherever he has been.  The fact we are getting this match on Tuesday on USA is a dream come true.  He says Finn will walk out as champion.

Paul Heyman says everyone on Smackdown has an interest in this match, even Roman Reigns.  Paul says Kross versus Balor for the title, it’s a little too close to call.  Jimmy Smith says it is a redemption story if Balor gets his title back, but if he loses, it is a tragedy.  

Jake Atlas vs. Cameron Grimes

Before the match, Cameron Grimes says everyone thinks it is funny that Ted DiBiase keeps embarrassing Cameron Grimes, but wait until you see the real Ted DiBiase.  We see a video package of everything DiBiase did.when he failed.

After the video, Atlas attacks Grimes and sends him to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and the match was started during commercial.  Grimes and Atlas exchange punches.  Atlas kicks Grimes but Grimes with a back elbow.  Atlas kicks Grimes and hits a springboard hesitation arm drag and follows with an enzuigiri.  Atlas with a head scissors for a near fall.  Grimes kicks Atlas away .  Grimes gets Atlas up and sends him to the apron.  Atlas with a shoulder and he flips over but Grimes with a knee.  Grimes with a clothesline for a near fall.  

Grimes kicks Atlas in the corner.  Grimes with an elbow but Atlas with forearms and chops.  Grimes with a kick to the chest and Atlas blocks a kick.  Atlas slaps Grimes and he Irish whips Grimes sternum first into the turnbuckles.  Atlas with a German suplex as we see a limo arrive at the CWC in the picture in picture.  Atlas with a jumping knee and a clothesline.  Atlas gets a near fall.  Atlas goes to the turnbuckles but Grimes jumps to the turnbuckles but Grimes goes to the mat.  Atlas leaps over Grimes and Grimes with a Spanish Fly splash.

Ted DiBiase’s music plays and he makes his way to the stage and Grimes forgets that HE IS IN A WRESTLNG MATCH and Atlas with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Jake Atlas

After the match, DiBiase laughs loudly and then goes to the back. Atlas punches Grimes when he tries to get back into the ring. Grimes jogs awkwardly to the back and he wants to know where did DiBiase go.  Grimes tries to get into the limo and Ted says that Grimes is still no Million Dollar Man. Ted drives away.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Bronson Reed talks about his first match on May 18, 2007 and now 14 years later, he has the biggest match of his life for the North American Championship.  I had to go through Austin Theory and the Way.  He talks about wrestling all over the world and the type of matches he has had to get here.  He will not let Johnny Gargano stop his destiny.  He will win and then go to his wife and tell her after fourteen years, we did it.

— We go to Pete Dunne with Aresh Markazi.  He asks Pete about calling out the entire roster and he is asked who he wants to face next.  He’s beaten KUSHIDA.  He has unfinished business with WALTER.  That is his title.  He beat Johnny Gargano once and he will beat him again.  He says he will even go after Karrion Kross.

Pete says he lets his work speak for himself.  He has never had a bad match.  He says people leave different after walking in the ring with him.  

Aresh asks Pete about his style because it resembles MMA.  Pete says he uses traditional British wrestling and mixes it with wherever he has been.  He wants to make it more violent and aggressive.  

Pete is asked about his connection with the fans.  Pete says everyone knows what it feels like when you have your finger twisted. 

Pete is asked about his goals.  Pete says he just goes after opportunities.  He wants to go after the NXT Title.

Alexander Wolfe vs. Killian Dain

They lock up and go to a stalemate.  Dain with punches but Wolfe with a knee and boot to the head.  Wolfe with punches to Dain and he follows with kicks.  Wolfe with a European uppercut or two.  Dain with a European uppercut of his own.  He connects with a few more.  Dain with punches and forearms in the corner.  Dain with an Irish whip and splash.  Dain with a short arm clothesline.  Aichner gets on the apron and he pushes Maverick off the apron.  Dain with a bicycle kick to Aichner.  Barthel gives Wolfe a chair but the referee stops him.  Wolfe grabs the chair and Dain with a cross body for the three count.

WInner:  Killian Dain

After the match, Dain and Drake head to the back together as we get replays. Imperium poses together in the middle of the ring and there’s some tension. Wolfe acts like he doesn’t need their help getting up and standing back straight. Barthel and Aichner suddenly attack Wolfe and beat him down. They hit the double team Imperium Bomb and leave him laying in the middle of the ring. Barthel and Aichner pose over Wolfe now as fans boo them.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and McKenzie is with Dakota and Raquel.  She asks about what happened after the match in the training room.  Raquel says she wanted to show Mercedes respect but Dakota wanted to kick her head off.  Dakota says they are going to go after the tag titles. Ever Rise show up and point out that Shotzi and Ember have the next shot.  Matt and Chase talk about their talk show and then Raquel punches Matt.  Matt asks what happened and Chase says he got sucker punches.  Matt asks about his mug.

Legado Del Fantasma vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher

Wilde and Ciampa start off and Wilde goes for the leg but misses.  Wilde draws Ciampa to the floor and Wilde misses an elbow drop.  Ciampa pulls Wilde to the floor and sends him into the plexiglass.  Ciampa pats himself on the back and sends Wilde back into the ring.  Ciampa with a side head lock and shoulder tackle for a near fall.  Ciamap with a reverse chin lock.  Thatcher tags in and he applies a cravate.  Wilde gets into the corner and Mendoza tags in but Thatcher escapes.  They lock up and Thatcher with a side head lock and take down.  Thatcher with a double wrist lock and Ciampa tags back in and he snap mares Mendoza and applies a head scissors.  

Ciampa sends Mendoza into the turnbuckles and follows with an Irish whip and forearm.  Ciampa with an Irish whip but Mendoza gets his boot up and he punches Ciampa.  Ciampa with a punch to Mendoza and he sends him into the turnbuckles and Thatcher tags back in.  Thatcher with another cravate.  Thatcher with an arm bar.  Mendoza with a knee and side head lock.  Mendoza goes through the leg and he drop kicks Thatcher in the knee.  Mendoza with kicks and Thatcher blocks a kick and he applies an ankle lock.  Wilde is pulled into the ring while still applying the ankle lock.  Ciampa with an ankle lock on Wilde.  Wilde and Mendoza with rollups but the referee does not make the count.  Mendoza drop kicks Thatcher while Ciampa clotheslines Wilde.  

Thatcher with an enzuigiri and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ciampa with clotheslines to Wilde and Mendoza and he is having a lot of fun doing it.  Ciampa with a flying double clothesline once they get out of the corner.  Ciampa punches Wilde and Mendoza hits Ciampa from behind.   Mendoza and Wilde with a double spinebuster and a double drop kick for a near fall.  

We see footage of Mendoza being checked out during the break and allowed to continue.

Mendoza tags in and he punches and chops Ciampa.  They exchange forearms and Mendoza rakes the eyes.  Mendoza with a shoulder into the corner.  Mendoza goes for another shoulder into the corner but he misses and Mendoza hits the ring post and goes to the floor.  Thatcher tags in and he hits belly-to-belly suplexes on Mendoza and Wilde.  Thatcher with European uppercuts and a butterfly suplex for a near fall.  Thatcher sends Mendoza into the turnbuckles and he connects with European uppercuts.  Ciampa tags in and he punches and chops Mendoza.  Thatcher tags back in and he connects with forearms.  Ciampa tags in and he connects with a running knee for a near fall.

Mendoza goes to the apron when Ciampa follows into the corner.  Ciampa with a chop and Mendoza with a chop.  Ciampa with forearms and he sets for Fairy Tale Ending but Mendoza with a back drop and Ciampa rolls through.  Mendoza with a kick to Ciampa.  Wilde tags in and he hits a suplex.  Mendoza tags in and Wilde is sent onto Ciampa with an assisted slingshot slam and Wilde with a moonsault for a near fall.  Mendoza kicks Ciampa and tags in Wilde.  Thatcher trips Mendoza and connects with a European uppercut.  Wilde with a plancha onto Thatcher.  Ciampa with Willow’s Bell for a near fall.

Ciampa is dropped onto the apron by Gibson and Drake, in fetching suits.  Mendoza with a running kick while Wilde hits a side Russian leg sweep for the three count.

Winners: Legado Del Fantasma

— McKenzie Mitchell is with Bobby Fish and he says that what he did had nothing to do with Kyle O’Reilly but it had to do with Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne.  They put him on the shelf and he had to watch UE implode.  There is a debt to be paid and there is no better place to start than with Pete Dunne.  Bobby says that you are the only matchup that he is looking for.  Fish says they have unfinished business so he tells Pete to show up next week so he can finish it.

We go to commercial.

— Back from the break and we go back to the day spa.  Candice is told that her credit card was declined.  Candice cannot believe it was declined.  Candice is told there was an unpaid expense and they think it is Austin buying pizza.  Candice is told that it was flowers and chocolates from three weeks ago. Indi asks Candice if she knows what it means.  Indi tells Candice that HE STILL LOVES HER.

— Johnny Gargano says tonight he shows Bronson Reed that he is not on Johnny Gargano’s level.  He did what no one else could do a few weeks ago.  He left Karrion Kross in the back.  He asks Austin who stops the unbeatable.

Sarray vs. Aliyah

Sarray offers her hand and Aliyah kicks Sarray and connects with forearms.  Sarray with a springboard arm drag and another arm drag followed by a drop kick.  Jessi tries to trip Sarray and that allows Aliyah to connect with knees.  Aliyah with a back elbow for a near fall.  Aliyah sends Sarray face first into the mat.  Aliyah tosses Sarray around the ring by the hair and she connects with a running knee into the corner for a near fall.  Sarray with a heel kick for a near fall.  Sarray with a German suplex and she goes to the turnbuckles.  Sarray with a missile drop kick.

Sarray with a running drop kick against the ropes followed by a Saito suplex for the three count.

Winner:  Sarray

— We go to Shotzi and Ember.  Ember says they know that Indi and Candice are looking past them.  Shotzi says they aren’t done.  Shotzi and Ember say it is time to get gritty and wild.  

— Hit Row walk in the back as we go to commercial.

— We are back with a video for Diamond Mine.

Ashante Thee Adonis and Top Dolla vs.  Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari

Nese and Adonis start things off and Adonis with punches and a flapjack.  Dolla tags in an dhe biels Nese and Daivari tags in and Dolla with a shoulder tackle.  Dolla with a power slam to Daivari while he has Nese on his back.  Dolla with a short arm clothesline and Adonis tags in.  Adonis with a drop kick and punches.  Dolla with a splash and a suplex for the three count.

Winners:  Top Dolla and Ashante Thee Adonis

After the match, Hit Row celebrates in the ring as the music hits. We go to replays. Dolla takes the mic and tells B-Fab to put them on notice. They all cut promos now and pose together in the corner. Swerve says he doesn’t care who wins tonight’s main event, but he will have his eye on the NXT North American Champion after it’s over. The music hits again and they celebrate some more.

— McKenzie Mitchell is with William Regal. William says that Legado Del Fantasma will face MSK in two weeks for the titles.  William Regal wants to see who will step up in the Women’s and Cruiserweight Division.  Next week Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart will face Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez.

— We see Johnny Gargano and Bronson Reed walking in the back as the cage is lowered and somewhere Bonesaw McGraw is getting ready.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and in addition to the in ring debut of Franky Monet, we will have a Million Dollar Face Off between Ted DiBiase and Cameron Grimes.  That is in addition to the NXT Men’s Championship Match.

Bronson Reed vs. Johnny Gargano for the North American Championship in a Steel Cage Match

The bell rings and Gargano tries to escape through the door but Reed stops Gargano.  Reed tosses Gargano into the turnbuckles but Gargano with a kick and then he climbs the cage until Reed stops him.  Gargano floats over in the corner and Reed blocks access to the door and he pulls Gargano off the cage.  Reed with a running body block when Gargano goes for a leap frog.  Reed tosses Gargano into the cage.  Reed sends Gargano into the cage one more time.  Reed picks up Garagno and he lawn darts Gargano into the cage.  Reed puts Garagno against the cage and Reed leans back to try to send Gargano through the cage like sausage.  Reed goes for a splash against the cage but Gargano moves.  Gargano cannot propel himself on a slingshot spear because of the cage and Reed with a hanging DDT.

Reed goes for a suplex and Gargano lands on his feet and he clips Reed.  Gargano with a moonsault and he punches Reed.  Gargano climbs the cage and Reed grabs Gargano.  Reed with a death valley driver for a near fall.  Reed climbs the cage and Theory climbs to stop him.  Gargano drop kicks Reed’s leg.  Gargano punches Reed many times and then Gargano climbs the turnbuckles in the corner and he punches Reed.  Reed stops Gargano from climbing over him to the top of the cage.  Gargano with a hip into the corner.  Gargano slams Reed’s head into the cage.  Gargano runs into a forearm.  Gargano kicks the ropes and Reed is in some pain.

Gargano with a boot to the lower midsection.  Gargano punches Reed in the head.  Gargano chokes Reed in the ropes.  Gargano punches Reed and Reed punches back.  Gargano rakes the eyes and Gargano with a drop kick to Reed against the cage while Theory bounces off the cage.  Gargano gets a near fall.  Gargano comes off the turnbuckles but Reed catches Gargano and hits a power slam.  Reed with forearms and a reverse atomic drop and a double leg take down.  Reed catapults Gargano into the cage.  Reed gets Gargano on his shoulders and he climbs the turnbuckles.  Reed with a Super Samoan Drop and both men are down.  Reed gets a near fall.

Reed climbs onto the top rope and Gargano stops Reed and punches Reed in the back of the knee. Gargano sends Reed’s head into the cage and then Gargano with a sunset flip power bomb. Gargano gets a near fall. Theory opens the door and tries to help Gargano. Theory pulls Gargano but Reed pulls Gargano and Theory falls to the floor. Theory closes the cage and Reed pushes Theory off the steps. Gargano with a super kick and Reed with a forearm. Gargano grabs the ropes and then hits a poisonrana. Gargano climbs the cage. Gargano goes for One Final Beat but Reed catches Gargano and sends him into the cage. Theory slams the door into Reed’s head.

Gargano with One Final Beat for a near fall. Gargano gets to the top of the cage and Reed grabs Gargano. They fight on the top rope. Gargano goes over Reed but Reed grabs Gargano and Reed with a super power bomb.

Reed climbs the cage and Theory climbs on the outside while Johnny joins Reed on the top rope.  Reed knocks Gargano to the mat and he sends Theory to the floor.  Reed with Shadows Over Hell followed by a Tsumani for the three count.

Winner and New NXT North American Champion: Bronson Reed

After the match, Reed stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Reed stands tall with the NXT North American Title as pyro shoots up around the ring. A “NXT!” chant breaks out as Reed gets emotional and starts crying. He raises the title in the air and continues celebrating as NXT goes off the air.

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