Booker T On How WWE Can Build A Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley Match

Booker T On How WWE Can Build A Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley Match

On the Hall of Fame podcast on Reality of Wrestling, Booker T discussed a potential high profile match up between WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar. Booker believes it is a match, one that fans have clamored for, that’s just lingering around as a potential big time match up WWE can deploy at any moment.

“It’s definitely a match that’s hanging in the weeds, just lurking,” Booker T said. “It’s like a cloud, just hovering. Hanging in the weeds. It’s definitely a marquee match. You know it’s definitely a match that’s WrestleMania worthy. And the reason I think it would be good is because Brock Lesnar, as a wrestler, has really come into his own. He knows how to go out and really work like a seasoned veteran, like he’s grizzled.

“Bobby Lashley has stepped up as far as his psychology, his aggressiveness. Just that raw edge when you see when the guy is doing his business. Together I think those two guys, I think that would be one of the best big men matches we’ve ever seen in the business. Just because both those guys know how to work now on this level.”

Part of the reason the match up works so well for Booker is because of the similarities between Lesnar and Lashley, from their wrestling styles to their MMA backgrounds. The only issue Booker finds is the potential for the match to be held off for too long, a legit worry as Lesnar is still currently on the free agent market, as well as Lashley being told that the match wouldn’t happen.

“They match up from a wrestling perspective, but they match up from a mixed martial arts perspective as well,” Booker pointed out. “There’s so many different dynamics in it and all of it will be as close to real as you possibly can feel with two guys like that out there actually doing it. Because both of them are believable and both of them are legitimate tough guys. Legitimate fighters. I think the world is waiting on that fight, like a Pacquiao-Mayweather. And I’m hoping we don’t wait too long, like we did with Pacquiao and Mayweather, and it was nowhere near what it could’ve been if those guys had pulled the trigger, let’s say for instance five years sooner than that.”

Booker also laid out how he would book the story leading into the match. For Booker, it’s all about making Lashley as dominant as possible before bringing Brock back in, as a surprise, to kick things off.

“Bobby Lashley is going to have to be put in a total dominant situation for Brock Lesnar to want to come back and get a piece of the action, get some of that smoke,” Booker said. “I remember a match I was in, and you said Brock Lesnar showing up, hearing that music with Paul Heyman by his side, that picture right is worth the price of admission. But I remember working Big Show and John Cena in the Champion of Champions match. The thing is, nobody thought I was going to win that match. If there was money in Vegas, not many people had odds on Booker T walking out as Champion of Champions.

“For Bobby Lashley to be in a match somewhat like that, Champion of Champions match, then actually win it in a dominant fashion, MVP cutting a great promo on the world as far as Bobby Lashley being the almighty, and then Brock Lesnar music hits. That right there, I get goosebumps. Something like that I can buy into that’s money. Of course nothing needs to be said, just a stare down, and then you build the angle from that.”

Booker T On How WWE Can Build A Brock Lesnar Vs Bobby Lashley Match
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