AEW Dynamite Results – April 28, 2021

Kenny Omega Bringing The Impact Wrestling World Title To AEW Dynamite Tonight

AEW Dynamite Results – April 28, 2021 – Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur run down the advertised lineup for tonight’s show as the official match-and-segment graphics flash across the screen. We are informed that the number one ranked contender in the men’s singles division, Hangman Page, will be squaring off against FTW Champion from Team Taz, “The Machine” Brian Cage, in the opening contest this evening.

Hangman Adam Page vs. FTW Champion Brian Cage

Adam Page makes his way out of the entrance tunnel at the top of the stage. Before he can make his way down the entrance ramp and to the ring, he is immediately attacked from behind by his scheduled opponent for tonight.

“The Machine” begins a prolonged pre-match beatdown of Page as members of The Dark Order and Team Taz flock to the scene. Taz joins the trio of J.R., Schiavone and Excalibur on guest commentary for this match as Cage hits a big power bomb on Page on the ramp before finally throwing him into the ring.

The bell finally sounds and this match is now officially underway. “The Human Suplex Machine” gloats on commentary as the FTW Champion begins going to work on the number one ranked contender in the men’s singles division. Cage smashes Page into the corner and then hits a belly-to-back release suplex for a near fall.

Cage throws Page out to the floor and follows out after him to continue to deliver additional punishment, throwing Page into the steel guard rail as the fans inside Daily’s Place respond with loud boos. Cage then slams Page on the hard part of the ring apron outside of the ring ropes from the floor. He chops Page, rolls into the ring to break the referee’s count and rolls back out, hitting a body-slam on Page on the floor.

The FTW Champion finally rolls Page back into the ring and covers him, however Hangman manages to kick out at two. The fans try and rally behind Page with chants of “Hangman! Hangman!” but it does no good as Cage hits a nice fall-away slam. He goes for a standing moonsault on Page, however Hangman got both knees up, giving Cage quite the unpleasant crash-pad for his landing. Cage brushes it off, however, and takes Page to the top-rope, where he hits a big super-plex for another close near fall.

Page fires up for a comeback and gets in some offense, however it is ultimately cut short as Cage starts to dominate again literally a minute or two later. He hits a big buckle bomb on Page and then follows up with his Drill-Claw finisher. 1-2-3. “The Machine” picks up a clean victory, ending the undefeated streak of the number one ranked contender in the men’s singles division, and likely knocking him off the top spot on the official AEW rankings in the process.

Winner: Brian Cage

The Elite In The Back Of A Limosine

The commentators send things to the parking lot, where we shoot inside the back of a limosine that contains all of the members of The Elite.

Don Callis laughs and has some quick smart-ass comments to make before the triple-champion himself, AEW, IMPACT and AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega takes over. Omega talks about how The Elite won’t be intimidated or scared, claiming they are unphased by the ambush in the parking lot they endured at the hands of Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston on last week’s show.

Just as he finishes bragging about not being afraid, we hear horns honking like last week, and The Elite crew start to look nervous until their driver leans back and apologizes, claiming he accidentally leaned on the horn.

Omega wraps up by talking about some of the action involving The Elite tonight and then we head to a commercial break as Excalibur tells us that the tag-team title eliminator between The Young Bucks and the team of Mike & Matt Sydal is still to come.

AEW Tag-Team Title Eliminator
Matt & Mike Sydal vs. The Young Bucks

We return from the break to the ring entrance of the team of Matt & Mike Sydal. As the Sydal Brothers make their way down to the ring, Excalibur talks us through some highlights from the AEW House Always Wins non-televised live event to show an example of how the team has become “a thorn in the side of The Elite.”

As they settle into the squared circle for our second showdown of the show, the sounds of the song of The Young Bucks plays as Nick and Matt Jackson make their way down to the ring accompanied by Don Callis. The duo do their double-biceps pose as streamers fall from the ceiling. Callis makes his way over to join the gang on guest commentary for this match.

The bell sounds and this match is off-and-running. Remember, with a win here tonight, the Sydal Brothers would secure themselves a guaranteed future title shot against the AEW Tag-Team Champion Young Bucks. Mike Sydal and Matt Jackson kick things off for their respective teams as the noise inside the amphitheater noticeably picks up as this high-stakes bout gets rolling.

Sydal makes a good showing early on, sweeping the leg of Matt and hitting a nice moonsault press as a follow-up. This results in Matt angrily storming over to tag out. Nick Jackson comes in but Mike Sydal goes to work on him as well and then tags in his veteran brother, Matt Sydal. He focuses his attack on the arm of Jackson, isolating the limb of one-half of the tag champs before tagging his brother back into the bout.

The two hit a double drop kick that sends Jackson out to the floor. Once the match re-enters the ring, we see the veteran experience of the champs play a factor, as the Jackson Brothers hit a double-team spot that allows them to take over the offensive momentum in the match. On that note, Excalibur talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in the ring with Jackson working over Sydal.

We return from the break and we see both Jackson and Sydal hit a clothesline on each other at the same time. This leads to the fresh Jackson brother rolling into the ring, where he rolls his brother out and pretends to be down from the clothesline, pulling all of this off behind the referee’s back. This doesn’t give them much of a benefit, however, as literally seconds later Matt Sydal tags in and fires up, taking over the offensive momentum in the contest as he goes to work on Matt Jackson.

Jackson reverses a Sydal move attempt into a Tombstone piledriver position. He holds him as Nick Jackson hits the ring and the two hit a series of big double-team spots. They go for the cover afterwards, however Sydal manages to hang on and kick out just after the count of two. The Sydal Brothers start to fire up, taking it to the champs with head-on offensive spurts and outbursts, all of which result in close near fall attempts. The fans respond in kind with well-deserved “This Is Awesome!” chants.

This is turning into a very excellent tag-team-heavy match, complete with all of the bells and whistles that can be involved in a match involving four men instead of two. We see the Bucks hit blatant low blows and then stereo super kicks. They follow that up with a BTE Trigger on Sydal for the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks

When the match finishes up, as The Young Bucks are getting cooled off with spray bottles of water-mist and towels fanning them off, they are interrupted and confronted by Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

Excalibur points out on commentary that Kazarian and Daniels used to be two of the closest friends that Nick and Matt Jackson had, but questions how they feel about this new version of the Bucks.

And that’s exactly what the SoCal Uncensored (SCU) duo focuses on in this promo segment. Kazarian runs down the duo and criticizes them for what they have become. Daniels follows up by doing the same. They call themselves the biggest threat to their titles. After this segment wraps up, we head back to another commercial break.

Jade Cargill Reminds Us That “She’s That B*tch”

We head to a video package with Jade Cargill talking to the camera backstage as she talks about herself being “that b*tch.” Cargill mentions how every manager and representative in the business and in AEW is all over her to sign with them, but notes they all want a percentage of her earnings, and that is a problem.

Orange Cassidy vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

The bell sounds and here we go with our next match of the evening here inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater. Cassidy and Penta meet in the middle of the ring and stare each other down. We have a big, prolonged non-physical back-and-forth sequence with these two ultimately setting up a faux test of strength with the hand-to-hand grip up high and the always-popular hands up — and then down — into the pockets of the blue jeans of the “Freshly Squeezed” one.

All this does is fire up the Lucha Bro, as Penta starts aggressively taking it to Cassidy here in the early goings of this one. He takes it to the charismatic contender until Cassidy counters by hopping off of Penta’s shoulders and down into a reversal. He gloats in Cassidy-fashion afterwards and sends Penta out to the floor. He looks to hit a follow-up tope suicida dive through the ropes, however Penta catches him in the crowd-surfing position, holds him for a moment for comedic affect, and then bashes him into the steel.

On that note, we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

We return from the break and we see Penta still dominating the action. We see a crazy destroyer spot. Cassidy hits Beach Break out of nowhere for a near fall, however Penta hangs in there and immediately takes back over on offense, dominating the “Freshly Squeezed” one with an aggressive attack as he lays slumped over in the corner of the ring.

Penta calls for the finish and hooks Cassidy in the suplex position, however when he hoists him up, Cassidy escapes out the back door and connects with Stun-Dog Millionaire (a stunner). This leads to an exciting sequence of fast-paced offense from Cassidy. He goes for the cover again but now we see Alex Abrahantes get involved. This leads to Cassidy decking the translator for the Lucha Bro. He turns around into a waiting Penta, however he ends up escaping his clutch and blasting him with a microphone that Abrahantes tried feeding to Penta, and then finishes him off for the victory.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Tony Schiavone Interviews Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

We shoot backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Rebel. The two come in and hug Schiavone and then Baker mentions that she never lies. She brings up how she promised to ascend to the top of the rankings in the women’s singles division in AEW. She then shows that she has done just that as of the latest set of official rankings released by the company. Baker goes on to talk about how she is the biggest ratings demo draw, the top merchandise mover and the biggest overall star in the AEW women’s division. She vows that we will “Shida-later” the current champion of Hikaru Shida and soon crown her as the champ.

The Pinnacle & The Inner Circle Parlay

Now we head to the ring where Tony Schiavone is ready for another talking segment, this time the advertised “Parlay” ahead of the Blood & Guts showdown between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle.

Schiavone mentions that next week will be the Blood & Guts bout pitting the two factions against each other and then introduces the first group, The Pinnacle.

The group, led by MJF, as well as Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Tully Blanchard, Wardlow and Shawn Spears, make their way down to the ring and settle in as Schiavone then introduces his next guests, The Inner Circle.

On that note, “Judas in my Mind” by Fozzy plays as the Chris Jericho-led faction makes their way out. “Le Champion” leads Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz and Jake Hager down to the ring.

As both groups are now in the ring and the fans are done singing the chorus to The Inner Circle theme song, Schiavone starts by talking about the Blood & Guts battle between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle on next week’s show. He says a coin toss will determine which team gets the advantage in the WarGames-style Blood & Guts match.

Before he can say anything else, however, he is interrupted by Shawn Spears. “The Chairman of AEW” talks about how there isn’t going to be a coin toss right now. He says first he wants to address some things. He ultimately mocks Guevara for not being in the ring anytime in recent memory.

Guevara ends up flipping out and talking some trash. Finally, Schiavone does the coin toss and we are informed that the heel faction of The Pinnacle will get the advantage in the Blood & Guts match on next week’s program.

Now we get some talking points from both members of FTR, who bring up the kids of Santana & Ortiz about how daddy won’t be coming home after Blood & Guts. Ortiz and Santana now take a turn on the mic. They talk about in seven days they will all be locked into a cage together. He says May 5th he’s going to let his hands do the talking. He drops the mic like Eddie Murphy wrapping up a stand-up comedy special in the 1980s.

MJF tells everyone to calm down and act like gentlemen, pointing out that this is a Parlay and not the actual Blood & Guts match. He then goes on to talk about how there wouldn’t be an AEW without Chris Jericho. He says he was the guy. He was the top draw. He says Jericho also managed to form the best group in professional wrestling, known as The Inner Circle. He says he’ll give that to him.

He says Jericho has since looked bloodshot in the eyes every week. He says he looks exhausted. He says it’s ok because next week he’s going to put him out of his misery. He tells him his spot is his.

Jericho calls MJF a self-righteous, self-gratifying little prick. He says MJF has the gull to say he’s going to take someone’s spot. He talks about his parents giving him a trust fund and how he has been a privelaged, spoiled kid his whole life. He says if he wants a spot, he’s got to earn it. He talks about how he has earned his spot, and says that’s how he put himself in position to do all the things MJF mentioned, such as helping get AEW off the ground, creating The Inner Circle and all of the other things he has done.

He says if he wants Jericho’s respect he’s got to beat him at Blood & Guts. He refuses to be cut-off, flat-out saying he will not have his promo cut off by anyone. He says The Inner Circle is Blood & Guts. He talks about Hager saving him from assassination. He talks about Ortiz & Santana being a pack of dogs that helped him rise to the top of AEW. He puts over Guevara as someone he hand-picked to join him and tells MJF that they’ll have to kill them to make them surrender. He says he’s going to squish them all and turn them into the only spot they deserve, a spot of mush on the ground after they get their asses stomped by The Inner Circle. The theme for “Le Champion” plays as Jericho drops the mic to end his promo and this “Parlay” segment.

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley Get What They Want Out Of Don Callis

We see Michael Nakazawa sitting in a steel chair in the ring on a laptop. From there, we hear the familiar sounds of Eddie Kingston’s theme song. He makes his way out with a microphone in hand.

Kingston says he’s not doing this sports entertainment crap. He tells Nakazawa to get out of the ring. He calls out Kenny Omega. He says he isn’t putting up with this crap. Omega does come out in his suit with sunglasses on holding a mic of his own.

The AEW, IMPACT and AAA Mega Champion addresses Kingston, saying just because he called out the champion doesn’t mean he gets the champion. Omega says he gets Nak. With that said, Kingston is blasted in the back of the head by Nakazawa’s laptop.

Nakazawa goes to follow-up as Omega cheers him on, but then Kingston starts no-selling and Nak knows he’s screwed. He takes him down and puts his leg inside the steel folding chair he was initially sitting in before Kingston came out.

He gets on the mic and tells Omega he either gets him or a tag-team match with him and one of his goons against he and Jon Moxley or he’s breaking his boys ankle. Omega says Nak knows what he signed up for, and tells him to go ahead.

Before he can do that, however, Omega brings out Brandon Cutler, who army-crawls past him on the entrance stage area, only to be attacked from behind by Moxley. Moxley helps Kingston throw a wrench in their plans and forces Don Callis to give them the match that they so-desire. After this wraps up, we head to another commercial break.

Tony Schiavone Interviews Taz & Christian Cage

We return from the break and head backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz. He brings up Christian Cage, but before he can say much of anything, up walks the man himself.

Taz tells him that after barely getting past Powerhouse Hobbs last week, he’ll have to soon get by another member of Team Taz in Ricky Starks.

This leads to Christian going on a lengthy rant about how Taz used to be a guy who talked tough and backed it up but since he has arrived in AEW, he hasn’t done as much of the latter as he has the former.

He goes on to mention that he doesn’t subscribe to the win-or-lose theory, instead claiming he either wins or learns. He says last week Hobbs learned a lesson and he says if he has to teach Starks one next, that’s fine because eventually they are all going to learn that they’d be better off without Taz altogether. Christian walks off on that note.

Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our women’s bout of the evening. The two lock-up and immediately get after it. We see Ford start to dominate the action as it spills out to the floor at ringside after a couple of minutes of early action in the ring. As she works over Statlander on the floor, we head to a mid-match commercial break.

As we return from the break, we see the match is back inside the ring. Excalibur informs us that this has turned into a back-and-forth brawl with each woman having their moments throughout the break.

Now we watch as Statlander starts to fire up and take it to Ford until out of nowhere, Ford hits a German release suplex that kills the momentum of Statlander. She heads to the top-rope and flies off with a flipping-neckbreaker for a close near fall attempt.

Statlander shifts the momentum back into her favor after blasting Ford with a big roundhouse kick and then her Solar Eclipse semi-finisher for a close near fall of her own. Ford fires up again and ends up decking Statlander with a swift back-kick to the dome. She goes for the cover, however Statlander hangs on and keeps this match going.

Ford goes for a handspring into the ropes, however Statlander follows right behind her and catches her legs as they bounced off the ropes. She scoops Ford up and hits her Big Bang finisher for the win. As she was going for the pin, Sabian tried to get involved, however Cassidy prevented him from doing so.

Winner: Kris Statlander

AEW Trios Match
The Factory (Nick Comoroto, Aaron Solow & QT Marshall) vs. Nightmare Family (Billy Gunn, Dustin Rhodes & Lee Johnson)

After a quick vignette that shows Dark Order No. 10 talking about the significance of his TNT Championship shot against Darby Allin in tonight’s main event, we head back down to the ring for our next match of the evening.

This will be an AEW Trios match, with three members of The Factory — Nick Comoroto, Aaron Solow and QT Marshall — representing the group. They make their way off of Cody Rhodes’ private tour bus, as we see from a camera man shooting in the parking lot.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this AEW Trios bout. We see the Nightmare Family members faring well after the onslaught that started this match, however it isn’t long before The Factory members start to dominate the action. As they settle into the offensive lead, we are led into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

We’re back from the break and the commentators bring us up to speed on what we missed, as they point out that it has been all The Factory dominating this one throughout the commercials. Moments after we return, however, Lee Johnson gets the hot tag and fires up, taking out any-and-everything that moves.

He is eventually ganged up on by multiple members of The Factory, however he sends them out to the floor one-by-one and then hits the ropes and sprints across the ring, flying over the top-rope with a corkscrew splash that takes out all members of The Factory except the one who isn’t involved in this match, the aforementioned Olympic boxing medalist Anthony Ogogo. He hits a few cheap shots with his boxing skills and then Marshall capitalizes with a pinfall victory for his team.

Winners: The Factory

After The Match: The Violence Continues

In what is becoming a trend with The Factory, we see the group add insult to injury after winning the actual match, as Nick Comoroto hits the ring with a cow bell. He blasts the members of Nightmare Factory with cheap shots with the bell for a completely unnecessary follow-up to the already cheap, under-handed victory.

This doesn’t go unnoticed, however, as Austin and Colten Gunn hit the ring and try and even up the numbers game. This leads to a big brawl. Eventually, QT Marshall walks off as the brawl is still going on in and around the ring, however he walks through the amphitheater and out to the parking lot, the same way his team entered the ring for this match.

He makes his way to the private tour bus of Cody Rhodes, which his team entered the bout from, however when he goes to re-enter said-tour bus, out comes a pissed off “American Nightmare.” That’s right, Cody Rhodes is back! He starts beating down Marshall. He brings him up to the top of the bus and puts the figure-four leg lock on him. He tears his shirt off and poses as the fans continue to go crazy.

Miro Brutally Attacks Kip Sabian

The commentators run down some of the action scheduled for next week’s show, including Cody Rhodes’ first match back in a few weeks, as well as a big showdown between Jon Moxley and Yuji Nagata for the 5/12 episode of Dynamite that follows next week’s Blood & Guts-headlined show.

From there, we shoot backstage where we see Kip Sabian walking and talking to someone, stating he doesn’t see what everyone thinks the big deal is, he’s just going to go talk to Miro really quick.

As soon as he approaches Miro backstage, however, he is brutally attacked by his former “Best Man,” as Miro throws him into anything and everything in sight, brutally beating him down in the process. He ends up leaning down and hugging him before walking off.

On that note, we head to commercial, with out TNT Championship main event waiting for us on the other side of the break.

TNT Championship
Dark Order No. 10 vs. Darby Allin

Darby Allin makes his way out accompanied by “The Icon” Sting.

With both guys in the ring now, the bell sounds and here we go as our final bout of the evening is now officially underway. Remember, as is the case with all TNT Championship contests on AEW Dynamite — the match will go as long as TV-time permits.

We see Allin jump off to an early offensive lead, however 10 keeps having his moments as this is quickly becoming a back-and-forth battle with each guy having their moments and neither establishing any long-term run in the offensive driver’s seat. As 10 actually does start to take control of the offense, Excalibur leads us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in the ring.

We’re back from the break and we see 10 is still firmly in control of the offensive flow in this bout. This doesn’t last long, though, as the TNT Champion starts firing up as we near the end of this week’s allotted time on TNT for the show. With only a few minutes remaining, Allin starts to fire up. We see a bunch of Dark Order members head over to where the action is on the floor. This leads to Sting coming over and scaring them off to keep things fair.

The only problem? They don’t stay fair, as “All Ego” Ethan Page hits the scene out of nowhere and rams Allin into the steel ring post before rolling him back into the ring. 10 hoists Allin up with a wheel-barrel into a German suplex for a near fall attempt, however the TNT Champion gets his shoulder up and keeps this match going.

10 starts to stalk Allin, looking to lock in his Full Nelson-finisher on the champ. As Allin gets up, 10 goes towards him with his out-stretched arms, however Allin reverses to his back and starts tearing at his mask. Allin hits the ropes but 10 ends up jumping on his back with a rear naked choke / sleeper hold. As Allin starts to fade, however, he ends up on top of 10. 1-2-3. That’s how this one ends, as Allin retains his TNT Championship once again when it seemed like he was on the verge of losing it.

Winner and STILL TNT Champion: Darby Allin

After The Match: Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky Attack

We see 10 pick Allin up. He goes to shake hands with him, but Allin instead yanks the tribute arm-band off of him and hoists it up in the air in honor of the late, great Mr. Brodie Lee.

Ruining this good-spirited post-match scene is the duo of Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. The two ambush and attack both Darby Allin and Sting and beat them down.

Finally, “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer runs down to make the save, scaring them off and to the back as Tony Schiavone plugs the upcoming ONE on TNT MMA event. On that note, this week’s show goes off the air.

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