MLW Fusion #124 Results

MLW Fusion #124 Results

Watch MLW Fusion #124 – Rich Bocchini and Saint Laurent welcome fans to MLW Fusion. They send things over to Alicia Atout, who is standing by with Calvin Tankman.

Tankman says that last week, he finally got to stand toe-to-toe with the MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu. He is ready to end Fatu’s reign of being the longest champion in company history. As he’s finishing up this interview, Injustice comes through the curtain and invites Tankman to come hang out with them.

We turn our attention to the ring where the first match of the evening is underway.

Rematch: Gino Medina vs. Gringo Loco

Both men position themselves for a collar and elbow tie-up. Gringo Loco counters with a front facelock. Medina turns it around with a deep arm drag. Loco lands superkick, followed by a big tope over the top rope. Loco hooks the leg on Medina, and he kicks out at two. Medina counters Gringo’s second rope springboard for a near-fall attempt. Medina plants a swift kick following the near-fall attempt.

Medina twists Gringo’s wrist up and catches him with a stiff back kick. Medina continues the offense with a snap mare and a cradle rollup. Gringo kicks out. Medina wrenches Loco’s neck before rocking him with a rolling senton for a two count! Medina catches Loco again with a knee strike to the stomach for another near-fall. He then puts Loco in a front facelock before clocking him with an overhand forearm.

Both men find themselves up top in the no man’s land area. Loco blocks Medina’s strikes with some of his own. Medina falls to the mat, while Loco comes soaring down with a beautiful moonsault for just a two count! After both men get back up, Loco slaps a few chops onto Medina before connect a back spring elbow. Loco hoists Medina up in the fireman’s carry and sends him face-first onto the mat with an inverted DDT. Cover. Medina kicks out. Loco climbs to the top and slips. Medina catches him with a 540 kick to the face! Medina looks for a cover. Loco kicks out again!

Loco clocks Medina with a right hand, followed by a series of back elbows. Loco climbs up and drops Medina with a massive Spanish Fly! Will this do? Nope. Medina stays alive again with a kick out. Medina and Loco kick out of each other’s pins. Medina sends Loco crashing throat-first into the turnbuckles with a wheelbarrow. Medina lands one more heavy kick to the head and climbs on top of Loco. 1-2-3. Medina wins his second match against Gringo Loco.

Winner: Gino Medina

Post-Match: Gino Medina says that he is in a league of his own. He calls out Richard Holliday.

We hear from “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, who is still upset that the Von Erichs came in and crashed his show. Lawlor is looking to sue them. But tonight, he is excited to watch their friend ACH face his ally, Kevin Ku. Their match is up next!

We head back to Alicia Atout, who has big news to break about the Middleweight/AAA Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush. It looks like Rush has posted an open contract for any challenger to come and face him for both titles. Atout will provide updates if someone decides to take Rush up on this opportunity.

ACH vs. Kevin Ku (w/Dominic Garrini)

Kevin Ku tests ACH’s reflexes in the beginning with a kick. ACH dodges out of the way. ACH bends Ku’s wrist back for a takedown. Ku counters on the mat with a head scissors. Both men are back up. ACH tightly locks in a side headlock. Ku backs ACH into the corner for a rope break. Ku lands a stiff kick to ACH’s taped ribs before stomping away on his chest. Ku deadlifts ACH with a gut-wrench suplex for a two count. Ku lands a big slap and another kick while ACH is down.

ACH throws a forearm. Ku connects a big boot followed by a backbreaker. Ku hooks the leg on ACH, and he kicks out again at two. Ku stretches ACH out and lays down several forearms to the ribs. ACH fires back with a chop and forearm combo. ACH rolls Ku up with a cradle. Ku gets his shoulders up. Ku lands another lethal kick towards the hamstrings of ACH for another near-fall. Ku blocks ACH’s suplex attempt with one of his own. ACH kicks out again. Ku torments ACH in the corner by throwing chops and more stiff kicks.

ACH blocks an Irish Whip towards the corner with a back elbow. ACH looks for a cover. Ku kicks out again at two. ACH looks for another suplex. Ku blocks it. ACH finds an opening for a gourdbuster for another near-fall! ACH tries to attempt his Hero’s Grip (German Suplex), but Ku maneuvers out. Ku slams ACH down on the mat for another near-fall. Both men slug it out with forearms and chops. Ku changes the pace with a big back body drop and then a backbreaker. ACH stays alive with a two count.

Ku distracts the referee while Dominic Garrini attacks ACH in the ring. The Von Erichs run out and take care of Garrini. ACH flies off the top and onto everyone on the outside. He throws Ku back into the ring. Ku counters with knee strike. ACH catches Ku with a huge superkick and Buster Call (brainbuster). ACH looks for one more pin, and he gets the victory.

Winner: ACH

– After, we see a highlight clip from Jacob Fatu/LA Park’s match at Saturday Night SuperFight. Still, to come, LA Park will go one-on-one with Alex Hammerstone for the National Openweight Championship!

– We look back at TJP and Bu Ku Dao’s confrontation after they unsuccessfully challenged Los Parks for the Tag Team Titles. Last week, Dao issued a match towards his former mentor. Next week, these two will collide in singles action!

– Next, they play a video that showcases Mil Muertes’ undefeated streak since coming to MLW.

Backstage: Alicia Atout speaks with Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday ahead of Hammerstone’s match against LA Park. She wants to know his reaction to Mil Muertes’ career in MLW so far. Hammerstone doesn’t deny that Muertes is a beast in the ring, but those are the same words everyone uses before they face him. He sees his fight against LA Park as undeniable but is his age catching up to him. Can Park go at the same speed as him? Hammerstone doesn’t think so. Salina de la Renta interrupts Hammerstone’s interview and tells him not to disrespect LA Park like that. She thinks her clients are in Hammerstone’s head. He denies that they are and tells her to bring each of them to him so he can knock them down one by one.

Next week on MLW Fusion:

* Los Parks will defend their World Tag Team Championship against Injustice.

* And Mil Muertes will be in action against Parrow.

Following that, we hear from the new No. 1 Tag Team Contenders, Injustice. Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed admit that they respect Los Parks, although they promise they will dethrone them next week.

Alicia Atout provides an update on Lio Rush’s open contract that he posted on the wall earlier. It looks like someone took Rush up on his offer. Who was it? Atout is not sure, but she will try to find out.

Up next, “The Nightmare Pendulum” will defend his MLW National Openweight Championship against LA Park!

– We continue with LA Park’s accolades by seeing him capture the World Tag Team Championship off from the Von Erichs.

– Before the main event takes place, we see a vignette of Calvin Tankman’s dominant streak since arriving in MLW. CONTRA Unit crashes in to warn Tankman and Injustice that they now have targets on their back.

It’s been reported by Rich Bocchini that Lio Rush will defend his MLW Middleweight Championship next week. They have not announced who will be his opponent at this time.

In the Never Say Never Control Center, Alicia Atout provides some breaking news for the main event match in three weeks. Jacob Fatu will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against the “Heavyweight Hustle” Calvin Tankman! Atout will report on more matches for Never Say Never in the coming weeks.

MLW National Openweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. LA Park (w/Salina de la Renta)

LA Park and Alex Hammerstone push one another and land back and forth chops in the beginning. LA Park counters with a headbutt. Hammerstone fires back with a missile dropkick from off the ropes. All of a sudden, Salina de la Renta jumps up on the apron and talks to tries to distract the referee. While she’s talking to the official, Hijo de LA Park and LA Park Jr. make their way out to the ring. Hammerstone connects a heavy shoulder tackle on the Lucha legend.

LA Park gets the referee to go over and check on him while LA Park Jr. and Hijo de LA Park drag the champion out of the ring. Both sons exchange shots. LA Park Jr. rocks Hammerstone with a superkick before stomping away. Salina also gets involved! They all roll Hammerstone back into the ring.

LA Park pushes Hammerstone into the corner and lays a foot chokehold on him. Park keeps dominating the champ with a stiff kick to the back of the knee. LA Park takes his weight belt off and smacks Hammerstone across the shoulder. Next, he whacks him on the back. Salina de la Renta is getting a good laugh out of this. Park keeps on top of Hammerstone with a tightly gripped chinlock. Park throws Hammerstone face-first into the top turnbuckle. Hammerstone and Park meet up on the top rope. Both men come crashing down as Hammerstone plants a monstrous superplex. Hammerstone looks for his first pin in the match. LA Park kicks out.

LA Park catches Hammerstone with another headbutt. Hammerstone blocks a shot. Park throws him out of the ring. Hammerstone bounces off the apron. LA Park makes his way back into the ring. Hammerstone kicks Park’s sons off of him so he can land a big missile dropkick from off the top! Hammerstone ducks under a short reversal for a strong clothesline in the middle of the ring, followed by a suplex. Hammerstone looks for a cover. Park kicks out again. Park changes the pace with a running knee for two.

Hammerstone dodges out of the way before LA Park can connect a shoulder tackle. LA Park runs right into the ring post. Park’s sons try to distract the referee and Hammerstone again. Park plants a deadly DDT. Park again with a knee to the sternum. Park looks for a cover. Hammerstone kicks out at two. LA Park is waiting for Hammerstone to get up. The champ counters Park’s spear with a German Suplex! Hammerstone tries to put Park away with a heavy elbow to the back of the head. Hammerstone hooks the leg. 1-2-3. Hammerstone retains the National Openweight Championship!

Winner & Still Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Post-Match: Mil Muertes jumps in the ring and clobbers Alex Hammerstone. Several officials run down to the ring. Muertes picks up Hammerstone’s title and hits him in the face with it. The officials can’t get him off Hammerstone. Muertes throws one of the referees out of the ring. Mil Muertes holds on to the title and holds it up high. He lands it over to Salina de la Renta, who does the same thing. She leaves the ring with it while Muertes stomps away on the champion.

MLW Fusion #124
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