AEW Results – February 10, 2021

AEW Results - February 10, 2021

AEW Results – February 10, 2021 – After the usual signature opening video package, we are immediately treated to the ring entrance of “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela.

As he makes his way out, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur welcome us to the show on commentary and then quickly narrate a video highlight package that shows KENTA’s debut at the end of last week’s show to begin the promotion for tonight’s main event.

TNT Championship
Joey Janela vs. Darby Allin (c)

Darby Allin’s entrance theme plays as the crowd pops and the TNT Champion makes his way down to the ring for this big opening contest.

Back and forth technical wrestling as the match gets going. Allin works Janela’s arm, gets backed into a corner and eats a back elbow. Allin with a big springboard arm drag, followed by a dropkick that sends Janela to the apron. Janela then gives Allin a flapjack on the apron, and a suicide dive on the champion. Back in the ring, cover, two. Janela with shots in the corner, then whips Allin chest-first into the turnbuckle, cover, two-count.

Janela heads to the top turnbuckle, double sledge over Allin’s head. Janela goes up again, but Allin yanks him down over the top rope. Janela is able to slingshot the middle rope into Allin’s face. Allin recovers and continues to work over Janela’s arm, Janela to the floor and Allin hits a big suicide dive on his opponent, throws him back in the ring, cover, two. Allin goes for a springboard coffin drop, caught in midair with a release german suplex, thrust kick, cover, two.

Allin twists Janela’s arm and swings him down to the mat. Janela with a clothesline, Allin counters with an over-the-top stunner, cover, two. Tricky pin by Allin, another two-count. Janela then lands a piledriver, cover, two. Allin put up on the top rope, Allin fights him off, avalanche code red, cover, two.

Allin twists Janela’s arm and swings him down to the mat. Janela with a clothesline, Allin counters with an over-the-top stunner, cover, two. Tricky pin by Allin, another two-count. Janela then lands a piledriver, cover, two. Allin put up on the top rope, Allin fights him off, avalanche code red, cover, two. Allin drops Janela, nails a coffin drop off the top rope, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall

– Recap of KENTA showing up last week to ambush Jon Moxley. Commentary previews some of tonight’s matches and segments.

– Outside the venue, Jon Moxley says KENTA has been calling him out for months, so what happened last week was no surprise. Moxley says the time for cheap talk is over and Moxley thinks KENTA knows that. Moxley promotes they are going to meet each other on February 26 (while also showing the IWGP US Championship). That match is sanctioned, but tonight’s will not be. He wishes his opponents good luck taking him off the board, tonight is “just for fun.”

– Inner Circle locker room, Sammy Guevara asks the group for a minute, so he can talk with MJF. Sammy says he knows what MJF is up to, especially after last week. He knows MJF is trying to take over the Inner Circle. MJF thought Sammy was just jealous of him, since he was the apple of Jericho’s eye, but now MJF is the new favorite. MJF realized it’s not that, he thinks Sammy actually hates Jericho and doesn’t like to play second fiddle to him. MJF continues that he thinks Sammy is upset and he wants to take it over. Sammy repeats what MJF says, and MJF responds that’s exactly what he wanted to hear as he takes his phone. Sammy realizes MJF was recording him, takes it, and throws the phone against the wall. He then punches MJF in the midsection and leaves the room.

Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson with Arn Anderson vs. “Pretty” Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi

Rhodes and Johnson get the upper hand early on until Bononi gets the blind tag and decks Johnson in the back. This is the first time Johnson and Cody are teaming together as Johnson is looking for his first AEW win. Johnson sent into the turnbuckle, flips up and over Avalon. He lands a dropkick, sending Avalon scurrying to the corner for the tag. Bononi tries for a powerbomb, jawbreaker counter, and he tags in Rhodes. Cody lands a few running punches, eventually bringing the big man down.

Bononi finally drops Rhodes and stomps away at him. Rhodes getting worked over by Bononi, looks to hurt his shoulder. Avalon gets in there, but Cody gets a window to tag in Johnson. He hits a cutter on Avalon, ducks Bononi and he goes out to the floor. Johnson with a twisting flip down on his opponent. Back to Avalon, Johnson with a flurry of moves, fisherman’s neckbreaker, cover, Bononi breaks it up. Cody back in, pops Bononi in the face, but gets thrown out of the ring.  Johnson gets lift and dropped hard to the mat. Rhodes pulls Bononi out to the floor. Avalon looks for double knees to the back of Johnson’s head, but Johnson avoids it and rolls up Avalon for the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson via Pinfall

Post-match, more of The Nightmare Family heads out (Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall) as the group talk with Tony Schiavone on the stage. Lee is asked about his first win. Johnson says he wishes he had more words for Tony, but after a year of going 0-29 he was shown by his trainers hard work pays off.

– Earlier today, AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks talk with Dash about Chris Jericho and MJF winning a title opportunity. The brothers are asked about not lasting too long in last week’s tag battle royal. Young Bucks say well, let’s ask The Good Brothers about that. The two show up, Matt and Nick say had they won, they were going to pick Doc and Karl! The Good Brothers say it wasn’t like they were trying to take them out, ultimately, Inner Circle eliminated them. Matt is fired up and says how about next week the titles will be up for grabs against Santana and Ortiz.

– Backstage, Dash talks with Hangman Page about if he’s looking to team up with Matt Hardy. Page goes to say “no,” but Hardy says they are special together and Page should at least let him take Page out for drinks. Hardy says it will be on him, Page says okay. He goes to get his phone and bumps into Dark Order. There’s an awkward conversation between the two with Page saying he’s going to the bar with Hardy and he walks through the group to get his phone.

PAC with Rey Fenix vs. Ryan Nemeth

PAC puts his opponent down, then hits a suplex. Nemeth climbs back up and immediately eats a back elbow. PAC up to the top rope, missile dropkick. Nemeth lands a shot on PAC, but then takes a punch of kicks to the face and midsection. Nemeth out to the floor, PAC follows him and throws Nemeth right back in the ring.

Nemeth with a kick and lands a big DDT on PAC, but he rolls out to the floor. Nemeth follows, takes a kick and is thrown into the barricade. In the ring, PAC with stomps to the face, Nemeth looks to be out of it. PAC has him face-down on the mat, PAC goes up to the top rope, hits black arrow, goes right into the brutalizer, and Nemeth taps.

Winner: PAC via Submission

– Highlights show of last week’s wedding between Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. Miro calls “Charles” a gutless bastard for shackling him into the corner. Miro says he’s going to find Orange Cassidy, and he’s going to put Chuck Taylor in the hospital, right next to his buddy Trent. Cut to Cassidy telling Taylor, “I mean, what did they think was going to happen?”

– Backstage, Dasha talks with Chris Jericho (with Jake Hager and Wardlow). Dasha notices the entire group isn’t out there. MJF stumbles up (with Santana and Ortiz behind him) with his ribs taped up, saying he thinks Sammy broke his ribs. Jericho can’t believe it and says for now, they have a match to worry about.

Chris Jericho and MJF with Inner Circle vs. The Acclaimed

The Acclaimed work over Jericho after MJF sells his ribs. Bowens hits a Slingshot Elbow Drop for two. MJF tags in finally but eats a Front Suplex from Bowens for two. MJF rakes Caster’s eyes after he tags in and then tags Jericho. They double team Caster in their corner and utilize quick tags. Jericho and MJF hit a Double Flapjack and then they both walk on Caster to taunt him.

MJF has Caster in an Abdominal Stretch in the heel corner and Jericho pulls back on MJF’s arm for added leverage until the referee catches him and kicks his arm away allowing Caster to reverse the hold. Caster hits a Hip Toss as MJF tries to fight the hold. Caster and MJF both tag out and Bowens hits a series of shoulder blocks and strikes on MJF and Jericho.

Bowens hits a dropkick on Jericho and a spinning Rack Bomb on MJF. Ortiz gets on the apron but Caster hits him. Jericho lays Bowens out and goes for the Lionsault but Caster hits him with their boom box and Bowens gets a nearfall. Caster tags in and goes for the Claim To Fame but MJF lays Bowens out on the outside and Hager pushes Caster off the top right into a Judas Effect for the pin.

Winners: MJF & Jericho via pinfall (Judas Effect)

Sammy Guevara comes out after the match and Jericho asks him what is going on with MJF. Sammy says he told Jericho back in December that if one more thing happened with MJF he was done and so he’s out there to tell him he’s done. Jericho asks him what he means and Sammy says he’s quitting the Inner Circle. All the members – other than MJF – try to talk him out but he leaves the ring.

Alex Marvez approaches Guevara in the parking lot and Guevara says he needs time to refocus and time away from AEW.

— Hardy and Page are shown drinking together but Hardy is actually pouring the drinks out, while Page downs his. Hardy says he could make Page the No. 1 wrestler in AEW and make him richer than his wildest dreams and hands him a contract. Page, who is slurring his words, and says he thinks Hardy is right and signs it.

— Tony Schiavone welcomes Sting out but Team Taz is shown in their SUV on the big screen. They say they have a special passenger and it pans back to Darby Allin in a bodybag chained to the back of the truck. Taz drags him across the parking lot.

— Earlier today, Alex Marvez approached Kenny Omega playing golf and Marvez asks him why he isn’t preparing for his match. Omega says that he has already proven to be the best of all time in wrestling and says he’s there clearing his mind and preparing spiritually. He says he has forgotten what it’s like to lose and he won’t lose playing golf or tonight. In the background Don Callis was putting Omega’s ball in the hole.

Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament First Round
“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa and Hirsch show off some mat wrestling early on. Rosa hits a series of arm drags and a Senton Backsplash for two. Hirsch takes Rosa down with a waistlock and then puts her in a wristlock and leaps to the top for a Diving Rana. Rosa rolls to the floor and Hirsch hits a Tope Suicida onto Rosa on the floor. Hirsch goes for a second one but Rosa quickly rolled in the ring only for Hirsch to roll her up into a Cross Armbreaker!

Rosa breaks the hold but Hirsch backdrops him over the top. Rosa hits a Shoulder Lock through the ropes and hangs her up in the ropes with a Neckbreaker.

Rosa hits a Slingshot Knee Drop in the corner and then connects with a Shotgun Dropkick for two. Rosa is selling her arm. Hirsch hits a series of German Suplexes but Rosa shoves Hirsch into the corner as she went for a third one. Hirsch elbows Rosa and hits a Diving Cross Body off the top for two.

Hirsch goes up top for a Diving Moonsault but Rosa gets her knees up and covers Hirsch for two. Hirsch comes back with a series of Pump Knees and then goes back to the top but Rosa moves and hits a Sliding Dropkick for two. Rosa goes for a Michinoku Driver but Hirsch counters into the Cross Armbreaker! Rosa deadlifts Hirsch up and slams her to the mat. Rosa hits the Fire Thunder Driver for the pin.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

The Japanese tournament matches will air on Monday on Youtube.

— Earlier today, Tony Schiavone talks with Jungle Boy. Tony says Marko Stunt is okay after being scooped up by FTR. Jungle Boy says two weeks ago he had a match with Dax Harwood and had never had a match like that, he came out a different man after picking up the big win. JB says they never reported FTR and says the next time they meet, JB is going to make Dax his bitch.

Kenny Omega and KENTA vs. Jon Moxley and Lance Archer (No Count-Out/Anything Goes Match)

KENTA hits Moxley with his briefcase immediately but Archer goes after Omega. KENTA hits Archer with the briefcase but Archer shrugs it off only for Omega to chop block him. KENTA throws the briefcase at Archer and Omega hits him with a Kotarro Krusher. Omega and KENTA start stomping Moxley and then shove each other allowing Moxley to fight back.

Omega and KENTA get on the same page and beat Moxley down in the corner. They whip Omega into the opposite corner and hit a series of corner splashes. Archer destroys Omega with a Pounce as he was going for a V-Trigger. Moxley takes out KENTA with a clothesline. Archer and Moxley criss cross with splashes on the Bullet Club boys.

Archer goes for a Powerbomb on Omega but he counters with a Rana sending Archer to the floor. Moxley hits a Flying Knee on Omega sending him to the outside. KENTA and Moxley exchange strikes Japan style. KENTA goes for Go 2 Sleep but Moxley counters into a Paradigm Shift only for Omega to hit him with a trashcan.

Omega hits a Rolling Fireman’s Carry and then springs to the top and hits a Diving Moonsault with the trashcan on Moxley. Omega places the trashcan on Moxley and KENTA hits a Hesitation Dropkick sending the can into Moxley’s face. Omega gets the first nearfall of the match as Archer pulls a ladder out from under the ring. Archer hits Omega and KENTA with it and sets it up in the corner. Moxley hits a Tope Suicida onto KENTA on the floor and Archer hits a Suplex on Omega into the ladder.

The fight has spilled out into the “crowd.” KENTA grabs Peter Avalon and hits him with a Go 2 Sleep just for existing. Archer Chokeslams Omega through Avalon’ s stupid heart shaped bed he watches the show from. Moxley sits KENTA in a chair and kills him with a Roundhouse Kick knocking him out of it for a nearfall.

KENTA and Moxley fight up the aisle way to second level and Archer follows. Moxley and KENTA are now fighting in the kitchen. Moxley slams KENTA into a fridge and lays him out on a counter. Moxley attempts a Piledriver on it but KENTA fights him off and DDTs him onto the damn counter!

KENTA puts Moxley in a Crossface but Archer hits him with a box of potatoes. Omega comes from behind and slams Archer into a stove. Moxley hits Omega with a potato that leads to this call from Schiavone: “he potatoed him!”

Moxley and Omega have brawled back down to ringside. Moxley and Omega exchange strikes until Moxley grabs a kendo stick and lays Omega out with it. Moxley rolls Omega in the ring and continues to brain him with the kendo stick. Moxley dives off the top but lands right into the V-Trigger! Archer and KENTA are fighting on the stage now.
Omega hits another V-Trigger sending Moxley falling back onto a table. Archer attempts to Powerbomb KENTA onto the announce table but KENTA fights him off and hits a Ghetto Stomp off the stage sending Moxley through the table beneath him!

Archer goes after Omega as he tries to hit Archer with a kendo stick. Archer breaks it in half but Omega takes out his knee. Omega goes for the Snap Dragon but Archer breaks it and hits a Chokeslam! Archer goes to the top with Omega in a wristlock and hits the New School Moonsault for a nearfall. Archer lifts Omega up to the top and goes for the Blackout but Omega blocks it and the Good Brothers run out.

Archer fights GB off and walks into a series of backfists from KENTA. Archer fights it off and hits a Big Boot on KENTA. Karl Anderson hits the Gun Stun on Archer! Roberts comes in and hits a clothesline on Anderson! Gallows clotheslines Roberts and then Omega goes for the V-Trigger on Roberts but Moxley lays him out with a barbed wire bat!

Moxley hits Good Brothers with the bat but KENTA slides in and hits the Go 2 Sleep on Moxley! Archer takes KENTA down and then goes for a Double Chokeslam but KENTA and Omega kick him in the nuts. Good Brothers grab Archer and hit the Magic Killer! Omega hits the V-Trigger on Archer and then the Good Brothers help Omega lift him up for the One Winged Angel and the pin.

Winners: KENTA & Kenny Omega

Post-match, KENTA beats up Moxley a bit more on the floor. Omega celebrates with his guys in the ring as the show comes to a close. “The forbidden door as been kicked open,” Excalibur says.


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