Impact Wrestling Results – February 9, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – February 9, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – February 9, 2021 – This week’s Impact Wrestling on AXS TV is the go-home show for the No Surrender PPV this Saturday and kicks off with a look at what went down last week.

The opening match is a preview of this weekend’s Triple Threat Revolver match.

Trey Miguel & Josh Alexander & Willie Mack & Suicide vs. Chris Bey & Ace Austin & Blake Christian & Daivari.

Alexander and Austin went back and forth early.  Miguel tagged in and sailed into the ring with a big elbow.  Bey tagged in and went back and forth with Miguel.  Suicide tagged in and nailed a head scissors on Bey.  He nailed a big forearm and caught Bey with an elevated atomic drop for a two count.  He tricked Austin into hitting a tope on Bey.  Mack went for a dive of his own but was kicked in the head as he hit the ropes.  Bey nailed a superkick and brought Mack over to his corner, where Daivari tagged in and began working over Mack.  He sent him into the corner and nailed a series of stiff shots in the corner.

Daivari nailed Mack with a hell of a clothesline for a two count and put the boots to him.  Bey tagged back in and nailed a leaping forearm in the corner.  Austin tagged in and worked over Mack with kicks.  Mack was worked over for a long period of time.  Everyone battled with a ridiculous series of exchanges and near falls.  It was all great action.  Alexander snatched Austin out of mid-air with an ankle lock but Christian broke it up with a 450 splash.  He and Austin had words, allowing Mack to nail a double clothesline.  Daivari and Mack battled and went over the top to the floor.  Suicide shined with some nice offense on Bey and Austin.

Christian went for a leaping pump kick on Miguel, nailed it, then hit a big back suplex.  He nailed a dive, then returned for a leaping flatliner DDT on Miguel for a two count.  He placed Miguel on the ropes but missed a move.  Miguel rolled through and locked on an Hourglass submission hold (haven’t seen that in a long time) and got the tapout.

Your winners, Trey Miguel & Josh Alexander & Willie Mack & Suicide!

Sami Callihan hacked in with congratulations but said that Miguel is great when things are good but when it Miguel going to flake out and walk away again.  He said he knows Miguel and knows he doesn’t have the passion so he may as well stop wasting everyone’s time and leave now.  Miguel wasn’t happy.

They showed ODB getting ready for her match.

They aired a happy 50th birthday message to Tommy Dreamer from a number of members of the roster plus Gail Kim and Petey Williams. 

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker looked at Dreamer going for the Impact title this weekend.

ODB vs. Kimber Lee with Susan and Deonna Purrazzo

Lee backed out after the bell rang, conferring with her comrades about strategy.  She charged ODB to no effect.  ODB charged and sent Lee flying.  ODB easily had control early on.  She drove Lee into the buckles hard.  Lee came back to nail a hard chop but was kicked down and drilled with a series of rights.  ODB nailed a chop and a big shoulderblock.  ODB whippped Lee into the corner and drove her into the buckles face-first several times.  Lee pulled her off the ropes into the ring and locked up ODB in a full nelson, using her legs as a vice.  ODB tried to escape but was driven down into the mat.  

ODB nailed Lee but was driven back down.  ODB was smashed into the buckles over and over and then tossed to the floor, where Susan and Purrazzo put the boots to her as they went to commercial.  When they returned, ODB was back in control and nailed a Bronco Buster in the corner for a two count.  ODB nailed a dirty dozen and a spinebuster but Lee kicked out and nailed a sideslam.  Lee went to the top but was caught and slammed into the ring.  Susan and Deonna got on the apron, leading to Jazz and Jordynne Grace hitting the ring and brawling with them.  ODB dove off the apron on Susan and Deonna but when she returned to the ring, Lee caught her with a small package and scored the pin.

Your winner, Kimber Lee!

Back at Swinger’s Casino, Fallah Bahh lost all his money and it was revealed Swinger indeed had the big wad of cash that has passed through different hands in recent weeks.

Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo, Susan and Kimber Lee were upset about Grace, Jazz and ODB.  Susan demanded she would get them a six Knockouts tag at No Surrender.  Lee went to try and stop her as Purrazzo was at her wit’s end.

Cousin Jake came out to announce whether he would join the NWO, I mean Violent by Design.  He said he thought he had everything figured out but Cody betrayed him and joined Eric Young’s group.  He said that he sees there is a choice and a way to be back with his family again, but not the way he thought it would be.  Violent by Design came to the ring.  Young told him not to look at Deaner, but to look at him.  He said he can see every fiber of Jake’s being is telling him what the right answer is.  He told him to open his eyes, see the truth and be the best version of himself, the real Jake.  He said this is the moment where he takes ownership and control.  He gets to take back his life.  Jake teased joining but said that if you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything.  He stands for Jake Something and he attacked them.  So, he’s using his independent name.  Joe Doering wiped him out with a clothesline and they triple teamed Jake.  They teased Pillmanizing his neck but Cody stopped them.  He wanted to be the one to do it.  Young told Jake that he made the wrong choice.  He said that it’ll be Cody vs. Jake at No Surrender and he’ll end Jake’s sickness for good.

They aired the latest “paid ad” from Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone.  Khan said he was the forbidden door and opened himself up to new experiences by having New Japan and Impact stars on AEW.  They ran down the Dynamite lineup.  Khan said he’d be back in Nashville for Impact sooner than later.

Backstage, Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers cut a promo on their challengers tonight, saying they are good but they are not the Good Brothers.  They said they are going to do their most favorite thing in the world, beating them down.

Knockouts Tag Team Champion Kiera Hogan vs. Neveah

Size vs. finesse.  Neveah had control early and scored several two counts.  Neveah was cut off and choked against the ropes for a two count.  Hogan nailed several knees and sent Neveah into the buckles.  Hogan nailed a series of chops and used her leg to choke Neveah.  Neveah was caught with a kick to the head but rolled up Hogan for a two count, then used a running knee strike.  Neveah drilled her with a forearm and several chops, then flapjacked her to the mat for a close two count.  Neveah locked on a sleeper on the mat.    Hogan was drilled with a sideslam for a two count.

Hogan came back with a dropkick for a two count.   She used a small package but Neveah kicked up.  Neveah sent her into the ropes and attempted a rollup but Hogan held on.  Neveah nailed a STO but Tasha Steelz nailed a Codebreaker, causing a DQ.

Your winner by DQ, Neveah!

They went to a series of birthday wishes from AEW stars to Tommy Dreamer with them mostly mocking him.

Tasha and Kiera barged into the office of Scott D’Amore, complaining official Brandon Tolle screwed them over because he was upset about the Fire N’ Flayva Festival.  Scott agreed and said that when they defend the titles this weekend, Brandon won’t be the referee at No Surrender.  Scott said they’ll have a No DQ match this weekend so they don’t have to worry about the rules anyway.

XXXL, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K were in the ring.  Larry said they have a match with Decay this weekend but they don’t have it in their hearts to put their hands on a woman so they have Tenille.  Dashwood asked what kind of name is Decay for a team.  She said no one would want to team with Decay.  Kaleb said they challenge any member of Decay to come to the ring and start things early.

Rosemary and Steve came to the stage. Rosemary said they found someone to play with them. She introduced Black Taurus from Mexico.  

Black Taurus vs. Kaleb with A K

Taurus destroys K and nailed a big Samoan Drop followed by an exploder for the pin.

Your winner, Black Taurus!

As a way to introduce him as a monster, this was perfect.  He should fill the void left by Abyss perfectly for the group.

Backstage, Hernandez wanted to be paid by Brian Myers up front.  Myers agreed to half up front and half after the won.  Behind them, the down and out Fallah Bah saw Hernandez with the cash.

Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. Chris Sabin & James Storm

Anderson and Sabin started out going back and forth.  Sabin gained control of the arm and tagged in Storm, who came off the ropes with an elbow and snapmared Anderson down.  Storm scored several early two counts.   Sabin went to the top and came off with the challengers controlling the early minutes of the title match.  They nailed a double elbow on Karl, which brought Gallows in but they clotheslined him over the top to the floor as Impact went to commercial.

As they returned, Anderson continued to be on the defensive but kicked out of pinfall attempts.  Storm grabbed a front chancery and transitioned into a hammerlock then a side headlock takeover.  Sabin tagged back in and nailed a series of kicks in the corner.  Anderson popped him in the eye and tagged in Gallows, who nailed a series of elbows in the corner.  Gallows began nailing him with a series of body blows.  Sabin tried to fight from underneath but was mowed down with a big boot to the face.  The Champions began tagging in and out while antagonizing Storm.

Anderson locked in a headlock on the mat, grinding away at Sabin on the floor.  As they continued to work over Sabin, Matt Hardy and Private Party came out on the stage to watch the proceedings.  Storm made the hot tag and cleaned house with an inverted atomic drop and clotheslines and neckbreakers on Anderson.  Gallows tossed him over the top but Storm skinned the cat and pulled himself back in.  Private Party ran down and shoved Sabin and Storm, getting the champs disqualified.  The idea was they were making sure no one else jumped in front of them for the title shot.

Your winners by DQ, Chris Sabin and James Storm.

Backstage, Matt Hardy said he was happy to have Private Party take initiative and now they are guaranteed to be in the front of the line.  Scott D’Amore said that he was happy to see Matt back but his boys crossed the line. He announced Storm and Sabin have been added to the match Saturday.  Hardy was now upset at Private Party for doing what he told them to do and stormed off.

Striker and D’Lo ran down the No Surrender lineup.

Back in the ring, they held a contract signing for Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann vs.  Tommy Dreamer with Scott D’Amore presiding, Swann signed the contract.  Dreamer thanked him for the opportunity because he said there are a lot of others in the locker room even more deserving.  He said the first time he won a World title, he beat one of his best friends, Taz, to create his history.  He said the second time, he beat another of his friends, Christian.  He said Swann is great.  There are no holes in his offense but there are in his defense.  He said he knows Swann has a bad leg and Dreamer told him up front that he is going to go for it and he’s not going to let any chance slip by.

TNA Champion Moose came out.  He said that he rarely gets angry but the fact that this match is taking place pisses him off.  He said Swann is supposed to be a fighting champion and one of the best wrestlers in the world.  He said that he’s taking a night off because he’s fighting a man who just turned 50 years old.  He got in the ring and Swann got into his face.  Scott D’Amore warned him if he gets involved, he’ll be suspended forever.  Moose said he has no reason to interfere in the match because he knows he could beat both of these men.  He’s beaten Dreamer and he can beat Swann any time he wants.  Moose and Swann started arguing.

Dreamer told them both to shut up.  He said Moose texted him in July that Dreamer was still a tough old man.  Dreamer said that he guesses that’s a thank you.  He said the company was going to cut Moose loose before Dreamer cut a fire under his ass.  Dreamer said he doesn’t wrestle for money but to help men and women and dreamers in the back and to entertain people.  He said 50 years ago a dreamer was born and as long as he has air in his lungs and blood in his veins he’ll keep trying to do good and inspire others.  As Impact Champion, he could have a bigger platform to do that so he agrees to the match and signs the contract.  He just wants everyone to forget all the bad in the world for three hours and said to Swann that he thanks him for the chance to be champion.  He declared they will leave the ring together united in their love for pro wrestling.  They hugged as Moose looked on.

They pretty much telegraphed Moose will cost Dreamer the title this weekend but a hell of a closing promo from Dreamer.

That’s all from Impact this week!

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