Impact Wrestling Results – February 16, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – February 16, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – February 16, 2021 – This week’s Impact Wrestling on AXS TV opened with highlights from No Surrender.

X-Division Champion TJP vs. Josh Alexander.

They lock up and have some nice back and forth grappling.  Alexander used his power to shoulderblock TJP down but TJP grabbed him in an Octopus.  They went into a series of escapes before facing off and getting more and more physical.  TJP went for a move off the ropes but was caught and nailed with a backbreaker.  Josh worked over his ankle and the momentum of the grappling swung between the two.  It was some really damn good wrestling.  TJP was cut legit from the physicality.  Alexander used a surfboard and then elevated an armbar attempt into a powerbomb.

Undaunted, TJP grabbed a triangle choke.  Alexander muscled him and slingshot him into the buckles.  That was cool.  Alexander controlled TJP on the mat with another surfboard variation.  TJP rolled him way out and grabbed an abdominal stretch, then tied up Alexander’s arms to exacerbate the hold.  Alexander reversed into an ankle lock but was kicked out of the ring to the floor.  TJP nailed a dive to the outside then a flying bodypress after Josh was brought back into the ring.  TJP nailed a tornado DDT for a two count.  He ascended to the top but missed the Mamba Splash.  Alexander cut him off with a kick to the back of the head, then drilled him to the floor.

Alexander went for a missile dropkick but was nailed with a kick in mid-air by TJP.  Alexander grabbed the anklelock but TJP slipped out.  He nailed a big knee strike and went for the Mamba Splash.  Alexander cut him off but TJP knocked him back into the ring.  Alexander pulled his knees up when TJP went for the Mamba Splash.  He locked in the anklelock but TJP fought his way out and locked on another Octopus.  Alexander fought his way out.  TJP caught him with an exploder variation.  This is great stuff.  TJP finally caught him with the Detonation Kick and the Mamba Splash for the pin.

Your winner and still Champion TJP!

This was absolutely great.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer he’s going to beat some sense into Moose tonight with Old School Rules.

Hernandez tracked down Brian Myers.  Myers said he wasn’t dodging Hernandez and paid him.  The same thing tonight.  He paid him half up front and he’ll get the rest when he pins Cardona.  Fallah Bahh showed up and said he wanted to invest Hernandez’s money.  Hernandez was willing to give him $10.

Daivari vs. Suicide vs. Trey Miguel vs. Willie Mack.

Everyone battled at the bell.  Suicide and Miguel nailed a double dropkick.  They started battling each other with armdrag takedowns.  Mack got involved and nailed a double leaping clothesline on them in stereo.  Suicide nailed a series of chops and dropped down as Mack charged, leaving him to sail over the ropes.  He tossed Trey to the floor and ascended to the top but was knocked off by Daivari.  He tossed Suicide into the buckles with authority and scored several two counts.  Daivari’s intensity and timing was great here.   Suicide caught him with an elbow as he charged and went to the top.  Daivari popped up and went for a superplex but Willie slipped under and nailed a sit-out powerbomb.  Suicide tried to come off the top but was caught with a Samoan Drop.  He nailed Miguel with one as well, then hit a standing moonsault onto them both for a near fall.  

Daivari returned with a big missile dropkick on Mack.  Suicide nailed him but ate a big Meteora off the top from Miguel for the pin.

Your winner, Trey Miguel!

All strong, fast paced action.

Miguel returned to the back where a waiting Sami Callihan applauded him.  He said it was another big win and he’s happy when things go his way.  When things are on the table and they matter, like No Surrender, he failed because he doesn’t have the passion.  A disgusting Miguel walked off.

Ace Austin wanted a X-Division title shot.  Scott D’Amore said they’ll have a six man tag next week and the winners will meet in a Three-Way and the winner of that will get the shot.  Austin said you can put all the obstacles you want in front of him because he’s inevitable.

Hernandez with Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona

Cardona found himself shoved down early due to Hernandez’s superior strength.  Cardona came back with a dropkick that sent him to the floor.  He conferred with Myers on the floor.  Hernandez returned to the ring and shoulderblocked Cardona down  but missed a charge and was sent to the floor.  Cardona nailed a big boot through the ropes and hit a flip dive over the top to the floor.  Myers distracted the referee, which allowed Hernandez to nail him hard and then shoulderblock him off the apron to the floor.

When they returned from commercial, Cardona was trapped in a bearhug but fought his way out.  He nailed a big missile dropkick but was caught with a Pounce as he charged.  Hernandez went for the Border Toss but Cardona slipped out and nailed Radio Silence for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Cardona!

Myers stopped a post-match Cardona interview and accused him of following him when Myers came here first and Impact was his.  Cardona said everyone knows they are friends and asked what the hell is wrong with him when the camera turns on.  Hernandez attacked and they worked over Cardona until Eddie Edwards made the save.

They had the latest paid ad from AEW Champion Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone.  Khan said there’s going to be a belated Valentine’s Gift for Kenny Omega tomorrow on Dynamite.

Backstage, Neveah and Havok were trying to decide what their future should be.  Tenille Dashwood showed up and pitched hersef as Havok’s new partner.  Neveah challenged her to face her in the ring with now.

Reno Scum vs. FinJuice

Finlay and Legend started out.  FinJuice had the spotlight early with a series of double-team maneuvers.   They nailed a double bulldog but Finlay was caught with a spinebuster.  Adam drilled Finlay with a big dropkick and smashed his face into the turnbuckles.  Juice finally got the hot tag and looked good with a series of right hands and a back senton splash.  He showed a lot of electricity, hitting a big cannonball in the corner.  Legend cut him off with a big boot but Finlay hit the ring for the save.  They nailed a double dropkick on Legend and nailed the Powerplex on Adam for the pin.

Your winners, FinJuice!

This couldn’t have gone any more perfect as a debut.  Reno Scum looked damn competitive as well.

The Good Brothers came out and welcomed them to Impact.  They said they love when the young boys come in to pop the territory.  They reminded them they used to carry their bags.  Once they are done with all this, they invited them to come out and drink with them.  FinJuice said they will do that as long as Gallows makes sure Anderson isn’t passed out in his own urine by midnight.  The Good Brothers were not happy with the disrespect. 

In a bar, Rohit Raju was upset Mahabi Shera cost him the title match on Sunday.  He and James Storm bumped into each other.  Raju got loud with him so Storm smashed him with a bottle and KO’d him.  Shera stepped up but Chris Sabin told them Storm doesn’t lose bar fights and knows every bouncer in the place.  Storm tipped the bartender and apologized.  He and Sabin were going to leave but Johnny Swinger told them he knew a place where they had cheap booze, cheaper women and they wouldn’t get tossed because Swinger is the muscle.  Sabin was drunk and wanted to go.  Swinger stole the tip from the bartender on the way out.

They aired a commercial for next month’s Rebellion PPV.

Sabin and Storm are at Swinger’s Palace.  They sat down at the Blackjack Table.  Fallah Bahh came in and joined the game.  He quickly lost the game and was tossed out.  

Neveah vs. Tenille Dashwood with Kaleb with A K

They locked up and battled back and forth, trying to gain the advantage.  Dashwood sent Neveah into the corner but missed a clothesline and was sent into the ringpost, crashing to the floor.

After a commercial, Dashwood was back in control.  Neveah regained momentum with a snapmare and a sliding clothesline that sent Tenille to the outside.  Dashwood came back to nail a neckbreaker in the ropes.  She smashed Neveah into the buckles and kicked away at her in the corner.  Neveah battled back but was slammed into the mat for a two count.  Neveah came back with a sideslam but was too spent to make the cover.  They battled to their feet with Neveah nailing a STO followed by a bulldog.  

Neveah nailed an elevated Faceplant for a two count and then almost scored another pinfall.  Dashwood came back with her splash in the corner and a running dropkick for the pin.

Your winner, Tenille Dashwood!

They showed Moose’s attack at the PPV.

They aired a Violent by Design promo.

Susan wanted to go fight Jazz but Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee calmed her.  Deonna saw Scott D’Amore and demanded Lee and Susan get a shot at the Knockouts Tag Team Title.  D’Amore said that was a good idea but what’s better than one great match is two.  Susan and Lee vs. Jazz and Jordynne Grace next week with the winners moving on to the Champions.  Susan was all excited about getting her hands on Jazz.

Old School Rules: TNA Champion Moose vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer controlled early and clotheslined Moose to the floor, then hit a sliding kick.  They battled on the floor with Dreamer being sent into the ring post.  Moose ripped at Dreamer’s face.  Dreamer came back to choke Moose with his bandana and bit Moose on the face.

Dreamer began assaulting Moose with weapons as they went to commercial.  When they returned, the tide had turned with Dreamer run into the ring post while having a chair wrapped around his face.  Moose used the chair on Dreamer, then nailed him with a cookie sheet.  Moose nailed him across the back with a trash can lid.  

Back in the ring, Moose sent Dreamer into the corner where a trash can was wedged but Dreamer kicked up at one.  Dreamer tried to fight back with several right hands but Moose cut him off with a dropkick.  Moose worked over Dreamer, telling him this wasn’t personal but he wants Rich Swann.

Moose told Dreamer he was past his prime and was a fat piece of garbage.  Dreamer grabbed him low.  Moose missed a charge and it was his turn to hit the trash can.  Dreamer covered him but Moose escaped at the one count.  Dreamer grabbed a bunch of weapons and nailed Moose over the head. He drove a steel cage across the back several times.  He went for a DDT but Moose nailed a STO onto a chair.  

Moose pulled out a table from under the ring.  He set the table up in the corner but Dreamer leapt up and speared Moose through the table.  He grabbed the Singapore Cane and began wacking Moose with it.  Moose snatched him for a big Uranage and speared Dreamer for the pin.

Your winner, Moose!


*Tables Match: Deaner vs. Jake Something.

*Black Taurus & Chris Bey & Ace Austin vs. Willie Mack & Trey Miguel & Josh Alexander.

*Susan & Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz – Winners to Challenge for Knockouts Title.

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