“The Band Is Back Together” – Being The Elite Ep. 238 Recap

“The Band Is Back Together” - Being The Elite Ep. 238 Recap

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite.

— EVP room, The Good Brothers hanging out with The Young Bucks after their Bullet Club reunion on Dynamite. Matt says they are a bit hesitant with their decision, but it’s funny how last week’s ending went as that was how the first episode of Dynamite was apparently supposed to end. Young Bucks can’t help but remember when they decided not to sign with AEW, and also left them in NJPW for WWE years ago. The group eventually throws up a “Too Sweet” gesture as Anderson says “the betrayal is real, Tama.” (Tama Tonga from NJPW)

— Backstage at Dynamite, Young Bucks find out they lost 30 seconds of their eight-man tag match due to Snoop Dogg running long. Matt jokes about panicking as they found out late that they were going to open the show. Clips shown of the match. Backstage, Nick tells medical about his shin/ankle getting banged up during the match after putting his legs up during a 630 senton by Jack Evans. Nick talked about having to change things up a bit mid-match after not being able to put as much weight on his ankle.

— Backstage, Marko Stunt tells Leva Bates that Kip Sabian is going crazy ever since she told him she didn’t let him win in a video game. Stunt says Sabian launched his skateboard through the wall, so maybe Bates should just tell him the truth about what happened.

— Clips shown of the ending of last week’s Dynamite.

— Dark Order hangout, the group talks about how terrible 5’s New Year’s Eve party was. We get a flashback of it being super boring. 5 says how about they all give their new year’s resolutions, the group goes around the table and gives theirs. Cut back to the group beating up 5 for having a bad party.

— Private Party talking about the new year and how great the party was. Matt Hardy then shows up and hypes up his guys about how popular they are. Hardy runs down some of the numbers, then asks if they can cut him a check, or if they can just give him their passwords so he can go in and get the money sent to him. Private Party try to have a sidebar, but then have a back and forth with Matt about the contract they signed. Matt says he gets a cut, they should skip the attitude and listen to him so they can get to the top. Matt is saying his cut is 50%, but their business is bigger than ever, and they are destined to be the AEW World Tag Team Champions.

— Kris Statlander abducts Griff Garrison.

— EVP room, Matt talks about how much of a mess the room is. Nick says there’s too many guys coming into the room, even Dark guys coming in the room. Kazarian is trying to take his anger management seriously (he’s just watching the movie Anger Management). Matt Hardy then walks into the room, and comments on the room being a disaster. Matt says they are main event guys, but they should be in a much bigger room. Hardy says he’s invested in a bigger room in Daily’s Place, and the guys should come check it out. Hardy takes them to another room. The guys love it and take the room, sign a few papers and its their. As they walk out it says “Coaches” room, Hardy tosses that away and puts up an “EVP Office.” Nick then looks at the camera and says hopefully the papers Matt just sign won’t cost them a thing in the future!

— Garrison runs out of a room with his hair half done, Statlander chases, but can’t keep up with him. She logs that her experiment on a human was a failure.

— Matt Hardy bumps into Brandon Cutler, says he’s been doing a great job with his two contracts. Hardy tells him if he wants to be a top guy though he needs to beat guys other than enhancement talent. Cutler says he’d like to get on Dynamite one day. Hardy asks who is a big name that Cutler could take out. Cutler mentions Sting, Hardy says Luchasaurus, and if Cutler could win, he could join up with Hardy.

— John Silver and Alex Reynolds are continuing to recruit for Dark Order. Silver says he wants Sting in the group. Silver then goes to get a sledgehammer, Reynolds tells him to put it down, Sting hates those.

— Outside, Alex Abrahantes finds purple packs of Kool-Aid on the floor. He follows the trail into a trailer that closes behind him. Dasha and Ortiz show up since they set the trap. Abrahantes is heard yelling in the trailer. Dasha knocks on the door, Jake Roberts says not to worry, he hasn’t lost a guy in a long time. Two hours go by without a word. Alex walks out of the trailer with a snake in his shirt, “Hey guys!” Roberts tells them, “Trust me, he’s fine,” but Jake has a bottle of the purple drink now.

— Backstage, Leva and Luchasaurus are talking. Cutler then slides in and asks them what’s up? Cutler then kind of picks a fight with Luchasaurus about dragons being better than dinosaurs. Luchasaurus explains why dinosaurs are better. Cutler then says he’s going to prove him wrong by beating him in one week on Dark.

— Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero dress up as nuns and ask people for money. Vickie gets two dollars and then yells at the person to give her more. Rose asks for donations and just punches a guy, then takes his money.

— John Silver introduces a number one contender match for the BTE Title. The game is elimination style flip cup. Alex Reynolds eventually wins and will face Silver next week.

— Young Bucks catch Brandon Cutler asleep, Nick says he’s been sleeping for two hours. Later at the airport, Cutler is standing against a pole and fell asleep.

— Matt looks to call dibs on his chair in the EVP Office. He goes to unlock the door with the key, but it doesn’t work. Matt gets embarrassed and heads off.

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