MLW Fusion #117 Results

MLW Fusion #117 Results

MLW Fusion #117 Results – Watch LIVE MLW Fusion #117 in the embedded video below thanks to MLW Youtube channel. Full results below the video at the end of the show.

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Welcome to Salina de la Renta’s episode of MLW Fusion. Tonight, in the main event, Ross & Marshall Von Erich will put their MLW World Tag Team Championship on the line against Los Parks w/”Filthy” Tom Lawlor as the guest referee.

We head to the ring for the first match of the evening!

Low Ki vs. Budd Heavy

Low Ki charges towards Budd Heavy with a heavy forearm. Budd Heavy is out cold. “The Lone Wolf of Brooklyn” wins the match via knockout.

Winner: Low Ki

Post-Match: Low Ki wants King Mo Lawal next!

Commentators Rich Bocchini and Saint Laurent take us back to Lio Rush’s big win over Myron Reed for the MLW Middleweight Championship at Kings of Colosseum last week.

Speaking of the new champion, we hear from Lio Rush after his big victory from last week. In the background, his new music track is playing.

Bocchini and Saint Laurent say that Konnan was supposed to join them on commentary tonight, but he’s nowhere to be seen. Salina de la Renta makes her way back to the commentary booth. She has an idea as to where he is. She asks the production crew to roll a clip she made earlier.

We look back at last week’s match between Mads Krügger and Alex Hammerstone for the Openweight Championship. This match ended in a No Contest. Krügger hacks into the segment to issue another shot at the National Openweight Championship.

Up next, Mil Muertes will make his official debut in MLW!

Mil Muertes (w/Salina de la Renta) vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Brian Pillman Jr. jumps out of the ring right after the bell rings. He slides back in and ducks the line. Pillman gets a side headlock in. Mil Muertes breaks out of the hold by lifting him up.

Pillman looks for a sunset flip, but Muertes sends “The Promised Prince” down with a big clothesline. He gets on top of Pillman and lays down a flurry of punches. Muertes drives his knee into the back of Pillman. Pillman fights back with a forearm but gets caught again with a hard-hitting powerslam. Muertes looks for a cover. Pillman kicks out at 2.

Muertes strikes Pillman over and over in the corner. Muertes plants Pillman with his Straight to Hell finisher (leaping reverse STO). “The Man of a Thousand Deaths” secures his first victory in MLW.

Winner: Mil Muertes

Richard Holliday would like to be taken seriously as the Caribbean Heavyweight Champion. He says he has helped elevate the championship, but it’s guys like Savio Vega that are bringing him down. He calls Vega out for a match and promises he’ll put his title on the line.

Next week, ACH will challenge Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

On February 17, fans will join Tom Lawlor on “Filthy Island.”

Before the main event match tonight, Rich Bocchini asks Tom Lawlor if he’ll be an honest referee and call the match down the middle. Lawlor is offended by Bocchini’s question.

We take a look back at CONTRA Unit’s attack on Injustice last week. This week, Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver send a video in, challenging the most dangerous stable to a fight.

Salina de la Renta checks in with Rich Bocchini and Saint Laurent to see if they like the show so far. Bocchini brings it to Salina’s attention that he just received word that Promociones Dorado has been acquired. He asks if she’d like to comment on it. She declines and walks away yelling out profanities.

Alex Hammerstone informs Mads Krügger that he accepts his challenge made from earlier tonight.

World Tag Team Championship: Ross & Marshall Von Erich (c) vs. Los Parks (with Salina de la Renta) w/special guest referee “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

LA Park and Hijo de LA Park bring the fight to the Von Erichs before the bell rings. Hijo De LA Park wraps his belt around Ross Von Erichs’ neck. LA Park takes his belt and smacks Marshall across his back with it before connecting a hard headbutt.

LA Park runs out to grab a stool. He smashes Ross face-first into it. Hijo de LA Park then takes Ross for a ride on the outside. He also slams Ross shoulder-first into the ring post before smacking him with his belt again. Marshall receives stereo chops from Los Parks. Salina de la Renta looks pleased on the outside. Ross joins his brother with stereo dropkicks and double dives through the middle rope.

Back in the ring, Marshall and Tom Lawlor get into it. LA Park and Marshall get into a shoving contest. LA Park crashes in with a powerful clothesline in the corner. Ross comes in and lands a superkick on Hijo de LA Park. He plants Hijo with a stunning falcon arrow. Tom Lawlor slowly makes the count. Hijo kicks out at 2.

Now, LA Park and Marshall take over the ring. LA Parks flies out of the ring with another big dive. Hijo follows suit. Back in the ring, the Von Erichs look for a double pin. Lawlor slowly counts it again. Los Parks roll them up. Lawlor counts the pinfall fast, but the Von Erichs stay alive. Ross grabs hold of Hijo’s face with the Claw Slam. Lawlor is nowhere to be seen to make the count. Salina de la Renta sprays Ross with a can of mace. LA Park charges towards Marshall with a big spear in the center of the ring.

All of a sudden, LA Park Jr. comes out from underneath the ring to help his family gain the pinfall victory and the Tag Team Championship.

Winners and New Champions: Los Parks

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