WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 31, 2021

WWE Royal Rumble Results - January 31, 2021

WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 31, 2021 — The 2021 WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff pre-show opens live from the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. Charly Caruso welcomes us. She’s joined by Peter Rosenberg, and with WWE Hall of Famers Booker T, Jerry Lawler and JBL. The panel goes over tonight’s card. They also plug rapper Bad Bunny performing his “Booker T” single. They confirm that the Women’s Tag Team Titles match will take place on the Kickoff. They also confirm WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg vs. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will open the show. We go to a video package for that match.

— Backstage, Carmella convinced herself that Reginald was using Sasha Banks’ ego against her this past week but warned him that she works for her and to run all future plans through her.  He apologized, saying it wouldn’t happen again, realizing she let him out of hot water.

— The panel discussed the Smackdown Women’s Championship match with Sonya Deville joining the panel. Her pick was Carmella.  Booker T says Sasha has a stronger in ring IQ” and will win.  Lawler agreed Sasha has more experience but felt Reginald may be the difference maker. 

— They aired video clips from Bianca Belair’s recent WWE Chronicle documentary, pushing her as a top prospect for the Rumble. Belair says it will be fun in this year’s Rumble but she wants to be the one to eliminate Bayley. Belair predicts she will be the winner this year. They discussed her prospects in the Rumble.

— They aired a video package on the Universal Championship Last Man Standing match. As they broke down the match, 24/7 Champion R-Truth showed dressed as a hunter looking for Booker T’s friend Bugs Bunny, who he confused with Bad Bunny.  As a HUGE Looney Tunes fan, this cracked me up but it was complete ridiculousness.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Tom Phillips welcomes us to ringside now. He’s with Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton. Out first comes Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler as Mike Rome does the introductions. We see the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions backstage now – Charlotte Flair and RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. Sarah Schreiber asks Flair about focusing with everything else going on, including the drama with Lacey Evans and Ric Flair. Flair is confident about having the advantage while Asuka believes Jax and Baszler aren’t ready for them.. The music hits and out first comes Asuka. She hits the ring and the pyro goes off. Flair is out next and she also gets pyro.

Flair and Jax started out and began trying to gain an advantage over the other.  Flair grabbed a waistlock but was taken over into a hammerlock and then a front facelock.  Flair slipped out and cinched in a side headlock.  She controlled Baszler with a front facelock and brought her into the corner, tagging out to Asuka.  Nia was able to tag in but Asuka drilled her with a kick to the mid-section.  She and Flair battled.  Asuka tagged in but Jax used her power to cut her.  The challengers tagged in and out, working over Asuka.  Baszler began focusing her attack on Asuka’s arm.

Asuka fought back but Jaz nailed a sit-out powerbomb.  Flair interfered to break up the pinfall.  Flair made the hot tag and drilled Baszler with a running clothesline.  She chopped away at the former UFC fighter and sent her hard into the corner.  Flair missed a charge into the corner.  Flair nailed a double Natural Selection on the challenger but Baszler kicked out at the last second.  Flair went to the top but Jax drilled her to allow the challengers to regain control of the battle.

Jax nailed a Samoan Drop.  Baszler nailed a running knee but Flair kicked up at the last second.  Asuka attacked Jax on the floor with a hip attack.  Baszler drilled her but Flair nailed a moonsault to the floor that the cameras gave away too early. 

Ric Flair’s music hit and Ric strutted out. Flair seethes as she enters the ring. Ric is all smiles on the stage. Baszler rolls Flair from behind for a 2 count. Flair levels Baszler with a boot. Lacey Evans distracts Flair from the apron but she retreats. Flair applies the Figure Four and bridges it to Baszler but Evans breaks it up and the referee doesn’t see it. Flair takes out Evans through the ropes. Baszler with the Kirifuda Clutch on Flair. Ric checks on Evans at ringside. Flair drops Baszler and applies the Figure Four again but Evans hits her with a Woman’s Right loaded with a foreign object Ric gave her, while Jax has the referee distracted. Jax tags in and delivers a leg drop to Flair for the pin to win the titles.

Winners and NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

After the bell, Evans and Ric celebrate on the ramp as the new champions stand tall with the titles in the ring. We go to replays. Baszler and Jax continue celebrating as Flair recovers.

– We get a video package on the Men’s Royal Rumble Match, and more discussion from the panel. We get a shot of Goldberg’s locker room door as the Kickoff comes to an end.

WWE Royal Rumble Opener:

An opening video package for the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view air. We then shoot inside the ThunderDome as the camera pans around the venue as fireworks and pyro explodes and the commentators welcome us to the 34th annual WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view and to the road to WrestleMania 37.

WWE Championship
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Bill Goldberg

We hear the infamous sounds of the entrance theme music of WWE Hall Of Fame legend Bill Goldberg as the camera pans backstage to show his locker room door as security guards come up and knock on the door.

Out comes the legend as the “Goldberg! Goldberg!” chants begin spreading throughout the ThunderDome as he makes his legendary, iconic trademark ring entrance for our opening bout here at tonight’s PPV.

As “Da Man” settles into the ring, a video package is introduced for the reigning, defending WWE Champion heading into tonight, “The Scottish Warrior” Drew McIntyre and his rivalry with Goldberg heading into tonight’s match.

Out next comes WWE Champion Drew McIntyre with his sword entrance. Drew hits the ring and raises the title as more pyro goes off to a pop. Drew and Goldberg stare each other down. The bell rings and we get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome as the two competitors talk trash in the middle of the ring. The trash talking continues as the referee raises the title. Drew strikes first and then delivers a big Spear out of nowhere.

Drew follows Goldberg to the floor and attacks. Goldberg counters and sends Drew into the steel ring steps. The match has not officially started. Goldberg charges and sends Drew flying through the barrier with a Spear. Goldberg returns to the ring as the referee checks on McIntyre. The match still has not started.

Drew returns to the ring but he’s clutching his ribs. Goldberg waits. Drew tells the referee to ring the damn bell as he checks on him. Goldberg charges but Drew rocks him. Drew then immediately nails a Claymore Kick for a close 2 count. Drew goes for another Claymore but it’s ducked. Goldberg delivers a Spear. Goldberg waits in the corner for Drew to get back up. Goldberg delivers another Spear but Drew kicks out just in time for a pop.

Goldberg calls for the Jackhammer but delivers a knee to stun Drew again. Goldberg delivers the Jackhammer in the middle of the ring but Drew kicks out. Goldberg can’t believe it.

Goldberg goes for a Spear in the corner but he hits hard as Drew moves. Drew waits in the opposite corner now. Goldberg slowly turns around and Drew levels him with a Claymore. Drew covers for the pin to retain.

Winner and still WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre

After the match, the music hits as Drew stands tall with the title, raising it in the air as fans cheer. We go to replays. The music stops as Goldberg and Drew stare each other down. Goldberg walks over and nods several times in a show of respect. They shake hands and embrace as Drew’s music starts back up. Goldberg raises Drew’s hand as the crowd cheers them on. Drew is all smiles before they embrace again. Goldberg makes his exit as Drew looks on. Drew goes to the corner and raises the WWE Title with the WrestleMania 37 sign hanging in the background.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship
Sasha Banks vs. Carmella

Back from a break and Michael Cole welcomes us to ringside. He’s joined by Corey Graves. Out first for the next match comes Carmella with her sommelier, Reginald. We see recent happenings that led to this match. Carmella waits in the ring as we go backstage to Kayla Braxton with SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Banks laughs at the idea of the odds being stacked against her because when you’re the best, you find a way to win. Banks is ready for their tricks because in the end, she will be the one drinking the finest champagne of Carmella’s tears. She goes on and looks ahead to defending at WrestleMania 37. We go back out and Banks makes her entrance to a pop as the pyro goes off.

Carmella blocks a Banks Statement to start but goes outside to regroup. She comes back in and they go back and forth. Banks with a big slap and a smile as Carmella sells it. Banks warns Reginald that she’s watching him. Banks keeps control but Reginald gets on the apron. Banks sends him off to the floor face-first, but the distraction allows Carmella to take over.

Carmella leaps off Reginald’s back at ringside and clotheslines Banks against the announce table. Carmella works Banks over but brings it back in for a 2 count. Carmella with back elbows in the corner now as the referee warns her and fans boo. Carmella takes Banks to the corner and ties her up on the ropes with the submission as the referee counts to 5 and warns her. Carmella poses at ringside as fans boo her.

Carmella comes back in and stalls some, allowing Banks to be ready to attack. Banks tries to slam Carmella but she counters and drops Banks by her hair for a 2 count. Carmella grounds Banks with a headlock now, talking trash as the crowd tries to rally.

Carmella runs into an elbow in the corner but she turns it back around. Banks ends up hitting the Meteora from the top but she lands hard on her knee and sells it. Banks charges but Carmella sends her into the ropes. Carmella ties Banks’ hair around the bottom rope and stomps away while she’s trapped. The referee warns her and fans boo louder. Carmella yells in Banks’ face while she’s down on the mat. The boos get louder. Carmella wraps Banks’ hair around the bottom rope again and works the champ over as a “you suck!” chant breaks out.

Banks kicks Carmella away and then sends her into the second turnbuckle face-first. Banks drops Carmella in the opposite corner and keeps control with more offense. Banks with double knees in the corner for a 2 count. Banks with the Three Amigos suplexes in the middle of the ring but the third is blocked with a knee strike. Carmella tosses Banks out of the ring but Reginald catches her. Banks counters and sends Reginald flying with a headscissors. Banks rocks Reginald and he stumbles around. The referee ejects Reginald from ringside as fans pop.

Carmella runs and nails a suicide dive while Banks is distracted. Carmella brings it back in the ring but Banks kicks out just in time. Carmella argues with the referee about sending Reginald to the back. Banks rolls Carmella into a 2 count, and another. Banks ducks a shot and back-slides Carmella for a 2 count. Banks with a suplex. Banks goes to the top for the Frogsplash but Carmella gets her knees up. Carmella with a drop toe hold into the Code of Silence submission.

The referee checks on Banks as Carmella tightens the Code of Silence. Banks counters and nails a sliding knee. Carmella recovers first. They both slowly get up. Banks misses the Backstabber. Banks gets sent to the apron but she fights back in. Banks goes to the top and flies but Carmella superkicks her in mid-air. Carmella drops Banks with another superkick for a close 2 count. Carmella can’t believe it, showing frustration now. Carmella drags Banks over but Banks counters and pulls her into the Banks Statement in the middle of the ring. Carmella taps out for the finish.

Winner: Sasha Banks

After the match, the music hits as Banks stands tall and raises the title. We go to replays. Carmella sulks at ringside as Banks raises the title in the air with the WrestleMania 37 banner hanging high.


Big E said to Xavier Woods that Retribution had beaten him down in recent weeks, tonight they just needed 60 minutes to change their lives and impress the wrestling Gods.  Sami Zayn showed up and knocked them verbally when Kofi Kingston showed up.  He said he’s not medically cleared but he wanted to wear the sick gear they had tonight and support them in the Royal Rumble.  If one of them win tonight, all of them win tonight.  Usual fun energy from New Day,

In the Arena:

We go back to the arena and Spanish rapper Bad Bunny is on the stage with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Bunny starts performing his “Booker T” single while Booker stands there in the same camouflage gear he had on in the music video, which is his old G.I. Bro attire. Bunny hands the mic to Booker to end the song and he asks, “Can you dig it, sucka?!” The pyro goes off again as Cole plugs the Bad Bunny merchandise on WWE Shop.

— They aired the Rumble by the numbers video.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match
Winner Earns Championship Match at Wrestlemania 37

We go back to the ring and Mike Rome goes over the rules for the Women’s Royal Rumble. Out first comes Bayley at #1. Bayley stops on the ramp and the pyro goes off. Tom Phillips is at ringside with Byron Saxton and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler for this match. Bayley has “Cole” shaved into the back of her head and says something about challenging Michael Cole if she wins.

#2 is Naomi!  She’s the first surprise competitor, returning from a surgery several months ago.

Bayley tried to talk trash but was caught going for a kick.  Naomi nailed a rana and did what I am told was the “Bussin’ Challenge” which is apparently a TikTok thing.  She tried to toss Bayley.

Number three is Bianca Belair.

Bianca nailed a BIG dropkick and tossed Bayley over the top.  Bayley landed on the apron and returned to the ring.  Bianca hit a handspring off the ropes into a moonsault. She grabbed Naomi for a gutwrench suplex but Naomi turned it into a piledriver attempt.  Bayley knocked them over the top rope but they landed on the apron.

Number four is Billie Kay. 

Belair and Naomi worked over Bayley in one of the corners.  Kay decided he would rather take a seat and join the announcers but her headset didn’t work at first.  She said she was thinking about when to step into the ring.  Bayley tossed Bianca over the top but she survived.  Kay said she would be looking for a partner to enter the ring with.

Number five is NXT’s Shotzi Blackheart. She is the second surprise competitor.

Billie tried to speak to her but Shotzi shot her tank at her.  Shotzi hit the ring with a big missile dropkick on Bayley.  Kay didn’t enter the ring.  Could we end up with an IIconics reunion? Blackheart looked good early on with her crazy offense.

Number six is Shayna Baszler as the countdown seems really fast…

 Billie tried to align with Shayna as well, so this looks to be a running bit.  Baszler drilled her and slammed her into the barricade.  Everyone battled.

Number seven is NXT’s Toni Storm, the third surprise competitor.

Storm blew off Billie’s attempt at an alliance.  She hit the ring and began whipping out German suplexes.  Everyone battled.  Shotzi was tossed out by Baszler.

Number eight is Jillian Hall, who came out doing her old singing gimmick.  Who saw this coming?  At least her mole wasn’t back.  Billie and Jilly, as they called themselves, agreed to team up and hit the ring. 

Number nine is Ruby Riott. 

She survived a Hall suplex attempt.  Kay and Hall appeared to try to help Riott.  Everyone battled.

Number ten is another surprise competitor, Victoria. 

Victoria nailed a series of right hands on everyone and backdropped Ruby.  She nailed a spinning sideslam on Riot, then slammed Bayley.  Naomi dropkicked her and she went through the ropes to the floor.  She nailed Naomi and hit a slingshot legdrop into the ring.  

Number 11 is Peyton Royce. 

She worked over Ruby and tossed her over the top.  She and Kay double-teamed Victoria and did the IIconic pose.  Bayley nailed Billie.  Royce hit the Widow’s Peak but Victoria was offended and nailed her with it.

Number 12 is Santana Garrett.

She hit some flashy offense, including a handspring elbow in the corner on Storm.  She tossed Ruby over but Riott saved herself again.  Bianca was tossed over but saved herself as well.  Everyone battled.

Number 13 is Liv Morgan of The Riott Squad.

Jillian Hall and Bilie Jay’s alliance fell apart.  Hall was worked over by Riott Squad.  Kay appeared to save her but tossed Hall over the topThe Squad then tossed Kay over.

Number 14 is Rhea Ripley.

She killed everyone with big running boots.  She tossed Toni Storm out.  Victoria locked Bayley in the Tarantula.  Baszler used the Clutch on Victoria and dropped her to the floor, eliminating the former championRhea took Garrett out, eliminating her.

Number 15 is Charlotte Flair.

Riott and Bayley went over the top but Bayley survived.

Dana Brooke entered at #16. 

Everyone battled.  Flair and Baszler went at it in the corner.  Brooke missed a charge into the corner.  Flair nailed Natural Selection on Bayley. 

Torrie Wilson is #17. 

She was just on Legends night, so makes sense.  I’d expect this means Alicia Fox popping up but we’ll see.  Wilson had some offense including a clothesline on Flair.  Rhea was tossed over the top by Brooke but Ripley lifted her over the top to the outside and hit a one-handed chokeslam on the apron.  Brooke hit the floor and was gone.

Number 18 is Lacey Evans coming out to Flair’s music in a Flair robe, with Ric.

Charlotte lost it and attacked her and they battled on the floor. Flair tossed Peyton, eliminating her.  Bianca nailed a big boot on Bayley, taking her over the top to the floor, eliminated.

Number 19 is Mickie James.

Flair, already enraged by Lacey, attacked Mickie and chopped the hell out of her.  James grabbed her for a rana off the ropes.  She tried to toss Flair but she blocked it.  She tossed Mickie over the top to the apron and stomped her.

Number 20 is Nikki Cross. 

Nikki nailed a nice tornado DDT on Rhea.  She went for one on Flair but it was blocked.

Number 21 is Alicia Fox, which made sense as she was just cleared to appear on Raw.  This is her first in-ring appearance since April 2019. 

R-Truth ran out, to theme music but Fox told him he couldn’t be in the match.  All his usual challengers ran out.  Fox rolled up Truth and scored the pin and won the 24/7 title!

Number 22 is Mandy Rose

Mandy tossed Fox, eliminating her.  Oustside the ring, Truth rolled up Fox and pinned her, winning the belt again.  Fox and all the usual suspects chased Truth away.  Looney Tunes, indeed.

Number 23 is NXT’s Dakota Kai, another surprise competitor.  Everyone battled as Rhea tossed Kai.

Number 24 is Carmella, doing double duty tonight. 

Carmella took her time coming to the ring.  Cross tossed her out but Reginald caught and saved her, returning her safely to the ring.  Carmella eliminated Cross.

Number 25 is Tamina.

Tamina took out Reginald and a shocked Carmella landed on the floor with both her feet, so she was gone.  Rhea and Tamina faced off and began slugging it out.  Bianca tossed Naomi but she landed on the apron and saved herself.  Baszler and Flair battled in the corner.  Naomi was pushed off the apron but landed on her back as she her feet in the air.  Naomi grabbed Belair’s hair and used that grab to pull herself up to the apron.  That is some damn great core strength.

Number 26 is Lana, who was returning from her “injuries” back in December.

Lana tried to take out Ripley but was nailed by Tamina.  Tamina massacred her in the corner.  Bianca and Naomi continued to battle.  Tamina drilled Ripley with a big boot.  Flair and Baszler continued to battle.

Number 27 is Alexa Bliss.  The idea was that she was trying to morph into her darker self but was taken out by Ripley and eliminated before she had a chance to do so.

Number 28 is Ember Moon who hit Baszler with an Eclipse.  She tried to toss Evans over the top.    Lana tried to toss Moon but she fought off Lana.

Number 29 is Nia Jax. 

Baszler met her partner on the floor and they hit the ring as one unit, attacking.  Evans was tossed by Baszler.  They destroyed Moon and tossed her.

Baszler and Jax pressed and tossed Naomi, who had been all the way from number two and was out after 47 minutes.  Hell of a run.  Nia and Tamina battled with Baszler helping her partner.  They tossed Tamina and then went right after each other as if they were Demolition in the 1989 Rumble.  Jax tossed Baszler out and then apologized to her partner.  Lana slapped her and then ducked down like Hacksaw Duggan at the 88 Rumble, pulling the ropes down as Nia sailed over the ropes like The One Man Gang in the first Rumble.  Nia eliminated with the idea that Lana got some semblance of revenge on Nia.

Natalya is entering at number 30.

Baszler and Jax returned to the ring and attacked Natalya on the way and beat everyone down including Lana.  They tossed Natalya into the ring as they left.  Lana and Natalya recovered and embraced.   Natalya immediately turned on her and tossed Lana to the floor.  Those old Total Divas grudges never die. 

The final four are Ripley, Bianca, Natalya and Flair.

Natalya controlled the ring and beat down everyone.  She put Ripley over the top and nailed her with a forearm but Ripley landed on the apron.  Belair nailed Natalya from behind, sending her over the top to the floor.

Then, there were three. The finalists all faced off.  

They all batlled with the younger upstarts double-teaming Charlotte.  They sent her into the ropes but she held on and nailed kicks to their faces.  Flair suplexed Belair who bounced across the ring.  Ripley and Flair reignited their Wrestlemania 36 fury, battling back and forth.  Flair drilled her across the back and gained control.  Flair was backdropped over the top but landed on the apron.  Bianca nailed a kick and dazed her.  Belair and Ripley teamed to knock her off the apron after a 35 minute performance.

Belair and Ripley are the finalists.  They battled over the top but fought to save themselves from hitting the floor.  They agreed to get back in the ring and continue to fight.  Amazingly, they did so!

They battled back and forth.  Ripley was placed on the top and knocked off but saved herself.  Ripley slid in underneath and tossed Belair over.  This was absolutely great.  Belair charged but Ripley snatched her mid-leap by the hair and drove her down into the mat.    They battled back and forth.  Belair escaped a Glamslam attempt.  She went for Riptide but Belair reversed and went for the KOD but Ripley escaped that.  Belair knocked her over the top and won. They said Bianca set a new record with 56 minutes in the Rumble.

Winner, Bianca Belair

Kayla Braxton interviewed Bianca in the ring.  Belair said she kept telling everyone she was the best but tonight she showed everyone.  After everything, she won the Rumble. She was overcome with emotion.  She told her parents at home that she did it and now she’s going to do it at Wrestlemania.  This was the perfect mix of real life emotions bleeding into the pro wrestling fantasy world.  Just phenomenal as a moment.  She pointed at the sign as all the fireworks went off.  

We go to commercial.


Miz and Morrison knocked on Bad Bunny’s dressing room.  They wanted to give compliments from A-Listers to A-Lister.  They called him Mr. Bunny and offered an alliance merging brands with them.  Morrison rapped to impress him.  They promised to turn him into a bonafide superstar but he turned them down, saying he was fine.  They said they were the favorites to win the Rumble plus they have the Money in the Bank briefcase.  They knocked him for hanging out with Booker T, who turned up behind them.  He said, “Tell me you didn’t just say that.”  Morrison bolted.  Miz backed down.  Booker and Bunny told him good luck in the Rumble and walked off.  Gotta sell that Bunny Rumble merch.

— The panel were talking about what we have seen.  R-Truth showed up.  Peter Rosenberg told Truth he saw John Cena.  Truth looked and Rosenberg rolled him up and won the title.  Truth chased him off.  JBL, rightfully, said this may have been the worst moment in wrestling history.  If this doesn’t lead to Sam Roberts vs. Peter Rosenberg in a Tuxedo match…

WWE Universal Championship
Last Man Standing Match
Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

We go back to the ring for tonight’s Last Man Standing match as Kevin Owens makes his way out. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is out next with Paul Heyman. He stops on the stage and raises the title as the pyro goes off. Reigns stops at ringside as Owens stares back at him. Owens opens the ropes and invites Reigns in.

We get formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton. 

The bell rings and they start brawling. They both go for a Stunner and a Superman Punch early on but can’t hit them. They keep brawling and Reigns hits the Superman Punch. Owens is back up at the 4 count. Reigns attacks again but Owens nails the Pop-Up Powerbomb out of nowhere. The referee counts but Reigns is back up at 4. Reigns goes to the floor to regroup. Owens charges but Reigns gets him on his shoulders. Owens fights out and sends Reigns into the ring post face-first. Reigns sends Owens shoulder-first into the steps.

Reigns rams half of the steel steps into Owens, and again to drop him at the bottom of the ramp. Owens gets up but Reigns drives the steps into him again, dropping him over next to the stage. The referee counts but Owens is back up at 5. Reigns brings the steps over but Owens superkicks him. Reigns goes down but gets back up with Owens’ help. Owens slams his face into the steps several times. Owens slams Reigns face-first into the crowd LED boards now.

Cole and Graves call the action as Owens continues to beat Reigns over next to the crowd. Owens drops Reigns with another steps shot, knocking him onto a table. Owens goes up a level in the crowd but Reigns comes after him. Owens swings a chair but misses Reigns’ fingers. Reigns climbs up on the platform in the crowd with Owens now. Reigns with chair shots to the gut to turn it around. Owens fights back as they trade right hands. Reigns sends Owens’ face into a LED board. They step up to another level in the crowd. Reigns knocks Owens over that LED board to another platform. Reigns tries to climb over the LED screen but Owens superkicks him down. The referee counts as Owens brings a chair over. Reigns is up at 5 but Owens starts hitting his knee with chair shots, then one over the back. Reigns goes back down.

Reigns turns it back around and delivers several chair shots to keep Owens down. Reigns looks to toss Owens from up high but Owens fights back and drops him with a Stunner. Reigns comes back with a Superman Punch. Reigns tosses Owens off the platform up high, through tables and other debris down below. Fans boo and the referee counts as Reigns looks on. Owens crawls and finally gets up at the 9 count. Fans cheer him on and Reigns can’t believe it.

Owens stumbles around through the backstage area now. Reigns is nowhere to be seen as Owens falls and crawls. Owens is now over near another ring that’s set up for working out in. The referee warns him to protect himself or the match will be over. Reigns suddenly appears out of nowhere and runs Owens over with a golf cart.

The referee counts as Reigns gets off the golf cart and stalks him. Owens gets up and fights back but Reigns unloads with right hands to take him back down. Reigns talks some trash and taunts Owens, mentioning his grandfathers looking down on him. This angers Owens as he tackles and mounts Reigns, unloading and calling him a son of a b—h. The crowd pops as Owens runs wild on Reigns, slamming his head into production cases. Owens says his grandfathers are more of a man than Reigns will ever be. Owens with a Pop-Up Powerbomb on top of a production box. Owens climbs on top of a group of cases, then nails a Frogsplash that puts Reigns through a production box.

Owens gets back up at 6 but Reigns is still down. Reigns makes it back up at 9 and fans boo. They’re still in the back area of the stadium, where the extra ring and production cases are. Owens sends Reigns head-first into a ladder to knock it over. Owens grabs a smaller ladder as Reigns makes it back up at the 9 count again. Owens drives the ladder into Reigns’ face. Owens goes for another ladder but stops when he notices a forklift.

Owens grabs the forklift and raises the pallet that has been placed on the forks of it. Owens now climbs on top of the forklift, and goes to the pallet that is on the forks. Owens talks some trash and delivers a huge senton from the pallet on the forks, crashing down below and putting Reigns through a table and other debris. We can hear fans in the ThunderDome chanting “holy s–t!” now. Reigns makes it back up at 9 but he falls right back down and starts crawling. Owens stumbles over to Reigns, who is still crawling.

Reigns has blood on his face now and Owens taunts him over it. Owens brings them back through the backstage area. We get a forklift Frogsplash replay as they go through the Gorilla Position area. We see Owens bring Reigns back into the arena now as fans cheer them on. The referee counts while Reigns is down on the stage. Owens leans over in his face and taunts him. Reigns gets up and looks to call Owens off for mercy but it was just a ploy as he nails a Superman Punch out of desperation. Reigns charges and nails a Spear, putting Owens through the LED boards on the stage. Fans boo.

Reigns gets up but Owens is still down. He has to roll off the stage to the floor to make it to his feet before the 9 count rolls to 10. Reigns can’t believe it. Reigns walks around to Owens, who is stumbling around. Owens stumbles into the lighting rig and looks to have burned his arm on one of the large lights. Reigns has spotted Owens now. Reigns limps around and talks trash about how he can’t go home now if he quits. Reigns has a handcuff in his hand it appears. They meet and unload with right hands. Reigns drops Owens. Owens fights back as Reigns tries to cuff his arm. Owens drops Reigns with a Stunner for another big pop. The referee counts. Owens mounts Reigns and delivers more right hands. Owens has the handcuffs now, punching Reigns with them. Owens cuffs Reigns’ arm to the bottom of the lighting rig. Reigns is trapped as the referee starts counting.

Owens has cuffed Reigns so low that he can’t make it to his feet. Owens watches. Reigns pulls the referee into the steel of the lighting rig as he counts to 9. The referee is laid out now. Owens attacks Reigns but Reigns drops him with a low blow. Fans boo Reigns. Heyman comes over with a key to get Reigns free. Another referee runs over to help the original referee. The new referee is counting as Heyman tries to get Reigns free but he’s having trouble. Fans continue booing. We see Owens finally starting to regain his composure. Reigns is finally up to his feet now but still not free from the cuffs. Reigns is finally free from the cuffs. He approaches Owens and has to apply the Guillotine submission.

Reigns tightens the hold and takes them both down to the ground. Owens is gasping for air and fading now. Reigns lets go of the hold and slowly gets back to his feet but Owens isn’t moving. The referee starts counting but Reigns gets up at the 8 count. Owens is still down as the referee makes the 10 count.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Reigns’ music hits as he collapses in front of Heyman, who is holding the WWE Universal Title. We see Owens start to move around on the ground now but he’s flat on his back. We go to replays. Reigns stands tall with the title now as we see blood coming from his upper lip. Heyman raises Reigns’ arm in the air and Reigns raises the title to end the segment.

Men’s Royal Rumble Match
Winner Earns Championship Match at Wrestlemania 37

We quickly move to the main event of the night as Edge makes his way to the ring as #1 entrant for this year’s Men’s Royal Rumble Match! As the #2 entrant, Randy Orton, makes his way out, Edge rushes out of the ring and meets Orton on the stage. Edge beats Orton down the ramp and sends him into the edge of the apron.

Edge brings it in the ring and the bell rings. They brawl in the corner and Orton goes for a cheap shot. Orton goes to the floor for a breather but Edge follows and launches him into the barrier. Edge keeps control and sends Orton into the steel steps, then onto the announce table. Edge wails away while Orton is on top of the table.

The #3 entrant is Sami Zayn, who has his film crew with him. Edge and Orton come back in. Sami runs in and takes Edge out with a shot to the knee. Orton also works on Edge. Sami stomps Edge while he’s down.

Number four is Mustafa Ali.  He looked at Orton and Zayn, then went right after Edge, kicking away at him.  It was three on one for Edge.  They all dragged him towards the ropes as they counted down for…

Number five is Jeff Hardy, who ran out to make the save.  He nailed Orton and went right after Ali and Zayn with punches.  He nailed Whisper in the Wind but Orton snapped him with an RKO.  He and Zayn celebrated but Orton then turned and nailed one on him, then Ali as well.  Edge speared Orton.  Edge dragged Orton to the floor and placed Orton atop one of the announcing tables.  Edge set up and hit an Implant DDT on the table, which did not budge.

Number six is WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion Dolph Ziggler.  Edge began beating Orton with a chair on the floor.  He kept nailing him until referees hit the scene and pulled him away.  Orton was busted open.  Inside the ring, Ziggler tossed Hardy.  Edge hit the ring and backdropped Ali.  He tried to toss Sami but was caught with the Zig Zag.    Ziggler tried to play general in the ring and asked everyone to go after Edge.

Number seven is Shinsuke Nakamura.  Orton was having trouble walking after being helped up.  Everyone battled.  Ziggler was almost tossed but saved himself.

Number eight is the returning Carlito, as we had reported earlier today.  He looked to be in awesome shape. He offered an apple to Shinsuke, then nailed him with the Backstabber.  He nailed Ali with one as well.  He grabbed Zayn by the beard and tossed him over but Sami saved himself.  Orton limped as he was walked to the back.

Number nine is Xavier Woods.  Woods storms the ring and unloads on Ali but Ali and Zayn took him down. 

Number ten is Intercontinental Champ Big E.  The New Day worked over Zayn and Ali.

Number 11 is John Morrison. Ali and Xavier went over the top and landed on the apron, kicking away at each other.  Woods lost the fight and was sent to the floor despite the help from Big E.  Big E was’t happy and grabbed Ali by the throat and muscled him over the top to the floor.  

Number 12 is Ricochet. He and Edge had some really nice exchanges.  Morrison nailed a knee to the mid-section.  Big E suplexed Nakamura over.  

Number 13 is Elias.  He dumped Carlito.  Nakamura nailed a series of kicks on Ziggler.  

Number 14 is the main roster debut of Damian Priest.  We had reported he was done with NXT a few weeks back.  He nailed some right hands on Morrison and looked strong.     He tossed Elias.

They showed Randy Orton getting his leg looked at in the training room. Edge and Priest went back and forth.  They clotheslined each other.

Number 15 is The Miz.  He attacked the DJ area set up for Bad Bunny and destroyed it with the Money in the Bank Briefcase.  Oh Lord, it’s going to be Booker & Bad Bunny vs. Miz and Morrison at Wrestlemania?

Miz, Morrison and Ziggler all worked together but Ziggler was quickly turned on.  Bad Bunny came down to ringside, and teased getting into the ring.   That distraction allowed Priest to clothesline Miz and Morrison over the top to the floor.  Bad Bunny hit a flying bodypress off the ropes to the floor onto them.

Number 16 is Riddle.

Number 17 is Daniel Bryan.  He shined early on.

Number 18 was Kane.  He hit the ring and chokeslammed Edge.  He double chokeslammed Riddle and Nakamura, then tossed Ziggler out.  He chokeslammed Ricochet on the apron, eliminating him and increasing his record of most eliminations.  Bryan offered Kane a big Team Hell No hug.  They hugged to a big pop but then Kane chokeslammed him.  Priest stepped to Kane and they went nose to nose.  Archer was drilled and Kane went for a chokeslam but Priest kicked him and backed off, then grabbed Kane and tossed him over the top.   Riddle nailed Priest with chops.

Number 19 is King Corbin.  Nakamura nailed a leaping kick but was caught with the Deep Six, then eliminated.  

Number 20 is Otis. Corbin eliminated him quickly.  Bryan worked over Corbin with a series of Yes Kicks, battering him in the corner.  Big E and Edge battled,

Number 21 was Dominik Mysterio in his first Rumble match.  He charged and was caught with a spinebuster by Corbin.  Corbin muscled him up by Mysterio reversed it and tossed him out.   Riddle and Priest battled.  Bryan and Riddle battered each other.  Mysterio battled E.  Riddle was drilling all sorts of stiff kicks and wasn’t playing his goofy character that we usually see in bad Raw vignettes.

Number 22 was United States Champion Bobby Lashley.  He immediately tossed Dominik.  Priest stepped to him but was slammed and clotheslined over the top.  Big E and Lashley sized each other up and began battling in the center of the ring.

Number 23 is Hurricane Helms, a surprise.  He works as a Producer here so not really a shock but certainly a welcome appearance!  He ended up in between E and Lashley and it didn’t work out so well for him.  They blocked his double chokeslam and he was tossed.  Basically the Santino style comedy spot to bring some levity.  Lashley worked over Bryan in the corner.  Riddle jabbed away at him.  Everyone else braeled.

Number 24 is Christian, who was making his first in-ring appearance since March 2014 when he was medically retired due to concussions.  He ducked a Lashley punch and helped eliminate him.  He nailed E with a right hand and nailed an Unprettier.  Edge and Christian hugged, which was a legitimately great moment.  Edge and Christian teased a five second pose with Riddle but then double-teamed him.

Number 25 is AJ Styles. He battled with Edge but missed Phenomenal Forearm.  He speared Styles.

Number 26 is Rey Mysterio.  They gave an ad read for Rey wearing a new beer partner’s costume and mask.  Styles was almost kicked off the apron by Rey but Omos saved him.  E and Styles battled.  Omos grabbed E and pulled him over the top to the floor.  Omos then sent him flying over the announcing table with the spot showcasing Omos’ power.  Riddle and Rey battled.  Christian tried to toss Bryan over the top.  Riddle nailed Styles as he was working over Edge in the corner.

Number 27 is Sheamus. Sheamus hits the apron and delivers 10 Beats of The Bodhrán to Riddle and Edge, then a top rope clothesline to both men. Christian attacks Sheamus but Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick. Bryan attacks Sheamus now, delivering Yes Kicks in the corner. Bryan runs into a big Brogue from Sheamus. AJ works on Rey now. Sheamus works on dumping Bryan. Riddle comes from behind and tries to dump Sheamus. Omos stops Rey from hitting 619 on Rey by intercepting it. Omos pulls Rey off the apron and eliminates him. Fans boo the elimination.

The #28 entrant is Cesaro for a pop. Cesaro unloads with a big running uppercut to Edge in the corner. Cesaro delivers big uppercuts to Riddle and then AJ next. Sheamus comes from behind but he and Cesaro face off. They have some friendly words but Cesaro takes him down for the Cesaro Swing in the middle of the ring. Cesaro launches Sheamus to the ropes but he hangs on. Bryan and Cesaro go at it now. Cesaro with the Swing to Bryan. Edge is trading kicks with Sheamus while they’re down. AJ works on Christian. Riddle is down in a corner by himself. Cesaro keeps the Swing on Bryan going and going.

The #29 entrant is Seth Rollins making his big return with pyro and everything, still doing The Messiah persona.  Cesaro and Rollins really took it to each other.  

Number 30 is Braun Braun, who kept killing everyone in the ring.  He tossed AJ out but Omos saved him again.  Cesaro tried to slam him but Braun saved himself and tossed Cesaro.  He then tossed Sheamus.  He then took out Styles.

We are down to Braun, Riddle, Christian, Edge, Rollins and Bryan.

Bryan and Riddle faced off.  Bryan and Edge then exchanged punches.  Bryan nailed a running knee and tossed Edge, who held on.   Bryan nailed a running dropkick on Christian.  He then drilled Braun in the corner with a running kick.  He challenged Riddle to face him again in the center of the ring.  They began pulverising each other.  They went to the mat, reversing with submissions and takedowns.  Riddle was caught in a triangle choke.  He powered Bryan over the top to the apron.  Bryan fought his way out and came off the top with a missile dropkick.

Rollins slid in from outside and attacked Bryan.  He tossed Daniel over the top, eliminating him.

Seth and Riddle battled in the middle of the ring with forearms.  They went back and forth.  Riddle nailed the Ripcord knee striker.  He tried to toss Seth, who held on.  Rollins nailed the stomp on the apron, eliminating him.

The final four, unless Orton returns or there is a swerve, are Braun, Christian, Seth and Edge.  Seth tried to align himself with Braun but was tossed up into a slam.  Christian and Edge swarmed Strowman but he rolled through them.  He nailed them with Avalanches in the corner.  He tossed Edge over the top but Edge held on and locked on a guilotine choke.  Strowman fought back but Christian helped and they double-teamed Strowman but Rollins shoved Christian over too.

Edge tossed Rollins but Orton returned from behind and nailed the RKO.  Orton celebrated but Edge rebounded to toss him and win.

Winner, Edge

Edge is full of emotion as he stares at the WrestleMania sign and pyrotechnics go off. The Road to WrestleMania has begun!

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