Hard To Kill Results – January 16, 2021

Hard To Kill Results - January 16, 2021

Hard To Kill Results – January 16, 2021 – They aired an opening video building the big matches, including Alex Shelley pulling out of the main event.

Decay (Crazzy Steve & Rosemary) vs. Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb With A K

Steve and Kaleb faced off.  Steve locked in a headlock but was bewildered by Steve’s antics and grabbed in an armwringer.  Rosemary tagged in and but Kaleb on the arm.  She and Steve tagged in and out, beating on poor Kaleb.  Steve was sent to the floor.  Kaleb thought he was going to come off the top but changed his mind and got nailed.

Dashwood tagged in but was caught with a sideslam by Rosemary.  Dashwood gained control and used the ropes to twist Rosemary.  Dashwood nailed the Dashwoogie and hit a Tiger Driver.  Kaleb tagged in and was going for the Wassup headbutt but Rosemary shoved Tenille into Kaleb in the ropes, where he crotched himself.  Steve made the hot tag and nailed a series of clotheslines and a neck crank.    Steve was worked over but made the hot to Rosemary.

Rosemary and Steve took control and nailed a double chokeslam on Kaleb.  Steve covered him but Dashwood broke it up.  Rosemary speared her.  She then worked over Kaleb with several right hands but was nailed with a kick under the chin.  Kaleb worked over Steve, drilling him across the back. Dashwood tried to use an object but the referee took it away.  Rosemary spewed green mist at her, taking her out.  Kaleb nailed Steve but Rosemary spewed him in the face as well.  Steve nailed him and scored the pin.

Your winners, Decay!

The announcers ran down the lineup.

They aired a video piece on the Falls Count Anywhere Match. 

Falls Count Anywhere match: Tommy Dreamer & Rhino & Jake Something vs. Eric Young & Cody Deaner & Joe Doering.

Everyone brawled.  Young named Jake to keep him away from Deaner.  Everyone else battled to the floor, leaving Jake and Deaner in the center of the ring.  Jake blasts him and they battled to the floor.  Doering and Rhino battled into the right, where Rhino nailed a series of right hands.  Dreamer and Young battled on the floor outside the guard rails.  Doering choked Rhino against the railing.

Back in the ring, Dreamer nailed a cutter on Young and went under the ring, pulling a chair out.  When he returned to the ring, Joe Doering was there waiting for him.  Rhino and Jake hit the ring with chairs.  Doering didn’t back down but was blasted by each of them with a chair, only going down to one knee.  He punched Jake and Rhino away and bit Dreamer.  Young’s group, now being called Violent by Design, worked over Dreamer.  Doering smashed Dreamer, smothering him against the ropes and the buckles.

They built to a Tower of Doom with Doering superplexing Jake, who’s legs smashed into Dreamer, who was approaching to make the save.  Doering and Rhino were left and they battled to the floor.  Rhino moved, leaving Doering to smash his shoulder into the ring post.  Dreamer poured thumb tacks in the ring and drilled a series of clubbering blows on Young.  Young kicked him in the gut and went for a piledriver but Dreamer backdropped him into the tacks.  Doering nailed Dreamer but Rhino Gored him.  Deaner nailed the DDT on Rhino.  Jake slammed Deaner and covered him but Young made the save.  Young nailed a piledriver and pinned Jake,

Your winners, Violent By Design!

Backstage, Moose tried to talk to Rich Swann and Chris Sabin.  Swann went nuts and said that Willie Mack would have been by their side if he hadn’t hurt him.  Moose said he did what he had to do and he’s not going to let an outsider come to his company and disrespect it.  He told Swann he’s the Impact Wrestling World Champion and Moose is Mr. Impact Wrestling.  He said they are going to kick their asses all night long.  Swann said if that’s what we are going to do, that’s what they are going to do.  He told Moose he wasn’t playing and games and to bring the talk he has to the ring.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament Final: Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan vs. Neveah & Havok.

Havok and Neveah used their power to control the match early on but Tasha and Hogan gained control.  They tagged in and out, double teaming Havok.  Steelz climbed her back and locked on a sleeper but Havok drove herself backwards into the corner.  Steelz caught Havok with a back elbow and came off the ropes but was caught during a bodypress and was hit with a Fallaway Slam, hurtled into Hogan, who was rushing in to help.

Havok made the hot tag and nailed several big clotheslines.  She lifted and slammed them both.  She drilled Kiera with a big DDT but Hogan rolled out of the way.  Steelz avoided a Havok powerslam and nailed a kick to the face.  Steelz nailed a springboard into a neckbreaker for a two count. Neveah dumped Steelz to the floor, leaving Hogan to be double-teamed.  Hogan fought off Havok and nailed a stunner, then kicked Havok to the floor.

Steelz used a rolling armdrag to take down Neveah and Kiera nailed a rolling Perfectplex to score the pin.

Your winners, the new Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz!

Madison Rayne and Gail Kim came to the ring to present them with the Knockouts Tag Team belts.  Steelz was overcome for a moment but being the pro she is, went right back into her boasting character.  They picked the right team here.

Rosemary offered to bring Crazzy Steve to the ring to help Taya win tonight.  Taya said that she knows she can beat Deonna Purrazzo alone.  They offered to keep Purrazzo’s lackies at bay.  Taya finally agreed and said when she wins, they are going to Slamtown.  They left, and Acey Romero, wearing the detective’s cap, entered Taya’s locker room.  Did Taya shoot John E. Bravo?

Ace Austin came to the ring with Madman Fulton.  Since his interview was cut off earlier, he’s going to take his time now.  He questioned the idea that the best way to use him is to talk about a Josh Alexander match on the Countdown show.  He declared he was entering the X-Division Championship match since he was the Super X Cup winner.  Scott D’Amore, doing his best Paul Heyman, came out and said that he’s not getting the X-Division title match, but he’s got a special opponent for Ace Austin…out walked the former Zack Ryder, Matt Cardona.

Matt Cardona vs. Ace Austin

Cardona looked great early on with a neckbreaker and a sliding kick on Austin, but was caught on the floor and nailed.  Austin nailed a series of kicks to the chest and back in the corner.  He went for a splash in the corner but Cardona nailed a leaping knee.  Austin drilled him and came off the top with a crusher.  Nice intensity to this so far.

Austin missed a twisting splash into the ring.  Cardona nailed a flapjack and hit a running clothesline in the corner.  He nailed the Reboot in the corner but Madman Fulton attacked him.

Your winner by DQ, Matt Cardona!

Cardona fought back and nailed a Rough Ryder on Fulton.  They played this up as a successful first match for Cardona.  The finish was lame but it was more about the moment and this can easily be the start of a program, so there’s at least something that can come out of this.,

X-Division Champion Manik vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju.

Bey and Raju tried to double team Manik but were outclassed early.  Bey and Raju quickly turned on each other and battled back and forth.   Lots of nice action.  Raju slammed Bey and tried to take off Manik’s mask.  Bey pulled Raju to the floor and drilled him with a right hand.  Raju returned and sent Manik into the ropes.  He held onto the ropes.  Raju charged but Manik moved and Raju crashed to the floor.

Manik trapped Bey in a modified Texas Cloverleaf.  Raju returned and grabbed Manik’s arm, wrenching it, but Manik hit a back suplex, sending Raju rolling to the floor.  Bey was trapped in the leglock the entire time.  Manik nailed a leaping kick off the buckles on Bey.  Raju attacked them both and went for the mask.  He pulled it off but underneath, TJP had a fully painted face, so you couldn’t “tell it was him.”  He nailed Raju and went to the top but after leaping off Bey caught him with a cutter in mid-air.  Bey nailed the Ultimate Finesse and covered Manik but Raju broke up the pinfall.

Bey and Raju battled on the top rope.  Manik caught Raju with a rana off the top, kicked Bey and hit a double stomp on Raju but Bey broke up the pinfall.  They went into a crazy sequence of big moves and near falls.  Raju went for a STO but Manik broke free.  Bey was caught with a springboard spike DDT.  He nailed a Crucifix Bomb for a close two count.  

Raju charged and drilled Bey for another close two count.  Raju nailed a double stomp on Bey, who was hanging off the ropes.  Raju locked on a Regal Stretch but Manik fought towards the ropes.  Bey nailed them to break up the submission attempt.  Raju hit Bey with a small package for a two count. Raju nailed a slideby knee on Raju but Manik rolled him up and scored the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion, Manik!

Good action, although the idea Manik and TJP aren’t the same person at this point is razor-thin.

Backstage, Alisha Edwards wanted to go to ringside for the Barbed Wire Massacre.  Eddie Edwards said, “What are you going to do?  Fight Ken Shamrock?”  That was a great line for some reason.  He asked her to go home and take care of their daughter as he doesn’t know what he’s in for, whether he’ll get home or even if he’ll be walking after.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo (with Kimber Lee and Susan) vs. Taya Valkyrie (with Decay).

Taya was in control early on, chasing Deonna to the floor.  Lee nailed Taya from behind.  Decay got into it with Lee and Susan.  The referee threw all the seconds out of the ringside area.

With all distractions out of the way, Taya cleaned house with a big boot but was cut off when Deonna snapped her arm and attacked that extremity.  Taya’s arm was bent backwards on the mat and stomped.  Purrazzo worked her over for a long time, with Taya really having to fight from underneath to make a comeback.  Taya finally tackled her down for a two count.  Taya came up with her knee and shoulder bothering her.

Taya went for The Road to Valhalla but her knee buckled, but Purrazzo slipped out and nailed a dropkick to the legs.  They battled back and forth with near falls.  Taya did a really nice job selling the pain of the knee and psyching herself up.  She tied up Deonna’s legs and pulled her up for a curb stomp, smashing her into the mat.  

Taya locked Deonna in a STF but Purrazzo made her way to the ropes.  They fired back and forth with big rights and forearms.  Purrazzo snatched her in a Fujiwara armbar.  Taya turned it over into a pinfall attempt but was snapped back into it.  Purrrazzo gained control and it was turned into the Venus de Milo.  Taya submitted.

Your winner and still Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo!

This was very good.  Taya was excellent here in selling and Purrazzo is in another world on the mat these days.  Backstage, Acey Romero found John E. Bravo.  He said that he doesn’t care, he knows Larry D shot him.  Romero said that perhaps Larry did it, but he was set up.  Romero said he’s been looking in the shadows and found Ring Rust cologne in the Knockouts locker room.  Bravo asked who’s bag he found that in.  ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER.

Ethan Page vs. The Karate Man.

This was all stuff filmed in front of a green screen.  Hell of a way to exit the company, I suppose.   The idea was every time Page beat Karate Man, he’d be reborn and kick the crap out of Page all over again.   This is the sort of stuff that will give Jim Cornette a 45 minute rant but it felt like it was a tribute to the Speed Racer film with all sorts of crazy backgrounds they found in and from a creative perspective, it was fun eye candy.   Karate Man pulled Page’s heart out of his chest like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and then began wandering through a temple.  Fade to black.  I guess Page is dead or something now….until someone else signs him.

Backstage, Don Callis found Moose.  He said he wanted to find Moose and have a chat.  He was buttering up Moose before insinuating that if Moose didn’t help them, his contract and his happiness would be in general.  Moose told him he’s always played to win and that’s what he’s going to do tonight.  He said after he wins tonight, he’s going to go win the Impact title and then maybe he’ll show up in AEW and take Omega’s title too.  He walked off on Callis.   Callis realized it was a lost cause and said, “Sh**.”

Barbed Wire Massacre: Eddie Edwards with Alisha Edwards vs. Sami Callihan with Ken Shamrock.

There was a steel cage up on one side of the ring, barbed wire boards, barbed wire bats and ropes wrapped in barbed wire.

They tied up and teased putting the other into the wire until finally Callihan was whipped into the ropes and screamed in the wire.   Edwards grabbed a coil of barbed wire and placed it around Callihan’s head, pulling backwards and tearing his forehead up. He set a barbed wire board on the mat and tried to force Callihan down onto it but Callihan shoved the board out of the ring.  The board wiped out the announcers’ wiring legitimately.  Callihan was beaten down with a series of right hands on the mat.

They battled to the apron, where Callihan drilled Edwards with a clothesline.  The board was placed against the barricade.  Callihan wanted to suplex him out of the ring through the board but was knocked to the floor.  Edwards went for a dive but as he came through the ropes, Callihan smashed him with the board.  Edwards crashed and burned through the barbed wire board.  Callihan nailed the Cactus elbow off the apron to the floor.    He extricated Edwards from the barbed wire and brought him back into the ring, beating him with right hands and sending him into the barbed wire.

Callihan grabbed a video game controller wrapped in barbed wire and beat Edwards with it and then ripped it into Edwards’ forehead, bloodying him.   Edwards fought back and nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb on a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire.  Edwards charged Callihan, who was near the cage wall, but Sami moved and Eddie hit the barbed wire cage.   Sami dug his face into the wire.  Eddie fought back but was kicked low.    They each grabbed pieces of barbed wire from the cage and charged at each other, using it as a weapon as they ripped at each other, then struck the other in unison.

Callihan grabbed a barbed wire Singapore Cane while Edwards grabbed a a barbed wire bat.  They exchanged weapons and fought with Edwards nailing Callihan in the gut with it.  Callihan went to the ropes but was nailed again.  Edwards went to the top but was shoved off and caught his neck on the chair that was strung across one side of the ring to hold the weapons.  It looked painful as hell.  

Callihan nailed a piledriver off the ropes through a barbed wire board that was bridged across two chairs.  Edwards kicked up at the last second and began screaming, psyching himself up to fight back. Callihan cut him off with a steel chair to the back.  Edwards nailed the Boston Knee Party with the chair but Callihan kicked up.  Edwards nailed Emerald Frosion on the barbed wire board and scored the pin.  The announcers put over that the finisher was a tribute to the late Mitsuharu Misawa.

Your winner, Eddie Edwards!

They had a hell of a brutal war here.

AEW Champion Kenny Omega & Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann & The Motor City Machine Guns’ Chris Sabin & TNA Champion Moose.

Don Callis introduced Omega and said Hogan, Flair, Thesz, Gotch were all insects compared to Omega.  Had he said Terry Funk, I might be driving to Nashville right now.

Omega and friends were all wearing Bullet Club shirts.

Sabin and Anderson went back and forth.  Moose and Gallows tagged in and they faced off nose to nose with neither getting the advantage.  Omega and Swann tagged in.  They teased the confrontation but Anderson tagged in.  He and Swann went back and forth.  Swann got the better of it and tagged out to Moose.  He nailed Anderson and held him for a double dropkick.  Moose nailed a standing moonsault for a two count.  Sabin and Anderson battled back and forth.

Swann and Omega tagged in and they battled.  He monkey flipped Omega onto Anderson.  Swann got on Sabin’s shoulders to nail assisted DDTs.  Swann and Sabin went for stereo pescados but the Bullet Club moved.  They caught themselves and superkicked Gallows at the same time.  Swann nailed a flip dive off the apron to the floor.  Swann went for the top rope frog splash but Omega blocked it.

Team Omega gained control on Swann.  Anderson slammed him with authority.  Swann was beaten down for a long time as Omega and friends tagged in and out.  Swann finally nailed a Pele Kick on Omega and made the hot tag to Moose.  Moose wiped out Omega and nailed a big uranage on Anderson.  Moose drilled Gallows with a headbutt and controlled everyone.  He mocked Omega and Team Swann nailed a triple kick in the corner.  Moose nailed a discus lariat for a close two count.

Everyone battled.  Omega drilled Sabin and scored a two count.  Omega nailed a sit-out powerbomb but Sabin kicked out at the last second. Omega went for the V-Trigger but Moose nailed a big boot.  Sabin nailed a missile dropkick but Anderson nailed him.  Swann drilled Anderson but Omega nailed him with the V-Trigger.  Omega went to the top but Moose grabbed him and hit a Spanish Fly.  Sabin drilled Omega with his finisher but Anderson broke up the pinfall.  Some great sequences here.

Gallows and Anderson doubleteamed Sabin.  They almost scored the three count but Sabin escaped at the last second.  They went for the Magic Killer but Sabin fought his way out and nailed a spinning DDT.  Swann and Omega tagged in and battled back and forth punches.    Omega nailed a snap dragon suplex and a piledriver but Moose and Sabin made the save.  Moose and Swann nailed a Doomsday Device on Omega but he kicked up at the last second.

Swann nailed a reverse rana.  Omega popped up and kicked him.  Swann superkicked him back and nailed a 450 splash but Omega escaped at the last second.  The battle continued until Omega nailed the V-Trigger and the One-Winged Angel for the pin.

Your winners, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers!

Omega celebrates with his tag partners. Omega jawing a bit at Swann as he exits the ring. The group celebrate as they make their way up the ramp and to the back.

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