Edge Wins The 2021 WWE Royal Rumble + Stats

Edge Wins The 2021 WWE Royal Rumble

Edge Wins The 2021 WWE Royal Rumble – Edge has won the 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble Match.

Edge entered the match at #1 and Orton entered at #2, but Orton spent much of the match in the trainer’s room after an injury angle with his leg. Orton entered the match after it looked like Edge had won, but this backfired and Edge eliminated him for the big win.

The match featured several surprise entrants and WWE NXT Superstars, including a returning Seth Rollins, Carlito, Damian Priest, Kane, “The Hurricane” Shane Helms, and Christian.

The match also saw rapper Bad Bunny get involved. Earlier in the night there was a segment where Bunny turned down an offer to join The Miz and John Morrison after Bunny performed his “Booker T” single on the stage. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T interrupted the segment and sent Miz and Morrison on their way. Miz later destroyed Bunny’s DJ Set when he made his Rumble entrance. Bunny came out during the match and distracted both Miz and Morrison, allowing Priest to eliminate them. Priest then cheered Bunny on as he climbed to the top rope and delivered a splash to the floor, taking Miz and Morrison down.

1. WWE Hall of Famer Edge
2. Randy Orton
3. Sami Zayn
4. Mustafa Ali
5. Jeff Hardy
6. SmackDown Tag Team Champion Dolph Ziggler
7. Shinsuke Nakamura
8. Carlito
9. Xavier Woods
10. WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E
11. John Morrison
12. Ricochet
13. Elias
14. Damian Priest
15. The Miz
16. Riddle
17. Daniel Bryan
18. Kane
19. King Baron Corbin
20. Otis
21. Dominik Mysterio
22. WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley
23. “The Hurricane” Shane Helms
24. Christian
25. AJ Styles
26. Rey Mysterio
27. Sheamus
28. Cesaro
29. Seth Rollins
30. Braun Strowman

1. Jeff Hardy (by Dolph Ziggler)
2. Sami Zayn (by The New Day)
3. Xavier Woods (by Mustafa Ali)
4. Mustafa Ali (by Big E)
5. Carlito (by Elias)
6. Elias (by Damian Priest)
7. The Miz (by Damian Priest)
8. John Morrison (by Damian Priest)
9. Dolph Ziggler (by Kane)
10. Ricochet (by Kane)
11. Kane (by Damian Priest)
12. Shinsuke Nakamura (by King Corbin)
13. Otis (by King Corbin)
14. King Corbin (by Dominik Mysterio)
15. Dominik Mysterio (by Bobby Lashley)
16. Damian Priest (by Bobby Lashley)
17. “The Hurricane” Shane Helms (by Big E, Bobby Lashley)
18. Bobby Lashley (by Riddle, Daniel Bryan, Big E, Christian)
19. Big E (by Omos)
20. Rey Mysterio (by Omos)
21. Cesaro (by Braun Strowman)
22. Sheamus (by Braun Strowman)
23. AJ Styles (by Braun Strowman)
24. Daniel Bryan (by Seth Rollins)
25. Riddle (by Seth Rollins)
26. Braun Strowman (by Edge)
27. Christian (by Edge)
28. Seth Rollins (by Edge)
29. Randy Orton (by Edge)
Winner: Edge

Full list of Royal Rumble Match participants and eliminations

No.SuperstarEliminatedEliminated ByTime
1EdgeRandy Orton, Seth Rollins, Braun StrowmanWinner58:28
2Randy OrtonEdge58:28
3Sami ZaynBig E13:04
4Mustafa AliXavier WoodsBig E13:18
5Jeff HardyDolph Zigger3:25
6Dolph ZigglerJeff HardyKane20:30
7Shinsuke NakamuraKing Corbin22:01
9Xavier WoodsMustafa Ali3:42
10Big ESami Zayn, Mustafa Ali, Bobby Lashley, Hurricane HelmsOmos* (not entered in the match)29:45
11John MorrisonDamian Priest8:14
13EliasCarlitoDamian Priest2:30
14Damian PriestJohn Morrison, Elias, The Miz, KaneBobby Lashley15:34
15The MizDamian Priest1:02
16RiddleBobby LashleySeth Rollins31:17
17Daniel BryamBobby LashleySeth Rollins28:50
18KaneDolph Ziggler, RicochetDamian Priest1:51
19King CorbinShinsuke Nakamura, OtisDominik3:34
20OtisKing Corbin0:53
21Dominik MysterioKing CorbinBobby Lashley2:00
22Bobby LashleyDamian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, Hurricane HelmsBig E, Christian, Daniel Bryan, Riddle4:03
23Hurricane HelmsBig E, Bobby Lashley0:30
24ChristianBobby LashleySeth Rollins18:12
25AJ StylesBraun Strowman10:27
26Rey MysterioOmos* (not entered in the match)3:47
27SheamusBraun Strowman5:56
28CesaroBraun Strowman4:10
29Seth RollinsRiddle, Daniel Bryan, ChristianEdge8:48
30Braun StrowmanAJ Styles, Sheamus, CesaroEdge7:24

Edge Wins The 2021 WWE Royal Rumble

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