AEW Dynamite Results – January 20, 2021

LIVE AEW Dynamite Results - January 20, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results – January 20, 2021 – We are live inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. where pyro and fire starts exploding as the camera pans around the building and we hear Jim Ross on commentary say, “It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means!”

Hangman Page, Colt Cabana, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds vs. The Hybrid2 and Chaos Project

This match is in celebration of -1’s birthday, who comes out on 10’s shoulders. All of Dark Order comes out and there’s a cake for -1. The group and the live crowd sing Happy Birthday to him. Out comes Chaos Project to ruin the fun and say they don’t care. Luther says they don’t like children and calls -1 stupid looking. He continues they are going to ruin his birthday and a brawl breaks out between both sides (The Hybrid2 show up). Page then comes out and leaps off the stage to take out a bunch of people.

Match finally gets going as Silver beats up Evans and Angelico. Silver takes a punch to the face from Angelico then tags in Luther. Butterfly suplex by Luther and then in comes Serpentico. Luther power slams Serpentico down on Silver, then does it with Evans, he then uses Angelico’s face to hit a bulldog down on Silver. Silver finally drops Serpentico and tags in Page, Hangman beats the heck out of anyone that gets in the ring with him.

Page with big clotheslines to most of his opponents. He catches a leaping Serpentico, belly-to-belly suplex, cover, and it gets broken up. Quick brawl, but Dark Order sends most guys out of the ring. Page with a fallaway slam on Angelico. He then leaps out to the floor, but Evans moves out of the way. More brawling out at ringside. Reynolds with a flip down on Chaos Project. Page up to the top rope and hits a mooonsault on some wrestlers.

Page has Silver and Reynolds jump on his back, then flops back down on Serpentico. Evans with a 450 springboard splash on Reynolds, cover, it gets broken up. Page powerbombs Evans into the crowd at ringside. Luther looks to put Cabana through a table, -1 hits Luther with the kendo stick, Cabana then dumps Luther’s face into the cage. Back in the ring Dark Order destroys Serpentico, Page with buckshot lariat, Reynolds thne gets the jackknife pin on Serpentico.

Winners: Hangman Page, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Colt Cabana via Pinfall

– Post-match, Dark Order grabs Serpentico. -1 says he thinks he’s going to ruin his brithday?! He cracks Serpentico over the head with the kendo stick. He then tells Dark Order his birthday was actually three days ago and throws some papers at Serpentico. Silver then gets on the mic and gives Page a bunch of compliments. He then asks Page if he’ll join. Page takes the mic and says, “I can’t.” Just as some music plays and banners go up that say “He said yes!” Dark Order can’t believe it. Page says he’s had fun with them over the past few weeks, but he’s done the group thing before and it didn’t end well for him. He apologizes to Silver and heads up to the stage. The group try to change his mind, but Page heads off.

— Alex Marvez approaches MJF and  Chris Jericho backstage about tonight’s match. MJF tells him to stop talking and says his breath smells like rats in an orgy. MJF says he is a little worried that the match could drive a further wedge between the group tonight. Jericho says it will actually bring them closer. He says they will move on as a unit no matter who wins tonight.

— Tony Schiavone says that Sting has something to say Darby Allin and The Icon makes his way down to the ring followed shortly after by the TNT Champ himself. Sting says there is something in Allin that reminds him of Sting and he calls Allin a phenomenal wrestler and congratulates him on being the TNT Champion. Sting says he wasn’t here to interrupt the match but just wanted to make sure he had a fair chance.

Taz interrupts him and appears on the screen with his crew. Taz tells Sting to shutup and says there was nothing about what they did last week and that they fight dirty. Taz says his group have been gentlemen but he grew up in the streets and they are all street fights so if they want to get in the streets they can do that, too.

Taz calls Sting and Allin bitches and challenges them to “take it to the streets.” Allin says if they want to take it to the streets they better be careful what they wish for because it might just happen.

– Reminder of Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker taking place at Beach Break on February 3.

– The Young Bucks meet up at Kenny Omega’s house. Michael Nakazawa greets them and bring them to Omega. They see an oil painting of Omega and Callis, both shirtless and muscled up. Callis shows up, Young Bucks aren’t happy about what happened last week. Callis said he had someone in his ear and they had to change stuff on the fly. Callis says Omega can’t make today’s meeting, which annoys Matt and Nick Jackson. Callis says Omega had to change up his phone number because others were blowing it up. Callis was surprised The Young Bucks didn’t get it. Callis says he’s glad they are here. Callis then kicks out Marvez and the camera guy, but keeps the camera.

Callis then talks with the brothers about working with Omega. Callis offers up a check for them to make an “investment” in Omega. Young Bucks look at the number and say they made that much last week. Callis forgot they were merch guys! Callis gives them another check. Matt says it’s crazy that Callis thinks he can buy out their friendship. Callis says Young Bucks are actually holding Omega back, they are “hanger-ons.” Young Bucks says that company he works for (Impact Wrestling), they once worked for Impact, and know their checks are no good. He rips up the check. Callis calls the Young Bucks blood suckers! Matt and Nick then go to beat up Callis as the camera cuts out.

Cody Rhodes with Arn Anderson vs. Peter Avalon

Cody immediately hits Avalon with the CrossRhodes but Jade Cargill comes out distracting him. Avalon kicks Cody in the nuts as the referee is telling Cargill to stay out of the ring. Avalon goes after Cody’s knee. Avalon hits a Superplex off the top. Avalon hits a Vertical Suplex for a nearfall. Cody and Avalon run into each other with clotheslines causing both men to crash and burn.


Avalon goes for a Diving Moonsault off the top but Cody moves and attempts to leapfrog Avalon only for him to land knee first on Avalon. Avalon dumps Cody to the floor and hits a Tope Suicicda sending Cody into the guardrail. Avalon tosses Cody back in the ring but walks into a Cody Cutter. Cody hits a Powerslam and then puts him in a Figure Four. Avalon manages to roll over but Cody rolls it back and slaps Avalon in the face before Avalon taps.

Winner: Rhodes

— Backstage Tully Blanchard and FTR talk about being No. 1 contenders when Jurassic Express barge in and get in their faces. Jungle Boy says they might be the best team in the world but he knows he could beat either one of them. Dax says he’ll fight Jungle Boy next week and he doesn’t need anyone else to do it. Luchasaurus says he’s going to be ringside next week to make sure NO ONE gets involved.

Jon Moxley vs. Nick Comoroto

Comoroto shoves Moxley, but eats a headbutt. Moxley with punches and stomps in the corner. Moxley with some big chops and clothesline in the corner. Moxley with a running crossbody, caught in midair and sent down to the mat. QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes watching Comoroto from the crowd. Comoroto chokes Moxley with his boot, big flying elbow, backbreaker, and a second one, but he holds it and pushes down on Moxley.

Moxley bites his opponent’s face, and hits a rolling forearm, big knee to the face, but Moxley runs into a neckbreaker, cover, two. Comoroto charges in and runs chest-first into the corner. Moxley with multiple kicks to the chest and looks for a suplex, nope. Moxley then hits a release german suplex. Moxley locks in a sleeper, Comoroto falls back, but Moxley shifts to avoid the impact. He holds on and his opponent goes goodnight.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Post-match, Moxley gets on the mic. He says Wednesdays are getting crazy and he can’t keep track of who is on which team. Moxley brings up Kenny Omega bringing in friends from outside places. Moxley says all it is to him is more violence and necks to break. He says the taller the mountain is to climb, the sweeter it is when he gets to the top. Moxley says people can be brought in from Mexico or Japan, but all road leads through him.

— Next week Eddie Kingston will face Lance Archer and he Kingston says he doesn’t prepare for fights, he just fights. Archer approaches Kingston and says he will put Kingston’s ass down next week. Jake Roberts calls Kingston a chicken shit and says if he wants to talk shit he should do it in the ring next week without his “two monkeys” behind him.

– Backstage, Dasha tells Eddie Kingston he’ll face Lance Archer for the first time, next week. She asks how he’ll prepare for him. Kingston says he doesn’t prepare, he just fights. Lance Archer shows up and tells Kingston he’s ready to fight, he talks some more, but Kingston doesn’t want to hear it and talks over him. Jake Roberts tells Kingston to leave his guys (Butcher and Blade) behind next week and see how he does against Archer on his own.

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