WWE Smackdown Results – December 18, 2020

WWE Smackdown Results - December 18, 2020

WWE Smackdown Results – December 18, 2020 – We begin with a look at what happened last week between Kevin Owens and the “Family of the Table”.

We’re live on FS1 from the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, as Kevin Owens marches to the ring.

Owens takes the mic and addresses WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, saying he’s been waiting all week and is not waiting one minute longer. Owens calls Reigns out and says let’s do this. Reigns doesn’t show. Owens says that’s fine for now because he has something he wants to discuss. His family heard Reigns’ message loud and clear last week and he told his family not to watch Sunday’s WWE TLC match under any circumstance, but not because of what they will think of what Reigns will do to Owens, but because of what Owens’ family will think of him when they see what he does to Reigns. Fans cheer Owens on as he calls Reigns out again.

Kevin says he heard Roman tell Jey that he cares about how your sons look at you.  Kevin says if your kids judge you by your actions over the last few weeks, they know their dad is nothing but a hypocrite.  You hit me from behind and you used your family members as pawns and that is pathetic. Every time you look in the mirror, you know that is a fact.  You are not the head of the table.  You are a coward.  

Paul Heyman appears on the TitanTron and he tells Kevin that Roman comes out on his time.  Paul says he wants to confess his sins.  He made a mistake.  I said on Talking Smack that I thought you were a masochist to come back after what happened last week.  Roman is a sadist, especially when it comes to putting down a beating on you.  Kevin is not a masochist, you are a martyr.  You are willing to pay any sacrifice to become Universal Champion.  That makes you dangerous.  Mutilation will not stop you.  You will have to be eliminated and taken out.

Kevin says he has heard enough of Paul’s BS so if Roman is not going to come out to find him, Kevin says he will find Roman. Heyman rolls his eyes and looks off as Owens exits the ring and marches up the ramp. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and WWE Producer Adam Pearce is backstage walking with Owens, reminding him TLC is on Sunday and he needs to reconsider this trip to Reigns’ locker room. Owens knocks on Reigns’ door but we hear Reigns’ music start up in the arena as fans boo and the mind games begin from Reigns. Reigns and Heyman head to the ring as Owens watches from a TV screen in the back.

Roman tells Kevin he doesn’t want to hurt him or his family. You are running around here and telling people I am a bad guy, but I am not a bad guy. I am doing what it takes to be THE guy. Something you don’t understand and it is above your pay grade and level you are at. Stay in your lane. Roman says he is going to show that he is a good guy. I will give you the same opportunity I gave my own flesh and blood. Acknowledge me as your tribal chief. Acknowledge me as the head of your family’s table. If you don’t or can’t, I’m going to end you. You are not even going to make it to TLC on Sunday and won’t make it out of here tonight. Apologize and tell me the words I want to hear.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring but Jey Uso attacks Kevin from behind. Uso unloads with lefts and rights. Owens fights back. Reigns comes out and Owens gets double teamed now. The beating continues until Owens is laid out, face-down on the ground. Reigns stands over Owens with big strikes now. WWE officials run down to try and break it up but Reigns and Uso stand up to them.

Owens starts to get up but Reigns launches him into the barrier as the boos continue. Heyman comes out and hands the title over as Reigns places it over his shoulder. Reigns, Uso and Heyman march up the ramp as we see Owens try to crawl and get up, but he’s stumbling and can’t get to his feet.

We go to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode vs. The Street Profits for the Smackdonw Tag Team Championships

Roode and Dawkins start things off but Ziggler distracts Dawkins and Roode with punches.  Ziggler tags in and Dawkins kicks and punches Roode and Ziggler.  Ford tags in and they hit a double drop kick and Ford gets a near fall on Ziggler.  Ford with a kick to the ribs.  Ziggler with a rollup for a near fall.  Ford with a belly-to-back suplex followed by a moonsault.  Ford punches Roode on the apron and Ford goes up top but Ziggler with a punch.  Ziggler tries to suplex Ford back into the ring and Ford blocks it.  Ziggler with a forearm and Ford with an enzuigiri.  Roode pushes Ford off the turnbuckles into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler gets a near fall on Ford.  Ziggler kicks Ford and Irish whips Ford sternum first.  Roode tags in and Ziggler with a splash and Roode with a knee and side Russian leg sweep for a near fall.  Roode with kicks and he smothers Ford in the mat.  Roode with a chop in the corner and Ford is sent into the turnbuckles.  Ziggler tags in and kicks Ford.  Ford swings wildly and misses.  Ziggler with a drop kick for a near fall.  Ziggler with a waist lock and he gets a rollup for a near fall.  Ford tries to crawl to his corner but Ziggler holds on to the gutwrench and backs Ford into his corner.

Roode tags in and Roode kicks Ford.  Roode with a gourdbuster for a near fall.  Ziggler tags in and he taunts Dawkins on the apron.  Ziggler returns to the waist lock and Ziggler gets a near fall.  Ford escapes the waist lock but Ziggler with a thrust kick.  Roode tags in and Ziggler is sent to the apron and lands on the floor.  Roode misses a splash and hits the turnbuckles.  Ford kicks Roode away and tags in Dawkins.  Dawkins with clotheslines to Roode and a flying back elbow.  Dawkins sends Ziggler face first into the mat.  Dawkins with an exploder to Roode and then hits a twisting splash on Roode and Ziggler.  Dawkins with a butterfly neck breaker for a near fall.

Roode blocks Anointment and Dawkins blocks a Glorious DDT.  Ziggler tags in and Roode sends Ziggler into the air for an assisted Fameasser for a near fall.  Ziggler has a super kick blocked and Dawkins with Anointment.  Ford with the Seven Star Frog Splash but he lands on the knees and Roode breaks up the cover.  Roode with a rollup and handful of tights.  Ford with a rollup and a handful of tights for the three count.

Winners: The Street Profits

After the bell hits, Roode is immediately in shock as The Profits hit the floor to celebrate while their music hits. Ziggler and Roode argue with the referee, showing him what they say really happened with the pin. Charles Robinson yells back at them and threatens to suspend them. Dawkins and Ford raise their titles on the stage.

— Kevin Owens is in the back and Adam Pearce and Jessica Karr are walking with him.  Jey Uso hits Kevin in the back with a chair and Jey tells Kevin to stay down. Kevin gets back to his feet as we go to commercial.


We are back and Kayla Braxton is in the interview ring with Bianca Belair. She is asked about what a win would mean over the Role Model. Bianca says a Role Model is something you want to be, not want you want to beat. Bayley is a measuring stick and Bayley always has something to say. Bianca says the E-S-T- is going to S-H-I-N-E.

— Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan are in the back earlier talking about who Billie Kay might choose as a tag team partner.

Riott Squad vs. Billie Kay and Tamina

Tamina and Liv start and Tamina tosses Liv across the ring.  Tamina kicks Liv.  Ruby tags in and she gets a near fall with a rollup.  Tamina with a clothesline and she gets a near fall.  Tamina with a head butt.  Ruby with punches and a head butt to the midsection.  Tamina gets Ruby on her shoulders and Billie with a tag while Tamina hits a Samoan drop.  Liv breaks up the cover.  Billie argues about the referee’s count.  Ruby escapes a slam attempt and Liv tags in and Ruby and Liv drop kick Tamina off the apron.  Liv with a missile drop kick while Ruby hits a flatliner and Liv gets the three count.

Winners:  Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan

— We see Carmella in the back with her sommelier and she makes a selection as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and we see the champagne being set up in the ring for Carmella’s Champagne Toast. We take a look at what happened last week when Carmella went Moff Gideon on Sasha Banks.

Carmella makes her way to the ring

Carmella says this is the season to drink bubbly.  Fa la la la la, la la la la.  She says she had her sommelier prepare a tasting to determine which champagne she will use to celebrate her victory at TLC.  Carmella says the people at home are wondering if she is celebrating too soon but you are at home sitting in a dirty futon while I drink champagne with more digits in it than your phone number.

Sasha has done it all.  She is quick and agile, but when it comes to smarts, she is weak.  This is the longest that Sasha has held on to a championship.  He is in uncharted waters and she is drowning.  She is drowning in the pressure of her own expectations.  She felt her title slipping from her fingers so Sasha got intentionally disqualified.  Carmella says that is why she knows she has Sasha beat and why she can celebrate tonight.  Sasha’s existence is about being the best.  Which is why she cannot get disqualified again.  Sasha has to prove that she is better than her.  Sasha will still lose control and want to tear her apart.  Sasha will have to fight her true instinct while fighting her.

When I beat Sasha on Sunday, she will file into a turmoil that is so dark and so deep that she might break.  Who is Sasha Banks if she is not the boss?  Who is Sasha Banks if she is not the best?  That is a question that not even Sasha Banks knows the answer to.  That is why she gets so unglued around her.  That is why Sasha is so desperate.  That is really sad so Carmella says she could use a pick me up.

She says nothing lifts her spirits like a glass of champagne. Carmella says the first one tastes cheap and frantic… just like Sasha Banks.

Sasha’s music plays and Carmella sends the sommelier to the ramp but Sasha enters the ring from the other side. Sasha drinks some champagne and throws it on Carmella. The brawl goes to the mat as Banks mounts Carmella. The sommelier runs back in the ring and pulls Banks off Carmella. Banks gets up and grabs the sommelier from behind as fans cheer her on. Carmella comes from behind while Banks is grabbing the sommelier. She smashes another champagne bottle over Banks’ back and Banks goes down. Carmella stands tall with her sommelier over Banks as the crowd boos.

— We see Kevin Owens back in the trainer’s room getting checked out. Jey Uso runs in and attacks him. They brawl but Owens is hurting. Uso drives Owens through a table with a big Spinebuster. A referee runs in and checks on Owens as Uso walks off. Back to commercial as Owens lays there in pain. Back to commercial.

Otis vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Back from the break and out comes Otis with Chad Gable. We see how they lost to Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura last week. Out next comes Nakamura with Cesaro.

The bell rings and they lock up to start. Nakamura with a hold but Gable coaches Otis into slamming Nakamura. Otis with a headbutt and a 2 count. Nakamura lures Otis into a boot on the apron. Nakamura runs on the outside and kicks Otis in the head while down on the apron.

Nakamura brings it back in and drives big knees into Otis while he’s down. Nakamura with big kicks while Otis is standing. Otis takes them and wants more, yelling for Nakamura to come on. Otis unloads on Nakamura now for a pop. Otis with a running splash in the corner.

Otis goes for The Caterpillar but Gable jumps on the apron and tells him not to, do a suplex instead. Otis goes to grab Nakamura but Nakamura rolls him up out of nowhere for a close 2 count. Otis fights back and hits a suplex. Otis follows up with the second rope Vader Bomb for the pin to win.

Winner: Otis

– Sami Zayn is backstage in a suit. He has a crew member there with him, who has been helping him prepare for the Sami Awards. They have 5 action figure-like gold awards to hand out later. Sami yells at the crew member for not polishing them. Sami walks off to get something to polish with. Big E walks up and he’s also dressed for the awards it appears. Big E just laughs like a goofy madman, apparently ready to ruin the awards ceremony.

– The announcers lead us to the Happy Holidays video that features WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and others battling a 2020 Coronavirus Monster, then teaming with 2021 to put the 2020 Monster away. Back to commercial.

–We are back and Otis and Chad are in the back celebrating.  Chad asks Otis why didn’t he do the caterpillar.  Otis says he thought it was a test.  Chad tells him he is testing Otis.

1st Annual “Sami Awards”:

Sami Zayn welcomes everyone.  He says the Slammys are being awarded next Wednesday but they have taken a dive since hosted by the late great Jack Tunney.  The Sami Awards are about the will of the people.  Sami says 2020 has been a wild year for everyone.  Sami shows us a 2020 Year in Review and it is about Sami Zayn.

The first award is for the Comeback of the Year.  Edge had a historic return.  Roman Reigns made an impact.  Sami says he had a decent comeback this year.  The winner is Sami Zayn.

Sami says he is surprised but it is good to be recognized.

The next award is for Match of the Year.   The winner is Sami Zayn winning the Ladder Match at Clash of Champions.

It is time for the final award and it is for Superstar of the Year.  The winner is Big E and Sami is shocked.

Big E comes out and accepts his award.  Big E thanks his college therapist.  He wants to thank Notre Dame in advance for covering the spread.

Sami says there was a mix up and Big E punches Sami and sends him into a table.  Big E sends Sami down the ramp and then he thanks everyone and then he destroys his award.


Kayla Braxton is in the interview ring and she is with Bayley. Bayley is asked about Bianca’s comments.  Bayley says she heard what Bianca had to say about her.  It was refreshing to see someone say something nice about her.  Bianca was successful running track in college?  Bayley says she was on the cross country team and she was captain of her high school team.  Maybe Bianca would be more humble.  Tonight, Bayley puts Bianca Belair on the map.

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

We go back to the ring and out comes Bianca Belair. She poses on the apron and swings her hair around as we go back to commercial.

They lock up and Belair tries for a slam but Bayley escapes.  Bayley tries for a rollup but Bianca stays on her feet.  Bayley stomps on Bianca’s foot and Bianca does the same to Bayley.  Bayley puts Bianca in the ropes and Bayley with a clean break.  Bianca with a shoulder tackle and Bayley goes to the apron and drops Bianca on the top rope.  Bianca with a drop kick and she gets a near fall.  Bayley with an Irish whip and Belair floats over and then flips over Bayley.  Bianca with a drop kick.

Bayley pulls Bianca down when Bianca tries for a handspring move.  Bayley slams Bianca’s head into the edge of the apron and then Bayley sends Bianca into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bayley sends Bianca to the floor.  Bianca sends Bayley into the ring steps.  Bayley beats the count back into the ring and they both collide and go down.  Bianca with forearms followed by shoulders in the corner.  Bianca with a delayed vertical suplex.  Bianca wrings the arm and sends Bayley to the mat.  Bianca with a handspring moonsault for a near fall.  Bianca with a back breaker and a gutbuster for a near fall.  Bianca pulls Bayley towards the corner and Bianca goes up top .  Bayley with a forearm and she hangs Bianca from the top turnbuckle and she does dips but Belair gets to her feet and hits a suplex.  Bayley with a hot shot on the turnbuckles.  

Bayley misses a splash into the corner and Bianca with a spinebuster for a near fall.  Bayley with a kick and a double leg take down and cover and she uses the ropes but the referee stops his count.  Bianca with a rollup for a near fall.  Bayley with a rollup but Bianca rolls through and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Bianca with a one arm pick up and Bayley avoids the power bomb with a rake of the eyes followed by a snap mare driver for the three count.

Winner:  Bayley

After the match, Bayley hits the ramp to celebrate as her music hits. We go to replays. Belair recovers in the ring as Bayley taunts her from the outside.

– The announcers hype Sunday’s WWE TLC pay-per-view.

In the Arena:

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. Reigns stops on the ramp and raises the title as the pyro goes off. Reigns heads to the ring to deliver his final pre-TLC message to Kevin Owens. Back to commercial.

We are back and the time for talking has resumed.

Roman says for the life of him, he is trying to understand why.  if you have the opportunity to be in the ring with me and on the island of relevancy in the main event of a pay per view in a championship match with Roman Reigns, why blow it.  It is an opportunity your kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid’s to talk about.

Kevin Owens’ music plays and he limps down the ramp but stops to grab a steel chair and take out Uso as he charges on the ramp.

Owens hits the ring and unloads, stopping Reigns from picking a chair up. Uso enters from behind and superkicks Owens to save Reigns. Reigns runs the ropes and takes Owens down with a Spear as fans boo. Reigns delivers chair shots and jabs while Owens is down. Uso is sliding tables and more chairs into the ring. Reigns continues with the chair shots to Owens. Uso puts Owens through a table as the boos get louder.

Reigns and Uso talk trash as Owens struggles to crawl. Reigns says Owens had the opportunity of a lifetime but he chose to piss him off. Reigns grabs Owens and drives him through another table with a big Samoan Drop. The boos pick up. Reigns grabs half of the chair and slams it on Owens, then does the same with the other half of the table. Uso slides two more tables in the ring, and two ladders.

Reigns has piled a bunch of table parts, ladders and whole tables on top of Owens, burying him under the weapons. Uso starts tossing chairs in the ring now. Reigns slams ladders down on top of Owens and the pile he’s buried under. Owens and Uso starts delivering chair shots to the tables and ladders that Owens is trapped under. Reigns’ music hits and a “you suck!” chant starts up as he marches to the back with Uso and Heyman. We see Owens under the debris in the ring.

Reigns, Uso and Heyman return backstage to the Gorilla Position area now. Kayla is waiting and Reigns tells her she can have one question. Before she can ask, the TV screen behind them Owens crawling out from under the weapons in the ring. He takes the mic and says there’s nothing Reigns or his family can do to keep him down. Kayla disappears and Reigns walks away with Heyman and Uso. Owens continues his promo in the ring as fans cheer him on. He says he’s going to win the WWE Universal Title at TLC on Sunday or he’s going to die trying. The final SmackDown before TLC goes off the air with Owens sitting up in the ring, recovering as fans cheer him on.

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WWE Smackdown Results – December 18, 2020

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