NXT Takeover WarGames 2020 Results

NXT Takeover WarGames 2020 Results
NXT Takeover WarGames 2020 Results

NXT Takeover WarGames 2020 Results – Your host for the PreShow is Wade Barrett and he is joined by Sam Roberts and Ariel Helwani.

Sam asks Wade what the superstars are thinking about.

Wade mentions he has been in steel cage matches and Elimination Chamber matches but he has never dealt with a match inside a cage with teams.

We see the Undisputed Era arriving at the building.

We see Pat McAfee and his team arriving at the building and he tosses his keys to the valet.

Sam and Wade go through the card.

We go to McKenzie Mitchell and she says that Pat McAfee is confident they will win. She says Adam Cole says that Pat McAfee is a great talker, but the time for talking is over. McKenzie says the women’s match will open the show.

We have a video package for the Women’s War Games Match.

Sam says that he feels the women’s division in NXT is the best in wrestling. He talks about what Shotzi has been doing over the last few months. Rhea is the future of the division. Ember had her title reign. Io is the current champion.

Wade says it is the best division male or female and they always over deliver.

Sam asks who will be able to thrive this year.

Wade says Rhea could steal the show again but he says Raquel Gonzalez has been on a streak lately and she is getting better every week.

We take a look at Tommaso Ciampa versus Timothy Thatcher.

Wade says Ciampa is a prideful man and he was embarrassed last week. Ciampa was in a trance like state when he arrived at the building tonight and people were staying away from him.

We go to commercial.

We see Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano arriving at the building. We also see Damian Priest arriving. Leon Ruff also arrives at the building.

We have a video package for the North American Championship match.

Wade is asked about Leon Ruff’s path to victory. Wade says he does not think Leon can win. Leon got very lucky to get the title and Damian Priest has helped him and he won’t be helping him tonight. Sam asys not taking him seriously can help Leon.

We go to comments from Triple H about the match. He says this is Leon’s first big match and how will it affect him.

We go to The Bump for comments. They both think Lumis will win the Strap match. They are split on the Ciampa/Thatcher match. They are split on the North American Title Match. Ryan picks Ruff while Matt picks Gargano. Ryan is picking Shotzi’s team while Matt is going with Candice’s team.

We have a video package for the Strap Match.

Cameron is with McKenzie and she asks him about the match. Cameron wants to know who made that video. That video was not accurate. Cameron Grimes ain’t scared of anybody. Cameron Grimes ain’t never ran from anybody. Dexter Lumis, you are the one who is scared. You ain’t said nothing and I have said everything that needed to be said. When you are strapped up to me, you will be screaming. He will be screaming Cameron is going TO THE MOON.

We have a video for the Men’s War Games Match.

Ariel Helwani joins Sam and Wade. Ariel is asked about the War Games match and how NXT has handled it. Ariel says it was exciting to see the new version without the roof. Helwani says War Games is the biggest night of the year in professional wrestling.

Ariel is asked for his prediction. He compares this to the 2004 NBA Finals. He says that the Undisputed Era will show why they are the faces of NXT.

The cage comes down as Takeover is about to begin.

Takeover WarGames Opener:

The WWE NXT “Takeover: WarGames 2020” event opens up with a quick video. We’re live from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida as Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” plays and the pyro goes off while the two-cage WarGames structure is lowered around the two-ring set up. We get more video hype for tonight’s big matches.

We come back to the crowd chanting “NXT!” as Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett are at ringside. Joseph sends us to Alicia Taylor in the cage. She goes over the WarGames rules while the sirens blare in the background.

WarGames: Team Blackheart (Shotzi Blackheart, Ember Moon, Rhea Ripley, NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai) vs. Team LeRae (Candice LeRae, Toni Storm, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez)

Out first comes Toni Storm for Team LeRae to the stage. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are next. They also stand on the stage, in front of the shark cages that are set up. The Team Captain is out next, Candice LeRae. They talk things over and Kai heads into the cage to start. Ember Moon is out first for Team Blackheart. Rhea Ripley is out next. She stares over at the rest of Team LeRae, who are all in the first shark cage on the stage. Out next comes NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai. The Team Captain is out next – Shotzi Blackheart. Blackheart drives her new tank to the stage and shows it off. The others stand on the tank with her, staring down Kai in the ring. Blackheart makes the tank gun fire a projectile at the cage, taking Kai back a step. Team Blackheart talks it over and Shotzi goes towards the ring. Moon stops her and she’s going in first.

Kai with forearms to the back as she waits for Ember to go into the far ring.  Kai with a rear naked choke.  Kai gets on Moon’s back with the choke.  Ember rolls through to escape the hold.  Kai avoids a leg sweep and Moon blocks a kick.  Kai blocks a round kick but Moon with a head scissors.  Moon with a running knee and Kai with a bicycle kick.  Moon with a forearm in the corner.  Moon with a hip toss and jumping kick.  Moon with a back senton.  Kai tries to get to the other ring and she kicks Moon away.  Kai with a scorpion kick and he connects with forearms.

Kai puts Moon’s head against the cage and runs the face against the cage.  Kai with a boot to the back.  Kai misses a boot in the ropes and Moon with a head scissors take down.  Moon with a rolling elbow to Kai.  Moon suplexes Kai into the cage.  Moon with a cross body to Kai against the cage.  Moon goes up to and Kai with a boot to the shoulder.  Kai tries to pull Moon off the turnbuckles and kick her but Moon blocks it and Moon with a kick.  Kai kicks Moon and connects with Kawada kicks between the rings.  Kai with a boot to the head.  Kai goes up top and hits a Destroyer.  Kai chokes Moon.

Shotzi Blackheart is the next entrant for her team and she brings a crowbar and tool box into the ring..  Kai goes after Shotzi and Shotzi with a drop kick and splash into the corner.  Shozti with a bulldog and kick followed by a rolling elbow.  Shotzi with a kick and a back senton against the ropes.  Kai with a forearm and Shotzi sends Kai between the rings.  Shotzi with a drop kick to the head.  Kai sends Shotzi into the cage but Moon shows up and she is sent into the cage by Kai.  

Kai with a kick to Ember’s back.  Kai with forearms to Moon’s back and Moon kicks Kai away.  Shotzi with an enzuigiri to Kai and she puts Kai’s head against the cage and rubs it.  Shotzi with a suplex into the turnbuckles.  Shotzi goes up top but Kai with a kick to stop Shotzi. Moon hits Kai from behind and gets Kai on her shoulders.  Shotzi with a missile drop kick and Ember with an Electric Chair Drop.  

The next entrant is Raquel Gonzalez.  

Moon and Shotzi try to attack Raquel as she enters the cage.  Moon and Shotzi with forearms and punches but Gonzalez with a double clotheline and a clothesline to Moon.  Raquel with a boot to Shotzi.  Raquel with a Bossman slam to Moon.  Shotzi goes for a head scissors off the turnbuckles but Raquel blocks it and sends Shotzi into the cage.  Kai is picked up by Raquel and Raquel uses Kai to kick Shotzi and Moon.  Kai focuses on Shotzi while Gonzalez works works over Moon and then Raquel with an Irish whip to Shotzi and Kai with a boot in the corner.  Kai with a bicycle kick to Ember’s head and Raquel with a power slam.

Kai with forearms to Moon.  Raquel with an Irish whip to Shotzi.  Kai goes up top and Raquel holds her as Kai hits a springboard double clothesline.

Rhea Ripley is the next entrant.

Gonzalez goes to the first ring to confront Rhea.  Kai grabs Rhea and Rhea slaps Kai.  Ember holds Raquel and Ripley with a boot to Raquel.  Kai gets on Rhea’s back and chokes her but Rhea with a snap mare and knees.  Ripley with clotheslines and a drop kick.  Ripley sends Kai face first to the mat.  Raquel Irish whips Moon and Moon with a Codebreaker and Shotzi with a springboard Code Red.

Rhea decides to open the tool box and she gets a hammer and hits Dakota in the midsection with it.  Ripley uses her belt and head butts Kai while she has Kai’s arms trapped.  Kai is sent into the cage.  Raquel takes care of Shotzi and Ember so it is time for Raquel and Rhea.

Rhea and Raquel fight between the rings and they fall into the near ring and Rhea with punches.  Raquel with punches to Rhea and then Rhea 

Toni Storm is the next entrant and she brings a kendo stick into the ring.  Storm with a German suplex to Ripley and Tony exposes the turnbuckle.  Storm hits Rhea while Raquel holds her.  Toni pushes Shotzi and Toni goes for the turnbuckle pad but Shotzi and Ember stop her.  Toni with a hard Irish whip to the exposed turnbuckle for Rhea.  Storm with a suplex to Moon.  Raquel kicks Shotzi in the corner.  Storm stands on Moon.  Storm hits Moon with the kendo stick while Raquel does the same to Shotzi.  Kai sends Ripley into the cage.  Shotzi and Kai climb the turnbuckles while Ripley gets Kai on her shoulders and Shotzi with a double Sliced Bread to Raquel and Toni while Moon hits a Doomsday Device on Kai.

Io Shirai is the final entrant for her tream and she brings a ladder into the ring.  Raquel closes the door.  Io gets a kendo stick but Raquel takes it and kicks the door to send Io to the floor.  Shotzi hits Raquel with the kendo stick but Raquel knocks Shotzi down.  Raquel pushes the ladder into Io and Io goes into the ringside barrier.  Raquel keeps the door closed to keep Io out of the cage.  Raquel hits Shotzi with the kendo stick and Io brings a chair into the cage.  Ember with forearms to Toni.  Raquel tosses the chairs aside and Io tosses a chair to Raquel and Raquel catches the chair and Io drop kicks the chair.  Raquel knocks Io out of the cage again.

Storm uses a belt to keep the cage closed.  Io climbs the cage and Raquel uses Shotzi to power bomb her into the cage and knock Io to the floor.  Toni kicks Moon in the head. 

Candice is the final entrant in the match and Io says something to Candice but Indi Hartwell comes from behind and sends Io into the ring steps.  Candice goes under the ring and Indi brings some chairs and trash cans into the ring.  Indi gets a chain and secures the cage.  Candice hits Shotzi with the kendo stick.  Raquel kicks Rhea.  Everyone hits Shotzi with kendo sticks.  Candice covers Shotzi but the referee does not count because the match beyond has not started since Io is not in the cage.  Moon goes after Strom while Kai and Raquel work over Ripley.

Io goes to the top of the cage and puts a trash can over her head and hits a splash onto everyone.

The match beyond can begin.

Io hits Gonzalez and Storm with the hammer.  Ripley sends Io to Raquel for a tornado DDT.  Io with a Tiger Feint Kick to Storm.  Io with a flapjack to Candice.  Shotzi with a splash to everyone and she sends Candice to the mat.  Ripley with a splash and she sends storm into the cage.  Moon with a splash and a sit out slam to Kai.  Io is propelled into Raquel and Io with a moonsault for a near fall.  Ripley grabs Kai  and Kai sends Ripley into the cage.  Io is sent into the cage by Kai.

Moon and Storm are in the other cage and Candice with La Mistica to Moon and she applies the GargaNo Escape using a wrench.  Shotzi with Cattle Mutilation on Storm and Candice stops Shotzi.  Shotzi avoids Candice and the trash can lid.  Shotzi grabs a chair and Candice gets a kendo stick.  Shotzi hits Candice with the chair and then with the kendo stick.  Io misses Kai and goes into the turnbuckles.  Kai with a bicycle kick in the corner.  Kai wiht a double stomp onto a trash can that Io is in.  Kai gets a near fall.  

Storm is sent into the cage by Moon but Kai hits Moon in the back with a chair.  Moon hits Kai in the back with a steel chair.  Kai’s head is slammed many times into the chair by Moon.  Moon puts Kai over two chairs and she sets for Eclipse and hits it on the top of the chair but Toni breaks up the cover.  Toni sends Ember into the turnbuckles and Storm with Storm Zero onto the trash can but Io breaks up the cover.  Ripley kicks Storm and applies the inverted Cloverleaf and Io with a drop kick.  Ripley gets a near fall.  Io and Rhea get the ladder and put it between the rings.  Candice with a brainbuster to Io and Ripley misses a boot and Candice hits Rhea with a trash can lid followed by a kick.

Candice with a forearm to Shotzi.  Candice sends the ladder into Shotzi in the corner.  Candice puts two chairs on the mat and Shotzi with a head butt that sends Candice onto the chairs.  Shotzi climbs the ladder and Candice stops her.  Candice is knocked off the ladder and Shotzi goes to the top of the ladder and hits a back senton back lands on a chair on top of Candice.  Ripley sends Kai to the mat and Io with a moonsault and Storm pushes Ripley onto Io to break up the cover.  Ripley gets Storm on her shoulders and hot shots her onto the top rope.  Ripley is sent into the cage by Raquel and Gonzalez grabs Io.  Io goes for a rana onto the ladder between the rings.

Raquel blocks it and she choke slams Io onto the ladder and the ladder breaks.  Raquel gets the three count.

Winners:  Team LeRae

After the match, the winners struggle to stand tall as the music hits and fans boo. Indi comes back down and unlocks the cage, joining Team LeRae as we go to replays. Team LeRae stands tall once again with their arms raised as we see Shirai laid out on the debris in the middle of the rings.

— Finn Balor tells everyone to enjoy their War Games.  Enjoy the craziness, and the big risks.  When the siren stops and the cage raises, we get back to what matters most.  This Wednesday, all eyes go back on the Prince.

— We see the two teama in the Men’s War Games match arriving at the building earlier today.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Timothy Thatcher

They lock up and Ciampa with a side head lock and take down.  Ciampa with a front face lock but Thatcher wtih a take down.  Ciampa with a side head lock but Thatcher escapes and applies a double wrist lock.  Thatcher with a cross arm breaker but they get into the ropes.  Ciampa with punches and Thatcher goes for the leg and applies a heel hook.  Thatcher goes for a chin lock and Ciampa blocks it.  Thatcher gets a near fall.  Thatcher with a kick to the back.  Ciampa with a snap mare and knee to the back followed by forearms to the chest.

CIampa slaps Thatcher and drives the knee into the mat.  Ciampa sends Thatcher to the floor.  Thatcher returns to the ring while Ciampa goes to the floor.  Thatcher with a European uppercut to Ciampa.  The referee checks on Ciampa. 

The referee continues the match and Thatcher wtih European uppercuts and a suplex for a near fall.  Ciampa gets to the ropes to force a break.  Thatcher with knees to the back.  Thatcher slams Ciampa’s throat into the edge of the apron and Ciampa falls to the floor.

Thatcher hangs Ciampa over the apron and connects with an elbow to the throat.  Thatcher gets a near fall.  Thatcher with a belly-to-belly suplex but Thatcher’s foot is under the rope on the cover.  Thatcher with an elbow drop to Ciampa.  Thatcher gets a near fall.  Ciampa with a punch but Thatcher with a European uppercut.  Thatcher with a rear chin lock.  Ciampa pushes Thatcher away when he tries for a belly-to-belly suplex.  Ciampa with a head butt and forearms.  Thatcher slaps Ciampa in the face.  Thatcher goes for a butterfly suplex but Ciampa counters and drops Thatcher to the mat.

Ciampa and Thatcher both with head butts at the same time and both men are down.  Ciampa with a boot and clothesline.  Ciampa with more clotheslines as he runs the ropes followed by a flying clothesline.  Ciampa with a shoulder in the corner and he puts Thatcher on the turnbuckles.  Ciampa sets for a superplex and hits it.  Ciampa gets a near fall.  Thatcher blocks Fairy Tale Ending and Thatcher with a double thrust to the throat.  Thatcher with a Grommit on Ciampa.  Ciampa escapes the hold by going through the ropes to the floor.  Thatcher gets back into the ring first and Ciampa barely beats the ten count.

Ciampa with a chop and knee to the head.  Ciampa with another running knee to the head.  Ciampa with a rear naked choke as Thatcher bleeds from the ear.  Ciampa applies more pressure and he punches Thatcher in the head.  Thatcher gets to the ropes.  Thatcher with a German suplex as soon as Ciampa releases the hold.  Thatcher with a German suplex.  They go to the apron and Ciampa continues to hold his neck.  Thatcher goes for a German suplex on the apron but Ciampa with elbows.  Thatcher with a forearm and Ciampa is pulled into the ropes and falls back to the mat. 

Thatcher wtih a European uppercut.  Ciampa goes for a backslide and Thatcher gets into the ropes but Ciampa ties Thatcher in the ropes and Ciampa with chops to Thatcher.  The referee warns Ciampa and Ciampa with a bicycle kick in the ropes followed by a guillotine and Willow’s Bell.  Ciampa gets the three count.

Winner:  Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, both competitors are down on the apron, slow to get up. Ciampa’s music hits as fans cheer him on. Thatcher stands up on the floor while Ciampa is sitting up in the corner. They intensely stare each other down as we go to replays. We come back to Ciampa raising his arm in the air while Thatcher looks on from the stage, still staring each other down.

— Damian Priest is in the back getting ready for his match. Johnny Gargano is also getting ready for the match.

Strap Match: Dexter Lumis vs. Cameron Grimes

We go back to the ring for tonight’s Strap Match as Dexter Lumis makes his way out first. Cameron Grimes is out next and he has the leather straps over his shoulders.

The referee is ready to strap them together but Grimes says he brought his own. This strap or no strap, says Grimes. The referee asks Lumis if he has a problem with Grimes’ straps and he just looks ahead. The referee is ready to proceed but Grimes ends up attacking Lumis with a cheap shot. Grimes drops Lumis and unloads while he’s down as fans boo. Grimes follows Lumis to the floor and keeps the attack going, launching him into the barrier and then the apron, and the barrier again. Grimes chokes Lumis with the strap and slams his face into the barrier again. Grimes pulls the leather over Lumis’ eyes as the referee watches, then pulls back over his mouth after more offense. Grimes follows Lumis back in the ring and keeps punishing him while he’s down.

Lumis finally fights back with strikes as fans cheer him on. Lumis with a Thesz Press and several right hands. The match has not officially started yet. Lumis grabs the strap and puts it over his wrist. The referee calls for the bell and the match is now official.

Grimes tries to retreat but Lumis yanks him back with the strap. Lumis gets the upperhand and sends Grimes to the corner, then down with a clothesline. Lumis goes to whip Grimes but he slides to the floor. Lumis follows and Grimes decks him. Grimes pulls the leather around Lumis’ eyes again. Grimes gets sent into the barrier but he jumps up and tries to climb into the crowd. Lumis stops him. Grimes jumps down but Lumis nails an uppercut to the throat on the way down.

Lumis keeps control at ringside in front of the announcers and launches Grimes hard into the barrier. Lumis with another big launch into the barrier. Lumis mounts Grimes from behind and clubs him. Grimes counters and sends Lumis into the barrier. Grimes slams Lumis over the other side of the barrier, then takes time to regroup. Lumis comes crawling back and Grimes can’t believe it. Grimes ends up dumping Lumis back over the barrier. Grimes yanks Lumis back over the barrier and the ringside brawl continues. Grimes controls Lumis with the strap and drops him with a big boot.

Grimes sends Lumis into the timekeeper’s area once again. Grimes grabs the black sack from earlier and puts it over Lumis’ head, blinding him. Grimes unloads on Lumis while he’s blinded. Grimes brings it back in the ring and keeps Lumis down, using the strap to whip him. Grimes poses and raises his arms in the air but fans boo him. Lumis nails a big Spinebuster out of nowhere for a pop. They tangle into the corner and Grimes ends up pulling Lumis face-first into the steel structure for WarGames. Grimes keeps control from the apron now while Lumis is on the floor. Grimes pulls Lumis into big kicks. Lumis blocks the third attempt. Lumis ends up pulling Grimes off the apron and he lands hard on the floor.

Lumis brings it back in the ring and whips Grimes over his back with the strap. Lumis unloads with leather strap shots in the middle of the ring now as fans cheer him on. Lumis with a running clothesline in the corner. Grimes counters and nails a big German suplex, sending Lumis flying back into the turnbuckles. Grimes brings a steel chair into the ring now. Fans boo as he delivers several chair shots over Lumis’ back. Grimes takes a seat in the chair now, catching his breath and showing off for the crowd as they boo some more.

Grimes charges in but gets caught with a big fall-away slam for a pop. They trade big lefts and rights. Lumis gets the upperhand. Grimes sends Lumis to the apron but Lumis drops him with a right. Lumis goes to the top but Grimes yanks him to the mat and he lands hard. Grimes charges again and they collide with Grimes hitting the crossbody for a close 2 count. Grimes can’t believe it and is frustrated now. Grimes whips Lumis a few times now as fans boo. Grimes goes for the Cave In into a chair but it’s blocked. They tangle with counters again. Grimes blocks The Silence twice. The strap is wrapped around Grimes’ ankles. Lumis yanks it and trips him, causing Grimes to fall face-first into the chair that was set up. Lumis follows up with The Silence submission. Grimes hangs on but Lumis wraps the strap around him, keeping the hold locked and the strap tightened until Grimes taps.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

After the match, Lumis recovers and gets up as his music hits. Fans cheer Lumis on as we go to replays.

We see the two teams in the men’s War Games matches preparing for their match.

— We see a carrion and Karrion Kross says tick… tock…

NXT North American Championship Match: Leon Ruff vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Damian Priest

Gargano goes after Ruff and Priest grabs Ruff and pushes him aside.  Gargano with a super kick to Priest and he gets a series of near falls on Ruff.  Gargano with a chop to Ruff and a drop kick to keep Priest out of the ring.  Ruff goes to the apron and connects with a forearm.  Ruff avoids Gargano and hits a drop kick.  Ruff with a springboard head scissors take down followed by a drop kick to Gargano.  Ruff with kicks and Priest pushes Ruff aside and punches Gargano.  Ruff punches Gargano and Priest sends Ruff to the floor.  Gargano with a boot.  Ruff with a missile drop kick to Priet and Gargano.  Priest tells Ruff to get out of here and Ruff with a kick.

Ruff with punches and Priest backs Ruff into the corner.  Ruff with a chop and Priest gets Ruff up and then he grabs Gargano but Gargano with a kick.  Ruff and Gargano with forearms to Priest followed by stereo enzuigiris.  Gargano and Ruff send Priest to the floor.  Gargano with a suicide dive to Priest and then he tells Ruff to hit one but Gargano with a slingshot spear for a near fall.  Gargano sets for a super kick but Priest pulls Gargano to the floor.  Priest and Gargano fight around the ringside area.  Ruff with a cross body off the stage and Priest catches Ruff.  Priest kicks Gargano and tells Ruff to get out of his way.  Ruff with a punch but Priest grabs Ruff and hits a Razor’s Edge into the ringside barrier and the barrier falls down.

Officials check on Ruff. Ruff ends up helped to the back by an official, apparently injured. Priest and Gargano go at it to continue the match.

Gargano hits Priest from behind.  Both men are down as Priest is sent into the stage.  Gargano tells Ruff he can’t hang and that he is a joke.  Gargano sets for the slingshot DDT onto the stage but Priest blocks it and tries for Reckoning.  Priest misses a springboard clothesline and Gargano with a spinning heel kick for a near fall.  Gargano with Sliced Bread for a near fall.  Gargano avoids a series of kicks and Priest with a punch.  Gargano with a thrust kick to the knee.  Priest with a clothesline and both men are down. 

Ruff comes back and he hits a cross body off Priest’s back onto Gargano.  Ruff kicks Priest off the stage and Ruff with punches to Gargano.  Gargano goes to the floor and Ruff goes up top and hits a cannonball onto Priest and Gargano.  Ruff rolls Gargano.  Ruff with a cutter for a near fall on Gargano. Gargano pulls Ruff off the top turnbuckle.  Gargano with a forearm to Ruff.  Leon with a rebound clothesline for a near fall.  Ruff goes up top and Priest tells him not to do it.  Ruff leaps over Priest.  Priest with a boot to the head and then Priest grabs both men and hits a double flatliner. 

Priest with elbows to Ruff and Gargano in the corner. Priest throws Ruff into Gargano with a Broken Arrow.  Gargano escapes a Razor’s Edge and Gargano sends Priest into the ring post.  Gargano with a lawn dart into the turnbuckle and Priest. Gargano ties Priest in the ropes to keep him from getting involved in the match.  The refeferee tries to help Priest out of the ropes but Gargano misses a super kick and Ruff with a crucifix bomb for a near fall. 

Ruff misses a frog splash when Gargano moves.  Gargano with the GargaNo Escape in front of Priest and Priest gets out of the ropes and he kicks Gargano to force the hold to be released.  Priest with a kick and he goes up top and hits a spinning heel kick on Gargano.

Priest misses an elbow into the turnbuckles and Ruff with a clothesline that does not move Priest.  A second clothesline has the same effect.  Gargano with a super kick to Ruff.  Priest with a sit out choke slam and Ghostface shows up.  More Ghostfaces join in the attack and Priest stops them.  Priest sends them all to the floor, but more show up and Priest kicks one off the apron.  Priest with a flip dive onto a gaggle of Ghostfaces.  Priest with a plancha over the ring post to the first wave of Ghostface.  Priest catches Gargano on a suicide dive and Priest with a choke slam on the apron.  Ruff with a frog splash for a near fall.  

Ruff with punches to Priest followed by a kick.  Priest with a round kick and Ruff is down.  Gargano tries for GargaNo Escape and Gargano with a super kick.  Priest with a round kick and Priest with a thrust kick.  Priest signals that it is over and Ghostface 4202 hits Priest with a lead pipe.  Ruff with a rollup but Gargano rolls through and hits a super kick.  Gargano with One Final Beat for the three count.

Winner and NEW North American Champion:  Johnny Gargano

After the match, fans boo Gargano as we go to replays. We come back to Gargano on the ramp with the masked man who used the pipe on Priest. He reveals himself to be Austin Theory. Gargano and Theory celebrate as fans boo.

— We are told that the first NXT of 2021 will be titled New Year’s Evil.

War Games Match: Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish) vs. Kings of NXT (Pat McAfee, Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan, and Pete Dunne)

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event as the pyro goes off. Out first comes The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish) to a huge pop. O’Reilly air guitars his way to the cage. The others enter the shark cage on the stage. Out next comes The Kings of NXT (Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch). Dunne heads to the ring to start. His team has the advantage tonight.

Kyle O’Reilly will start for the Undisputed Era while Pete Dunne will start for the Kings of NXT.

The crowd is super hot as they start off, trading counters and back & forth. They keep it even for the first few minutes. Dunne drops O’Reilly and starts bending his fingers as fans boo. Dunne kicks O’Reilly and looks up at his teammates in the shark cage. They trade shots in and out of the corner now. Dunne works on the hand some more, using the cage wall to inflict more damage. O’Reilly fights free with right hands. More back and forth between the two. The timer counts down and here comes Lorcan.

Lorcan hits the ring to boos. He trade strikes with O’Reilly. Dunne saves him and drops O’Reilly. They double team O’Reilly now. Dunne holds O’Reilly in a submission now while Lorcan chops away. Dunne looks to make a comeback but it’s cut off. Dunne goes to the top and hits a big dropkick to O’Reilly’s knee, taking him back down. Fans boo louder as Dunne and Lorcan have O’Reilly trapped in a double submission now. The timer counts down and Fish is the next man let out.

Fish hits the ring with kicks and knees. Fish with a big Spinebuster to Lorcan. Lorcan gets hit with a series of double team moves now. Fish saves O’Reilly from a Dunne submission, applying a Sleeper. Dunne gets double teamed now and Fish stands tall with O’Reilly. Fish with a Dragonscrew leg whip to Lorcan. Dunne gets double teamed with strikes again.

The timer counts down and McAfee looks to leave the shark cage but Burch stops him and heads down. Burch brings goes under the ring and brings a bag into the ring. He drops Fish. Burch brings a cricket bat from the bag and tries to use it but meets O’Reilly. Burch gets the upperhand and hits a suplex, dropping O’Reilly on his head. Burch brings out a second cricket bat. Dunne has the other. Fans boo as they work their opponents around the rings with the cricket bats. O’Reilly drops Burch into a heel hook and he’s tapping out but the match hasn’t officially started. Dunne goes to the second rope and breaks the submission with a flying stomp to O’Reilly’s arm. Burch levels O’Reilly with the cricket bat. The Kings keep Fish and O’Reilly down in a corner. The timer counts down and here comes Strong. Strong hits the ring but the NXT Tag Team Champions double team him. Strong comes back and drops both at once.

Strong goes on and hits a backbreaker to Dunne, then an Olympic Slam to Burch. Strong runs wild on all three opponents in the space in the middle of the ring now. Strong ends up getting launched into the steel by Lorcan. The fight goes on with The Undisputed Era getting beat down. Dunne snaps Fish’s back arm back. The timer counts down and here comes McAfee for his second match ever. McAfee goes under the ring and pulls a table out as fans boo. This table has the UE logo on it with Fish’s name. The second table has the UE logo with O’Reilly’s name on it. The third table is brought out. McAfee throws a few chairs in the ring now. McAfee brings another table out and it has Strong’s name on it. The last table has Cole’s name on it. McAfee enters the cage as his teammates start standing tables up.

McAfee sits on the top turnbuckle and watches as the chaos continues. Strong is placed on the table with his name and held there. McAfee puts Strong through it with a moonsault as the crowd continues booing loudly. The timer counts down and here comes Cole to a huge pop. Cole goes under the ring and pulls out a fire extinguisher and a chair. Cole sprays his opponents waiting at the cage door. He then comes in with the chair and starts unloading on everyone. Cole with a Backstabber to Dunne. Cole with an enziguri to Lorcan. Cole with the Ushigoroshi to Burch. Cole and McAfee stare each other down. They charge and start brawling.

Dunne ends up going for a Bitter End to Cole but it’s blocked with a DDT. McAfee ends up dropping Cole from behind as he deals with Dunne. McAfee orders Dunne to bend Cole’s fingers back but O’Reilly drops Dunne with a chair shot to the back. O’Reilly yells at McAfee about how he said he wanted to be a wrestler, well here he is in WarGames. O’Reilly continues loudly yelling at McAfee, who slowly approaches. Cole drops McAfee from behind with a chair shot. Dunne makes the save as Cole mounts McAfee. The chaos has been really turned up as everyone brawls away in the cages and fans chant “NXT!” again.

O’Reilly and Strong get shots in on McAfee. Fish works on Lorcan in the corner until Dunne drops him from behind. Fish blocks a suplex and applies a Sleeper to Dunne until Lorcan flies out of nowhere with a Blockbuster for the save. Strong droops Dunne with a big knee and O’Reilly covers for 2. Lorcan launches Strong into the other ring. The champs with a big double team to O’Reilly for a 2 count as Fish makes the save. Cole takes out both of the champs with big boots. McAfee drops Cole with a chop block. Fans boo as McAfee stomps on Cole. McAfee impersonates WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and applies the Figure Four on Cole in the middle of the second ring. The other competitors are fighting it out in the other ring. Cole turns the Figure Four and now McAfee screams out. Dunne tries to make the save but O’Reilly has him in an ankle lock. Dunne finally saves McAfee from the Figure Four by breaking it up.

The tag champs fight Fish off. They bring the table with Cole’s name on it to the other ring. Strong fights with McAfee. Fish and Strong fight the tag champs now but all four Superstars go down. Dunne blocks a Cole superkick and takes him down into the armbar for a 2 count. Dunne drops Cole again but Cole counters with the Ushigoroshi for a close 2 count. Cole stands up the table with O’Reilly’s name on it. He takes Dunne to the top for a superplex through the table it looks like. Dunne fights back up top. Fish and Strong also get involved. Lorcan is laid out on top of the table with Cole’s name. Strong and Fish slam Dunne from the top onto Lorcan on the table but it doesn’t break. Strong climbs up and flies, putting them both through the table now.

McAfee quickly climbs to the top where Cole is but Cole resists. Cole knocks McAfee through the table that had O’Reilly’s name on it. Cole yells down at McAfee as a “this is awesome!” chant breaks out. Dunne, Lorcan and Burch are all tossed between the ropes and the cage wall now. Cole says let’s finish them. O’Reilly, Fish and Strong all take turns with big shots while their opponents are trapped against the steel. The crowd goes wild and chants “NXT!” as The Undisputed Era poses together. They point back at McAfee in the other ring now. He sees them spot him while standing in the space between the two rings. McAfee runs and tries to climb the cage but they pull him back down and surround hi They all take turns and beat him down now. All four UE members pound on McAfee in a circle. McAfee is launched into the steel of the cage next, and again.

They launch McAfee face-first into the steel again as Cole taunts him. Strong slaps McAfee around. They hold McAfee for a Cole punt but Dunne makes the save. Lorcan and Burch are also back in the fight. Dunne unloads on Cole with stomps. The match has lasted over 35 minutes now. O’Reilly ends up on Burch’s shoulders. Lorcan hits a big flying clothesline to bring him down. Fish takes out Burch. Dunne and Cole trade shots on the top rope now. Cole with a huge top rope neckbreaker to the mat. Strong with a big superplex to McAfee from the top. Fans chant “NXT!” again as all 8 Superstars are down.

Dunne, Lorcan and Burch start brawling with Strong, Fish and O’Reilly. We see McAfee on the very top of the cage. McAfee leaps with a huge Swanton Bomb, taking everyone down, including Cole. Everyone is slow to get back up. Dunne and O’Reilly slowly pull themselves up and start trading strike as we approach the 45 minute mark. Dunne and O’Reilly unload with big stiff strikes, alone in the second ring. Dunne bends the fingers back but O’Reilly counters and snaps his arm back. The fight continues and Dunne snaps the fingers back, then hits the Bitter End for the close 2 count, just in time, as close as you can get. O’Reilly ends up dropping Dunne on the steel space in between the two rings but he still kicks out at 2. O’Reilly sits a chair up and grabs Dunne, putting him face-down in the seat of the chair. O’Reilly goes to the top but McAfee knocks him down with a chair shot.

Cole crawls over now. McAfee swings the chair and Cole ducks it. Cole unloads on McAfee with strikes. Cole grabs the chair but McAfee stops him with a low blow. McAfee goes for the running knee but Cole dodges it and drops him with a pump kick. Cole goes to the second rope but Burch pulls him of. Cole superkicks Burch. Fish then charges and spears Burch through the table in the middle of the two rings, the one that had Fish’s name on it. McAfee superkicks Cole. McAfee comes off the second rope for Cole’s Panama Sunrise but Cole superkicks him on the way down. Cole goes back to the second rope and hits the Panama Sunrise for the pin but McAfee actually kicks out. Cole can’t believe it.

Cole exposes his knee and goes for Last Shot on McAfee but Lorcan sacrifices himself for McAfee. Dunne rocks Cole with an enziguri. Dunne drops Cole with a Bitter End into the edge of the chair. Strong breaks the pin with a big knee to Dunne. Strong with backbreaker to Dunne. Strong and Fish take out Lorcan and Dunne as a chair comes into play. Lorcan ends up on his back with a chair laying half over his face. O’Reilly walks the top rope and leaps with a knee to the chair that’s on Lorcan’s face. O’Reilly rolls over and covers Lorcan for the pin to win.

Winners: The Undisputed Era

After the match, The Undisputed Era begins to recover as the music hits and fans cheer them on. We go to replays. We come back to Cole, Fish, O’Reilly and Strong standing together in front of the camera. We see McAfee and his crew down on the mat, struggling to recover. NXT “Takeover: WarGames 2020” goes off the air with The Undisputed Era posing and yelling to the camera.

NXT Takeover WarGames 2020 Pre Show
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