NXT Results – December 16, 2020

NXT Results – December 16, 2020

NXT Results – December 16, 2020 – Tonight’s NXT episode opens up with Vic Joseph welcoming us. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett, and remotely by WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Leon Ruff and Kushida are already in the ring for our first match of the night.

Leon Ruff and Kushida vs. Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano

Leon Ruff and Kushida pose in the ring until the music hits and out comes The Way – NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory with Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. Indi is carrying Candice’s trophy that she received from her husband last week.

KUSHIDA starts off and he want Gargano, but Gargano tags Theory in before locking up.  KUSHIDA goes for the legs but Theory with a side head lock.  KUSHIDA with a reversal and front face lock followed by a float over and he connects with a punch.  Theory with a punch but KUSHIDA with a reverse atomic drop and knee lift.  Ruff tags in and he kicks the arm.  Ruff with a wrist lock but Theory with a kick and suplex.  Theory with forearms and an Irish whip but Ruff goes to the apron.  Ruff avoids Theory in the corner and htis a drop kick but Theory with a Northern Lariat.  Gargano tags in and he punches Ruff.  Gargano goes after KUSHIDA on the apron but KUSHIDA avoids him.

Ruff with a rana and arm drag but Gargano blocks a second one.  Ruff with a rolling kick for a near fall.  Ruff with a chop and Ruff chokes Gargano in the ropes.  Gargano with punches but Ruff with a kick.  Gargano with a forearm and Gargano with a gourdbuster.  Gargano sends Ruff into the turnbuckles and Theory tags in and he chops Ruff.  Theory with a shoulder in the corner and then he sends Ruff into Gargano’s boots as Gargano tags in. 

Theory tags in and they go for a double suplex but KUSHIDA catches Ruff and they hit a double drop kick.  KUSHIDA with a handspring kick to knock Theory off the apron.  Ruff with a springboard splash onto Gargano.  Theory sends Ruff into the apron and then back into the ring.  Ruff with a DDT and he gets a near fall.  Gargano tags in and Ruff knocks off the apron.  Theory is sent to the apron and Theory with a rolling drop kick and Gargano with a slingshot spear as we go to commercial.

We are back and Theory with an arm bar and chin bar combination.  Ruff with punches and he hits a rebound clothesline but Gargano is able to tag in.  Ruff with an enzuigiri and KUSHIDA tags in and hits a springboard chop and then he punches Gargano.  KUSHIDA kicks Theory and hits a handspring back elbow to Theory.  KUSHIDA with a hip toss and cartwheel into a drop kick on Gargano.  KUSHIDA hyper-extends Theory’s arm.  KUSHIDA kicks Gargano in the shoulder and he tries for the Hoverboard Lock but Gargano avoids it.  Ruff tags in and hits a missile drop kick.  Ruff and KUSHIDA with a double kick in the corner for a near fall. 

Gargano comes in and knocks KUSHIDA off the apron. Ruff fights both opponents off but they double team him, launching him into a double superkick. Gargano covers for the pin but KUSHIDA runs in to break it up. Theory and KUSHIDA brawl now. KUSHIDA rocks him. Gargano superkicks Kushida to the floor. Theory tosses Kushida into the barrier as Gargano barks orders. Ruff rolls Gargano but he rolls through. Gargano gets superkicked into the corner. Theory tags in but Ruff kicks him from the corner, then nails a flying back Cutter to Gargano. Ruff backslides Gargano but doesn’t realize Theory is legal. Theory kicks Ruff in the head and hits This Is The Way to Ruff for the pin to win.

Winners: The Way, Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano

After the match, The Way stands tall as their music hits. We go to replays.

– We see Dexter Lumis under a spotlight on a platform in the arena. He has some sort of drawing setup. Lumis just stares straight ahead.

– We get a video package with Toni Storm talking about her feud with Rhea Ripley and tonight’s Grudge Match. She goes on and says she only cares about Toni Time, and tonight she ends this feud on her terms.

– We see Kyle O’Reilly backstage warming up with Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. We also see Pete Dunne backstage with the NXT Tag Team Champions hyping him up for tonight’s main event. Back to commercial.

— We are back with a video package for Legado del Fantasma.

— Shotzi Blackheart is in the back with McKenzie Mitchell and Shotzi is asked about her match against Indi Hartwell.  Shotzi says she was proud of her team’s performance.  Shotzi says War Games is over but her war against Candice is far from over.  I broke her arm in that cage and I will break her best friend.

Tyler Rust vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Before the match, Ciampa puts a Thatch as Thatch Can shirt on a chair at the bottom of the ramp.

They lock up and Ciampa backs Rust into the corner.  Ciampa pie faces Rust on the break.  They lock up and Rust with a wrist lock and he takes Ciampa to the mat.  Ciampa with a head scissors and Rust escapes.  Rust with a side head lock but Ciampa with a front face lock.  Rust with a wrist lock into an arm bar.  Ciampa with a single leg take down and a side head lock.  

Timothy Thatcher makes his way to take a seat at ringside.  Rust with an uppercut in the corner but Ciampa with a chop.  Ciampa sends Rust into the turnbuckles and he chops Rust.  Ciampa with a back elbow.  Ciampa sends Rust to the floor and he punches Rust in front of Thatcher.  Rust pushes Ciampa into Thatcher and Rust goes for a boot on Ciampa but Ciampa moves and he kicks Thatcher.  Officials have to separate Thatcher from Ciampa.  Rust with a forearm to Ciampa on the apron and Rust with an arm wringer on the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rust with a wrist lock into an arm bar and abdominal stretch.  Ciampa gets Rust on his shoulders and hits an Air Raid Crash.  Rust with a kick to the shoulder but Ciampa with a chop.  Ciampa with elbows and clothesline.  Ciampa with another clothesline or tthree and a flying clothesline.  Ciampa with a clothesline into the corner and he gets a near fall.  Ciampa with chops and he goes for a suplex but Rust wtih a block and a series of kicks for a near fall.  Rust goes for the cross arm breaker but Ciampa rolls Rust up for a near fall.  Rust with a take down into a cross arm breaker but CIampa blocks the full application.   Ciampa with boots to the head.

Rust escapes Fairy Tale Ending and Rust with a kick and flipping snap mare driver for a near fall.  Rust with a Fujiwara arm bar and Ciampa tries to get to the ropes but Rust grabs Ciampa’s other arm.  Ciampa gets his foot on the ropes to force a break.  Rust kicks Ciamap in the shoulder.  Ciampa blocks a kick and connects with an uppercut and elbow to the knee.  Ciampa with chops to Rust and Ciampa with a kick to the leg followed by a running knee to the side of the head.  Ciampa with Willow’s Bell for the three count.

Winner:  Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, Ciampa stands tall as his music hits. Ciampa exits the ring and picks up the Thatcher t-shirt. He walks to the stage and Thatcher runs out but referees stop him before he can reach Ciampa. Ciampa stares at Thatcher and taunts him before heading to the back.

– We get a new promo from The Grizzled Young Veterans. They say they have more momentum than any other tag team heading into 2021. James Drake and Zack Gibson talk about what they did before their recent hiatus, and how NXT has changed since then, but the more things change the more they stay the same and they are still the very best tag team of this generation, and the best we will find anywhere in the world. They go on and say they are soon to be recognized as NXT’s #1 tag team.

– We see The Undisputed Era walking backstage. Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are also walking through the back. Back to commercial.

— We are back with a video package for Karrion Kross. He says let this be a warning. In the end everybody pays the toll. Doomsday is still coming.

— We see footage from the break when Malcolm Bivens tells Tyler Rust that he is a star and he tells Rust to pick himself up. They fist bump and walk to the back together.

— Dexter Lumis is still on his platorm and he is drawing the logo for New Year’s Evil.

#1 Contender’s Match: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Pete Dunne

We go back to the ring and out comes The Undisputed Era – Kyle O’Reilly with Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. The winner of this match will challenge NXT Champion Finn Balor at New Year’s Evil on January 6. Out next comes Pete Dunne with NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

Lorcan and Burch are talking trash from the apron until Killian Dain and Drake Maverick run down to pull them off from behind. A big brawl breaks out as The Undisputed Era also gets involved. Dunne and O’Reilly are staring each other down in the ring. Breezango returns out of nowhere, also getting involved in the big ringside bawl. Officials back the participants to the backstage area. The bell rings as Dunne and O’Reilly start brawling in the ring.

Dunne and O’Reilly go to the mat, still brawling and trading holds. Dunne focuses on O’Reilly’s ankle and keeps him grounded with knees to the back. Dunne bends O’Reilly in a modified submission. O’Reilly turns it around on the mat as they tangle some more. They get up and O’Reilly catches a kick, taking Dunne down but Dunne takes control on the mat. They tangle on the mat some more.

More back and forth on their feet now. Dunne levels O’Reilly with a big clothesline. O’Reilly rolls to the floor for a breather. Dunne leaps out but lands on his feet and misses. They trade counters and Dunne nails a pump kick. O’Reilly counters the X-Plex, jumping on Dunne’s back at ringside. Dunne fights out and goes for the fingers. They trade forearms as the referee counts. They make it back in right before the 10 count at the same time.

The forearms continue between both men in the ring now. O’Reilly with knee strikes. O’Reilly charges and drops Dunne with a knee. O’Reilly with a running kick to the back to knock Dunne off the apron to the floor. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Back from the break and Dunne has been focusing on the arm. They tangle on the apron and come back in. Dunne drops O’Reilly on his head. O’Reilly counters the Bitter End into a submission, wearing Dunne down to his feet. O’Reilly charges with a knee to the jaw. Dunne comes back and hits the X-Plex in the middle of the ring. Dunne is bleeding from his mouth now.

Dunne puts a knee into the hand and then stomps on the hand of O’Reilly. Dunne grounds O’Reilly, stretching and bending him. Dunne stomps O’Reilly in the ribs. Dunne dropkicks O’Reilly in the face while he’s down. O’Reilly kicks from down on the mat but Dunne keeps control, kicking him in the spine. Dunne goes on and hits a neckbreaker. Dunne grounds O’Reilly with another submission in the middle of the ring. O’Reilly finally gets some offense in after more counters in the corner. Dunne comes right back but O’Reilly lifts him into a kick. O’Reilly with more kicks and knees. O’Reilly sweeps Dunne down.

O’Reilly keeps fighting. He nails two double underhook suplexes, and then drops Dunne with a DDT for a close 2 count. O’Reilly looks to capitalize but Dunne fights back. More back and forth between the two. O’Reilly kicks Dunne as he goes to the top. O’Reilly climbs up for the German superplex. Dunne fights back and avoids it. O’Reilly ends up upside down hanging in the corner as Dunne stomps away. They go on and Dunne nails a dropkick to keep control. O’Reilly is face down on the mat now as Dunne is slow to recover. We go to picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and fans chant “NXT!” as we get a tug-of-war with the Superstars yanking each other into the turnbuckle. They go down and get back to their feet now. Dunne with a knee to the jaw. Dunne with a sitdown powerbomb in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Dunne stomps on O’Reilly’s head while holding his arm, then drops back with the arm bar. O’Reilly breaks an arm submission by getting the bottom rope. Dunne goes for a move but O’Reilly back-drops him and goes for another arm bar in the middle of the ring. Dunne rolls through and applies an ankle lock. O’Reilly counters with an ankle lock of his own. Dunne counters with a Guillotine. O’Reilly applies a hold of his own but Dunne slides out. Dunne drops O’Reilly with a stiff headbutt.

O’Reilly counters a move and drops Dunne with a Brainbuster. They’re both down on their backs in the middle of the ring as a “this is awesome!” chant starts up. Fans chant “fight forever!” as they get up. They trade more big strikes and O’Reilly knocks Dunne into the corner. O’Reilly with a jumping knee in the corner. Dunne’s mouthpiece is on the mat now. O’Reilly with the big suplex from the corner, dropping Dunne on his head. O’Reilly stomps Dunne’s hand as he goes for the mouth guard.

More back and forth now. O’Reilly and Dunne trade more submissions for a few more minutes. Dunne grabs the fingers but O’Reilly beats him down with more strikes. O’Reilly drops Dunne with a kick to the jaw. Dunne leaps up, stomps the fingers and nails a roundhouse kick. O’Reilly charges but gets kicked in the head again. Dunne with more bending of the fingers and strikes on the apron.

O’Reilly blocks a Bitter End on the apron, and nails a suplex from the apron to the floor. O’Reilly immediately brings it back in the ring, with Dunne draped over the bottom rope with his face down in the mat. O’Reilly goes to the top and nails a flying knee drop to Dunne’s head. O’Reilly covers for the pin to win.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Kyle O’Reilly

After the match, O’Reilly stands tall as the music hits. O’Reilly vs. NXT Champion Finn Balor is confirmed for New Year’s Evil on January 6. We go to replays. O’Reilly looks up at the New Year’s Evil graphic on the big screen and he’s ready for the rematch with Balor.

– McKenzie is backstage with Rhea Ripley. She talks about Raquel Gonzalez backing down last week. She talks more about Raquel and says she is a whole different animal when she’s by herself. McKenzie asks about Toni Storm and tonight’s match. Ripley acknowledges they have a lot of history together. Storm may be right when she says Ripley isn’t the same Rhea Ripley she knew in NXT UK, but Storm is the same piece of trash she was back then, and tonight she will finish this once and for all. We go to commercial.

— We are back with the latest from Xia Li and Boa. Xia is crying as she works a punching back.  Boa asks for the attacks to stop.  Xia kicks and punches Boa.  Xia punches Boa in the head many times.

Indi Hartwell (with Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, and Austin Theory) vs. Shotzi Blackheart

They lock up and Shotzi with a take down.  They lock up again and Shotzi with a waist lock and Indi with a standing switch and take down.  Shotzi runs Indi into the top rope and Shotzi with a drop kick.  Shotzi with kicks  and she stomps on Hartwell’s leg and follows with a knee drop to the shoulder.  Shotzi with a hammer lock using the leg and works on the other arm.  Shotzi with a hammer lock and kicks to the head.  Shotzi with an enzuigiri and running back senton but does not fully hit it.  Indi with a back elbow and she gets a near fall.

 Indi with a full nelson and she sends Shotzi to the mat and gets a near fall.  Shtozi with punches and Indi with a knee. Indi gets Shotzi on her shoulders but Shotzi gets to her feet.  Shotzi with a boot and splash into the corner.  Shotzi with forearms and then she sends Indi into the turnbuckles.  Shotzi with a running back senton in the corner.  Shotzi with a drop kick through the ropes to knock Indi off the apron.  Candice gets on the apron and Austin gives Indi the trophy and she hits Shotzi with it and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Shotzi Blackheart (by disqualification)

After the match, Indi kicks Shotzi and Candice joins in the attack.  Candice with Wicked Stepsister to Shotzi.

— Karrion Kross says that he promised he would become the NXT Champion and everyone would suffer.  Doomsday is coming.  God help the obstacles in his path.  Tick Tock. Back to commercial.

— We are back with a video for Bronson Reed and he will return next week.

Match Number Five:  Karrion Kross (with Scarlett) vs. Desmond Troy

After the awesome entrance, Kross with a take down and forearms to the back of the head.  Kross sends Troy into the turnbuckles and hits a splash.  Kross with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner.  Kross with an exploder and round kick to the head.  Kross with the Doomsday Saito suplex and he follows with the Kross Jacket and Troy taps out for the quick squash.

Winner:  Karrion Kross

After the match, Kross tells the Prince, Time’s up because at New Year’s Evil, your ass is mine.  Tick Tock.

— Isaiah Scott is asked why didn’t he shake Jake Atlas’ hand.  He says people are blowing things out of proportion.  He says he gets frustrated when he loses, especially to someone like Jake Altas.  Jake is good, but I have honed my craft longer.  I talked to William Regal and there will be a rematch next week.  This time, a different result.

— Ever Rise shows up and Matt asks if McKenzie saw what happened last week.  That was a handicap match and the match was wiped from the record book.  They are still undefeated and they are coming for Goldberg.  McKenzie asks Matt if they are looking for a rematch.  Chase says they are not looking for matches, they want to be heard.

— We go back to Art School with Dexter Lumis and we find out that Dexter Lumis is the host of New Year’s Evil.

— Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley walk in the back as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a pre-recorded video from NXT Champion Finn Balor. He says Kyle O’Reilly proved a lot in their “Takeover: 31” main event match, and even broke Balor’s jaw, but despite all of that, O’Reilly still lost. What’s next for O’Reilly? Now he will suffer, says Balor. He goes on and says this won’t be O’Reilly vs. Balor 2, this will be O’Reilly vs. Balor: The End.

— We are told that Damian Priest will face Karrion Kross at New Year’s Evil.

Toni Storm vs. Rhea Ripley

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes Toni Storm. Rhea Ripley is out next as Alicia Taylor does the introductions.

The bell rings and they stare each other down, sizing each other up. They lock up and go to the ropes. Storm backs off and taunts Ripley. Ripley talks some trash back. They lock back up and Ripley takes it to the corner. She backs off and taunts like Storm did before. Fans rally as they lock up and tangle. Storm with a headlock, taking Ripley down to one knee. Ripley fights out with body shots. They collide in the middle of the ring with shoulders. Ripley then drops Storm with a shoulder.

Storm with two pin attempts after they go to the mat. They trade counters on the mat for another pin attempt. Back to their feet now as they run the ropes. They go back down for more counters. They get back up and Ripley kicks Storm in the gut. Ripley has a suplex blocked. Storm rolls her for a 2 count. They trade big strikes to the chest in the middle of the ring now. Storm ducks a slap and nails Ripley in the back, angering her. Ripley uses her anger to chop Storm down. Ripley with two short-arm clotheslines now. Storm resists but Ripley drops her with a crescent kick to the jaw.

Storm ends up sending Ripley through the ropes to the floor. Ripley comes back to the apron but Storm charges and misses. Ripley tries to bring her out but Storm rams her into the ring post. Storm then drops Ripley off the apron to the floor. Storm sits on the apron and regroups while Ripley is down on the outside. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Storm has Ripley grounded in the middle of the ring as the crowd rallies. Ripley fights up and out with shots to the gut. Storm drops her with ease. Storm drops an elbow but misses. More back and forth now. Ripley with a big kick to the mouth but Storm goes to one knee. Ripley with big knee strikes and a takedown. Ripley with a running dropkick for a big pop as she screams out. Ripley with more big offense for another close 2 count.

Ripley goes for the Riptide but Storm fights her off. Ripley with a big boot to the back, then a kick to the head while Storm is down. Storm dodges a big boot now. They both collide with headbutts at the same time. They go down as a “NXT!” chant starts up. They trade strikes from the mat now, working to their feet. The big strikes continue on their feet as fans cheer them on. Ripley runs the ropes but Storm collides with her. Ripley does the same. They runt he ropes again and Ripley side-steps, then nails a dropkick for a close 2 count.

Ripley goes on and applies her inverted Cloverleaf submission in the middle of the ring. Storm screams out and fights out, launching Ripley into the ropes. Storm charges and flies into Ripley while she’s down. Storm with a German suplex and a bridge for 2. Fans rally now as Storm gets up first. Storm talks trash and the referee warns her to stay off Ripley’s hair. Storm launches Ripley across the ring twice by her head and hair. Storm charges but misses in the corner. Ripley lifts her and drops Storm face-first into the top turnbuckle. Storm still kicks out at 2 and Ripley is frustrated, showing frustration to the referee.

Ripley with a big leg drop, and another. Ripley with a third leg drop for a close 2 count. Storm fights the Riptide off and hangs on to the top rope. Raquel Gonzalez runs down and gets on the apron but ends up knocked down as Ripley knocks Storm off the apron into her. Ripley laughs as she goes out to bring Storm back in the ring.

Gonzalez sweeps Ripley’s leg from behind on the apron, catches her on her shoulder when she falls to the floor, and then drives Ripley head-first into the ring post. The referee is distracted by Storm. Storm follows up and attacks Ripley, hitting her with the Storm Zero powerbomb in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Toni Storm

After the match, the music hits as Storm stands tall in the middle of the ring, as her arm is raised. Gonzalez watches from the stage as we go to replays as NXT continues past 10pm. Fans boo as Storm continues her celebration. Ripley pulls herself up and recovers while Gonzalez watches from the ramp now. Gonzalez and Ripley stare each other down as NXT goes off the air.

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