Alexa Bliss Delivers Randy Orton a Creepy Message

Alexa Bliss Delivers Randy Orton a Creepy Message

Alexa Bliss Delivers Randy Orton a Creepy MessageTonight’s WWE RAW episode saw Randy Orton addressing his actions at last night’s WWE TLC ppv, where he burned The Fiend alive in the middle of the ring to close the first ever Firefly Inferno Match.

Randy says he has been called many many different things. Sick… Twisted… Deranged… Demented. Last night at TLC, I proved that I am each and every one of those things when I burnt the Fiend alive. A normal person would have regrets if they set another man on fire. The Fiend is not a man and Randy says he is not normal. Last night, I enjoyed every single second as I stood by and watched the Fiend burn.

Randy says it was right around here. This is exactly where it happened last night. If I close my eyes, I can see it. If I close my eyes, I can smell it. The stench of burning flesh has a tendency to linger. Last night, I didn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep because the voices in my head that I have grown accustomed to were gone. The voices don’t exist. The only thing I hear right now is the Fiend, gasping for his last breath as that fire grew hotter and those flames grew higher.

The Fiend is gone. The Fiend is no more. I am the evil son of a bitch that took him out. The lights go down in the building.

The lights come back on but they are not red. There is a purple tint and we see Alexa Bliss in the ring on a swing.

Alexa asks Randy if he was expecting someone else. He built this for her and we can call this Alexa’s Playground, Alexa says Randy is probably wondering where he was. He might be at a tanning aalon since he was looking a bit pale. He could be at the beach, but she hopes he doesn’t get a sunburn. He could be at his favorite restaurant eating his favorite food… barbecue. It was right here where you can see and smell what you did to his flesh.

He is not here right now. It is as if he was absorbed into the mat and into the ground into each layer of the Earth. He is home. If he ever leaves home, he may come back to Alexa’s playground. If he does, it will be like nothing you have ever seen before…

Alexa Bliss Delivers Randy Orton a Creepy Message

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