AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming Results

AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming Results
AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming Results

AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming Results – The pyro explodes in the arena as Jim Ross welcomes us and his broadcast partners Tony Schiavone and Excalibur to the special AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming show.

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal

Justin Roberts introduces the second annual AEW Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale. We see all of the participants in the match standing at ringside.

As soon as he finishes his introduction up, the bell sounds and all the guys sprint to the ring, spare a couple, while J.R. sets up a pre-show interview with MJF, which airs in a split-screen as the live action continues in the ring. MJF has Wardlow and Sammy Guevara standing behind him as he talks.

Back live, we see everyone brawling in the ring and we have our first elimination, as Isiah Kassidy was thrown out by Matt Hardy while Excalibur read a State Farm presenting sponsor ad.

We see a little synergy between members of The Dark Order and “Hangman” Adam Page leading to another elimination. Moments later, Luther is thrown out and eliminated.

Jim Ross acknowledges the passing of the legendary Pat Patterson. We see Shawn Spears finally re-enter the ring after hanging out on the floor for a while. Matt Sydal is thrown over the top and eliminated as he lands hard on the ramp way. Shawn Spears appears to be eliminated as well. The announcers talk potential favorites, naming some of the bigger guys such as Wardlow and Miro.

We see Tully Blanchard approach Spears at ringside after he was eliminated. He helps load the glove of Spears up and Spears uses it to blast Scorpio Sky, who was then thrown out and eliminated. Spears approaches Sky on the floor with a smirk on his face as the announcers acknowledge their brewing rivalry. Marq Quen and Alex Reynolds fight for position. John Silver is thrown into the mix and Reynolds gets eliminated.

Silver military presses Quen, who escapes out the back door and helps Hardy eliminate The Dark Order member. The ring is starting to finally empty out a little bit, as there is a little bit of room for movement at this level of the bout. Hardy tries throwing out Hangman Page. He lands on the apron and is subsequently dropkicked but he lands crowd-surfing style on a bunch of wrestlers outside the ring. They put him back in so he wasn’t eliminated.

Moments later, however, he comes in with a Buckshot Lariat that connects but he is then eliminated by Hardy. Hangman Page is out of the mix now. We see Orange Cassidy pulled out to the floor, but not eliminated. Miro rolls out under the floor as he sees Kip Sabian carted off after a spot with the “Freshly Squeezed” one. “The Best Man” bulldozes Cassidy, beating him to a pulp outside the ring before re-entering the squared circle and splashing Joey Janela and hitting him with an overhead suplex.

Lee Johnson is eliminated as finally the announcers bring up the trio of competitors from the Inner Circle — MJF, Wardlow and Sammy Guevara, all standing in the corner of the ring, pretty much where they have been throughout the entire duration of this match so far. We see a cool spot with Marq Quen doing a Kofi Kingston like spot, but he is then eliminated by Miro. So is Hardy and Joey Janela. Jungle Boy remains, as does Miro and the aforementioned three members of the Inner Circle.

Finally, MJF, Wardlow and Guevara leave their spot in the corner to attack Miro from behind. Miro ends up shucking everyone off of him but Wardlow. With everyone down in the ring we see Wardlow and Miro go nose-to-nose. They each challenge the other to hit them. Each obliges. They trade shots back-and-forth as the crowd reacts and the other wrestlers in the match hang back and let them slug it out. Miro starts getting the better of Wardlow, so Guevara and MJF jump in and now with the numbers advantage, Inner Circle takes over.

All three Inner Circle members finally eliminate Wardlow. Now it’s just Jungle Boy and the three Inner Circle members of MJF, Wardlow and Sammy Guevara as the final four in the second annual Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale. MJF goes after Jungle Boy. Guevara joins in. Guevara and Jungle Boy end up fighting on the apron outside the ropes. They hit a ton of risky moves with neither falling off but MJF eventually pushing both out purposely. Now it’s down to MJF and his own bodyguard Wardlow. MJF celebrates and claps hands with Wardlow. He raises his hands but now the two realize Orange Cassidy hasn’t been eliminated.

Wardlow goes out and rolls Cassidy in. MJF continues celebrating while Wardlow goes to eliminate Cassidy behind him. Wardlow hoists him up but Cassidy ends up sliding out the back door and knocking Wardlow into MJF. MJF is nearly eliminated but hangs on. Cassidy hits an Orange Punch on both guys and eliminates Wardlow. That leaves MJF and Orange Cassidy as the final two. Cassidy’s music plays as The Best Friends come to join Cassidy in celebrating in the ring. Next week Orange Cassidy and MJF will go one-on-one to determine the second annual AEW Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale winner. Miro has to be restrained after the match.

Winners and advancing to next weeks finals: MJF & Orange Cassidy

After the match, Best Friends come out to celebrate. Miro then heads back out to the ring and is not happy at all. He and Sabian bark at Best Friends as referees keep them back.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Jericho

We see the action spill to the floor after a few moments, and as Kazarian avoids a sneak attack attempt by Jake Hager, the distraction did allow Jericho to catch him coming into the ring with a Codebreaker in the ropes.

Jericho starts to take it to Kazarian as the match spills out to the floor again. On that note, we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues with Jericho dominating Kazarian.

We return from the break to see Jericho in the middle of delivering a beautiful suplex to Kazarian. The fans show their appreciation for “Le Champion” and he gets a bit too into showboating and posing his biceps for the Jacksonville fans, as he leaves himself open for a roll-up from behind by the SCU member, who now turns the table and starts dominating the offense as he takes it to the leader of the Inner Circle.

Kaz and Jericho head to the top-rope and Kazarian hits Jericho with a Flux Capacitor that saw “Le Champion” land hard. Aubrey Edwards gets a close two count afterwards, but Jericho hangs on. Moments later, “The Demo God” goes for The Codebreaker, however, Kazarian avoids it and ends up applying The Walls of Jericho on Chris Jericho himself. We see Ortiz hop on the apron and he tries to distract Kaz, but Kaz doesn’t let go of the hold, instead focusing on the task at hand.

Finally we see Kazarian lose his grip and then he re-grabs it. As he secures the hold again we see MJF and Wardlow run down to the ring. MJF has the towel and he looks like he’s going to begrudgingly throw in the towel. Sammy Guevara runs out and grabs the towel from MJF, stopping him. Jericho sees what is going on and as he is distracted by Guevara, Kaz rolls him up, but Jericho kicks out at two. Kaz rolls him up again, and again Jericho kicks out at two. Finally, Kaz walks right into a Judas Effect from “Le Champion.” 1-2-3. Chris Jericho wins.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, Sammy and MJF start shoving each other. Jericho gets on the mic and tells them to stop it! He says this isn’t what they planned or talked about. He tells them they have seven days to either decide to work together as a team, or the Inner Circle breaks up forever.

The Young Bucks vs. The Hybrid 2 is next week. Alex Marvez interviews Matt and Nick about their match. Matt says they are going to be fighting champions, so if TH2 can beat them next week in a non-title match, then they will receive a title shot. The Acclaimed show up and rap about Matt and Nick’s book, making fun of their covers. Matt wonders if this rapping gimmick has been done before? The Acclaimed then tell the Bucks maybe they should turn around. TH2 attack the brothers for a few moments before Christopher Daniels (with a chair) and Frankie show up to chase them off.

Backstage, Britt Baker talks about how Thunder Rosa doesn’t belong in AEW, and as the face of the division, she has to keep things clean.

Britt Baker (with Reba) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Hirsch takes Baker down and immediately looks for a cross armbreaker, however the first Dentist of AEW makes it to the ropes to avoid the hold. Hirsch takes Baker down with ease moments later as the fan chants break out in Hirsch’s favor again.

We see Hirch take Baker down and again look for the armbar, but again Baker avoids it. Now Baker blasts Hirsch with a DDT to turn the offensive momentum in her favor as J.R. talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

As Baker continues to dominate the action, we return live to see Hirsch fighting back. We see her dive to the floor and while she misses Baker, she takes out Rebel / Reba. This allows Baker to hit a Sling Blade on the floor on Hirch. Baker gets in a few more shots and then pulls Hirch back into the ring.

Baker looks for a suplex but Hirch reverses and blasts Baker with a kick before taking her down and again looking for a cross armbreaker. Baker avoids it but Hirsch gets it again. Baker reverses out of it and ends up getting her Lockjaw finisher on Hirsch. Hirsch escapes that, however, and gets the cross armbreaker on Baker again. The ref nearly calls for the bell but eventually Baker escapes. Hirch seemingly KOs Baker with a big kick or knee and the announcers claim she should have gone for the cover. Instead, Hirsch goes to the top-rope and Rebel distracts the ref. This allows Baker to drop Hirch face-first into the middle turnbuckle in the corner. She follows that up with a twisting neck-breaker. She re-applies the Lockjaw again and Hirsch taps out.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

As soon as the bell sounds, before Baker even gets up we see former NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa sprint to the ring and attack Baker from behind. She dukes it out with Baker, who is slugging back, as a bunch of officials run to the ring to break them up.

We see Rebel get some cheap shots in on Rosa. Hirsch ends up getting her from behind with a suplex. Now we see Rosa and Baker break free and go at it again. More coaches and agents come out to help separate the two. The fans chant “Jerry! Jerry!” seemingly in honor of Jerry Springer, as J.R. leads us into a video package setting up an upcoming featured tag-team bout.

We get a video package showing highlights that explain that lead up to our next bout of the evening.

Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes vs. Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs

We return from the break to see Darby and Cody both in the ring double-teaming Starks while the fans chant “Darby! Darby!” We hear from Excalibur that during the break, Darby and Cody have kept Starks isolated in the ring, as Hobbs has yet to even appear in the match thus far.

Cody settles into the offensive lead now, blasting away at Starks with chops in the corner. Starks tries countering and firing off some of his own, but “The American Nightmare” cuts his efforts short and tags the TNT Champion back in. Darby Allin comes in and picks up where Cody left off, taking it to Starks and focusing on the arm that Cody just softened up.

The match hits the floor and as Darby chases Starks around the ring, he runs right into a brutal clothesline from Powerhouse Hobbs that cleans the clock of Allin. Jim Ross runs off the football specs of Hobbs, who he mistakenly refers to by his old name of Will Hobbs before correcting himself and running off his bench, squat and dead lift stats. Now a delayed suplex from Hobbs on Allin is followed up by some showboating push-ups.

Hobbs drops Allin with some clubbing blows and then tags Starks back in. The two Team Taz members hit a double-team spot and then Starks settles into the ring as the legal man, taking it to Allin. He gets in some offense, culminating with a big suplex, before tagging the Powerhouse back into the mix.

Starks tags back in and gets in some offense before tagging Powerhouse back in. Hobbs puts Allin in a bear hug and then manhandles him, shaking him side-to-side like a debuting Chyna would to a pre-Terri Runnels “Marlena” in the old World Wrestling Federation days. Now, with a hand on each ear of the TNT Champion, we see Hobbs debut an overhead ear-throw inside the AEW ring. Yes, that’s officially a first, I do believe. Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone had a good laugh at that one.

Allin is finally starting to show signs of life, meanwhile, back-flipping out of attempted moves from Hobbs and Starks back-to-back to tag in Cody. “The American Nightmare” takes the hot tag and is in the ring now like a man possessed, taking it to any-and-everything that moves. He powerslams Starks and takes off his weight belt, throwing it to the crowd. Taz and Arn Anderson hop on the apron to distract the ref. After the smoke clears, Cody goes for the Cross Rhodes but Starks counters it.

Instead, Cody blasts Starks with a big shot. He goes for the Cody Cutter off the ropes and as he does, Allin tags himself in. Cody hits a dive to the floor on Hobbs as Allin hits a Coffin Drop on Starks. 1-2-3. The babyface duo picks up the win.

Winners: Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes


After the match we see Hobbs with a sneak attack from behind. As Arn Anderson loses his cool, he comes into the ring and Hobbs ends up getting some heel heat by attacking the legendary “Enforcer.”

Now Dustin Rhodes hits the ring to try and even things up, but ultimately Team Taz has the numbers advantage with Starks, Hobbs, Brian Cage and Taz in the ring. Taz holds up the FTW Championship. Taz demands the guys hoist up Cody. They do.

As they pick up Cody, the lights go out. When they come back on, a cool video starts playing showing trees and other landscapes while some music plays and the lights stay low in the amphitheater. The name STING then appears on the big screen.

Holy sh*t! Out comes “The Icon” Sting as snow falls inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida. The fans in Jax go nuts as Sting pulls a bat out from his side and begins walking down the ring to even up the odds in favor of justice.

The announcers go nuts, as do the fans, which we see various camera shots of. Finally, Sting enters the ring and approaches Arn Anderson. He stands nose-to-nose with him and Arn is in disbelief.

Sting turns and walks over to some of the fallen bodies in the ring. He acknowledges Dustin and then Cody, who he looks at without showing any emotion.

He walks over to Darby Allin now, the man he is often compared to. Sting and Allin go nose-to-nose and Sting turns and looks at one side of his face with the similar paint and then the other side without the paint. This feels like an enormous moment, by the way. Huge.

“The Icon” does his trademark howl to the fans, who do it back, and then he repeats this a few times before picking his baseball bat up and exiting the ring. He doesn’t seem to show any true alliance or emotion other than to the fans, leaving many to question what his purpose in AEW is.

He exits up the ramp, turning one final time to look at the ring before heading to the back. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

Alex Marvez Interviews Hikaru Shida

After running down the lineup for next week’s episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT, we shoot backstage to Alex Marvez who is standing by with the AEW Women’s World Champion.

On that note, we see Hikaru Shida. She is asked about Abadon. She ends up getting spooked by some noise in the background. She asks if she can do the interview again. Marvez says she can’t beause it’s live. Shida ensures us she’s not afraid of Abadon. We’re told next week Abadon will be on Dynamite.

Jon Moxley Talks Before Tonight’s World Title Defense

We shoot to a pre-recorded Jon Moxley promo segment. He talks about tonight being a bit special, whether he is referring to his pregnant wife Renee Paquette and something to do with that or the fact that “The Icon” Sting just arrived in AEW is anyone’s guess.

Anyways, Mox talks about things leading up to tonight and then promises that the Winter Is Coming main event will be BANANA, without the “S”, in an obvious pay of respect to the late Pat Patterson, who the pro wrestling world lost this week.

Sting Speaks Next Week

In addition to a stacked episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT announced for next Wednesday night, it is announced that Tony Khan has confirmed that AEW has signed “The Icon” Sting to a multiple year contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Then, the announce team informs us that for the first time, next week on AEW Dynamite, “STING SPEAKS.” A graphic is shown advertising Sting’s first words in AEW on next week’s Dynamite. We head to a commercial break.

Don Callis Joins In On Special Guest Commentary

We’re back from the break and Don Callis is introduced as a special guest commentator for tonight’s main event. He is introduced and talks about being personally requested by his longtime friend Kenny Omega.

Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley (c)

After 10 minutes, yes, TEN minutes for both entrances, we are finally ready to go!

We are informed by Excalibur that this match has a one hour time limit and despite the ten o-clock hour coming in 30 minutes, TNT will stick with this match in its’ entirety, and if they run into the next hour, so be it, the coverage on TNT of this week’s AEW Dynamite will go long. On that note, we head to a pre-match commercial break.

Moxley and Omega go face-to-face as Don Callis is re-introduced again on special guest commentary for those joining the match in progress. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this week’s main event.

Mox and Omega circle as the fan-chants begin spreading throughout an excited Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL., which has been buzzing since the shocking AEW debut of “The Icon” Sting just a little bit ago. Mox gets the better of Omega on the first lock-up and exchange.

They break and circle a bit and now Omega slaps a side head lock and then a rear chin lock on Moxley. Mox trips Omega down to the mat to escape.

As the action finally picks up as the pace quickens and the intensity grows stronger now that we are a few minutes into the match, we see Moxley take over and turn the violence meter up a few notches, taking it to the challenger outside the ring, drilling him into the guard rail with authority as we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break with the action still in progress.

We’re back from the break and we see Omega taking it to Moxley, focusing his attack on the leg of the champion, which we are informed was softened up with a wicked spot during the break. Back in the ring, Omega continues taking it to Mox, punishing the leg of Mox. He hits a nice diving dropkick on the leg of Mox. A dragon screw in the ropes by Omega tears at the ligaments of Mox. Omega blasts the champ with a loud chop in the corner.

He wraps Mox’s knee around the middle rope in the corner and pulls on it as the ref warns him. Omega backs up, builds a running head of steam and drills Mox right in the knee with a drop kick. Don Callis puts over his longtime friend and talks about the strategy Omega is implementing. As Omega takes a bit too long measuring Mox, he charges, but runs right into a lariat from Mox, who sprung to his feet just in the nick of time.

Mox is back up to his feet first, limping around now, however as he stumbles over to Omega, we see the challenger roll into a knee bar ala Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar 1. Omega yanks at the softened up knee of the champ as Mox screams in pain while the ref comes down to take a closer look at the situation. Mox finally makes it to the ropes forcing a break of the hold. Omega obliges and goes right back to work, chopping Mox down to the mat twice in a row.

Finally Mox hits a reversal into a release German suplex that shifts the offensive momentum in his favor. Mox now goes to work on Omega, as he limps in between moves and spots. Omega lands some back-elbows to Moxley to avoid an exploder from the champ. Mox ends up hitting a pump-handle exploder suplex anyways for a close near fall. Mox picks Omega up for a suplex and he dumps him on his head. He covers him but again only gets a count of two. He immediately clutches at his knee afterwards. On that note, J.R. talks us into another mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break.

We return from the break just as Omega is sprinting from one end of the ring to the other, executing a crazy diving splash over the top-rope and onto Moxley on the floor. Omega goes for a springboard dive into the ring for a follow-up, however he springboard dives right into a waiting Paradigm Shift from Jon Moxley. Instead of finishing him off, however, Moxley smiles and heads to the outside of the ring. He goes under the ring and grabs two steel chairs, throwing them into the ring and heading back in after them.

Excalibur points out that Moxley blames Omega for being attacked backstage before the contract signing for tonight’s match. Meanwhile, Mox unfolds two steel chairs and sits down in one. He waits and invites Omega to sit down in the other. Omega does. Mox tells Omega to hit him. Omega obliges, b*tch-smacking the champ across the mouth. Mox answers back with one of his own. Now the two trade slaps. Now they graduate to punches back-and-forth. Now forearms. Omega has enough and hits a V-Trigger. Now a snap-dragon suplex. Now another. Omega goes for the V-Trigger, but Mox avoids it. Omega goes for it again but instead runs into a king kong lariat from Mox that turns him inside out.

The fans break out into a “This Is Awesome” chant as Mox picks Omega up and does the throat-slicing gesture. He hits a second inverted Paradigm Shift. He is slow to follow-up with a cover, and thus, Omega is able to kick out just before the count of three. Omega rolls to the floor. Moxley runs and dives through the ropes but right into a waiting V-Trigger from Omega on the way down. We see replays of that while Omega struggles to get a lifeless Mox back into the ring to finish him off.

Omega rolls Mox in the ring and goes up to the top rope. He hits Mox from behind with a missile drop kick off the top-rope. Omega hits a running knee to the back of the head of Mox who was face-first in the middle turnbuckle at the point of impact. A Tiger Driver ’98 from Omega gets a close near fall for the challenger. Omega blasts Mox with a big knee to the side of the dome of the champ. Omega with the double gun salute and he backs into the ropes, running off, but into a waiting Mox. Mox hits the ropes and runs right into a V-Trigger.

Omega hoists Mox up for the One-Winged Angel. Mox counters into a Paradigm Shift attempt. Omega counters but Mox counters into a Bulldog Choke attempt. Omega counters out of that and hits both feet square on the jaw of Mox with a Okada like drop kick. Omega hits the Rip-Cord V-Trigger. He goes to follow-up with the One Winged Angel. He instead hits the wrath finisher. Omega covers him but Mox kicks out.

The challenger goes to the top-rope but Mox recovers. He knocks Omega out on the apron outside the ropes. Mox from the floor gets up on the ring apron and hits a Paradigm Shift off the ring apron onto the floor on Omega. They land near some giant heaters set up at ringside. Before Mox can do anything else, the ref immediately throws the X-sign up and calls for help from the back. Omega is lifeless on the ground. Several refs come out to check on Omega. Don Callis leaves his spot on special guest commentary to check on his friend as well.

We hear Schiavone via ref Paul Turner tell us that Omega landed and hit the side of his head really bad. Mox has seen enough of this and runs over and pushes everyone away from Omega. He grabs Omega and throws him into the ring. He mounts him and ground-and-pounds away with free punches to the face of Omega. Excalibur again points out how enraged Mox is after being attacked viciously backstage weeks ago, apparently at the hands of Mox.

Don Callis complains and tries to get on the mic, but Mox grabs him. The mic falls into the ring and rolls to Omega. As Mox turns, he is blasted in the face by the mic from Omega while the ref was distracted. Mox is down and he is busted open and bleeding. Omega is recovered now and is pulling his knee pad down, exposing his knee. He runs and blasts Mox with the V-Trigger. He follows up with a second V-Trigger that he sprints into. And a third while Mox was on the ropes. A fourth while Mox is lifeless in the corner of the ring. Omega pulls a bloody champion to hist feet and he hoists him up. He goes for the One Winged Angel and hits it. 1-2-3. We have a new AEW World Heavyweight Champion, ladies and gentlemen.

Winner and NEW AEW World Heavyweight Champion: Kenny Omega

After the match, we hear the announcers talk about the supposed gentlemen’s agreement the two had going out the window before turning their attention to Don Callis, who they are convinced was in on that finish and helped Omega on purpose to ensure he would get the victory. The two run off to the backstage area and we see AEW President Tony Khan pissed off. As they exit through the parking lot and into a waiting car, they give a quick comment to Alex Marvez, who asks them what just happened. They say everyone will find out Tuesday. He says Dynamite is Wednesday. They say we’ll find out on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, back in the arena, we hear Eddie Kingston pick up a headset on commentary. He says screw next week, he wants Lance Archer now.

We see one more shot of a bloody Moxley in the ring looking confused as Jim Ross thanks us for joining them this week and the show goes off the air.

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