Turning Point 2020 Results

Turning Point 2020 Results

Josh Mathews welcomes fans to Turning Point 2020 as we kick things off with a singles non-title match!

Eddie Edwards vs. Daivari

The two powerhouses start the match off with a lockup. Eddie Edwards gains wrist control that takes Daivari down on the mat. Daivari gets to a vertical position and puts Edwards in a tight side headlock. Edwards sends Daivari towards the ropes. Daivari goes flying with an arm drag that transitions into another arm lock. Edwards goes for an old school power slam. He only gets a 2 count on Daivari. Daivari lands on top of Edwards inverted atomic drop. Davari gains some offense by moving out of the way as Edwards crashes into the ring post . Daivari keeps working on Edwards’s injured arm by slamming it on top of the steel stairs. Both men make their way back into the ring.

Edwards reverses Daivari’s attempt at a power slam. Daivari continues his defensive stride with a foot choke before both men make their way towards the outside of the ring. Edwards smashes into another ring post. Daivari rolls Edwards back in the ring and proceeds to lock Edwards’ injured shoulder. Daivari keeps Edwards cornered with a series of chops. Edwards breaks free with a shoulder tackle. Edwards puts Daivari in a backpack stunner with only a 2 count. Daivari counters Edwards tiger bomb with a tackle towards the corner. Daivari sends Edwards towards the middle of the ring with a hurricanrana off the second rope. Daivari gets a 2 count near-fall on Edwards. Both men exchange chops before Edwards goes for his signature blue thunder bomb. He only gets a 2 count again. Daivari is distracted when Edwards lands the Boston Knee Party. Edwards gains the “W” in the first match!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Madison Rayne and Josh Mathews run through tonight’s lineup. After, we head back to the ring for some Knockouts tag action!

Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb With A “K”) vs. Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary

Tenille Dashwood and Rosemary kick things off. Dashwood wants Rosemary to move out of her way so she can get a photo in. Rosemary grabs ahold of Dashwood’s throat. The referee calls for a rope break. Rosemary grabs a tag from Taya Valkyrie. Dashwood backs up towards her cover to bring in Jordynne Grace. Grace locks Valkyrie up with a tightly held side headlock. Valkyrie fights out with a few back elbows. Grace fights back with a shoulder tackle and only a 2 count on “La Wera Loca.” Valkyrie connects a big kick on Grace with only a near-fall at 2. Valkyrie grabs a tag from Rosemary. Both women crash into Grace in the corner. Rosemary sends Grace back-first on the mat with an exploded suplex. Rosemary creeps up behind to lock in a chin lock on Grace. Grace screams out in pain. She finds the bottom rope for a rope break.

Valkyrie locks Grace up again. Grace counters with a spinebuster. Dashwood tagged herself in. Dashwood goes for what should have been Grace’s pin attempt. Valkyrie kicks out at 2. Dashwood has Valkyrie positioned for her self-titled Dashwood Woogie. Valkyrie fights out with a low slingblade. Dashwood gets a tag in from Grace. Grace goes up and over to be caught with a spear. Rosemary is back in. Rosemary spears Grace then sends her face-first into the top turnbuckle. Rosemary locks Grace up with her Upside Down off the ropes. The referee calls for another rope break. Rosemary drops Grace with her As Above, So Below (double underhook). Rosemary and Valkyrie prosper in this match with the win!

Winners: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

Backstage: Cousin Jake has some good news to tell Cody Deaner, but Cody doesn’t seem to want to hear it. Cody confronts Cousin Jake on why he seems to lose against Johnny Swinger. Jake apologizes if he caused any of it. Cody forgives him. He finds himself stressed over this “Who Shot John E. Bravo” thing. Jake has an idea: why don’t they go find Swinger and fight him?

We transition back to the ring for the third match of the evening. Two former friends will crash in a singles match!

Brian Myers vs. Swoggle

Swoggle refuses to lay down and give Brian Myers the victory. Swoggle lands a big open hand slap before catches Myers with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Both men clash on the outside. Myers picks the ankle to make his way back in the ring. The referee begins the count on Swoggle, who gets back in by the 9th count. Myers continues the onslaught with a series of stomps towards Swoggle’s head. He keeps control over him with a headlock. Swoggle gets up in a vertical position and fights out of the hold. Myers just lays in the elbows on towards Swoggle’s chest.

Swoggle lands a series of chops before the rollup. Myers gets his shoulders up at 2. Myers returns the favor with a pin of his own. Swoggle kicks out at 2. Myers continues his dismantle with a front facelock. Swoggle refuses to tap. He gets up on his feet, only to be thrown down once more. Swoggle surprises the announce team when he goes for another open slap followed by a solid German Suplex. Swoggle heads to the tope rope. Myers charges towards him with a big kick to the head. He joins Swoggle on the top. Swoggle bites free. He connects the tadpole splash! His finisher isn’t enough to keep Myers down. Myers concludes the match with a neckbreaker off the ropes and then a clothesline to gain the victory.

Winner: Brian Myers

Post-Match: Brian Myers goes for another punch on Swoggle. Crazzy Steve runs down to help Swoggle out.

Backstage:Gia Miller wants to get XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) thoughts on their match with Chris Sabin and James Storm, which is scheduled next. Romero wants their opponents to know that yes, both are great tag team challengers, but they’re not XXXL.

Chris Sabin & James Storm vs. XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

Chris Sabin and Larry D begin the match. Larry D throws Sabin into the turnbuckles. He shoots of Sabin’s attempts at three shoulder tackles. Sabin, surprisingly, gets it by the third time. He tags in James Storm. Storm hits hard with a strong uppercut on Larry D. Storm hooks the leg for only a 2 count. Larry D drags Storm over to his corner for a tag. Acey Romero enters. He manhandles Storm until he takes too long to taunt Storm, who then clocks him in the face. Now, it’s Sabin’s turn back in the ring. Romero pushes himself on and around Sabin before tagging in Larry D. Larry D comes in seeking vengeance with a sit-down powerbomb. Storms runs in to break the pin attempt on Sabin. Sabin misses out on a sunset flip attempt. Romero sits on top of Sabin to keep him off his game.

Romero throws Sabin to the outside. Larry D manhandles Sabin by throwing him into the ring post. Larry D rolls Sabin back in the ring. Romero keeps Sabin down and out as he goes for a tag on Larry D. Larry throws Sabin around, and tries to go at Storm on the apron. Storm ducks him. Sabin rolls throw with a tag to “The Cowboy.” Storm comes in hot with a clothesline and flying forearm. He sends him down with a neckbreaker. Storm goes for a cover, Romero comes in to break it up. Sabin flies in with a crossbody on Romero. Romero rolls out.

The chemistry between Storm and Sabin is electric, as both men take out their challengers with cross bodies on the outside. Both men combine their former teams up yelling out “Beer Guns.” Sabin assists Storm with his tornado DDT on Larry D. Larry D is somehow still alive in this match by kicking out at 2. Chaos ensues as all four men are in the ring. XXXL misstep and smash into each other. Sabin hits an enziguri and Storms follows it with a superkick. Sabin picks up the win for him and Storm!

Winners: Chris Sabin & James Storm

Backstage: Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake go looking for Johnny Swinger. As they make their way into his room, they find a gun. Cody Deaner is sure Swinger was the one who shot Bravo.

We move things along with the first title defense of the night!

“Defeat Rohit” Challenge for the X-Division Championship: Rohit Raju (c) vs. Cousin Jake (w/Cody Deaner)

Although they’re still shaken up by what they saw in Swinger’s stuff, Cousin Jake steps up to be Rohit Raju’s challenger. Raju ducks Cousin Jake to sneak up with a shot. Jake runs over with a big bear hug on Raju in the corner. He misses a roundhouse kick, as well as a spear attempt. Raju knee strikes Jake twice near the chest. He goes for a cover on Jake. Jake kicks out at 2. Raju looks for a crossface, but Jake ducks under. Jake shows off his strength with a big slam and a spear in the corner.

Raju’s knees buckle after getting clocked by Jake. Jake dismisses Raju’s DDT attempt by throwing him on the mat. He gets a 2 count on Raju. Raju finds his offense with a back elbow and a pump kick combination. Cousin Jake fights back with a sit-down powerbomb for only a 2.8 count. Jake and Raju meet on the middle rope. Raju pushes him off and misses his double stomp but doesn’t miss his high flying kick. Raju avoids losing his title by picking up the win.

Winner: Rohit Raju

Post-Match: Eric Young and longtime friend, former TNA star Joe Doering, come in and take out The Deaners.

Backstage: The Good Brothers are ready for their big tag team title match against The North tonight. They are ready to become the best tag team in Impact after they win the titles.

Up next, the Self-Proclaimed TNA World Champion, Moose, will seek vengeance on Willie Mack!

Moose vs. Willie Mack

Both men go back and forth with forearm shots as the match begins. Willie Mack pops Moose on the apron. Both men are now standing on the apron exchanging more shots before he grabs Mack’s ankles and sends him face-first on the outside mats. Moose smooshed his boot into Mack’s face. The referee begins the count. Moose rolls in and back out to break it up. Moose sends Mack into the barricade. Mack wails out in pain. Moose does the same thing again. Moose yells out that’s what pains feels like. Moose rolls Mack into the ring.

In the ring, Moose grabs Mack’s face and tries to tear it up. Moose puts Mack in a chinlock. Mack slowly rises to his feet with a back elbow to break out of the hold. Moose cuts him off with a dropkick. He goes for a cover. Mack kicks out at 2. Moose continues to hurt him with clubbing blows and several stomps in the corner. Moose flies towards Mack with a back elbow. Mack finds his footing with a back forearm and a series of punches. Moose’s legs begin to buckle, but it doesn’t stop him from hitting a Rock Bottom. After taking a few hits, something ignites in Mack. Mack lands a big spinning kick to keep Moose off his feet for a mere second. As both men make their way up towards the vertical position, Mack plants a leg drop. He goes for a cover. Moose kicks out at 2.

Moose meets Mack up on the top rope. Both men are in a dangerous position as Moose sends Mack crashing to the mat with a superplex. Moose is geared up to send Mack out with a spear. Mack leapfrogs out of it. Mack moonsaults his way on top of Moose but only gets a near-fall at 2. Moose sends Mack out with his Lights Out. Moose climbs on top of Mack and clubs him over and over again with closed punches. The referee calls for this match to end in a no disqualification. Mack picks up the victory.

Winner By DQ: Willie Mack

Backstage: Eddie Edwards wishes Rich Swann the best of luck before his big title match tonight.

And now, our championship matches begin! We kick it off with the Impact World Tag Team Championships on the line!

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

Karl Anderson and Josh Alexander kick things off with a standing switch from Anderson. Alexander turns it around into a wrist lock. They break it up. Alexander goes for a waist lock on Anderson. Anderson fights out to tag in Doc Gallows. Gallows drives Alexander into the canvas with a big suplex and three elbow drops. Gallows goes for a cover. Ethan Page comes in to break it up. “The Machine Gun” Anderson is back in. Alexander puts a tight grip on Anderson while he tags in Page. Page and Anderson exchange shots before Gallows comes back in. Gallows goes for a leg drop and only gets a near-fall count at 2.

Anderson is back in for Gallows. Anderson tightly holds Page’s arm. Page slowly rises to his feet to break out of the hold. Alexander hits Anderson in the back of his neck while the referee’s back is turned. Anderson is back in. Page shoves his knee into Anderson’s injured neck. The referee calls for a rope break. Alexander makes his way back in for Page. Both men lay in some kicks to the back of Anderson’s knee. The North had Anderson cornered for just a minute before Anderson fought out with some jabs. Page comes in briefly before Alexander comes back in. Alexander throws Anderson face-first into the top turnbuckle.

Page makes his way back in. Page continues to target Anderson’s injured neck by driving his boot in it again. Page puts a foot chokehold on Anderson while Alexander makes his way in. Alexander drives his knee into Anderson’s back before making another quick tag to Page. Page puts Anderson in a front facelock. Anderson makes it up to his foot and fights out with several elbow shots towards Page’s ribs. Anderson gets a tag in from Gallows. Gallows charges in with clotheslines all around. He looks for a tag to Anderson, who gets pushed off by Page. Page slides in to help Alexander set up for The Northern Assault. Anderson takes Page out to come in to help Gallows with the Magic Killer. Page blocks those chances with a superkick. Anderson lands a running kick on Alexander. They’re both down on the mat. Page is tagged back in. Anderson send Page down with a spinebuster and a gunstun on Alexander. The Good Brothers get one more Magic Killer in to become the new Impact Tag Champions!

Winners: The Good Brothers

Up next, the Knockouts Championship is on the line in a No Disqualification match!

Knockouts Championship: Su Yung (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

The match starts off hot with both women pulling out their best technical moves. Su Yung goes right for her bloody glove but Deonna Purrazzo stops her in her tracks. Purrazzo throws several weapons in the ring (trash can lid, chair, a board, etc.). Purrazzo has Yung cornered with a foot chokehold. Purrazzo smooshed Yung’s face into the board. Yung gets up and hits Purrazzo with a kendo stick to the midsection before Purrazzo can slam the board over her head. Both women make their way out of the ring. Purrazzo traps Yung’s arm in the barricade and proceeds to pull and kick it. Yung finds some rope underneath the ring after getting her arm untangled. She throws some baking sheets into the ring.

Purrazzo targets Yung with three kendo stick shots. Yung trips Purrazzo face-first into the set chair in the corner. Both women throw back and forth forearm shots. Both women crawl of out the ring. Yung sets Purrazzo up with a pedigree on the ramp. Yung rolls her into the ring. She hooks the leg and Purrazzo stays alive with a 2 count. Purrazzo uses the board again as a shield to block the red mist. Purrazzo puts Yung’s head in between the chair to hook in her Venus de Milo (Fujiwara armbar). Yung stays alive and doesn’t tap. She goes right for the mandible claw on Purrazzo. “The Virtuosa” starts to fade. Yung wraps the rope on Purrazzo’s neck. Purrazzo gets the rope off her neck. Purrazzo flies in with cradle piledriver. This gives her the edge and her Knockouts title back!

Winner & New Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Before their main event, we take a look back at Rich Swann and Sami Callihan’s bitter rivalry that stems all the way back to 2018.

And now, our main event!

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Sami Callihan

Rich Swann and Sami Callihan trade blows as the match begins. Swann lands a few more than “The Death Machine,” but Callihan gets the one-up with the mind games he’s playing, by rolling in and out of the ring. Swann counters out of Callihan’s piledriver by climbing up on the ring. Back in the ring, Swann kicks Callihan twice in the back before sending him headfirst into the turnbuckle. Callihan gets a good chop in; as does Swann. Swann looks to have tweaked his knee during the match. It’s noticeable after he lands a backflip off the second rope. Callihan doesn’t focus on Swann’s repaired knee. Instead, he smashes Swann’s face into the mat over and over again. Now, he’s going after Swann’s injured leg with an ankle lock.

Callihan gets excited over Swann’s hits towards him. As Swann goes for another punch, Callihan counters it by driving his fingernails into the side of Swann’s back. Callihan has Swann’s arm locked and is choking him in the process. Swann fights out with a forearm smash to the side of Callihan. Now, it’s become a slugfest, as both men fire forearm shots in the center of the ring.

Back in the ring, Swann kicks Callihan twice in the back before sending him headfirst into the turnbuckle. Callihan gets a good chop in; as does Swann. Swann looks to have tweaked his knee during the match. It’s noticeable after he lands a backflip off the second rope. Callihan doesn’t focus on Swann’s repaired knee. Instead, he smashes Swann’s face into the mat over and over again. Now, he’s going after Swann’s injured leg with an ankle lock.

Callihan gets excited over Swann’s hits towards him. As Swann goes for another punch, Callihan counters it by driving his fingernails into the side of Swann’s back. Callihan has Swann’s arm locked and is choking him in the process. Swann fights out with a forearm smash to the side of Callihan. Now, it’s become a slugfest, as both men fire forearm shots in the center of the ring. Callihan and Swann clash with double pump kicks. Swann keeps him down with a roundhouse kick and RVD’s Rolling Thunder. Swann gets a near-fall on Callihan with 2. Callihan catches Swann by putting his knees up to send Swann down with a bucklebomb and a brainbuster. Callihan goes for a pin. Swann kicks out at 2.

Callihan chops Swann in the throat once he gets up in a vertical position. Swann tries to look for Sliced Bread #2. Callihan counters it with a piledriver. Swann’s head crashes into the mat, but he doesn’t let Callihan gain the pinfall. Callihan goes for another Cactus Special piledriver on the apron. Swann pulls off a handspring cutter to break up another crucial positioning from Callihan. Both men beat the count and make it back in. Callihan is laying face-first on the mat. Swann tells him I’m the champion, big brother. Callihan played possum the whole time to drive Swann down with a clothesline. Callihan misses an opportunity for another Cactus Special, as Swann rolls through. Ken Shamrock comes down the ramp. Eddie Edwards follows right behind him. They take their fight away from the ring. Swann lands four spin kicks on Callihan to retain his World Championship!

Winner & Still Impact World Champion: Rich Swann

That concludes Turning Point!

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