NXT Results – November 25, 2020

NXT Results - November 25, 2020

Tonight’s WWE NXT episode opens up on the USA Network with a video package of highlights from last week’s “Takeover: WarGames 2020” build.

We’re live from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida as Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Kevin Owens, who is filling in for Wade Barrett for tonight only, and remotely by WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix.

Ember Moon vs. Candice LeRae

We immediately go to the ring as Candice LeRae is out with Indi Hartwell. Ember Moon is out next.

Moon looks to strike first but we get some stalling. Hartwell hits the apron to talk with LeRae. Moon is tired of this so she attacks and Hartwell is also sent to the floor. Moon capitalizes and mounts offense. Moon chases LeRae around the ring but has to duck a clothesline attempt by Hartwell. LeRae crawls in but comes back out. Moon catches her in mid-attack and sens her into the announce table face-first. Moon also takes down Hartwell at ringside. They bring it back in and Moon catches a crossbody attempt from the corner.

Moon turns that into a fall-away slam to send LeRae rolling back to the floor for another regroup. LeRae tries to leave to the backstage area but Moon brings her back, kicking her down the ramp. Moon brings it back into the ring as the referee counts. Moon rolls in but LeRae stomps her and drops her for a quick 1 count. LeRae clubs Moon while she’s down. They trade several pin attempts and counters but Moon lands a kick for a 2 count. Hartwell taunts Moon from the floor as Moon controls LeRae. LeRae blocks a suplex attempt and rolls Moon for a 2 count. LeRae mounts some offense and clotheslines Moon for 2. LeRae shows some frustration now. LeRae with more offense and another pin attempt. More back and forth now but LeRae keeps hold. Moon catches a kick and whips LeRae to the mat for a pop. Moon ducks under LeRae and slides to the floor, then kicks her from the apron, then comes back in for another pin attempt.

LeRae is sent back to the floor for a breather. Hartwell checks on her at the bottom of the ramp. Moon stops and watches as Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez come marching down the ramp. They stop at LeRae and Hartwell as we go to picture-in-picture commercial. We see LeRae coming back in but Moon takes her down for two quick pin attempts. Moon grounds LeRae now.

Ember with a front face lock and take down for a series of near falls.  Ember with a front face lock.  Candice with a punch but Ember trips Candice as she goes to the apron.  Indi grabs Ember when she goes for a springboard move and then Candice with a drop kick to send Ember to the floor.  Candice kicks Ember.  Candice works on the neck.  Candice with a forearm to the back.  Candice with a rear chin lock.  Ember with a snap mare and head scissors.  Ember with a rollup for a near fall.  Ember gets Candice up but Candice gets to her feet and Candice with La Mistica into a GargaNo Escape.  Ember with a rollup for a near fall and Candice turns it into a sleeper.

Ember with a jaw breaker to escape.  Ember with a back heel kick and more kicks followed by an enzuigiri to Candice.  Ember with a running back elbow into the corner followed by an Irish whip and forearm into the corner.  Ember with a suplex and she follows with a gourdbuster.  Ember goes up top  but Dakota and Raquel get on the apron and Candice moves out of the way so Ember hits Eclipse on Indi.  Candice with a super kick and Wicked Stepsister for the three count.

Winner:  Candice LeRae

After the match, Gonzalez goes after Moon, but Ember escapes the ring and gets to the floor. Toni Storm comes out to check on Ember.  Ember and Toni suggest going into the ring but Toni pulls Ember from the ring and connects with a forearm and sends Ember into the ring steps.  Toni sends Ember into the ring and Dakota with a bicycle kick to Ember while Raquel and Candice join in with kicks.  Raquel with a choke slam to Ember.

— The Undisputed Era walk outside and they are on their way to the ring.

— We are back with Legado Del Fantasma and Escobar talks about rewriting the history of Lucha Libre. They talk about this being their year. Their careers are taking off. They have taken out everyone. Jake Atlas, Ashante Thee Adonis, Swerve Scott. We are the talk of the wrestling world. Escobar says they are going next. Joaquin Wilde talks about Curt Stallion. Escobar says when they talk about doing something, it gets done.

— The Undisputed make their way to the ring. We see Pat McAfee on his show talking about Pete Dunne wrestling tonight.

Adam Cole says they don’t look dead to you.  Pat talked about how they killed the Undisputed Era and took over this show.  We have heard this over and over again that they would take care of the Undisputed Era and they have failed.  Adam says he can respect that Pat gave them a taste of their own medicine.  Adam says he wishes Pat was here so he could say it to his coward face.  He enjoyed kicking him in the head last week but in two weeks, we will be locked in the cage in the match that they made famous.  He cannot wait until you are trapped in War Games.

Kyle talks about how much fun it was kicking the crap out of those goons.  Strong says there is nothing better than kicking the crap out of Oney Lorcan.  

Adam says that tonight is the advantage match for War Games and they are undefeated.  Pete Dunne will be wrestling tonight, but he does not know which one of them they would be facing.  Kyle says he needs to face Pete Dunne tonight after what happened at Halloween Havoc.

Adam says he loves seeing Angry Kyle O’Reilly.  That is exactly who Pete Dunne is going to face.  This is the Kyle who took out the NXT Champion.  This is the Kyle you hit from behind with a steel chair.  You will be facing a different Undisputed Era in two weeks.  We have fought for championships and bragging rights.  We are fighting to drag the four of you through absolute hell.  We are going to prove who the hell we are.  At War Games, we are going to take you to war and make sure that you will never be the same.  That is Undisputed.

— McKenzie asks Candice LeRae what happened with Toni Storm. Candice wants to talk to Dakota and Raquel and she asks them if they are in. Candice introduces McKenzie to her War Games team.  Raquel Gonzalez, Dakota Kai, and Toni Storm. Toni says she promised that you would see a different Toni Storm. We see the Thatcher Students in a lounge as they prepare to watch Timothy in action.

— We see some of Timothy Thatcher’s previous “Thatch-As-Thatch-Can” students watching in the back before he faces Kushida. Back to commercial.

Before the match starts, Tommaso Ciampa comes to the ring with a chair and sits at the bottom of the ramp.

Timothy Thatcher vs. KUSHIDA

Thatcher keeps KUSHIDA away and applies a front face lock but KUSHIDA escapes and applies a waist lock.  Thatcher with an arm drag into a double overhook.  KUSHIDA escapes and works on the leg.  Thatcher gets a near fall and KUSHIDA gets into the corner to avoid Thatcher.  KUSHIDA gets on the mat and Thatcher kicks the leg.  KUSHIDA with a kick to the head.  Thatcher with a European uppercut.  Thatcher with a belly-to-belly suplex and he gets a near fall.  

Thatcher with a heel hook on KUSHIDA but KUSHIDA with a Mutoh Lock.  Thatcher escapes and connects with European uppercuts.  KUSHIDA with a kick to the leg and KUSHIDA blocks a hip toss and then KUSHIDA with a hip toss followed by a cartwheel and drop kick.  Thatcher blocks a handspring kick against the ropes and Thatcher with a heel hook in the ropes and the referee warns Thatcher as we go to commercial.

We are back and KUSHIDA punches Thatcher and kicks him.  Thatcher blocks a kick and connects with a European uppercut.  KUSHIDA avoids a butterfly suplex and KUSHIDA goes for a double wrist lock.  Thatcher with a head and arm choke but KUSHIDA escapes.  Thatcher with a forearm and KUSHIDA with a punch.  KUSHIDA goes for a backslide and gets a near fall.  KUSHIDA with kicks and stomps on the mat.  KUSHIDA goes for the Hoverboard Lock but Thatcher blocks it by locking his hands.  Thatcher with a rollup for a near fall.  Thatcher with his own double wrist lock.  KUSHIDA gets his shoulders off the mat and applies a cross arm breaker.  

Thatcher rolls through and applies an ankle lock but KUSHIDA rolls through with his own ankle lock.  KUSHIDA with a bridge for a near fall but Thatcher with a choke into a sleeper with a body scissors.  KUSHIDA works on the arm to get out of the sleeper and then KUSHIDA sends Thatcher over the top rope to the floor a few feet away from Ciampa.  Thatcher with a punch to KUSHIDA and Thatcher focuses on Ciampa and runs into the ring post.  KUSHIDA with a divorce court on the floor.

KUSHIDA with a kick to the arm but Thatcher with a European uppercut.  KUSHIDA with a kick but Thatcher with a butterfly suplex.  Ciampa stands up and that’s enough to distract Thatcher. KUSHIDA with the Hoverboard Lock and Thatcher taps out.

Winner:  KUSHIDA

After the match, Ciampa wonders if Thatcher has a problem with him now.

— We go to comments from Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai about last week’s match.  She says they didn’t want to wait for Takeover.  Io says that Rhea is her toughest opponent.  She hit her so hard that she could not stand.  Rhea says Io could take an asskicking and the doctor came out.  Io says she did not want to quit.  Rhea says she still doesn’t have full feeling in her arm.  The ringside physician says that Rhea and Io took it to the next level last week. Rhea says the table destroyed her back but she couldn’t stand up.  She got back into the ring and three seconds later Io won. Io says that match was two warriors.  Rhea says she does not like Io, but she respects her.  Rhea wonders where does she go from here and she does not know.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Pete Dunne is asked about facing Kyle O’Reilly. Pete says he saw what Kyle did to Finn Balor, but he is not Finn. Oney says that Unidsputed Era has never lost an advantage match but that ends tonight.

— We are back and Pete Dunne is asked about facing Kyle O’Reilly.

Pete says he saw what Kyle did to Finn Balor, but he is not Finn.

Oney says that Unidsputed Era has never lost an advantage match but that ends tonight. Kevin Owens is in the ring for the KO Show.

Kevin says he came back last November to be in War Games. Tonight he is doing the KO Show. Whenever he is asked to come back, he will return.

His guest had the biggest night of his career a few weeks ago. Kevin brings out the North American Champion Leon Ruff.

Kevin thanks Leon for appearing.

Kevin says after watching him the last few weeks, he wanted to have Leon on the Kevin Owens Show so he can tell everyone his story.

Leon says he has wanted to be a WWE superstar his entire life. He signed his contract seven weeks ago and now he is the North American Champion. We see him having the belt put on his waist by Damian Priest and it falling down to the floor.

Leon says that moment was so embarrassing. Kevin says the same thing happen when he won the NXT Title. Kevin says it happens to the best of them.

Kevin asks Leon to explain what being the champion means to him. Leon says it is a yes for every no he has gotten. He says he wants to be an inspiration.

Kevin says Leon should be proud of himself because Kevin says it was hard for him to get to WWE. Kevin tells Leon to keep his head up and be proud of what he did.

Leon says you can’t give up on your dreams. Kevin says Leon has to have more conviction in his voice. If the people in the back see weakness, they will exploit it. Kevin tells Leon to show everyone who he is.

Leon says he won the title and then he kicks the chair away. He says he beat Johnny Gargano twice. Leon apologizes and he asks if it is the chair. Kevin says that when someone mentions someone’s name, it means they are going to come out.

Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring, almost on cue.

Johnny Gargano comes out and he wants to know if Leon says he beat him. Johnny asks if this is a prank show and Ashton Kutcher got one of these pods. Kevin congratulates Johnny for the reference.

Kevin gives Johnny a chair but Johnny says he doesn’t want a stupid chair and he throws it to the floor. Kevin gets another chair and Johnny says he doesn’t want it and Kevin says he has a hunch.

Johnny says he wants Leon to tell everyone that Johnny is the real North American Champ and you only won because of Damian Priest.

Kevin tells Johnny that he just did it and he counts down to Damian Priest but his music doesn’t play at first and Kevin thinks that things have changed.

Damian Priest comes out and he says he is not surprised at Johnny. Johnny is out complaining about losing. Eventually, you are going to come to terms with reality that Leon Ruff is better than you. Damian says he is okay and Damian says that Leon beat him two times.

Johnny says he is going to beat the hell out of Leon and prove that he is a joke and a chump. Johnny pushes Leon and Damian stops Leon for a minute. Damian says he never got a title match and he says that Leon said that he would defend the title against both of them.

Kevin says it is a shame that Teddy Long isn’t here to make a triple threat match. What if there was an NXT version of Teddy Long to make a triple threat match.

William Regal comes out says at Takeover, it will be Leon Ruff versus Johnny Gargano versus Damian Priest for the North American Championship in a Triple Threat Match… playa.

— Finn Balor says to prepare for war and fight the war. Whoever wins the war, don’t put checkers on his chessboard. The cat is back and stop playing in his kitty litter. I am not hard to find. The champion works Wednesdays. We go to commercial.

— Back from the break and we get a new Shotzi Blackheart vignette to promote WarGames. She continues to work on her new mini-tank.

Cameron Grimes vs. Jake Atlas

Back from the break and out comes Cameron Grimes. Jake Atlas is already waiting in the ring.

The bell rings and they lock up. Grimes drops Atlas first with a shoulder. Atlas leaps over Grimes and goes under him, then nails a big takedown from the ropes. More back and forth now. Grimes with a German suplex in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Grimes with a running knee to the head and boots into the corner. Grimes beats Atlas down and shows off some.

Atlas blocks a shot and kicks Grimes. They trade more offense and counters in the middle of the ring. Atlas mounts some offense and takes Grimes down for a 2 count. Atlas with a German suplex of his own. Atlas levels Grimes with a kick for a close 2 count, showing some frustration now.

Atlas picks Grimes up but gets rocked in the face. They run the ropes and collide in mid-air with Grimes nailing the crossbody. Grimes yells about going to the moon, then hits the Cave In for the pin to win.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

After the match, Grimes stands tall and puts on his hat as the music hits. Dexter Lumis appears and Grimes is terrified. Grimes retreats from the ring and stumbles to the ramp. Luis is carrying some sort of bag over his hand. Lumis points to the big screen and we see a video that apparently shows Lumis drawing recent happenings where’s scared Grimes or got the best of him. Lumis reveals what’s in the bag now and it’s a set of leather straps. He grips his side and tosses the other side out to Grimes. Grimes picks them up but drops them and says it’s never going to happen. Grimes makes his exit as Lumis stares him down.

— We see Rhea Ripley backstage walking. Back to commercial.

— We are back and Cameron Grimes is asked if he is afraid of Dexter Lumis. Grimes bumps into William Regal and Grimes says he has to go. Regal says everyone wants to see him face Dexter Lumis and they will meet in a strap match at Takeover. Grimes wants to know why does Regal hate him so much.

— Rhea Ripley is in the ring.

Rhea says she wanted to say that Io Shirai is one of the toughest women she has stepped into the ring with. After last week, there has been a bit of speculation. Friends, family, superstars, and fans have been speculating about what is next for her. You have a reason for that. I want to explain something to you. The hug was nothing but respect for Io Shirai. We respect each other. It wasn’t a sending off party. She says she is here and here to stay. She says she is focused on the NXT Women’s Championship.

Candice LeRae’s music plays and she comes out with Toni Storm. She says it is so cute that she is talking about the Women’s Title. Talk about trying harder next time. Candice says Io stole two victories from her with help while Io beat you on her own. Besides that, the biggest difference between us is that you talk but you can’t seem to back it up. Candice says she can talk the talk and walk the walk as Dakota and Raquel come out with Io over Raquel’s shoulders.

Rhea Ripley avoids Dakota, Toni, and Candice and Rhea with a boot to Raquel. She returns to the ring and Rhea with a punch to Raquel and she sends Dakota to the mat. Toni and Candice attack Rhea and Gonzalez with a Northern Lariat. Storm, Gonzalez, LeRae, and Storm attack Ripley while Rhea is sent into the turnbuckles shoulder first by Gonzalez and then into the ring post. The Candice Coalition leaves the ring and walk past Io and stand over the champion.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Xia Li and Bao are in the back of a car and they are not very happy about their situation. They are driven to a building and Master Lo Pan is there. Boa and Xia apologize and they say they will not lose again and want one more chance. They are told It’s Time.

Chase Parker and Matt Martel vs…

Zack Gibson and James Drake attack Parker and Martel from behind and Gibson takes the mic while Drake sends Martel to the floor. Drake punches Parker.

Gibson says in case you have forgotten who they are, he is Liverpool’s Number One Zack Gibson and he is James Drake. They are Grizzled Young Veterans. They are back in NXT and will soon be recognized as NXT’s Number One.

Gibson and Drake hit an assisted double knee gutbuster on Parker.

— Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell are leaving and McKenzie ambushes them and demands an answer. Candice says that if you want to join Shotzi’s team, you are going to suffer the consquences. Next week, Raquel will beat Shotzi to get the advantage. Johnny says he has the car and they leave.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Pete Dunne in a Who Gets the Advantage at War Games Ladder Match

We see the other members of the Undisputed Era and McAttack on platforms to watch.

Kyle with forearms before Pete can get his jacket off. Kyle kicks Pete to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and a ladder is in the ring.  Kyle with a knee to the midsection and Pete goes to the floor.  Kyle comes off the apron and is met with a punch to the midsection.  Pete goes into the plexiglass and Kyle with a knee off the apron.  Kyle goes under the ring and he gets a ladder.  Dunne stomps on the hands on the ladder and Dunne with a round kick.  Pete puts the ladder between the ringside barrier and apron.  Pete goes for a suplex but Kyle with a knee to stop.  Kyle with punches and he catapults Pete into the plexiglass.  Kyle brings another ladder into the ring.

Kyle starts to climb the ladder but Pete pushes the ladder down and Kyle gets caught in the ladder as it falls.  Pete puts Kyle’s arm around the frame of the ladder while Pete pulls at the fingers on the other hand.  Pete with a boot to the arm in the ladder.  Pete puts the ladder on Kyle’s hand and Pete starts to climb.  Kyle with a dragon screw leg whip in the ladder and he applies a knee bar in the ladder.  Pete is Irish whipped into the ladder and Dunne flips off the ladder and lands on his feet.  Dunne with an enzuigiri followed by a power bomb onto the ladder. 

Dunne with stomps to Kyle on top of the ladder across the apron to the ringside barrier.  Kyle with a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes.  Kyle with a forearm to Dunne followed by kicks to the leg.  Dunne with a kick to Kyle and Dunne suplexes Kyle onto the ladder as the ladder shatters.  Referees check on both men.  Dunne limps into the ring while Kyle is still down on the floor.  Dunne sets up a ladder in the center of the ring.  Kyle gets back into the ring and Dunne grabs Kyle by the nose and punches him.  Dunne puts the ladder down on the mat and he puts Kyle’s hand in the bottom rong and he stomps on the elbow.  Dunne puts the hand between the ladder and Dunne with boots to Kyle.  

Dunne slams the side of the ladder onto the hand.  Dunne gets a chair but Kyle with a knee to stop him and then Kyle with a kick and a punch to the chair.  Dunne goes for Bitter End but Kyle counters with a guillotine.  Kyle with a knee to the midsection and a brainbuster onto the ladder.  Kyle goes up top and goes for a knee drop onto Pete on the ladder but Pete moves and Kyle’s knee lands on the ladder.  Dunne sets up the ladder while Kyle struggles to get back into the ring.  Dunne climbs the ladder and Kyle with an ankle lock.  Dunne kicks Kyle into the ladder.  Dunne misses an enzuigiri and hits the ladder.  

Kyle and Pete exchange punches under the ladder while the bad luck accumulates for both men.  Dunne pulls at the fingers but Kyle with a kick to the ribs.  Kyle pulls Pete’s shoulder into the ladder a few times but Dunne does the same.  Dunne pushes the ladder into Kyle’s head and Kyle pushes it back into Dunne’s head.  Kyle sets up a ladder and both men climb the ladder.  They exchange punches on the top of the ladder and then Dunne kicks Kyle in the head and Kyle hangs from the ladder.  Dunne has the briefcase with one hand but Kyle works on the other shoulder.  Dunne grabs the fingers and pulls at them and Kyle goes to the mat.  Kyle bounces off the ropes and pushes the ladder.  Dunne with an enzuigiri.  Kyle with a rebound clothesline and both men are down.

Kyle climbs the ladder but Dunne hits Kyle in the knee and then in the back with the chair.  Dunne with Bitter End onto the ringside barrier.  Dunne climbs the ladder but Kyle is in the ring and he pushes Dunne off the ladder and Dunne bounces off the ladder in the corner.  Kyle climbs the ladder but a hooded man leaps to the apron and pushes Kyle off the ladder and over the top rope to the floor.  The man leaves and then does the UE pose before he leaves.

Dunne climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase.

Winner:  Pete Dunne

After the match, Cole, Fish, and Strong check on Kyle while Lorcan, Burch, and Dunne celebrate their victory.

We go to credits.

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