Maria Kanellis Says WWE Uses Bots To Attack Talent For Speaking Out Against Them

Maria Kanellis Says WWE Uses Bots To Attack Talent

It’s not clear yet what the future holds for wrestlers that want to unionize but there appears to be more momentum on this subject than there has been in decades.

Maria Kanellis took to Twitter today to quote tweet the statement from SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. The statement, provided to Jon Alba, states:

“Wrestling is as much about media as it is sports, and we are going to directly engage with members of this profession to help find ways for them to protect themselves.

As more people reinvest in unions, and as more working people are harassed by employers, who don’t want to protect them, SAG-AFTRA is committed to doing what we can to help professional wrestlers secure the protections they deserve.”

Kanellis, who has been very outspoken against wrestlers being classified as independent contractors, said that she woke up today to see attacks directed at her husband Mike Bennett.

She tweeted, “I was curious when I woke up why there were so many attacks on my husband and now I understand why. Every time someone speaks out or speaks up against WWE, WWE bots/fans go after credibility. We are human beings. We have rights and labor laws should apply to us.”

She added, “We refuse to be afraid of the insults and bullying. If you trace these accounts back it’s usually about 10 people with burner accounts that continue to push their fake news on their followers to see if it spreads. #bestrong #sendingsomuchlove”

In another tweet, Kanellis said, “Nice try. There will not be any backing down. My parents worked their asses off in blue collar jobs to give me the best life they could. And now I will not allow ANYONE to not allow me to do the same for my children. #mamabear”

Bennett also tweeted. His tweets can be seen below.

“Nobody lives a life that is black and white. It’s always very complex, with lots of shades of gray. Try to think of that when talking to people or tweeting them. It’s very rarely cut and dry. We are all battling a war that very few people are aware of. Be nice to each other.”

“This is not a moment, it’s a movement….”

“I’m fighting for my friends and family. You are fighting for a greedy billionaire who let his wrestlers get held hostage in Saudi Arabia. One of us is on the right side of history.”

“If you agree then why attack me and spread lies about wwe paying for my rehab. If you agree, then support us, don’t follow the crowd. Let’s work together. Also I appreciate you being a fan. Having fans is truly humbling”

“My issues are not with wrestling fans or wwe fans. My issues are with  @VinceMcMahon. It’s time he’s held accountable.”

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