Lacey Evans Talks Kayfabe Issues On Teaming With Peyton Royce, Veteran Day

Lacey Evans Talks Kayfabe Issues On Teaming With Peyton Royce, Veteran Day

In honor of celebrating Veterans Day, the panel on WWE’s The Bump brought on veteran and WWE Superstar Lacey Evans to pay their respects to former and active servicemen and women like her. She began her interview on this week’s show by discussing what exactly Veterans Day means to her.

“Veterans Day is just a day that people all over the world can remember and, you know, just think [about] the people that went out there and gave their service,” she replied proudly. “They gave everything they had to in order to defend and support and make this country a better place. As a veteran, everything we learned while we were in active-duty and everything that we went through on our bodies and on our minds, it takes a lot. We get out of the military and you know, veterans are expected to run toe-to-toe and side-to-side with civilians in a whole different world. It’s a day that people can, you know, just put veterans in mind and think about their service and what they’ve been through to support this country.”

Having been in the United States Marine Corps for five years, “The Sassy Southern Belle” gained a stronger sense of what structure and discipline meant to her. Although most veterans say those two components are what they take away the most, Evans mentioned to the panel that it was the camaraderie that was the biggest takeaway she had in the military. She mentions how that has helped her navigate through all the curveballs that life has thrown at her both personally and professionally.

“Honestly, the camaraderie,” she answered. “As an active-duty service member and as a United States Marine, we were put through some of the most physical, mental and emotional toughness [out there]. So, I think the camaraderie is unmatched to this day, even as a civilian; they don’t have that bond of, ‘Holy crap, how are we going to get through this?’ I can name so many things I went through as a Marine, but that bond that you build will never be matched out here in the civilian sector. That camaraderie that you build going through those crazy situations, you [just] can’t recreate that.”

Just last month on Monday Night RAW, Evans found herself in quite the conundrum when she had to team with former IIconic member Peyton Royce in a four-way match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Evans wanted to make sure, in storyline, that she was clear on her statement that she wants nothing to do with Royce as a tag partner in the future. She stressed this heavily.

“She is a thorn in my side that’s what she is,” she mentioned while watching back the Women’s Tag Title match. “I don’t know what happened with her and Billie [Kay], The IIconics, I don’t know, it’s none of my business, you know why? Because I have what it takes to be a singles competitor and kick ass and take names. And here Peyton Royce is being my partner. For what? To weigh me down? You know, that’s like trying to go swimming with a brick tied around your damn ankle. What am I going to do with that?

“I am WWE Superstar Lacey Evans. Not IIconics. Not Lacey Evans and… I am Lacey Evans. I feel like I a mom to a lost child. I’m not doing that, honey. I am a professional, and I’ll do my job. If they need me to do a partnership, I’m up for any challenge. But don’t get it twisted; we aren’t the IIconics. Don’t put Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce in the same sentence again.”

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