Impact Wrestling Results – November 10, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - November 10, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results – November 10, 2020 – Tonight’s episode will be the go-home show before Turning Point this Saturday, which will broadcast live on Impact Plus.

Josh Mathews welcomes fans to Impact Wrestling go-home episode before Turning Point this Saturday! We kick things off with a Knockouts tag team match ahead of the tournament set to start next week!

Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne vs. Havok & Neveah

Madison Rayne scored several near falls early on and faced off with Neveah.  They locked up again, this time with Neveah grabbing an arm and working them over.  Rayne used several nice takedowns but missed a charge in the corner.  Neveah nailed her with a snapmare for a two count.  Rayne escaped and tagged in Dashwood.  Dashwood and Neveah reversed waistlocks.  Dashwood took her down but Havok tagged in and looked dominant against Dashwood.  Rayne was tagged in but didn’t want to get into the ring.  Havok dragged her in by her hair and cleaned house.  Neveah nailed a big clothesline.  Rayne made a comeback and went for CrossRayne but was pulled into a tombstone piledriver for the pin.

Your winners, Havok & Neveah!

Dashwood appeared to abandon Rayne after the match as Kaleb with a K blamed Rayne.

Josh Mathews, alone, noted Rayne won’t be in a good mood when she returned to commentary.  Mathews ran down the lineup for Turning Point this Saturday and later on tonight.

Gia Miller interviewed The Good Brothers.  Karl Anderson said that they were going to get the deal done this weekend and win the Impact Tag Team Championship this weekend.  Anderson said to trust him, they were walking out the champions.  Tonight, he gets to face Josh Alexander.  Ethan Page interuppted and slapped Anderson.  Anderson slapped him far harder, shocking him.

They aired a Talkin’ Shop-A-Mania 2 PPV commercial.

Tommy Dreamer, back in the terrible Sherlock Holmes costume, gave Larry D a lie detector test.  He passed not hurting John E. Bravo.  Next was Cody Deaner, who was angry he lost to Johnny Swinger last week.  He was asked about wanting to kill Bravo and said he did not shoot Bravo.  They ended on dramatic music,

X-Division Champion Rohit Rajhu vs. TJP.

The storyline is that if TJP doesn’t win, he won’t get another shot.

They quickly ended up fighting on the floor, where Raju was nailed with a suplex on the ramp.  Raju was tossed into the ring, where they finally rang the bell.  TJP worked over the champion’s knees.  Rohit regained control as they went to commercial.  When they returned, Raju maintained control and nailed a back suplex.  TJP landed on his feet and went for a tornado DDT but was blocked.  Raju nailed a big kick to the face.

Raju kept working over TJP, scoring several near falls.  He nailed a suplex and then unloaded with kicks across the back.  TJP kept kicking up.  Raju kept TJP on the mat with a Kimura.  TJP surprised him with an inside cradle for a two count but Raju kicked him and went for a neckbreaker.  He attempted a gourdbuster but was blocked and nailed with a tornado DDT.

TJP began unloading with some dropkicks and a springboard kick.  He locked Raju in a surfboard, then positioned him into a pinfall position.  Raju escaped at the last minute but was worked over with hard chops in the corner.  Raju was nailed with a springboard missile dropkick.  He went to the top but was caught and tied in the tree of woe.  Raju went to the top but was suplexed off.  Raju rebounded and nailed a series of running boots.  He nailed a roaring elbow to stun TJP and tied him up with a crossface, trying to force the submission.  TJP escaped and drilled him into TJP’s knees.  TJP went to the top for the Mamba Splash but Raju rolled out of the way.  Raju snatched him in a crossface, but TJP manuevered him into a kneebar.

Raju pulled himself to the ropes and grabbed the title belt.  Ref Brandon Tolle took it out of the ring, allowing Raju to low blow him and nail TJP with a running knee for a pinfall.

Your winner, Rohit Raju!

Hernandez was coming out of the lie detector room.  Fallah Bahh was shocked her passed.  Hernandez said he wouldn’t be involved if Bahh told him that Bravo had his money.  Hernandez said that if he knew who had his money, they’d shoot him.  Obviously, Bahh has the cash.  Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan come on the scene and run off Hernandez by giving him static, then pickpocket Bahh and they steal the money.  Not realizing this, Bahh goes to get questioned by Dreamer.

We go to the Treehouse where The Rascalz learn they are being evicted.  They have a week to pay their rent for the tree and if they don’t pay it, they have to leave Impact.  Josh Mathews made it out as if they had officially announced they were leaving and would have more soon.

Acey Romero vs. Chris Sabin

Romero attacked Sabin as he hit the ring and was beaten and tossed to the floor.  Larry D assaulted Sabin on the floor.   Sabin was worked over and whipped hard into the buckles for a two count.

Sabin fired away on Romero but was taken down with a high cross bodyblock.  Romero choked him against the ropes.   Acey distracted the referee, allowing Larry to choke Sabin against the ropes.  Acey twisted Sabin’s neck.  They battled back and forth.  Sabin sent Romero to the floor and nailed a pescado on both.
mpact Wrestling Results – November 10, 2020
Romero was brought back into the ring.  Sabin nailed a bodypress off the top for a two count.  Romero caught Sabin with a big uranage in the corner but missed a back splash senton.  Sabin nailed an enziguiri and went to the top for a missile dropkick.  Sabin kicked Larry D on the floor, then went for a running knee strike.  Romero was rocked but didn’t go down until another pair of kicks.  Sabin covered Romero and scored the pin.

Your winner, Chris Sabin!

Larry D attacked him after the match. XXXL double-teamed Sabin and worked him over.

Sami Callihan approached Chris Bey and had an idea for him.

Jim Mitchell was in the lie detector room.  He knows he’s the perfect suspect and it makes perfect sense, but guns are very inelegant – loud and messy.  Mitchell said he’s not the one who would have spoiled all that virgin blood.  Dreamer said he detects deception off the charts.  Mitchell said deception runs through his veins, but he didn’t do it…but he thinks he knows who did.  DRAMATIC MUSIC.

Eddie Edwards vs. Chris Bey.

Lots of nice action early as they go back and forth.  Bey went up and over, then caught Eddie with a rana.  Edwards whipped Bey hard into the ropes but Bey sidestepped him and nailed a big double stomp.  Bey began stomping away at him in the corner.  Edwards stopped being whipped into the corner but was nailed with a leaping heel kick for a two count.  Bey continued to work him over.  He screamed at Edwards that he didn’t have any heart.  He whipped Edwards into the corner but Edwards exploded out with a big clothesline.  Edwards worked him over with rapid chops in the corner.  Edwards went for a Tiger Driver but it was countered into a rana.  They fired back and forth with kicks and strikes.  Bey went for the springboard cutter but was brought down and pinned.

Your winner, Eddie Edwards!

Some nice action here.

Bey grabbed a chair.  The lights went out and in the ring was Sami Callihan with a baseball bat.  He attacked Callihan.  Impact Champion Rich Swann made the save.  Ken Shamrock hit the ring to make it three to two.  Bey worked over Swann and Edwards with chairs.  Callihan teased smashing Swann in the face with the baseball bat but the The Rascalz hit the ring for the save.  

Backstage, Tenille Dashwood approached Jordan Grace.  Kaleb with a K tried to get her to team up.  Grace said that Dashwood needs to ask her herself.  Dashwood finally asked her.  Grace said she’ll give her a chance to earn her trust at Turning Point this Saturday.  Elated, Dashwood left.

Rich Swann thanked The Rascalz and said they should go out with a bang.  He offered to team with Trey vs. Dez & Wentz next week.

They aired footage from Turning Point 2009 to push Impact+.

Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee.  Purrazzo said this was uncharted territory as she’s never been in this domain before.  It could be uncomfortable but Lee thinks it’s something they can handle.  Deonna said she always has a plan.  That’s how she became the Knockouts Champion and the Iron Man.  She is the best technical wrestler in the world and every wrestler needs her “curator” but then realized Lee has disappeared.  She looks for her and Lee is slammed into a window, destroyed and beaten….

Tommy Dreamer says that he has to inspect Mitchell’s claims himself.  Mitchell said he expects nothing less.  Havok is brought to the room.  She didn’t want to bring Mitchell back but Rosemary made her do it.  She admits it made her mad.  Dreamer asked if it was enough to make her mad enough to kill.  Havok said that he needed to ask Rosemary.  Dreamer said she has a match at Turning Point so he’s pausing the investigation…but Havok didn’t answer if she killed Bravo.  DRAMATIC MUSIC.

Reno Scum vs. Fallah Bahh & Crazzy Steve

Reno Scum maintained control early on.  Steve was hit with the Pit Stop but bit Adam in the face.  Steve went for a tag but was stopped.  He kicked off Adam and tagged Bahh.  Bahh cleaned house on Scum.  Bahh nailed a belly to belly suplex on Adam for a two count and set him up for a Banzai Splash.  Steve dove at Luster but was caught and run into the ring post.  Reno Scum nailed a double team curb stomp off the top and scored the pin.
Impact Wrestling Results – November 10, 2020
Your winners, Reno Scum!

Chris Sabin asked James Storm to have his back.  Storm said they’ll team this Saturday.  He makes Sabin drink.

Josh and Madison run down the lineup for Turning Point this Saturday.

Impact Tag Team Champion Josh Alexander vs. Karl Anderson

Some nice wrestling early on.  Alexander was clotheslined over the top to the floor as they went to commercial.  As they returned, Alexander was tossed into the buckles but went over the top to the floor, landed on his feet and pulled Anderson to the floor, where he worked him over.

Back in the ring, Alexander drilled Anderson and choked him against the ropes.  Anderson was drilled hard with a kick to the leg.  Alexander controlled him and scored several two counts, then locked on a side chinlock.  Anderson tried to fight his way out but was hit with a back suplex.  Alexander talked trash but missed a kneedrop, hurting himself.  Anderson began going after the knee but Alexander reversed an Irish whip and sent him hard into the buckles.

Alexander kept tying up Anderson on the mat.  Anderson fought back and finally nailed a neckbreaker after ducking a neckbreaker.  Anderson nailed a spinbusters and a senton.  He scored Alexander for a close number two.  They battled over a suplex attempt.  Alexander scored with a big boot for a two count. They battled until Page interfered.

Your winner, Karl Anderson by DQ!

All four brawled as security tried to keep them apart.

Impact Wrestling Results – November 10, 2020

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