Being The Elite Ep. 231

Being The Elite Ep. 231

On this week’s Being The Elite Ep. 231:

— Orange Cassidy faces off in a hallway with Kris Statlander, she points, as does he, and they walk towards each other.

— While at the airport, The Young Bucks celebrate their book dropping.

— Kip Sabian wants a rematch against Liv Bates in a video game. Sabian tries really hard to win, but Bates easily wins again.

— Anna Jay heads into the Dark Order locker room, shoves Grayson over a table. Everyone says hey, she grabs a drink, and leaves. The group says goodbye. Grayson looks around for some support, but gets none.

— Matt and Nick go hunting for their book at Barnes and Noble. They look around and find it in the Romance section. Matt is happy to have found it, but Nick wonders why it’s in that section.

Kenny Omega getting some therapy on his back/shoulders. Matt jokes that Omega’s next action figure should have a bunch of purple marks on his shoulders. Matt says a lot of fans wanted to know what the deal was with them, so he wanted to show the process.

— Michael Nakazawa is caught putting baby oil on the turnbuckle. Nakazawa says he’s just helping to clean the ring. He says if fans are wondering why so many people are slipping in the ring, it’s him. Cut to Trent slipping off the ropes. Nakazawa says to anyone who’s fallen during a match, to find him so he can have a match. Trent sees the video and looks not happy. Cut to Trent vs. Nakazawa taking place on this week’s AEW Dark.

— Clips of Young Bucks on Dynamite and their match against Top Flight.

— Brandon Cutler in a bathroom with some bananas, looking for some monkeys. Frankie Kazarian asks him what he’s doing. Cutler says he heard AEW has spotted monkeys and wants to see them. Frankie says he means “spot monkeys” and explains to Cutler what that is. He tells Cutler he’s a one. Nakazawa then comes and says he has to use the bathroom! “Do ya?!” Frankie yells at him. Cutler tells Kazarian he needs anger management, Frankie barks at him for saying that.

— Dark Order hang out, John Silver brings some Chili’s, but says he made it all for a Thanksgiving special. Silver asks Anna Jay if she wants a chicken wing, say “Anna” weirdly over and over (looks like he’s trying to get her to break character). Uno says because it’s Thanksgiving, it’s customary to say what you’re thankful for and everyone says what they are thankful for. Colt Cabana shows up, with his head still wrapped up. The guys said that Nakazawa bit he was doing was never going to work, but now he can get over as a big BTE star another way. Evil Uno says he’s thankful for his friends and we see a “Happy Thanksgiving from the Dark Order” message on the screen.

— Matt and Nick talk with Top Flight after their match. The guys said they did a great job, and asked them how old they were (19 and 21). They say they watched Matt and Nick when they were ten, which stuns the Bucks a bit. Matt Hardy shows up and says they killed it tonight. Hardy says he’s so happy they did well, much like he’s happy himself and his brother, Jeff, opened up the door for them. “You probably wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for the Hardy Boyz!” Hardy goes on and on about how he’s responsible for so many things in AEW, and he loves them all! Matt heads off. Matt and Nick feel old after they go back to Top Flight watching them ten years ago. Matt says he feels “old af.”

— Matt Jackson gets some coffee. “Big Money” Matt rolls up and notices Jackson is getting decaf, but he can still drink regular coffee whenever he wants! Matt looks annoyed. Matt and Nick bump into Penta El Zero M and talk about his catchphrase. Penta takes off the mask and it’s actually Matt Hardy gloating about how he created the concept of “no fear.” It’s how he and Jeff promoted themselves for much of their career. He continues that he’s very happy to let Penta use it. The truth is the truth” seems to be something Hardy is saying a lot now.

— BTE Champion John Silver says he’ll figure out the next contender by doing a one chip challenge where they have to eat a very spicy chip. The winner is the last person to drink milk. The contenders are Super Panda, Luchasaurus, Trent, Aaron Solow, and Ricky Starks. No one taps out, so the new challenge was to eat a second chip. Since Trent was the former champion, he was able to either do it first, or pass. He ate the chip and now faces Silver next week in a mustard packet throwing challenge.

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