AEW Full Gear Results – November 7, 2020

AEW Full Gear Results - November 7, 2020

— The Buy In gets underway with a hype video for MJF vs. Chris Jericho.

— Video package shown for AEW TNT Champion Cody defending his title against Darby Allin.

— Hype video for tonight’s AEW Women’s World Championship between Hikaru Shida and Nyla Rose.

— AEW shows highlights from the Title Eliminator Tournament. Taz, Jim Ross, Excalibur, and others talk about Kenny Omega going against Hangman Page in the finals on tonight’s PPV. The winner receives a future AEW World Championship.

— Preview shown of tonight’s AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR vs. The Young Bucks.

— Hype video for AEW World Championship Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston. The winner will be declared when one wrestler says “I Quit.”

— Excalibur and Tony Schiavone welcome us to tonight’s show and run down tonight’s card.

— Another video package shown for Chris Jericho and MJF. If MJF wins, he’s in the Inner Circle. Earlier today, MJF spoke with Alex Abrahantes about tonight’s match. MJF says he’s not soft, he’s tough as nails and nobody is tougher than him in AEW. He thinks people get it twisted though when they look at him, but bell-to-bell, he’s the best. MJF calls it the most important match of his life, even more so than going for the AEW World Championship. He continues that if Jon Moxley cheated if he was in Inner Circle, that wouldn’t have flown. Alex asks Wardlow about how he’ll fit it. MJF takes the mic and answers that Wardlow will fit in swell with the group! MJF is asked about some of the members not liking him, MJF says some don’t like him but that’s just because “I’m better than you, and you know it.”

Serena Deeb (c) vs. Allysin Kay (NWA Women’s World Championship)

This is Kay’s AEW debut, noting she was a free agent earlier this week. Kay with a quick trip of the champion, goes for the cover, only one-count. Kay remains in control of that match, shoulder tackle on the champion, but then takes a few arm drags, and a dragon screw leg whip. Deeb working over Kay’s knee, but Kay gets to the bottom rope for the break. Back and forth slaps to the face.

Kay gets Deeb in the corner, throws a few kicks, charges in, nobody home. Deeb to the apron and gets a headlock into a hanging neckbreak on the middle rope. Deeb with a tricky pin, cover, two. Deeb runs in and gets hung up over the top rope and eats a big boot, pin, two-count. Kay lifts Deeb, but Deeb reverses with a flying octopus hold. Kay fights out of it and plants Deeb to the mat for a two-count.

Kay hits a spinebuster, cover, two. Kay then locks in a rear naked choke for a moment, both hit the ropes, double clotheslines. Multiple clotheslines by Deeb, european uppercuts, stomps down on her face, swinging neckbreaker, hanging neckbreaker, cover, two. Deeb looking for a piledriver, reversed, spinebuster, two. Kay hits an AK-47, but Deeb rolls out to the floor. Kay gets her back in the ring, Deeb with a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes. Deeb plants Kay face-first to the mat, cover, Kay gets a foot on the ropes. Deep with the serenity lock in the middle of the ring, Kay taps out.

Winner: Serena Deeb via Submission

— Post-match, former NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa heads out to the ring. Deeb holds up the title as Rosa draws near. The two jaw a bit as Rosa points to the title, then heads to the back.

— Backstage, Eddie Kingston’s group talks with Alex Abrahantes. He asks The Bunny about Eddie’s chances tonight and The Bunny can’t believe Alex thinks Eddie is going to quit. She says that’s just a stupid question. Alex asks a question in Spanish to the Lucha Bros. He then speaks with Kingston about if winning the title or making Moxley quit is more important to him. A very focused Kingston says nothing is more important than the title, it’s the only thing that matters. Alex mentions Lance Archer standing in the wings for whoever wins the title. Kingston says he doesn’t care about Archer or PAC (?!), all that matters is the title.

— Justin Roberts introduces Jim Ross to the commentary table. The PPV is next!

AEW Full Gear Results – November 7, 2020

AEW Full Gear Opener:

A video package opens the pay-per-view broadcast for the AEW Full Gear 2020 main card. The package focuses on a few of the top matches advertised for tonight’s show.

We shoot LIVE inside Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. where Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur welcome us to the AEW Full Gear 2020 pay-per-view broadcast, as fire and pyro erupts at the top of the entrance stage.

Now we listen-in as the commentary trio run down the lineup of matches scheduled for tonight’s PPV card, with the match graphic for each bout flashing on the screen as they run them down one-by-one.

World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals
Kenny Omega vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

Winner of this match receives a future AEW World Championship Match. Impact Wrestling EVP Don Callis (introduced by that title on air) joined commentary to help call the match.

 The bell sounds and these two are ready to go. They want nothing to do with a handshake, instead circling and going straight to business.

Page goes for the Sliding Lariat, no dice. Omega goes for the V-Triigger, no dice either. Both guys are all over the place and on fire straight out of the gates here at AEW Full Gear. Now the two exchange vicious chops over-and-over again, with Page seemingly getting the better of the two. He hits the ropes, however Omega sends him out to the floor and follows up with a big dive.

As the action resumes inside the ring, it is still a very much back-and-forth offensive battle with neither man establishing any lengthy lead in control of the action. The match finds itself back on the floor, with “Hangman” taking it to Omega as the referee begins his double count on both guys. Page slams Omega into the ring barricade on the floor and slides back in the ring to break the referee’s count.

“Hangman” heads right back out after Omega, as he is starting to pull ahead for those keeping score on the control factor in this match thus far. The battle is still ongoing on the floor, however one momentary lapse in concentration from Page leads to Omega capitalizing by leaping onto the barricade and flying off with a moonsault, splashing onto Page on the way down as the fans come alive inside Daily’s Place.

Back in the ring, Omega remains in control of the offense, however he seems to tweak his knee. Regardless, he heads to the top-rope for a big high spot. Now Omega slaps a front face-lock on Page after clutching his knee again. Page escapes and makes it to his feet, blasting Omega with a chop. Omega hits Page back with a pair of his own chops before sending him to the ropes. Omega goes over the top and lands on the apron, however Page sprints at him and knocks him to the floor with a running clothesline.

Page slingshots himself over the top-rope, looking for a cross-body splash onto Omega, however Omega rolled back in the ring to avoid it, leaving Page to crash and burn. Omega follows up with a big splash on Page on the floor, before heading back in the ring and sprinting for another follow-up tope suicida onto Page on the floor.

The action finally resumes back in the ring after we see some replays of the aforementioned Omega high spot. Back in the ring, we see the offensive momentum shift into the favor of Page, as Omega’s tweaked knee is starting to become a factor in this match. After enjoying a few minutes in the offensive driver’s seat, Omega starts to fight his way back into competitive form as the pace of the bout picks up. Finally, we near the finish, which sees Omega hit his finisher for the victory. He will be the next title challenger for whomever emerges as the AEW World Heavyweight Champion following tonight’s AEW Full Gear 2020 PPV main event.

Winner and NEW No. 1 Contender: Kenny Omega

John “4” Silver vs. Orange Cassidy

The bell sounds and here we go. With both guys going face-to-face, we get some comedy relief, as Silver over-reacts as Cassidy slowly raises his hands up and then even more slowly lowers them down into his pockets. Silver turns and walks away in disbelief that he did it. Cassidy ends up taking it to Silver now, and when the dust settles, Silver stands up and watches in disbelief as Cassidy does the non-shalant shin-kicks, culminating with a legitimate dropkick that sends Silver to the floor.

The bell sounds and here we go. With both guys going face-to-face, we get some comedy relief, as Silver over-reacts as Cassidy slowly raises his hands up and then even more slowly lowers them down into his pockets. Silver turns and walks away in disbelief that he did it. Cassidy ends up taking it to Silver now, and when the dust settles, Silver stands up and watches in disbelief as Cassidy does the non-shalant shin-kicks, culminating with a legitimate dropkick that sends Silver to the floor.

Silver returns to the ring and with Cassidy still having his hands in his pockets, the Dark Order member blasts the “Freshly Squeezed” one, knocking him down to the mat and following up by literally ripping the pockets out of his jeans. As Cassidy gets up on his knees, Silver blasts him in the chest with vicious kicks. As the pace in the ring picks up, we get some dueling chants from the fans, who appear to be chanting “HI-HO-SILVER!” or “Let’s Go Silver” and then another competitive chant in support of the “Freshly Squeezed” one.

The Dark Order member is now enjoying a comfortable offensive lead, as he poses with a double-biceps to the fans who “boo” away. He blows them some kisses anyways and then blasts Cassidy with another kick. The camera closes in on Austin Gunn seated in the front row reacting to the action in the ring. Silver whips Cassidy into the corner with power, blasting him hard enough that he bounces off and crashes down to the mat.

Cassidy fires up, and starts showing signs of life. He fights his way back into the contest and out of nowhere, looks to finish Silver off with the Orange Punch, however Silver avoids it and returns to his dominant form, blasting Cassidy with his vicious variety of kicks.

Now we see Silver take Cassidy down with authority for a close near fall. He follows that up with a big Spin Doctor for another near fall. Silver looks unsure how to finish off Cassidy. On that note, Orange fires up again and makes his back comeback.

Cassidy starts taking it to the Dark Order member and now he catches him with his Orange Punch. He follows that up with the Beach Blast for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

After the match, we see some replays of the action and some of the high spots during the bout, before returning live where we see the Best Friends have joined Orange Cassidy inside the ring for one reason and one reason only — and that’s to give the people what they want! The trio ends the segment with a Best Friends Hug.

TNT Championship
“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Darby Allin

Cody and Darby Allin slowly close in on each other and go face-to-face, staring at each other motionless for a while as they let the fans decide who they’re going to chant and cheer for. With that behind us, the two begin circling and this one is now officially underway.

The announcers are selling the fact that Darby Allin is not intimidated one bit by Cody, despite “The American Nightmare” holding a victory over him in their previous high-profile showdown. As the action gets underway, neither guy is able to establish any real offensive jump on the other, with each guy having isolated moments and the other taking over immediately thereafter.

From the hammer-lock position, Cody launches Allin over the top-rope, where he crashes down hard onto the floor outside the ring. We hear Darby yelling out in anguish after his rough landing. Cody brings the action back in the ring and goes to work on the same arm of Darby that he just softened up with the aforementioned spot. He stands up and stomps on the weakened limb of the challenger now.

Darby works his way back to his feet. He tries to hip-toss Cody, however the champ sinks down on the arm of Allin and yanks away at it, adding further punishment to the already softened up arm of the challenger. He takes Allin down to the mat now and again locks his arm up behind him as he continues to dominate the action thus far.

Rhodes stands back up and puts the boots to Darby. He picks Allin up and takes him to the corner of the ring. He sits him on the top-rope and climbs up after him. He picks Darby up and throws him over his own shoulder. He comes flying off the top-rope and slams the challenger down with authority before returning his focus on the injured arm of Allin.

One window of opportunity is left open for Darby Allin to capitalize off of and that’s all he needed to show that he is still alive and with a fighting chance on his side, as he blasts the champ with a big move that shifts the offensive momentum in his favor. Arn Anderson looks worried at ringside now as Darby is firing up and showing his first signs of life in a while as he makes his big comeback.

Allin takes Cody to the corner now and takes him up to the top-rope, following up after him. He now positions Cody looking for a high spot, however as they go flying off together, Cody reverses in mid-air and they come down with Cody hitting a Cross-Rhodes off the top-rope. Wow! We see a bunch of replays of that one. Allin rolled through to avoid being finished off and now he jumps on the back of Cody, slapping a sleeper-hold on the champion.

The champion walks around with the challenger holding onto the sleeper hold while on the back of Cody. Cody carries Darby on his back, still in the sleeper-hold, over to the corner where he starts climbing up the ropes backwards, ala Vader preparing for a Vader Bomb . He flies off backwards and they crash down together, with the impact breaking the hold Darby had on Cody’s throat. Cody gets up and scoops Darby up for a slam. Arn yells for another. Cody obliges. The announcers talk about Cody starting to seemingly get discouraged at how Darby has the never-die fighting spirit that keeps him in the fight at all times.

As Cody continues to dominate the challenger, we see him get fired up a bit much now as he takes the weight belt off ala Hollywood Hogan in the nWo black-and-white days of WCW during the Monday Night Wars against WWE. This backfires, however, as Darby used the belt to help sweep Cody’s legs out for a roll-up pin attempt out of nowhere. “The American Nightmare” manages to kick out just in time to avoid the upset from Darby.

Pump kick by Cody, cross rhodes, no, multiple pins, reversals back and forth, Allin finally gets one for a three count!

Winner and NEW TNT Champion: Darby Allin

After the match Cody goes right over to the referee and is shocked. He takes the title and looks over at AA. Cody then kneels down and hands over the title to Allin. Allin is pretty emotional as he takes the title, gets on the second rope and holds it up. Cody puts the title over Allin’s shoulder and raises his arm up. From the back, Taz comes out to the stage and yells “enough!” He’s over what’s going on in the ring. He tells them to hit the bricks, but Brian Cage and Ricky Starks attack from behind. They lay out both Cody and Allin. Cage and Starks both pick up the title and kind of stare at each other for a moment. Taz jumps in and takes the title. He then gives direction to Cage, who then looks to finish off Allin. Cody jumps into help out, but Starks and Cage get rid of him. Allin is then thrown through a set piece. Allin is then brought over to the car he arrived in, they look to break Allin’s arm in the car door, but Will Hobbs charges them with a chair and chases the stable away.

— Backstage, The Natural Nightmares talk with Dasha. QT Marshall talks about Allie (The Bunny) trying to infiltrate their group, and use him for his money. Dustin Rhodes announces he wants a Bunkhouse Match against The Butcher and The Blade on this Wednesday’s Dynamite. Also next week: Penta El Zero M vs. Rey Fenix, and Tay Conti vs. Red Velvet.

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Quick start to this match, Rose able to hit a flurry of dropkicks to Rose, running knee strike, cover, only a one-count. Shida throws Rose to the apron, lands a big kick to the back of the knee, more shots to the midsection. Shida then hits a running knee strike and throws Rose into the barricade. Shida pulls out a chair and sets it up on the floor.

Rose looking for a chair of her own, Aubrey Edwards tells her no way! Rose makes her way back and Shida hits a running knee strike off the chair, sending Rose through the barricade! Referee goes to check on Shida, Vickie hits Shida in the back of the knee with the kendo stick. Rose wraps Shida’s knee around the steel ring frame for a few moments before throwing the champ back in the ring.

She then wraps Shida’s leg around the ring post. Chop block by Rose, body press on the legs, cover, two. Rose working over the knee, heads up to the second rope, Shida follows, but gets sent hard to the mat. Rose looks for a second rope leg drop, misses, Shida with a kick to the back of the head, then throws a running forearm, cover, two. Rose continues to beat up the champ, cover, another two-count.

Shida put over the top rope, Rose climbs up to the top rope, diving knee drop to Shida’s banged up leg, cover, two. Rose trying to climb up to the top, Shida stops her and throws Rose’s head into the turnbuckle pad, then a pump kick that sends Rose to the ramp. Shida to the second rope and hits a dropkick. Rose thrown back into the ring, Shida climbs to the top, another dropkick, cover, two-count. Rose with a powerbomb, cover, pulls the champ up?! Rose flips off Shida, looks for the running knee, sits on Shida for the cover, barely a one. Shida with a back body drop on Rose

Running knee strike in the corner on Rose. Rose on the second rope, avalanche falcon arrow, cover, Shida lifts Rose up! Shida with a big smile and goes for a knee. Vickie trips up Shida, referee saw that and does nothing. Rose hits Shida from behind. Vickie looks for a kendo stick shot, referee takes it away. Rose then sent into Vickie, down she goes! Shida throws Rose into the side of the stage, then the barricade. In the ring, falcon arrow, cover, two. Big running knee, cover, two. Shida throws another one to the back of the head, then multiple knees to the face, cover, and it’s over.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via Pinfall

Post-match, Vickie is in the ring barks at Rose non-stop and then slaps Rose. Vickie heads to the back without Rose absolutely destroying her.

FTR (c) vs. The Young Bucks (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

If Young Bucks lose, they will never challenge for the tag titles again. Tully Blanchard is banned from ringside. Commentary noting Matt Jackson’s ankle injury, despite him starting the match with Wheeler. Wheeler going for the ankle, but Matt shoves him away. Wheeler to the floor for a break. Harwood and Nick in the match now, back and forth action early on. Stereo hurricanranas and dropkicks by Young Bucks. The champions eventually gets sent out to the floor. Matt out to the floor to get Harwood, Dax throws a punch, misses and punches the ring post.

Harwood’s hand is bleeding some after that punch. Young Bucks focus on it a bit with Matt throwing a bunch of kicks into it. Matt tries for a moonsault (?), but nobody is home and he lands on his feet, showing obvious pain after doing that. Matt ends up on the floor, Wheeler tags in and beats up Matt. Harwood is now being checked out by the ringside physician, getting it wrapped up. Wheeler throws Matt’s ankle into the barricade, then back into the ring.

Harwood back in the match after getting his hand taped up. Harwood with some elbow drops, headbutt, cover, two. Matt gets his leg wrapped around the ring post, eventually making his way back into the ring, but Wheeler is all over him. Matt trying to tag out, but FTR have cut the ring in half. Harwood gets sent into the ring post. Nick and Wheeler fighting on the apron, Harwood shoves Nick to the floor. Matt put on the top turnbuckle, superplex hits! Wheeler comes in for a big splash and Matt gets his knees up though, which didn’t really help him much.

Matt on the floor, Wheeler tags in, leaps off, but Matt dodges him and Wheeler hits the barricade. Harwood throws Wheeler in the ring, tags in, then stops Matt fromt tagging out. Matt trying to find a tag, FTR block the way, Matt sends Wheeler high up in the air and out of the ring! Matt then feints a punch and lands a DDT on Harwood. Nick can finally tag in. Flurry of strikes on both opponents. Kicks out on the floor, bulldog / clothesline combo. In the ring, Nick goes to the top, crossbody, Wheeler rolls through and hangs on. Harwood tags in, hart attack, cover, two.

Nick back up, kicks Harwood, blind tag by Matt and hits a spear on Wheeler. Knee to the face by Nick, cover, two-count. Matt looks for a buckle bomb, ankle giving him problems. FTR hit an assisted bulldog. Wheeler with a running spear on Nick, cover, two. Young Bucks getting some momentum, twist of fate by Matt, Nick with a twist of fate, cover, two. Matt and Harwood throwing shots in the middle of the ring. Harwood with a right hook, but then shows some pain as that’s the hand that’s messed up. Matt with more punches, goes for a superkick into Harwood’s banged up hand and both guys go down.

20 minutes into this match, Harwood lands a lariat. FTR pulls off a DIY double kick to the head, cover, two. FTR look for the spiked piledriver, Nick shoves Wheeler to the ramp. Kick to Harwood’s head, then hits a senton on Wheeler. Matt tries for a sharpshooter on Harwood, but he gets to the rope. Nick then superkicks the bad hand. Nick pulls Wheeler away and puts in a sharpshooter of his own. They get another break, but Matt pulls him into the middle, his ankle finally gives way and stops the hold.

More bang for your buck, nope, Nick with a big knee strike to Harwood. Matt stomps Harwood’s bad hand, then snaps the fingers. BTE Trigger to Harwood, cover, 1-2-Wheeler breaks it up. Nick with a step-up flip out to the floor on Wheeler. Matt then brings a chair into the ring. Harwood tells him to hit him! Nick says no don’t do it, Matt tosses it, Meltzer driver, nope, Wheeler powerbombs Nick out on the announcer table. Spike piledriver on Matt, cover, Matt is able to get his foot on a rope.

Matt’s boot is taken off, Wheeler stomps on it. Harwood cranks back on Matt’s leg, Wheeler drops down on it. Harwood with the inverted figure-four. Wheeler tries to stop Nick, Nick ducks him, Wheeler flies out to the floor. Nick with a 450 splash on Harwood, cover, two. Wheeler hits a superkick on Nick, sending him out to the floor. Wheeler with a big kick to the face, Matt looks to be knocked out, but Wheeler doesn’t cover him. Wheeler for the springboard 450, Matt moves, and hits a superkick, cover, 1-2-3, new champs!

Winners: The Young Bucks via pinfall to win the AEW World Tag Team Championship

Post-match, Omega comes out and hugs Matt and Nick. Page (with a drink in hand) watches on from the tunnel.

Sammy Guevara vs. Matt Hardy (The Elite Deletion)

Sammy heads to Cameron in his golf cart. Matt Hardy on the phone, and asks for some help if Sammy ends up not coming alone. Sammy drives to The Hardy Compound, and sees Neo 1 watching him. Neo 1 puts out a hologram of Hardy welcoming Guevara to the venue. Neo 1 then shuts down the golf cart as Hardy shows up with a monster truck and destroys the cart.

“Broken” Matt looks for Guevara, but he sneaks around and cracks Matt with a garbage can, then hits a big moonsault off the monster truck tire, cover, two. Sammy hits Hardy a few more times with the trash can as they make their way through the woods. Hardy throws Guevara into a few trees, and jams his face into one of them. They make their way into the yard in front of Hardy’s home.

Suplex on Hardy, cover, two. The two go around to the side as Sammy swings away. He then jams Hardy’s face into a fountain, but Hardy hits Sammy with a weapon. They move to a ring that’s been placed out in the woods. Guevara with an enziguri, but gets caught with a side effect, cover, two. Hardy beats up Sammy then sets up a table in the middle of the ring. Hardy looks for a powerbomb and nails it! He goes for the cover, but Ortiz shows up and throws Hardy out to the floor. Santana shows up and throws some punches. Hardy calls for assistance and Private Party are in a nearby car. Santana and Ortiz drop Hardy as Private Party make it to the compound.

Guevara looks to finish things, but Quen and Kassidy show up to help out. Matt gets some fireworks from under the ring. Santana and Ortiz continue to fight in the ring as Hardy chases Sammy with some fireworks. He then launches some towards the ring. Sammy and Matt are now firing roman candles back and forth. Matt runs after Sammy as the two tag teams battle in the ring. Kassidy with a big leap down on both guys out on the ground. Matt firing shots at Sammy who eventually slips in some mud. Hardy plants Sammy to the ground and goes to throw him in the lake. Someone shows up with Hurricane, and it’s Gangrel! Gangrel says he mentored Sammy and would chose him over time over Hardy. Private Party show up to help out. Hurricane asks Matt why it took so long! Matt says, “sorry, long-term storytelling.” Sammy gets involved and throws Hurricane into the lake of reincarnation.

Sammy blocks a twist of fate. “Reporter” Shane Helm shows back up and asks Sammy a question. He’s then thrown back into the lake. Everyone is battling back near the ring. Hurricane returns again to help out. Hardy and Sammy end up in Hardy’s building. Hardy calls for his dilapidated boat to close and lock the garage door! Sammy and Hardy battle away with everyone else outside. Sammy undoes the bottom rope and whacks Matt with the turnbuckle. Sammy wraps the rope around Matt’s neck, but Hardy doesn’t tap out. Sammy finally gives up and puts Hardy on a table in the middle of the ring with a ladder nearby. Sammy climbs to the top and hits a senton down on Hardy, cover, 1-2-no!

Hardy charges forward and spears Sammy down through two tables and down on the concrete floor. Much like the spot they did previously, Sammy’s head is busted open as Hardy looks to finish him off. Hardy with a chairshot straight to the face. Matt says Sammy made him what he is! Then smashes the back of his head with the chair, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Hardy via Pinfall

Post-match, Hardy says this is over. He tells Neo 1 to open the door, calling in Private Party. Matt asks them to take out the trash, they pick Sammy up and put him in a trash can. They put him in the back of the truck and Matt’s father-in-law takes him away. Reby plays the piano as we see some highlights from the match. Hardy and his friends celebrate with fireworks going off behind them.

— In an ally, Jake Roberts and Lance Archer talk to the camera. Roberts tells AEW he needs people to feed Archer. He wants someone to step up and face Archer.

MJF vs. Chris Jericho (If MJF wins, he’s in Inner Circle)

The bell sounds and here we go as Jericho plays to the crowd some more while MJF pulls up his elbow pad. MJF now motions for the fans to quiet down. They boo. MJF puts one hand behind his back and extends the other to Jericho for a sportsmanlike pre-match handshake.

The fans chant “you suck!” at him as he reaches again to Jericho for a pre-match sign of good sportsmanship. Jericho, instead, b*tch-slaps Friedman across the mouth, and on that note, we’re off-and-runnin’!

Jericho slams MJF down and plays to the crowd some more. He heads back over to MJF and picks him up, leaning him against the ropes and blasting him repeatedly with sharp knife-edge chops. Jericho gets MJF in the corner and fires away with punches.

He whips him into the other corner, however MJF hits and runs off, charging back at Jericho and decking him with a big clothesline. MJF looks to add to his offensive momentum, firing away at Jericho with punches before sending him over the top-rope and out to the floor. MJF hits the ropes and looks for a dive, or does he?

No, he doesn’t. He runs back at the other ropes and then runs forward, stopping to do the “F-U” arm-to-arm gesture, as Jericho watches on from the floor and the fans boo. Jericho yanks MJF out to the floor and blasts him, decking him and then grabbing a camera from one of the cameramen at ringside.

He points the camera down at MJF and reaches his own hand around in front of the lens, pointing down at a grounded MJF and flipping him off as the fans pop and start chanting for Jericho and AEW.

Back in the ring, Jericho pulls even further ahead as the gap widens between the two and “Le Champion” settles into a comfortable offensive lead.

Jericho fires up as he hits the Lionsault and then takes MJF to the top-rope, coming off with a nice top-rope hurricanrana for a close near-fall. Jericho continues to show signs of his younger self, which the announcers do a good job of pointing out based on certain spots he hits in the match. Finally, MJF shows his first sign of life in a while as he fires back at Jericho as the two start exchanging shots on the feet.

MJF starts yelling at Jericho as he blasts him with big shots. As they trade strikes the fans do dueling “Boo!” and “Yay!” chants, with Jericho getting the babyface reaction and MJF getting the heel response from the fans here in Jacksonville. Jericho shifts the momentum back in his favor, locking MJF in the Liontamer / Walls of Jericho. Friedman shouts out in pain as he scratches and claws his way to the bottom rope, forcing a break of the hold.

Jericho lets go and walks off celebrating like he won the match until Aubrey Edwards informs him that the match isn’t over and that MJF actually made it to the ropes. Jericho goes back to work on MJF, putting the boots to a grounded Friedman before turning his attention to referee Aubrey Edwards, who he tries to pull in between himself and MJF as she yells, “Don’t touch me!”

Friedman hits the Codebreaker on Jericho out of the ropes and then a Heatseeker for a close near fall. That looked scary as Jericho landed on top of his head on the way down. Meanwhile, the crowd comes alive. MJF gets back to his feet and he looks for a Lionsault of his own, however Jericho avoids it and catches him coming down with a Codebreaker. He covers him for another nearfall, with MJF kicking out at 2 and 1/2.

A Judas Effect attempt backfires and MJF takes advantage, putting Jericho in the Fujiwara Armbar and yanking away. Jericho makes it to the ropes to force the hold to be broken. MJF calls for the Dynamite Diamond Ring and out comes Wardlow. He gives it to MJF. Before MJF can use it, however, Jericho calls for Floyd the baseball bat from Jake Hager, who was at ringside.

MJF looks shocked and nervous, and as Jericho winds up with the bat, MJF pulls an Eddie Guerrero, simply taking a flat-back without getting touched and pretending like Jericho hit him with the bat, as referee Aubrey Edwards turns to see Jericho holding the bat and MJF seemingly laid out. As Jericho tries to explain to Edwards what really happened, MJF comes alive and yanks the trunks of Jericho, rolling him up and holding the trunks to score the pinfall victory.

Winner and NEWEST member of the Inner Circle: MJF

After the match, MJF and Chris Jericho stare each other down. Hager is standing at Jericho’s side while Wardlow stands by MJF’s side. The two stare for a while and then MJF extends his hand to Jericho. Jericho pauses and then shakes it, pulling MJF in and hugging him. “Welcome MJF and Wardlow to the Inner Circle, baby!” says ‘Le Champion’ and the leader of the Inner Circle, which just grew by two members (or one, if Sammy Guevara is dead after Elite Deletion!)

— We head backstage where The Best Friends are standing alongside the “Freshly Squeezed” one himself, Orange Cassidy. They talk about the big win Orange Cassidy had over John “4” Silver of the Dark Order earlier this evening. As they continue to talk, in walks the trio of “The Best Man” Miro, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. They demand an apology from Cassidy, as they point out that his recent “shenanigans” almost hurt Ford. Cassidy gives a very unsincere apology, which they weren’t satisfied with.

AEW World Heavyweight Championship
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Eddie Kingston

The pre-match video package airs to catch fans up on the storied rivalry between the champion and challenger heading into tonight’s highly-anticipated showdown.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our featured match of the evening. Moxley and Kingston exchange ferocious punches, ala Don Frye and Yoshihiro Takayama in the heydey of PRIDE Fighting Championships in Japan. As the smoke clears and the dust settles, they trade in their punches for chops and we see Mox take Kingston down and briefly control him on the mat.

The action ends up back on the feet with both guys taking turns trading chops and then taking turns b*tch-smacking the hell out of each other back-and-forth. Kingston starts to pull ahead, as he nearly takes Mox’s leg out from him with a big kick and then he blasts Mox with a belly-to-back suplex. Mox rolls to the floor, however Kingston goes out after him.

Kingston picks Mox up and rolls him in the ring, but before he can re-enter the ring as well, Mox hits the ropes and sprints across the ring, flying the ropes and splashing onto Kingston with a wild tope suicida. As the fight continues on the floor, Mox isolates Kingston’s arm and threatens to break the fingers of Kingston as he bends them backwards and yanks on them. The two continue to brawl their way up the entrance aisle next to the ramp.

Finally, the two return the action inside the ring where a steel chair and eventually a barbed wire baseball bat join them. Both guys are busted open and bleeding now after their brawl around the venue and usage of the aforementioned weapons in the ring now, as the violence level in this one is starting to increase by a couple of notches.

We see Kingston show his first signs of life in a while, as he uses a surge of energy to blast Mox with a belly-to-back suplex. And another. He grabs the steel chair and from his knees, ala Sabu in the original ECW, throws it and blasts Mox in the head with it. From their knees and butt, Mox and Kingston exchange eye-gouges and punches. The challenger gets the better of the exchange and decks the champ. He stands up and picks Mox up, tripping him down so he falls onto the barbed wire baseball bat.

Kingston grabs the steel chair and walks over to Mox. He swings it hard, like The Rock blasting Ken Shamrock right in the grill as hard as he can, or The Rock blasting Mick Foley in their own I Quit Match at the Royal Rumble match featured in the Beyond The Mat documentary. Kingston continues to punish Mox. He stands a lifeless Mox up and blasts him with the spinning-back-fist that started his troubles the last time these two went at it. Kingston locks Mox in the same choke the champ used to beat him in their first match on AEW Dynamite.

Mox tries to bite at Kingston to escape the hold, however Kingston keeps it on regardless. He eventually lets it go and sits Mox down in the corner. The camera closes in on Mox’s blood-covered face. Kingston unfolds a steel chair and sets it in the middle of the ring. Mox ends up turning the tables and hoisting Kingston up, suplexing him down onto the unfolded chair set up in the middle of the ring. He holds his back after the landing, but is still up before Mox and back to delivering punishment to the champ.

He leaves him laying in the ring covered in his own blood now as he heads out under the ring for some more goodies. This time he pulls out a sack, presumably of thumbtacks. Indeed. He re-enters the ring and opens the sack, grabbing a handful of shiney silver thumbtacks and sprinkling them all over the ring mat. Before he can do anything further, however, Mox fires up and hits a big clothesline that floors the challenger. Mox, who is bleeding even more than he was earlier now, with more blood pouring out of his nose in addition to the blood flowing from his forehead.

Kingston ends up slamming Mox with great authority on the pile of thumbtacks he poured on the ring mat. He exits the ring and grabs a single strand of barbed wire from the barbed wire baseball bat used earlier in the match. The same strand he used to dig and claw at the face of Mox to open up the cut that is free-flowing blood. Now we see Kingston grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol, as he is apparently intending on adding a little burn to the open wounds of the champion.

Kingston puts the boots to a grounded Mox, including one that he slams down between the legs of Mox, which he held up in the air. The low-blow stomp from Kingston prompts a writhing in pain Mox to flip off Kingston from his back. Finally, with Mox crawling around in pain, Kingston unscrews the lid off of the bottle of rubbing alcohol. He pours it onto the bloody back of the champion as he screams in agony and the fan-noise inside Daily’s Place picks up. Kingston now exits the ring and grabs the loose strand of barbed wire. He re-enters the ring with it and locks Mox in the Bulldog Choke that Mox used to beat Kingston in their previous match.

He chokes away at Mox, but as Schiavone points out on commentary, Kingston is gripping and squeezing but letting go so he can squeeze some more, almost toying with Mox and letting him keep just enough air in his lungs to stay conscious and deal with the pain and unpleasantness. Mox ends up firing up and making a comeback, taking it to Kingston. He hits the Paradigm Shift on Kingston.

Mox wraps the loose strand of barbed wire around his arm and then he stalks his prey. He finally locks in the Bulldog Choke with the arm that is choking the throat of Kingston being the one wrapped in the single strand of barbed wire. Eventually Kingston has no choice but to say the two words he didn’t want to utter. “I quit.” Jon Moxley’s music begins playing and the referee hands him the AEW World Heavyweight Championship belt, which he is still the proud owner of after this brutally violent “I Quit Match” main event here at AEW Full Gear.

Winner and STILL AEW World Heavyweight Champion: Jon Moxley

After the match, Moxley helps Kingston up, but Kingston wants none of it. Moxley tries to talk with Kingston, he just shakes his head at the champion and stumbles to the back. Moxley goes to the turnbuckle and raises up the title. Omega then heads out and smiles at Moxley. He says a few words to him, but doesn’t get in the ring. Omega heads to the back as Moxley celebrates a bit more.

AEW Full Gear Results – November 7, 2020

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