Victory Road Results – October 3, 2020

Victory Road Results - October 3, 2020

Victory Road 2020 is live and we’re getting the build-up package for the card tonight. Then, we are ready for our first match of the night!

The Rascals vs. XXXL

Wentz and Ace will get the action started tonight. Wentz is using his speed and quickness to his advantage early on, but Ace ends up sending Wentz to the outside. Xavier and Larry D become the legal men and Larry is using his power to his advantage with repeated slams. Extremely choppy feed with the broadcast tonight. Ace gets the tag and comes in tossing Xavier around the ring.

Xavier tries to counter into a rip-cord shot but is caught and slammed to the canvas. XXXL cutting the ring in half and not letting Xavier get to his corner. Larry D back in as the legal man and continues working on a grounded Xavier. Clubbing blows from Larry. Xavier finally fighting back, but the comeback is quickly stopped as he gets caught in a powerbomb. Xavier crawling and makes the tag.

Wentz with the hot tag comes in clearing house. Massive kicks on Larry D and a standing moonsault. Pin attempt, but Ace comes in to break it up. Xavier back in as the legal man and stuck between Ace and Larry. Big bomb from Ace – cover and Wentz breaks it up. Xavier stringing together some offense and hits the Final Flash for the win.

Winners: The Rascals

Victory Road 2020 continues with the second match of the night.

Brian Meyers vs. Tommy Dreamer

A lockup gets this match started and it looks the technical issues have finally been worked out. Meyers with a deep arm drag. Dreamer with a wrist lock and Meyers rolls through and takes Dreamer down with a side headlock. Dreamer back up and hits Meyers with a shoulder tackle. The guys reset and Dreamer connects with a fireman’s carry. Meyers back up and takes advantage of Dreamer when he’s not paying attention.

Meyers whipped into the corner – Dreamer follows and is sent shoulder first into the ring post. Meyers with a suplex and a cover, but a quick kick out by Dreamer. Dreamer hits the ropes and gets tripped up by Meyers. Elbow drop from Meyers – cover and a two count. Meyers drives his knee into Dreamer’s back and sinks in a chin lock. Dreamer gets to his feet, inside cradle and Meyers kicks out. Meyers back in control and keeping Dreamer grounded. Dreamer gets back to his feet and hits the ropes. Meyers misses the leg sweep and ends up on the outside and Dreamer follows up with a baseball slide kick.

Both men get back in the ring and Dreamer goes for the bionic elbow, but Meyers stops it. Sky High by Dreamer – cover and a near fall. Meyers with a signature double-underhook DDT. Cover and Dreamer gets the ropes to break the pin. Meyers calling for the finish, misses and Dreamer counters with a cutter. Cover and another near fall. Meyers back in control and going up top, but Dreamer cuts him off and hits a DDT. Cover and the former Curt Hawkins gets his foot on the rope.

Dreamer goes up top and gets cut off by Meyers. Meyers with a big lariat and cover for the win.

Winner: Brian Meyers

Backstage we see Moose banging on a door asking for Scott D’Amore. He wants to know why he’s wrestling tonight and Scott says he’s wrestling because that’s what wrestlers do and he will be facing Tre Miguel.

Defeat Rohit Challenge For The X-Division Championship

Rohit takes the mic and says he wants to give opportunities like nobody ever gave him and issued an open challenge. Willie Mack’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

The bell rings and this match officially gets under way with a lockup. Mack backs the much smaller Rohit to the corner and resets. Rohit with a side headlock on Mack and gets sent to the ropes. Rohit attempts the shoulder tackle but goes down himself. Mack with a spinning arm drag and a hurricanrana. Rohit recoups and goes on the offensive with a couple of rights. Mack doesn’t take much and counters with hard shots of his own.

Rohit with a leg sweep. Mack sends Rohit to the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick. Rohit to the outside and Mack follows and delivers a hard right hand before dropping Rohit on the apron. Back in the ring, Rohit catches a kick to the midsection and regains control. Rohit with a rollup, but no good. Rohit with a kick to the side of the face – cover and a near fall. Rohit working on a grounded Mack and screaming that he’s a giving champion.

Mack fighting back to his feet. Rohit hits the ropes and connects on a neck breaker. Pin attempt, but Mack kicks out. Rohit with a series of elbows. Cover is only good for a two count. Mack back up and hits the atomic drop and follows it up with clothesline and back elbow. Powerful body slam followed up by a leg drop. Mack with a back body drop and a standing moonsault. Cover and a near fall! The guys get back to their feet and Rohit gets Mack into a crossface! Mack is crawling towards the ropes. Once at the ropes, Rohit uses the ropes and rolls back into the middle of the ring.

Mack somehow fights out of it and gets back to his feet, but gets leveled with a running knee. Cover and a near fall. Rohit goes up top for the double stomp, but misses and gets caught with a back elbow. Suplex from Mack – cover and a near fall. The two avoid charges into the corner but run into each other. Rohit rolls to the outside and gets counted out. Mack wins the match, but Rohit retains the title.

Winner via count out: Willie Mack

Sami Callahan and Ken Shamrock are shown backstage and Sami says he’s trying to get Shamrock back to being the world’s most dangerous man.

Kaleb is in the ring and introduces Tenille Dashwood.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

Grace with a side headlock. Dashwood counters and takes down Grace. Dashwood with another side headlock but gets sent to the ropes and eats a shoulder tackle from Grace. Grace in clear control now and smashes Dashwood’s head into the turnbuckle and follows it up with a combo of offense. Grace with a splash off the top, but Dashwood rolls out of the way. Dashwood getting some offense in, but Grace counters with a neck-breaker on the ropes.

Dashwood recovers and sends Grace to the outside. Dashwood follows, but gets sent into the guard rail by Grace. Grace charges in but misses and hits the guard rail herself. Dashwood rolls into the ring to stop the count out and goes back to the outside. Dashwood slams Grace face first into the steel ring steps and the count out begins. The ladies get back in the ring at the count of 9.

Dashwood firmly in control with an elbow to the back of the head/neck area and stretches Grace out in the middle of the ring. Grace rolls through the submission attempt and the two exchange quick pin attempts. Dashwood sends Grace into the turnbuckle. Grace gets tied up in the tree of woe. Dashwood slides to the outside and grabs the hair of Grace, pulling her head back into the ring post. Dashwood climbs up top, but Grace sits up and flips her off the top rope.

Hard forearm shots exchanged and Grace with a pair of body slams and follows it up with a big spine buster. Cover and a near fall. Clubbing blows from Grace. Dashwood with a butterfly suplex – cover and a near fall. Back elbow from Grace and sends Dashwood shoulder first into the ring post. Grace bomb off the ropes – cover and a near fall. Kaleb distracts the ref while Grace has her tapping. Inside cradle by Dashwood gets the near fall. Spotlight Kick by Dashwood for the finish.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Motor City Machine Guns backstage say no matter what, they will remain the tag champions.

Reno Scum vs. Rhino & Heath

Rhino starts the match with Luster. Luster with a wrist lock. Rhino with a side headlock. Rhino sent to the ropes and connects on the shoulder tackle. Luster back to his feet and hits a series of right hands. Heath gets the tag and continues working the arm of Luster. Luster escapes and tags Adam in. Deep arm drag by Heath. Elbow to the shoulder of Adam and Rhino takes the tag.

Cover by Rhino – kick out at two. Adam sent into the corner and goes face first off the turnbuckle. Rhino continues working the arm of Adam – tags Heath in who takes over doing the same. Heath gets leveled from the outside man, Luster. Luster gets the tag and the momentum has shifted. Luster drives a pair of knees into the throat of Heath. Reno Scum in clear control. Adam back in as the legal man and Heath is in trouble. Nice dropkick by Adam. Heath is desperately trying to make a tag but Reno Scum doing a nice job cutting the ring in half.

Double axe handle from Luster, who’s the legal man. Heath close to making the tag, but Luster drives Heath back across the ring. Adam with the tag, but quickly tags Luster back in. Heath fighting out of the corner, but Luster shuts it down and regains control. Cover and a two count. Full Nelson by Luster, followed by a snap mare. Adam with the tag. Adam with a chin lock. Heath trying to get back to his feet and finally does. Running knee strike by Heath and finally gets to Rhino.

Rhino with the hot tag and making easy work of Reno Scum. Adam sent to the outside, but the legal man is Luster. Double clothesline! Heath tags himself in and lays out Luster. Adam hits Heath over the ropes. Rhino in with a gore. Heath hits a Wake Up Call on Adam for the win.

Winners: Rhino & Heath

Moose vs. Trey Miguel

Moose snatches Miguel and throws him into the corner. Miguel chops him, but Moose doesn’t budge. Moose knocks Miguel down with a chop of his own. Moose is choking Miguel in the corner. Miguel counters out and hits a running uppercut and a kick to the head. Miguel goes up top and Moose throws him off the top back into the middle of the ring. Moose with another strong chop and levels Miguel.

Moose stomps the fingers of Miguel. Moose sends Miguel hard into the corner and Miguel collapses to the canvas. Moose choking Miguel over the middle rope now. Miguel is sent hard into the opposite corner and collapses again. Miguel is trying to fight back, but one clubbing blow from Moose shuts him down. Uppercut from Moose. Miguel trying to mount some offense again, but is once again shut down. Moose screams that he’s going to end his career and it fires Miguel up. Hard forearms from Miguel, but Moose hits him with a standing Rock Bottom.

Miguel finally getting some offense in with an absolute flurry of kicks. Dive to the outside sends Moose to the guard rail. And another one! Miguel flips over the top rope, but is caught and slammed into the apron. An EC3 logo appears on the screen and distracts Moose – Miguel rolls him up for the finish.

Winner: Trey Miguel

After the match, Moose tries to find EC3 in the production truck, but EC3 isn’t there. He leaves the truck and finds the TNA Championship surrounded by candles. EC3 attacks Moose from and declares that everything dies… even the TNA Championship.

Ace Austin vs. Josh Alexander vs. Karl Anderson vs. Alex Shelley

Shelley and Anderson start the match off. Shelley with a wrist lock and a series of take downs. Anderson tags in Austin. Shelley with a side headlock on Austin and hits the ropes. Austin with the take down. Shelley with a back elbow and Austin follows up with a standing dropkick. Kick to Austin’s back by Shelley. Shelley sends Austin into the ropes and connects on the back body drop. Shelley tags Alexander in.

Alexander comes in with a big boot on Austin and rolls to the outside. Austin tags in Anderson. Anderson hits the ropes but gets tripped up from the outside. Alexander capitalizes with a boot to the face. Anderson in trouble in the corner. Alexander comes off the middle rope with a flying knee to the back of Anderson. Anderson connects on an uppercut and Austin gets the tag in.

Anderson and Austin are the legal men but lay each other out. Anderson tags in Shelley. Shelley sent to the corner and fires back with a dropkick to the knee of Austin. Pair of dragon leg screws from Shelley. Alexander comes in and Shelley drop toe holds him onto Austin and grabs them both for a single-leg Boston crab. Austin gets back to his feet and connects on the enziguri. Shelley with a cutter over the top rope.

Ace Austin pulls the card out of his sleeve and slices it in the webbing of Shelley’s fingers. Austin with a body slam on Shelley. Off the top, Austin misses the Phoenix Splash and Shelley hits the snap suplex. Shelley tags in Anderson. Austin tags in Alexander. Anderson lays him out and hits the back splash. Alexander answers back with a boot, but Anderson recovers with a big spine buster. Alexander accidentally knocks the ref down and all hell breaks loose with the other tag team partners getting involved. Ref comes back to and sees the madness – kicks the four extra men out.

Back to the action, Alexander throws Austin off the top rope. Anderson goes up top and attempts the superplex, but gets thrown off. Austin superkicks Anderson and hits a powerbomb/suplex combo on Austin/Alexander. Frog Splash by Shelley – cover and a near fall. Austin with a roundhouse kick to the face to Alexander. Stun Gun by Anderson. Shelley hit with a Wonder Hook by Alexander for the finish!

Winner: Josh Alexander

Dreamer approaches Meyers backstage and thanks him for the match and tries to bury the hatchet. Meyers says he doesn’t respect him and calls him a washed up has-been. Dreamer promises he will see the innovator on violence on Tuesday.

Susie vs. Deonna Purrazzo (c) – Knockouts Championship match

Deonna and Susie with the tie up and Deonna backs her into the corner. Deonna backed into the corner on the reset. Deonna calls for the knuckle lock, but Susie counters into wrist lock. Deonna with the reverse and kick to the midsection. Susie sent to the ropes and tackles Deonna. Deonna goes back to wrenching the arm of Susie. Susie escapes and takes Deonna down with a side headlock.

Susie with an uppercut and bulldog. Pin attempt and a near fall. Susie with a string of offense, capitalized with a running kick. Deonna rolls to the outside to recoup. Susie with a dive to the outside and takes out Deonna. Susie going up top, but gets cut off by Deonna, who flips her back into the center of the ring. Deonna back in control and working the arm of Susie.

Deonna with a stomp and pin attempt, but Susie manages to kick out. Clubbing blows to the back of Susie now. Deonna following up with a strong chop. Charges Susie in the corner, but Susie counters into a sunset flip and the cover is no good. Deonna with a back elbow and a short-arm clothesline. Cover and a near fall. Deonna charges into the corner again and misses – going shoulder first into the ring post.

Susie looking to capitalize on the rattled Deonna and hits her with a monkey flip. Palm strikes and chops by Susie and Deonna is reeling! Roll up by Susie, but Deonna kicks out at two. Susie is going up top and connects with the cross body. Pin attempt but the ref gets distracted by Kimber Lee. Leg sweep by Deonna into the arm bar, but Susie gets out of it. Panic Switch attempt, but Deonna gets out and goes for the arm bar. Deonna with the double arm bar attempt and Susie gives up.

Winner and still Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

After the match, it’s announced that Kylie Rae will be the next challenger for Deonna. Deonna and Kimber Lee attack Kylie and Susie, leaving them both face down in the ring.

Impact Championship Match – Eric Young (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Your main event is officially under way! Young begging Eddie to bring it on and Eddie obliges with a big boot right out of the gate. The action quickly spills to the outside. Eddie coming over the top rope and takes out Young. Suicide dive by Eddie to the outside and takes Young down again. Young is split open already as Eddie connects on several head butts. The action is on the ramp – Eddie goes for the pile driver, but eats a back drop instead and the tides have turned.

Hard elbow shots to the back of Eddie. Young sends Eddie face first into the ring post and follows up with a knee drop. Back in the ring now and Young clubbing Eddie’s back. Young is bleeding from below his eye, but taking the fight to Eddie with a boot to the face. Eddie connects on an atomic drop and a belly-to-back suplex to regain control. Hard chops from Eddie. Young sent to the corner and gets the boot up on a charging Eddie.

Young back in control. Extremely physical contest and Young is taking the fight to Eddie with a flurry of strikes. Eddie manages to get some shots in and hits the Backpack Stunner. Cover and a near fall. Eddie looking for a piledriver, but Young drives him into the corner. Eddie goes up top, but Young splits the legs and racks him over the turnbuckle. Young going to work on the knee of Eddie.

Out on the apron, Eddie tries fighting back with a couple of headbutts, but Young snatches his knee and drops it on the edge of the apron and Eddie is seriously favoring that injured knee. Young with another knee drop on the steel steps and rolls back into the ring while Eddie is clutching his knee on the outside. Young caves and attacks Eddie on the outside, kicking his knee into the guard rail.

Young slips back into the ring and demands the count out start. Young isn’t satisfied – goes to the outside and rolls Eddie back into the ring. Hard right hand by Young and goes back to work on the knee. Russian leg sweep by Young and immediately jumps to working the knee and ankle of Eddie. Eddie with a jaw breaker and a suplex out of nowhere. Hard right by Young. Eddie fires back. Exchanging shots now and Eddie gets the upper hand momentarily before Young rocks him with a forearm.

Eddie fires up and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb. Cover and a near fall. Another Blue Thunder Bomb by Eddie – cover and another two count! Eddie looking for the double underhook, but Young hits the TKO. Eddie rolls to the ropes to prevent the pin. Superkick from Eddie. Looks for the Boston Knee Party, but it’s no good and Young hits a neck breaker. Young up top and connects on the flying elbow drop. Cover and Eddie manages to kick out at two.

Young is frustrated, trying to figure out what he has to do to put Eddie away. Young looking for the piledriver, but Eddie hits the back drop. Hard forearm. Tiger Driver from Eddie! Cover and Young manages to kick out at two. Eddie looking for the Boston Knee Party, but Young gets the hand up and rolls backwards out of it. Both men going up top. Blue Thunder Bomb off the top rope! Cover and once again, Young manages to kick out at two.

Going back up top and Eddie goes knees first back into the ring. Young going for the ankle lock, but Eddie gets out and connects on the Boston Knee Party. Cover, but Young gets his foot on the rope at the last second. Young hits the pile driver and sinks in the ankle lock again. Eddie taps out!

Winner and still Impact Champion: Eric Young

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