NXT Results – October 14, 2020

NXT Results - October 14, 2020

Tonight’s NXT episode starts off with a look back at last week.

We are in the Capitol Wrestling Centre and your announcers are Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix, and Vic Joseph.

The Undisputed Era – Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish with Kyle O’Reilly, makes his way to the ring.

Kyle O’Reilly says a lot of people look at us and think we are done. I will be cleared next week and Adam Cole is dealing with broken ribs. We didn’t get our hands on Ridge Holland, but if we did, he would be in the same hospital bed. We will find whoever compensated Ridge and hurt them. Kyle says the first step in the second prophecy and they will win tonight and then win the tag titles next week. Kyle says that is Undisputed.

Out next comes Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. The winners of this match will become the new #1 contenders to NXT Tag Team Champions Breezango.

#1 Contender’s Match: Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Strong and Lorcan start things off, going back and forth to the mat. Strong drops Lorcan with shoulders but they end up back on the mat. Fish and Burch tag in and trade offense now. Fish drops Burch but misses a springboard from the apron. Burch with a big kick and an uppercut, and a second uppercut to drop him. Burch keeps control and tags in Lorcan for some double teaming on Fish. Lorcan quickly grounds Fish once again, keeping him near their corner.

Strong ends up tagging in but Lorcan doesn’t see it. He fights both competitors off but they nail a double backbreaker to turn it around. We see the NXT Tag Team Champions watching the match from the stage as the show goes to picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and Fandango watches the action with Tyler Breeze as Fish unloads on Lorcan in the corner. Strong tags back in but Lorcan sends Fish to the floor and goes at it with Strong, dropping him with a boot. Strong goes for the Strong Hold to stop the tag but he gets kicked into the turnbuckles. Fish goes to the top and misses a flying headbutt as Lorcan moves. Burch tags in and levels Fish, then unloads on Strong in the corner. Burch tosses Strong into Fish and they both go down. Burch catches Strong with a powerbomb for a 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Fish ends up dropping Burch with a Samoan Drop for a 2 count. Lorcan is down on the outside now as Burch fights off another double team. Burch with a double dropkick from the middle rope. Lorcan gets the tag and levels Strong with a running uppercut. Lorcan with more running attacks on Fish and Strong, including a double Blockbuster. Burch and Lorcan go to double team Strong but Fish breaks it up. Burch takes Strong into a Crossface while Lorcan applies a submission on Fish but they’re broken up. Fish and Lorcan end up on the floor. Burch levels Strong with a clothesline.

Lorcan tags back in and they hit the assisted DDT on Strong. Lorcan covers for the pin but Fish pulls him to the floor. Fish comes in to attack Lorcan while Burch is on the apron. Burch gets dropped. Strong drops Lorcan with a jumping knee for the pin to win and earn the title shot.

Winners and New #1 Contenders: The Undisputed Era

After the match, Strong and Fish stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays. O’Reilly joins them in the ring as Breezango applauds from the stage. The two teams taunt each other.

— McKenzie Mitchell is backstage, showing how NXT Champion Finn Balor underwent surgery on his broken jaw this past Friday. Regarding the NXT Title, NXT General Manager William Regal is going to let Balor recover for a few weeks and then see what they should do about the title.

— Still to come, Ember Moon gives a sitdown interview. Back to commercial.

— We are back and Ember Moon says 2019 was a terrible year for her. She ruptured her Achilles and tore it in half. She can’t let people define who she is. She says she knew who she had to prove it to. When she heard she was cleared, she knew she was coming back to NXT. She took herself out of the draft to come home. This is where he feels alive. It is in her body and her heart. She wanted to come to the best women’s division in wrestling.

On my first night back, I stared down Io. When I left NXT, I left on top. That was then and now it is a whole new game. You don’t get a title shot based on your past accolades. It is what have you done lately. To get back to the NXT Championship, I have to go through a who’s who of great talents. I don’t care who I have to beat and prove myself to, all roads led me back to NXT. Ember’s Law will lead me back to my title.

Ashante Thee Adonis vs. Jake Atlas

Back and forth to start the match as we get a stalemate. Atlas drops Adonis with a kick after he shows off too much. They go at it again. Adonis has to roll through off the top but he comes right back with a dropkick for a 2 count. The have some words and exchange slaps now. They trade strikes on their feet in the middle of the ring now.

Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza of Legado del Fantasma suddenly appear at ringside, staring the in-ring competitors down. Atlas takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Adonis up for the win.

Winner: Jake Atlas

After the bell, Wilde and Mendoza pull Adonis to the floor and beat him down. Atlas makes the save and then stands with Adonis in the ring. NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar comes down the ramp and looks at his partners, who are trying to get up now that he’s out. Escobar approaches the ring but Isaiah “Swerve” Scott enters the ring from the other side, with steel chairs. Swerve, Atlas and Adonis stand together with chairs in the ring as Legado del Fantasma stares back from ringside.

— McKenzie is with the Garganos and she asks Candice about her opportunity tonight against Shotzi Blackheart.  Candice says she is the uncrowned champion.  Johnny asks how does Dexter Lumis deserve a title match?  It is their destiny to become champions.  Johnny is asked if he is looking past Austin Theory.  Johnny says that Austin is young and has a big mouth and he will get what is coming to him. They walk off and we go back to commercial.

Johnny Gargano vs. Austin Theory

Gargano goes for the ankle and he takes Theory to the mat.  Gargano with a front face lock and Theory tries to escape but Gargano holds on.  Gargano with a wrist lock into a hammer lock.  Theory with a side head lock.  Theory with a shoulder tackle but Gargano with a drop kick and chop.  Gargano with another chop.  Gargano with an Irish whip and Gargano does not follow in when Theory tries for a float over.  Gargano with an arm drag into an arm bar.

Theory with a waist lock and Gargano with a standing switch.  Gargano with a take down and he tries for the GargaNo Escape but Theory gets to the ropes.  Theory with a back elbow and Gargano goes down.  Theory with a short arm clothesline and standing moonsault for a near fall.  

Theory wtih a forearm to the back and kicks.  Theory with a forearm to the back.  Gargano avoids a forearm and he connects with shoulders in the corner.  Theory with a drop toe hold that sends Gargano into the turnbuckles and Theory with a slingshot rolling drop kick. Theory with a forearm and Gargano fires back.  Theory with kicks and he gets Gargano on his shoudlers but Gargano escapes.  Gargano with an enzuigiri and a slingshot spear.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Gargano with an abdominal stretch on Theory.  Theory with a tilt-a-whirl TKO.  Theory with a slingshot boot followed by a suplex.  Theory sets for Ataxia but Gargano escapes.  Gargano goes for a super kick to block a rolling drop kick but Theory blocks it.  Theory with a super kick and back breaker for a near fall.  Theory with forearms to the back and a super kick.  Theory gets Gargano up but Gargano with elbows to escape.  Gargano with a boot to Theory and Gargano goes to the turnbuckles.  Gargano wtih a cross body but Theory rolls through and holds on and gets Gargano on his shoulders.  Gargano tries for a sunset flip but Theory drops down for a near fall.  

Theory with chops to Gargano.  Gargano with forearms and Theory fires back.  They go back and forth.  Gargano blocks a kick and then Gargano with a super kick and Theory goes down to his knees.  Gargano gets Theory up for a lawn dart.  Gargano with a forearm.  Gargano goes to the apron for the slingshot DDT and he hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Johnny Gargano

After the match, Gargano stands tall as his music hits. The crowd boos him. Theory sits up in the corner as Gargano exits the ring but stops and turns back around, looking at Theory with what appears to be a show of respect. Gargano heads to the back.

— Raquel Gonzalez is backstage with words for Rhea Ripley. She issues a challenge for Halloween Havoc but Ripley appears several feet over across the room. They trash talk each other and agree that they don’t have to wait for Halloween Havoc. They get ready to start brawling but NXT officials get in between them to break it up.

— Still to come, Blackheart vs. LeRae to determine the new #1 contender.

— We are back with a look back at KUSHIDA versus Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream’s involvement in the finish of the match. Ciampa says Dream is dead.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Candice LeRae in a Number One Contender Match

They lock up and Shotzi with a wrist lock take down.  Shotzi slides under a clothesline and hits a drop kick.  Shotzi misses a splash in the ropes and Candice goes for a neck breaker but Shotzi holds on to the ropes.  Shotzi is knocked to he floor and Candice with a baseball slide but Shotzi gets back into the ring.  Shotzi with a suicide dive and she howls.  Shotzi gets a near fall.  Candice with a jaw breaker and Shotzi with a facebuster and a TKO into a facebuster for a near fall.  Candice kicks Shotzi in the corner.  Candice with a splash into the corner followed by a snap mare for a near fall.  Candice gets a near fall.  Candice with a double wrist lock. 

Candice works on the neck.  Candice with a suplex and she gets a near fall.  Candice chokes Shotzi in the ropes.  Shotzi with forearms but Candice fires back.  Candice with a snap mare and she kicks Shotzi in the corner.  Candice gets a near fall.  Shotzi blocks a suplex attempt and Shotzi with a suplex of her own.  Shotzi runs into a boot and they both go to the apron.  Shotzi kicks Candice and Candice sends Shotzi face first into the ring post.

Candice drops Shotzi face first on the apron as we go commercial.

We are back and Candice pushes Shotzi into the corner and Shotzi gets a boot up.  Shotzi avoids Candice and hits a drop kick and splash into the corner.  Shotzi with a running bulldog and a rolling elbow.  Shotzi gets a near fall.  Shotzi goes to the turnbuckles and goes for the back senton but Candice gets her knees up and Candice gets a near fall.  Shotzi puts Candice on the turnbuckles for a superplex but Candice escapes and Candice with a German suplex.  Candice with a super kick and she gets a near fall.  Candice kicks Shotzi in the midsection.  Shotzi blocks a kick and hits a Tiger Suplex for a near fall.  Shotzi gets Candice on her shoulders but Candice with a lungblower and a quebrada for a near fall.

Shotzi with a rollup for a near fall.  Shotzi with a modified Cattle Mutilation but Candice gets to the apron.  Shotzi kicks Candice and goes up top but Candice stops Shotzi.  Shotzi sends Candice to the mat and Shotzi with a Thesz Press and then Shotzi goes up top but Candice rolls out of the way and to the floor.  Candice backs away and Indi Hartwell gives Candice brass knuckles.  Shotzi grabs Candice and Candice with the Power of the Punch for the three count.

After the match, Candice stands tall as her music hits. Fans boo her. LeRae exits the ring and hands the brass knuckles back to Hartwell. LeRae then makes her exit as the title match with Shirai is confirmed for Halloween Havoc. LeRae taunts the crowd as she heads to the back.

Winner:  Candice LeRae

— We see Drake Maverick and Killian Dain in an office and Drake has a marketing campaign for them as a team.  Killian does not like the way that he looks in the drawings.  Drake wants to call the The Furry and the Fury. We go to commercial.

— Aliyah and Robert Stone are in the ring and Robert says there is a lot of talent that does not want to work with them.  Their loss is someone else’s gain.  

Toni Storm vs. Aliyah

Aliyah approaches and runs her mouth, then tries to get the upperhand but Storm attacks and drops her with a headbutt. Storm keeps control and nails a dropkick for a 2 count. Storm misses in the corner and Aliyah follows up with an attack. Aliyah shows off some but covers for a 2 count. Aliyah unloads on Storm in the corner now, yelling and screaming at her as Stone cheers her on.

They tangle some and Aliyah nails a swinging neckbreaker for another close 2 count. Aliyah grounds Storm on the mat now. Storm with an arm drag to get free. Storm takes Aliyah back down for a 2 count. Storm catches Aliyah with an inverted Atomic Drop and a big chop, then another inverted Atomic Drop and another chop.

Storm ducks a clothesline and hits a German suplex for a pop. Storm with a Hip Attack in the corner, then a big clothesline while Aliyah is on her knees. Storm then hits the Storm Zero in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Toni Storm

After the match, Storm stands tall in the middle of the ring as her music hits. We go to replays as fans cheer her on. Storm poses in the corner and then in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheers her on.

— McKenzie is backstage with NXT General Manager William Regal. He’s not happy with the end of Candice LeRae vs. Shotzi Blackheart but the referee’s decision is final, and LeRae vs. Io Shirai is official for Halloween Havoc. He’s not sure about consequences for the finish just yet as he’s still deciding. Regal also announces Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez for Halloween Havoc. Xia Li walks up with Big Boa right behind her. Li says she needs a match for next week, it’s important that she rights her wrongs. Regal says he will take it into consideration. Li says Regal doesn’t understand, it’s very important that she gets a match next week. Boa nods at Regal. Regal says he will take it into consideration. Li and Boa thank Regal, then walk off. Regal asks McKenzie to excuse him as he has business to tend to.

— Still to come, Imperium vs. Dain and Drake. Back to commercial.

Imperium vs. Killian Dain and Drake Maverick

We go back to the ring and out first comes Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner of Imperium as fans boo. Out next is the team of Killian Dain and Drake Maverick, using their goofy theme song.

Dain yells at Drake but chooses to start the match off. Dain fights off Aichner and slams him. Dain tags in Drake and launches him over the top rope, onto Aichner. They go to double team Aichner now but Dain does all the work. Drake tries to high-five him and then covers for a 1 count. Aichner levels Drake and tags in Barthel for the double team. Barthel dominates Drake and keeps him down in the corner.

Aichner tags back in and taunts Dain, then turns around to boots from Drake in the corner. Aichner tags back in but Drake drops him. Barthel also goes down. Drake crawls for the tag and makes it. Dain tags in and unloads on both opponents. Dain fights off the double team but then gets a Spinebuster from Aichner, and a kick from Barthel. Aichner talks trash while Dain is down but Dain comes right back with a big suplex to Aichner. Dain tags in Drake and he unloads on both competitors.

Drake and Aichner go at it now. Drake drops Aichner into the middle turnbuckle, then kicks him. Barthel sends Dain into the steel steps at ringside. Drake leaps off the top but Aichner catches him and drops him with a Brainbuster. Barthel tags in and they hit the Imperial Implosion double team from the corner. Barthel covers Drake for the pin to get the fairly quick win.

Winners: Imperium

After the match, Imperium stands tall in the middle of the ring as their music hits. Dain recovers at ringside and he’s not happy. Imperium heads to the back now. Ever-Rise hits the ring and bullies Drake in the corner now. They slap him to the floor and taunt him some more. Dain suddenly runs over and flattens both Chase Parker and Matt Martel. Dain tells Drake, “No one hits you but me!” Dain walks off but their theme song starts back up and he hurries to the back as Drake follows.

— We see Damian Priest and Dexter Lumis walking backstage for the main event. Back to commercial.

— Back from the break and the announcers hype Halloween Havoc – Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez, plus Candice LeRae vs. NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai. Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish vs. NXT Tag Team Champions Breezango is announced for next Wednesday.

NXT North American Title Match: Dexter Lumis vs. Damian Priest

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes NXT North American Champion Damian Priest. Dexter Lumis is out next.

The bell rings and they size each other up. They lock up and Priest takes it to the corner. They stay locked up, going from corner to corner and into the ropes as the referee warns them. They break in the ropes and stare each other down. They lock up again and Lumis applies a headlock. Priest fights out and drops Lumis with a shoulder. Lumis gets right back up and in his face. Priest laughs and applies a headlock. They run the ropes again and Priest ends up taking Lumis down with an arm drag, grounding him in the middle of the ring.

Lumis takes it to the corner and the referee breaks the hold. Priest whips Lumis into the opposite corner but gets sent to the apron. Priest bends the arm and goes to the top, walking the ropes for a high crossbody off the rope. Priest with another deep arm drag to ground Lumis again. Priest with a few strikes now. Lumis runs into a back elbow in the corner. They stare each other down again and Priest taunts Luis, telling him to bring it. Lumis attacks and hits a Thesz Press, then delivers several strikes. Lumis unloads in the corner now.

Priest eventually fights out of the corner with kicks. A big kick stuns Lumis and he goes down. Priest charges with a flying elbow into the corner. Priest with a Broken Arrow in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Lumis rolls to the floor for a breather as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Lumis is mounting offense now. Lumis with a big bulldog. Priest catches Lumis in the corner and they trade counters. Lumis with a big Spinebuster in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Lumis goes for the big slam but Priest fights him off. Lumis takes it to the corner but Priest fights free by unloading with big elbow strikes. Priest rocks Lumis with a roundhouse kick and hits the Flatliner in the middle of the ring. Lumis kicks out just in time.

Priest goes right into the ankle lock, bending Lumis’ injured ankle and twisting it as Lumis screams out. The referee checks on Lumis as Priest tightens the hold. Lumis kicks Priest away. Priest dodges a right hand and hits the bell clap, then another big kick. Lumis slides out of the Razor’s Edge and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Lumis kips up and nails a leg drop for another close pin attempt in the middle of the ring. Lumis goes to the top for the Swanton but Priest moves and Lumis lands hard.

Priest gets up and levels the challenger with a big clothesline. Fans rally as Priest stalks Lumis. Lumis ducks a roundhouse kick. Lumis grabs Priest but Priest resists. Lumis slams Priest with the side slam, then goes into the Silencer submission but Priest gets the bottom rope to break the hold. They end up on the floor and Lumis sends Priest into the barrier. Lumis brings it back in but Cameron Grimes stomps him on the apron with the Cave In while the referee is checking on Priest. Grimes ducks back down to the edge of the ring and hides, laughing. Lumis stumbles to his feet and Priest nails his South of Heaven finisher for the pin to retain in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Damian Priest

After the match, Priest recovers and takes his title as the music hits. We go to replays. Priest makes his exit and in comes Grimes to corner Lumis. Priest sees this and comes back in to drop Grimes with the Reckoning. Priest’s music starts back up as he goes to the stage to fire his arrows. Johnny Gargano suddenly attacks from behind with a steel chair. Fans boo as Gargano delivers another chair shot to Priest while he’s down. Candice LeRae joins Gargano and they stand over Priest. NXT General Manager William Regal comes out and says they must be proud of themselves. Regal adds Gargano vs. Priest to Halloween Havoc, for the title. He raises the stakes and says don’t just take it from him, take it from the host of Halloween Havoc. Shotzi Blackheart appears on the opposite stage and announces that Gargano and LeRae’s title matches at Halloween Havoc will be determined by the “Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal” wheel. The wheel appears on a screen behind Blackheart and starts spinning, a throwback to WCW. Blackheart starts howling and laughing as The Garganos react. NXT goes off the air.

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