Another COVID-19 Outbreak Affecting Halloween Havoc?

Another COVID-19 Outbreak Affecting Halloween Havoc?

According to Dave Meltzer, there has been another COVID-19 outbreak in WWE. This would be the third reported outbreak in the company.

Meltzer notes that this outbreak was at the Performance Center, also known as the Capitol Wrestling Center and the same building that is now hosting the weekly NXT shows. The outbreak reportedly happened on Friday and people who were there were asked to quarantine so contract tracing could be done.

Meltzer added that there are reports coming from WWE that state that some people scheduled for NXT Halloween Havoc on Wednesday night are affected and some parts of the show will need to be changed.

A WWE source added that nobody that is an NXT regular has tested positive. However, a negative test would not give someone clearance to appear on the show since a quarantine would also apply to those who may have been in contact with someone who tested positive and a negative test today could be positive tomorrow.

This news may explain Bronson Reed’s tweet from earlier:

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