WWE Smackdown Results – September 18, 2020

WWE Smackdown Results - September 18, 2020

We are live from the WWE Thunderdome at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL, as we go right to the ring for the return of The Dirt Sheet. 

The Miz and John Morrison welcome us to the segment and do their introductions.

They plan to give us the dirt tonight, and not Otis’ underwear. Miz teases dirt on topics about SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, Jey Uso and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and more, but first Miz brings up Mandy Rose. We see footage from Talking Smack last weekend, where Miz got Rose traded to RAW from SmackDown by calling in a favor. Miz says he is not playing mind games with Otis or using his influence to play games, he’s just trying to help Otis because he knows what it’s like having the Money In the Bank contract – you have to be on high alert, looking for every chance possible, and Otis couldn’t do that with his girlfriend around. Miz says he sent Mandy away, now Otis can focus on cashing in his contract. Miz says Otis should be thanking him because he sent away the one true thing that was keeping him from the top of WWE.

Miz says Mandy has already moved on over at RAW. Morrison says Dolph Ziggler is at RAW and they want to do more than smell that rose over there. The music hits and out comes Otis. Otis hits the ring and unloads on both heels. He clears the ring and tosses their chairs out behind them. Tucker comes over and tosses Miz back in, where Otis launches him back to the mat. Tucker rolls Morrison in next and Otis dumps him over the top rope back to the floor. Otis punishes Miz some more and hits him with the Caterpillar. Otis then climbs the corner and hits the Vader Bomb on Miz. The Heavy Machinery music hits next as Otis stands tall over Miz before leaving. Tucker hypes him up, Money In the Bank briefcase in hand.

– Cole and Graves hype tonight’s show, including Sasha Banks‘ return. Otis goes back into the ring and beats up The Miz some more. Miz has his clothes ripped off and we see he’s wearing “tighty whities” now, after joking earlier about Otis wearing them. Otis and Tucker as Miz runs away to the back, trying to cover himself up with John Morrison helping. We go to commercial.

– We are back and John Morrison tells Miz his plan worked but Otis is angry and he doesn’t like Otis angry. Kayla Braxton ambushes Miz and Morrison and Miz takes a call and asks if that was enough and Miz gives a thumbs up.

– We go to footage from earlier today of Lince Dorado and Kalisto giving Metalik some advice.  Dorado says he knows what Metalik needs.  Kalisto says he knows what Metalik needs.

– Cesaro says the Lucha House Party is drawn to the titles like a flame.  Nakamura says something in Japanese and then they say that they are the fire.

Gran Metalik vs. Cesaro

Metalik with a rollup for a near fall.  Metalik with a satellite head scissors.  Cesaro catches Metalik off the turnbuckles and Cesaro with a slam and boot to Metalik.  Cesaro sends Metalik into the turnbuckles and follows with a punch.  Metalik with punches and Cesaro pushes him into the corner and connects with a running European uppercut.  Cesaro with an Irish whip and Cesaro runs into a boot.  Metalik with a head scissors and kick followed by punches.  Cesaro with a clothesline.

Cesaro gets a near fall.  Cesaro wtih an arm bar.  Cesaro with an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner.  Metalik is sent to the apron and Metalik with a kick.  Kalisto and Dorado get on the apron and the referee sends both of them to the back.  Cesaro knocks Metalik off the apron.  Cesaro sends Metalik back into the ring while Dorado and Kalisto argue to the back.  Metalik with a senton off the turnbuckles onto Cesaro as we go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro sets for a belly-to-back suplex but Metalik lands on his feet and kicks Cesaro.  Cesaro with a boot and he gets a near fall.  Cesaro puts Metalik on the turnbuckles and connects with a punch.  Cesaro sets for a superplex but Metalik with punches and Metalik with a Frankensteiner for a near fall.  Metalik goes up top for a moonsault but Cesaro gets his boots up and hits a European uppercut and Gotch Style Neutralizer for the three count.

Winner:  Cesaro


Kayla Braxton is in the back ring and she is joined by Jey Uso.  Kayla asks Jey about the Street Fight. Kayla asks Jey about Roman’s actions last week and how will it affect things?  Roman… Paul Heyman told Jey it was miscommunication so tonight it won’t be like old times.  Jey says one of them will be Universal Champion after Clash of Champions.  Roman threw his weight around when they were younger, but they are not younger now.

– We see the set for Moment of Bliss set up on the stage as we go to commercial.

– We are back and Matt Riddle says people ask him why he says Bro so much.  It can convey any emotion or thought.  We see the many faces of Bro.

– Alexa Bliss comes out for A Moment of Bliss.

Alexa welcomes everyone to the first Moment of Bliss in the Thunderdome.  Alexa says she would normally have her co-host next to her, but she wants her in the hot seat after last week.  She brings out Nikki Cross.

They hug and appear to be on good terms.

Alexa congratulates Nikki for earning the title match.  She says she has to ask the questions that they want to know.  Alexa asks what is her plan of action for this match?  It has to be different because you challenged Bayley most of the summer and you lost.  Alexa mentions that Nikki hasn’t beaten Bayley since last year.

Nikki says she is going to tell everyone why this is different.  It is different because there is no Sasha Banks watching over her.  Nikki says she had to have eyes in the back of her head and now she can focus on Bayley.  Nikki says she saw what Bayley did to her best friend.  Nikki says she can feel that chair on her back again.  She saw the contempt in Bayley’s eyes.  Nikki tells Bayley to bring it because she will be the new Smackdown Women’s Champion at Clash of Champions. Nikki says he has a question for Alexa.  She asks what is going on with Alexa.  Alexa doesn’t know what Nikki means. Nikki mentions Alexa hitting her with Sister Abigail and walking off.

Alexa says she doesn’t know how to explain it.  She says she doesn’t fully understand it.  She says there is a change she can’t control and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

Lacey Evans’ music plays and she makes her way to the stage.

Lacey wants to know if this is Doctor Phil.  Lacey mentions that Alexa is talking about her changes and then she pulls out her special tissues and asks if she is going to talk about her feelings.  Lacey says Nikki should be thanking Alexa for leaving the ring and putting her off her game.  That is the only reason you won last week.  You can make all of the speeches you want because it won’t get you ready for your match against Bayley.  You are too nice.  You don’t have the mean streak that Bayley has. That is why you will never beat Bayley

Nikki takes Lacey’s tissue and then blows her nose with it and gives it back to Lacey.  Nikki and Lacey fight on the stage and then Lacey storms to the ring.

We go to commercial.

Lacey Evans vs. Nikki Cross

The bell rings and Lacey goes to the floor and she applies some hand sanitizer from her giant purse.  Nikki with a drop kick through the ropes and then Lacey sends Nikki back into the ring and leg sweeps Nikki from the apron.  Lacey with a slingshot move but Nikki moves and Lacey lands on her feet.  Nikki with a reverse chin lock and Lacey backs Nikki into the turnbuckles.  Nikki with a cross body for a near fall.  Nikki with a clothesline and La Magistral for a near fall.  Lacey with a single leg take down and then she drops a knee on the arm.

Lacey with another knee to the arm.  Lacey continues to work on the left arm in the ropes.  Nikki with an elbow and she slaps Nikki in the midsection.  Lacey kicks the arm in the ropes.  Lacey with a kick and hesitation Bronco Buster for a near fall.  Lacey with kicks to the arm.  Lacey with a Cobra Clutch.  Nikki with an elbow and Lacey with a knee drop to the arm.  Lacey stretches the arm.  Lacey kicks Nikki in the head and gets a near fall.  Nikki gets a near fall.  Lacey with a clothesline.  Nikki with a head butt and Lacey sends Nikki to the mat and drops another knee on the injured arm.  Lacey with punches but Nikki with a kick.  Lacey with an arm wringer into the mat.

Lacey with a moonsault for a near fall.  Lacey gets the hand sanitizer and applies it to Nikki’s face.  Nikki with an elbow and punch.  Nikki pulls Lacey down by the hair.  Nikki with a splash into the corner followed by forearms and the referee pulls Nikki out of the corner.  Nikki with a monkey flip.  Lacey goes for a drop toe hold but Nikki holds on to the ropes.  Nikki kicks Lacey and hits a tornado DDT.  Nikki holds on and hits the hanging swinging neckbreaker for the three count.

Winner:  Nikki Cross

After the match, Cross stands tall as the music hits. Bliss says Cross is her best friend. Cross celebrates in the ring and Bliss cheers her on. Cross heads to the back while Evans stumbles out of the ring, pulling herself up at the announce table. Evans yells at Graves and Cole now. Bliss stares off into space but slowly gets up and comes over to Evans. With the distant look in her eyes like last week, Bliss grabs Evans and drops her with Sister Abigail at ringside. Cole points to how Evans said “The Fiend” in her rant right before Bliss snapped. Bliss walks off with the thousand-yard stare.

– We see Sasha Banks getting fixed up for an interview. Back to commercial.

– We are back with a look at Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.  Paul Heyman narrates and he talks about the bloodlines that permeate through professional wrestling.  He mentions the 40 plus year legacy of the Anoai family.  Roman Reigns comes from a long line of royalty.  From the legendary Wild Samoan with his father and uncle, to Yokozuna to The Rock.  From Umaga to Rikishi, the father of Roman’s challenger Jey Uso.  Roman’s dominance is not just his will, but his birthright.  From the day he inherited the legacy of his family, he has impressed them with victory after victory.  While Jey has done a respectible job as a tag team champion with help from his brother Jimmy. These two cousins, who may as well be brothers.  From the living room to the football field to the squared circle.  At Clash of Champions, this Battle of the Bloodlines will be fought with honor and pride.  They may all feast at the same table, but there is only one leader, Roman Reigns.

– We go to the Performance Center for the interview to Sasha Banks, but first we take a look at the attack by Bayley.

Sasha is asked about her injuries.  She says she is still here.  Cole mentions Bayley’s comments from last week about how it as Sasha’s fault.  Sasha says she is now nothing to Bayley.  Now she is just useless to her.  I heard every single word Bayley said last week and I can’t help but to be filled with emotions at a place that we built and trained every day talking about our dreams and goals.  We talked about what we wanted to do together.  We used to walk these halls just to talk about what we have achieved.  This whole summer, we showed the world.  We told the world that we were going to take over the whole company together.  When I walk these halls and see all of these girls now, It is because we did that together.

All of these rooms.  All of these pictures and posters.  All of the accolades. We did this together.  If these walls could talk, if they could tell you.  I came here to answer your questions but if you want to say you are an idiot or naive.  You are watching this.  You are an idiot and naive because you are nothing without me.  Since I am useless to you, one day, I am going to take the one thing that you love.  Your Smackdown Women’s Champonship.

Bayley suddenly appears behind Banks and smacks her with a steel chair. Bayley wraps the chair around Banks’ injured neck as two trainees and a staffer come to help out. They call for Bayley to get out of here and for a medic to come tend to Banks. Back to commercial.

– We are back and Sasha is being checked out.

AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn

Before the match, Sami demands that Greg Hamilton to the proper introduction for him but AJ Styles attacks Sami from behind and sends him into the announce table before they get into the ring and the match starts.

AJ gets a near fall and then Sami goes to the floor when AJ tries for a Styles Clash.  AJ sends Sami back into the ring and AJ with a back breaker for a near fall.  Sami with kicks to the back and then some Kawada kicks.  Sami gets a near fall.  AJ backs Sami into the corner and AJ with an elbow.  Sami sends AJ to the apron.  Sami sends AJ into the turnbuckles.  Sami goes for a Helluva Kick and hits the ring post.  AJ with a clothesline and Sami goes to the floor.  AJ with a slingshot forearm as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sami puts AJ on the turnbuckles and punches Styles.  Styles avoids the superplex and Styles drops Zayn on the turnbuckles.  AJ kicks Zayn and connects with a forearm.  AJ with a springboard move but Zayn moves and AJ rolls through.  Zayn with a hot shot.  AJ goes for a suplex but Zayn lands on his feet and AJ with a neck breaker for a near fall.  Zayn and Styles exchange punches.  Styles with strikes but Zayn with a boot.  AJ with a Pele Kick.  Zayn lands on his feet on a suplex attempt and applies a waist lock.  AJ with elbows and Zayn with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.

Styles goes for the Calf Crusher but Zayn escapes.  Styles kicks Zayn and Zayn with an exploder into the turnbuckles.  Zayn sets for the Helluva Kick but AJ side steps him.  Zayn with a rollup but the referee stops her count when she sees Zayn using the tights.  AJ with a rollup and handful of tights for the three count.

Winner:  AJ Styles

After the match, Sami attacks AJ and tells the referee that AJ pulled his tights and she says she didn’t see it.

Jeff Hardy’s music plays and he knocks AJ down as he sets his fury at Zayn.  Zayn is sent into the ringside barrier and announce table.  Jeff sends Sami into the ring and he pulls a table out but he sees a ladder under the ring and gets it.  Jeff hits AJ with the ladder.  Jeff lifts the ladder above his head to avoid Zayn and Hardy hits AJ and Zayn with the ladder.  Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Zayn and then he sets up the ladder and climbs it but Zayn rolls to the floor.

Jeff takes a mic and says he is sick and tired of this situation.  He is sick and tired of being called a cheat and a fraud.  Let’s end this at Clash of Champions.  I will fight both of you, but not in a normal match.  In a Triple Threat Ladder Match.

– Otis and Tucker are in the back and someone enters the locker room asking for Otis.  Otis says he has been served. Tucker shows Otis that he has been sued and Otis is confused. Back to commercial.


Tucker says that Miz and Morrison are suing him including Money in the Bank Negligence.  Tucker says that they are claiming that The Dirt Sheet is a legitimate new show and Otis says he hates the news.  Tucker says that Miz and Morrison are demanding that he forfeit the briefcase next week.


Sheamus and King Baron Corbin are backstage. A security guard walks by and Sheamus says this is the one that he was telling Corbin about. He thanks the guard for luring Big E out to the parking lot two weeks ago, and says he owes him big time for making the attack happen. The guard thanks Sheamus and says he was just sent to inform Sheamus that his car is being towed. Sheamus walks over and Big E is standing there. He attacks and Sheamus runs away. Big E turns back to the guard and says word on the street is that he was the one who set Big E up. Big E attacks the guard and destroys him in the backstage area. Big E takes the man on top of a car and slaps him around, talking trash.

Referees run over to try and talk Big E down. He finally slams the man through the windshield of the car with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E says he’s not done. He smacks the man around and puts him into the trunk of a car. WWE Producer Adam Pearce and others are trying to calm Big E down now. Pearce says he needs Big E to leave the arena. Big E continues yelling about Sheamus but he backs off. Pearce calls for someone to get the security guard out of the trunk.

– Still to come, the Samoan Street Fight main event. Back to commercial.

– We are back with the next “Who is the Mystery Woman’ vignettes.

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy, Lacey Evans and Heavy Machinery are announced for tomorrow’s Talking Smack episode with hosts Kayla Braxton and Xavier Woods.

Samoan Street Fight: Roman Reigns and Jey Uso vs. Sheamus and King Baron Corbin

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with manager Paul Heyman. They stand together on the stage as the pyro goes off. Reigns takes the mic and says he came out first because he wants no confusion this week. You can call this place whatever you want but this is his yard, his place, his island, his WWE, and if you want it, come and take it from him. Reigns drops the mic. The music starts up as Jey Uso makes his way out next. Reigns watches his cousin wrap his entrance as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Roman punches Sheamus and Jey punches Corbin and Roman clotheslines Corbin over the top rope to the floor.  Jey with a splash off the ringside barrier..  Sheamus pulls Roman to the floor and punches him.  Roman with punches but Sheamus wiht a kick.  Roman with a back drop to send Sheamus into the crowd.  Jey with a drop kick to Sheamus.  Corbin throws a chair at Roman.  Baron with Deep Six to Jey on the floor and then he brings a chair into the ring.  Roman kicks Corbin and hits Corbin in the back with the chair.  

Roman goes under the ring and he sees a table and pulls it out.  Sheamus with a running knee to Roman and Sheamus punches Roman.  Corbin punches Roman.  Sheamus punches Roman while Corbin holds him and then Roman is sent over the announce table.  Sheamus and Corbin bring a table into the ring and Corbin punches Jey.  Sheamus kicks Jey and Baron and Sheamus set up a table.  Hey with a kick blocked by Sheamus but Jey wtih an enzuigiri.  Jey kicks Corbin.  Jey goes up top but Corbin and Sheamus crotch him.  Jey is given a double choke slam through the table and Sheamus gets a near fall.

Roman throws a chair at Corbin but Sheamus hits Roman.  Sheamus gets Roman up for White Noise through the table but Roman with elbows and Roman with a low kick and Samoan drop through the announce table..  Roman sends Corbin into the ring post.  Roman looks at Sheamus and he spears Sheamus through the ringside barrier into the first row of monitors.  Corbin hits Roman from behind and sends him into the ring steps.  Jey with a suicide dive but Corbin catches Jey and send him into the timekeeper’s area.  Jey hits Corbin with the title belt and Roman with a spear and Jey with a frog splash for the three count.

Winners:  Roman Reigns and Jey Uso

After the match, Jey’s music hits as he stands tall and begins to celebrate. Reigns stands up and looks confused. Heyman watches from ringside. Jey is getting hyped up but Reigns doesn’t share his excitement. Jey grabs the Universal Title belt and stares at it before tossing it to his cousin. Jey goes back to celebrating the win as Reigns looks at him and starts smiling. They embrace in the middle of the ring, keeping it held for a minute or two. Jey exits the ring, still celebrating and calling on Reigns to join him. Reigns looks on from the ring, staring Jey down. Heyman looks at Reigns from the side, nodding his head as Reigns glances over at him. SmackDown on FOX goes off the air with Reigns staring down his Clash of Champions challenger.

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