WWE 205 Live Results – September 11, 2020

WWE 205 Live Results - September 11, 2020

Vic Joseph and former NXT cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the Thunderdmome.

Tehuti Miles, who know wrestles under the name Ashante “Thee” Adonis, makes his way to the ring first. He’ll be taking on Brian Kendrick in a rematch from a couple of weeks ago.

Brian Kendrick versus Ashante “Thee” Adonis

Tie-up. Adonis and Kendrick exchange wristlocks before Adonis takes Kendrick to the mat and taunts him with a pose. Kendrick responds by kicking Adonis in the gut. Pace picks up…Adonis connects with a flying crossbody for an early nearfall, then rocks Kendrick with a flush dropkick. Kendrick retakes control with a standing boot that nearly takes Adonis’ head off. Clubbing forearm to the back of Miles neck…Kendrick slows the action down with a modified armbar. Double-underhook suplex from Kendrick. Adonis gets to his feet and lands a series of elbows. He goes for the crossbody again but Kendrick ducks and Adonis collides hard off the mat. Another submission from Kendrick. He transitions into a choke…Adonis breaks free and hits a stiff lariat. Both men are on their back. Kendrick tries another boot…Adonis counters with a flurry of offense including a big spinebuster. Kendrick JUST kicks out on the pin attempt. Adonis goes for a roundhouse…Kendrick ducks and school-boys him…two count. Adonis lands the kick this time. Another two count. Kendrick nearly steals the match with a running heel kick. Kendrick goes for the Bully Choke…Adonis blocks and DDTs Kendrick. He makes a poor cover and Kendrick makes him pay by locking in the Bully Choke. Adonis taps.

Brian Kendrick wins by submission

After the match Kendrick shakes Adonis’ hand out of respect. Adonis shakes back but is clearly unhappy with picking up yet another loss. Kendrick can be heard saying, “You’re a star in the making.” This takes us to our first commercial, which is for WWE shop.

Ever-rise is out next. Their opponents are already in the ring.

Ever-Rise versus Enhancement Talent

Parker and Martel quickly isolate the competitors away from each other. Huge German suplex by Martel. Ever-Rise connects with some of their signature tandem offense. Parker gets hit with a few right hands but he is barely affected. Double-flapjack, followed by their elevated codebreaker…and this one is over quick.

Ever-Rise wins by pinfall

Footage of last week’s 205 Live finale is shown, when Legaldo Del Fantasma beat down Ever-Rise and Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch during their main event tag team bout. This leads us into the main event. Lorcan and Burch are out first, followed by Legado Del Fantasma (Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde) led to the ring by cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar. Here we go.

Legado Del Fantasma versus Danny Burch/Oney Lorcan

Wilde and Lorcan begin. Hammerlock by Wilde…Lorcan reverses the pressure and brings Wilde down to the mat. He applies a leg scissor but Wilde bounces back to his feet. Nice sequence of chain wrestling by Lorcan…he’s able to ground Wilde again…Wilde uses his speed and lands a dropkick. He traps Lorcan in his team’s corner…Mendoza tags in and puts Lorcan in a cravat. Quick tags by Legado Del Fantasma. Lorcan manages to get Burch in. Burch overpowers Mendoza and puts on an aggressive headlock. Nice scouting by Burch leads to a unique mid-air encounter to give his team the advantage. Lorcan and Burch hit the double-suplex. Mendoza gets to the apron and hits an enziguiri on Burch, then a flying crossbody to Lorcan. Burch quickly levels Mendoza with an enziguri of his own but a distraction from Wilde allows Mendoza to yank out Burch’s leg on a middle-rope attempt. Escobar looks please on the outside. Wilde clubs Burch across the chest. Wishbone from Legado Del Fantasma and Burch yelps in pain.

Lorcan gets the hot tag and runs through both Mendoza and Wilde. Huge running uppercuts, followed by a running blockbuster. Elevated DDT from Burch and Lorcan nearly wins the match but Wilde breaks it up at the last moment. Burch and Wilde get left in the ring…huge German suplex by Burch. Escobar jumps up on the apron for the distraction…EVER-RISE comes out to run Escobar off but Wilde school-boys Burch for the sneaky win for Fantasma.

Legado Del Fantasma win by pinfall

Burch can’t believe he allowed himself to get rolled up. On replay it is seen that Wilde pulled the tights to assist in the win. The champ celebrates at the top of the apron as Burch, Lorcan, and Ever-Rise looks on frustrated.

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