Saturday, September 12, 2020

R-Truth Reveals He Was Challenged To Make Brock Lesnar Laugh

R-Truth Reveals He Was Challenged To Make Brock Lesnar Laugh
R-Truth spoke with talkSPORT about one of his RAW segment, revealing Paul Heyman had actually challenged him to come out and make Brock Lesnar laugh.

Earlier this year, Truth had a seemingly out of nowhere segment. Truth came out during Heyman's promo, declared himself for the Royal Rumble (then undeclared himself) once he realized Lesnar was in the match, and not Heyman. The segment ended with Truth receiving an F-5, and Lesnar's saying to Truth, "that's what's up."

"I remember Heyman called me to the Gorilla [Position], and this is like 20 minutes before we had to go out," Truth recalled. "I had no promo, they didn't give me nothing, and I'm like, 'What am I supposed to say?' Paul was like, 'Well, we have a bet going on. We don't want Brock to know what you're going to say. We want you to make Brock laugh.' I said, 'huh?'

"'Truth, you're a funny guy and we have a bet you can't make Brock laugh. I think you can, but they think you can't. So, just wing it.' ... Once Brock came in, I'm like, 'Damn, I think we should tell Brock what I'm going to say.' You know? It's Brock Lesnar! We should tell Brock what we're going to say. I don't want him to be surprised by anything. Paul's like, 'This is going to be great.'

"I remember the moment in the ring and I'm going on, and on, and making stuff up in my head. I saw when Brock looked at me — as in that look of 'What the hell is he talking about?' Because I'm just babbling! I knew I had him then. I did all I could to hold myself from laughing when I saw Brock bust out laughing because of Paul Heyman's facial expressions. The magic just kept going on, man.

"After that segment is over we're in the back and Brock was laughing, he said, 'Bro, we got to do something together. There's something there. I don't know what it is, but there's something there.' We left it there, but I know we can always pick it up. That was one of the highest moments of my career, right there. ... To have Brock Lesnar say 'we gotta do something' it was very appreciated, for myself, to my ego, and to my time spent in the business. Brock pretty much — he gave it a hug."