NXT Results – September 30, 2020

NXT Results – September 30, 2020

We’re live on the USA Network with a tape delay as Tom Phillips welcomes us to the NXT Arena. Tom says Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph are off again this week.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Dakota Kai

We go right to the ring and out first comes Shotzi Blackheart on her mini-tank. Dakota Kai is out next with Raquel Gonzalez. Tom says Kai personally requested this match after their altercation in last week’s Battle Royal.

Dakota and Shotzi have words before Kai pie faces Shotzi.  Shotzi with a double leg take down but Kai kicks Shotzi away.  Kai goes for a monkey flip but Shotzi pushes Kai to the mat.  Kai with a waist lock and Shotzi with a standing switch.  Kai with a leg sweep but she misses a kick and Shotzi with a rollup for a near fall.  Kai with a near fall.  Shotzi with a rollup for a near fall.  Shotzi with a reverse atomic drop and Shotzi with the Ball Pit leg drop.  Shotzi sends Kai to the mat and snap mares Kai.  Shotzi with an arm breaker and a rollup for a near fall.  Shotzi with a leg pick into a figure four on the legs and she lays down on Kai and stretches her.
Kai with an arm bar but Shotzi blocks its full application.  Shotzi with an arm drag and forearm.  Kai with a forearm and she sends Shotzi into the turnbuckles and chokes Shotzi.  Kai wtih a face wash and suplex for a near fall.  Kai with forearms in the corner.  Kai chokes Shotzi in the ropes.  Shotzi with a drop toe hold that sends Kai into the ropes.  Gonzalez gets on the apron to distract Shotzi and Kai with a uranage back breaker.  Kai sends Shotzi into the turnbuckles and then Kai with a running boot in the corner.  Kai with another running boot in the corner for a near fall.  Shotzi with punches to Kai but Kai goes for the hair and sends Shotzi to the mat.  Kai gets a near fall.
Kai with a bow and arrow but Shotzi escapes and gets a near fall with a lateral press.  Kai with a clothesline.  Shotzi with a boot and then she goes to the turnbuckles for a sunset flip and gets a near fall.  Kai with a forearm and she gets a near fall.  Kai with a seated abdominal stretch.  Shotzi with an arm drag and Kai misses a boot.  Shotzi leaps over a charging Kai and hits a drop kick.  Shotzi with a splash into the corner and a wraparound bulldog.  Shotzi with a knee and forearm.  Shotzi with an enzuigiri.  Shotzi with a back senton into Kai against the ropes.  Shotzi with a Tiger suplex for a near fall.  Shotzi runs into boots from Kai.  Kai with a hip toss for a near fall.

Kai gets Shotzi on her shoulders and Shotzi escapes and sends Kai to the apron.  Kai avoids a shoulder and kicks Shotzi to the apron.  Shotzi with a kick to the knee as they fight on the apron.  Kai with forearms.  Shotzi blocks a kick on the apron and Shotzi with a kick and Shiranui on the apron.   The referee checks on both women.  Shotzi goes for a dive to the floor but Gonzalez trips Shotzi and Rhea Ripley comes out and attacks Gonzalez.  Officials take Rhea to the back.  Kai misses the running boot into the corner and Shotzi with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Shotzi Blackheart

Santos Escobar and Isaiah Scott are in split screen for an interview.

Tom asks Scott about having Escobar’s number.  Scott says he has had opportunities at the title, but he did not think they were fair.  He feels that he is the better competitor.  He is the only man in WWE to pin Santos Escobar.  When we step in the ring on Sunday, I will come out on top.

Escobar is asked if Scott is right about being able to win a fair fight.  Escobar calls Swerve a parasite.  You continue to linger no matter what I do.  I hate things that linger.  You are a loose end and I tie up loose ends.  If you want to talk about what is fair and unfair.  The match at Takeover will be fair.  

Scott says he does not believe that it will be a fair fight.  Something is always happening during your match.  It is either Legado del Fantasma or a loaded mask.  Escobar says he only hears excuses.  When it matters, you do not deliver.  Scott says what you call excuses are reality.  I have adapted to everything in this business and in my life.  I will take whatever you throw at me.  Scott says he is ready to showcase what he is truly capable of.  I will also show that Santos Escobar is a fraud.

Escobar says that is the difference between me and you.  You have made this all about yourself.  That is why you will fail.  Since I have won the title, I have built the entire division in my vision and infused it with lucha culture.  A culture that you have no respect for.  At Takeover, all of your showcasing will not be enough.  Your bag of tricks is what I call a century of tradition and I will bury you with it. We go to commercial.

– We get a new video game-inspired mystery vignette for the former champion that is returning to NXT at Takeover on Sunday. The mystery person says you can never go back home.  Too many roads in life to take.  Sometimes you have to stop and look around to see if the place is the same when you left it.  What will be your destiny.

– Tom leads us to a “Prime Target” preview special on Kyle O’Reilly as he prepares to challenge NXT Champion Finn Balor on Sunday at the “Takeover: 31” event. The video includes comments from The Undisputed Era leader Adam Cole.

Kyle O’Reilly says he first stepped into a wrestling ring in British Columbia and I took to it like a fish to water.  Even if I never made it to NXT and I wrestled for five dollars every other weekend, I would be doing it with all of the love and passion.  The Undisputed Era is the best thing to happen to me personally and professionally.  They are three of my best friends in and out of the ring.  Adam Cole says he has known Kyle for 12 years and he knows he is one of the best.  Kyle says they have gone to war but hit is real.

Adam says that Kyle wants to be the NXT Champion and there is nothing more important to him right now.  Kyle says he has had his sights set on Finn Balor.  When I got to Japan, he went to NXT.  When I got to NXT, he was on Raw.  To have this match as the main event of Takeover, that is what it has all been about.  It is all building to this match at Takeover.

Kyle says if I win, the same thing that happened to Undisputed Era when Adam Cole won the title will happen.  We will stay together.

– Still to come, Shawn Michaels will host a face-off between Kyle O’Reilly and Finn Balor. Back to commercial.


Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae are with Sarah Schreiber.  She asks them about Tegan’s injury.  Johnny says Tegan broke his TV and she broke her ACL so it is fair.  Johnny says NXT’s Power Couple is teaming up and he wants to be addressed that way.  Johnny says destiny is on our way.  We are going to be the first team to be champions at the same time.  Candice says it starts tonight.  On Sunday, it will be finished.

Cameron Grimes Invitational Stepping Stone To The Moon Challenge: Joey Pistachio, Joey Strong, Ridge Holland

We go back to the ring and out comes Cameron Grimes to loud boos from the developmental trainees in the crowd. Alicia Taylor does the ring introductions. Grimes takes the mic and says he’s not in the best mood right now. He had every chance in the world last week but it was all taken away with a match called a Gauntlet Eliminator. He wonders who came up with that match. It couldn’t be NXT General Manager because he’d come up with something way better. Grimes says he’s out here to cheer up and make a match. He announces the Cameron Grimes Invitational Stepping Stone To The Moon. He says he’s hand-picked each opponent, so he’s in for a test. He calls the first opponent out. The music hits and out comes enhancement talent Joey Pistachio.

Pistachio, from San Diego, enters the ring and turns around but immediately eats a Cave In from Grimes. Grimes overs for the pin to win. Grimes says he wouldn’t be the man he is if he didn’t have other opponents. He calls enhancement talent Joey Strong out to the ring next.

Strong comes out but Ridge Holland attacks him on the stage and takes him out. Grimes says he thinks Ridge is good but he’s not a part of this Invitational. Grimes will shake Ridge’s hand, but he’s not a part of this contest. Ridge shakes but headbutts Grimes to the mat. The bell rings and here we go.

Ridge goes right to work on Grimes and unloads with big shots. Ridge keeps fighting and stomps away while Grimes is down. He keeps stomping as the referee warns him. The referee finally calls for the bell as Ridge keeps stomping while Grimes is down.

Winner: Ridge Holland

After the bell, Grimes rolls to the floor to recover. Holland stands tall in the ring and looks down at Grimes as the music hits. Ridge marches up the ramp to the back.


Schreiber is backstage with Austin Theory now. He says last week’s loss to Damian Priest should never have happened. He goes on about Kyle O’Reilly and his NXT Title shot. Theory says he was just 22 years old competing at WrestleMania 36, so why are they calling O’Reilly the future? Theory says O’Reilly should try catching up to him.

– We get a video package on Kushida. He cuts a promo on The Velveteen Dream in Japanese to hype their match at Takeover. Kushida will be in action tonight. Back to commercial.

Kushida vs. Tony Nese

Back from the break and out comes Kushida to the ring. Tony Nese is out next to boos.

The bell rings and Kushida kicks Nese in the head as he shows off. Kushida with more big kicks. Nese blocks a shot and jabs Kushida in the throat. Nese grabs Kushida and runs over the top rope to the floor, sling-shotting Kushida over the top rope. Kushida counters on the floor and whips Nese shoulder-first into the ring post. Kushida brings it back in and delivers more kicks.

Kushida with kicks to the elbow now. They tangle and Kushida goes for the arm. Kushida with a takedown on the arm now. Kushida with another big takedown by the arm. Kushida grabs Nese’s arms and stomps away while he’s down. Kushida goes right into the Hoverboard Lock and Nese quickly submits.

Winner: Kushida

After the match, Kushida stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Kushida stands in the ring as a purple light shines over the arena. The Velveteen Dream appears on the big screen to boos. Dream doesn’t care which Kushida shows up on Sunday because the spotlight will be too bright for him. Dream goes on and says he always puts on his best performances under the brightest spotlights, so he will see Kushida this Sunday.

– Cameron Grimes is backstage holding his eye and complaining. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone unless it’s NXT General Manager William Regal. Dexter Lumis suddenly appears, making his return to TV. Grimes calls him a freak and tells him to get out of his way. Grimes keeps walking away as Lumis stares him down. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Adam Cole is in the ring and he has something to say.  For three years, the Undisputed Era has been part of NXT.  We have dominated.  We have done what we want when we want it.  We said we would win every championship and we did.  People in the locker room knew if you crossed the Undisputed Era, you were going to pay.  Fast forward and the Prophecy ended.  Some felt that the Undisputed Era changed and were not the same.  People thought they could talk to UE and not have any repurcussions.  Nothing has changed.  We are the same Undisputed Era that won the first War Games.  We are the same Undisputed Era that dominated this brand.  Austin Theory, if you want to run your mouth about Kyle O’Reilly, bring your ass to the ring and try to say it to my face.

Austin Theory comes to the ringside area. Cole says he will give Theory two options.  Option one, you can bring your stupid face through these ropes and fight me in the ring.  Option two is that you stay there and the Undisputed Era takes care of you and you will wish you took option one. Theory comes into the ring and we have a match.

Adam Cole vs. Austin Theory

The bell rings and Austin Theory charges but Adam Cole ducks. Cole unloads with big chops in the corner. Theory tries to fight but Cole drops him and unloads while he’s down in the corner.

Cole with more offense against the ropes, including a pump kick. Cole keeps control and hits a neckbreaker. Cole rocks Theory while he’s down. Theory dodges a pump kick and goes to the floor for a breather, taunting Cole. Cole follows and nails the pump kick again. Theory goes down on the floor and the referee counts. Cole slams Theory face-first into the apron and breaks the count. Cole launches Theory into the steel ring steps now.

Cole rolls Theory back into the ring and follows but Theory grabs him. Cole pulls away, back to the floor and nails a kick to the face from the floor. Cole comes back in and hits a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring. Theory kicks out at 2. Cole with more trash talking and offense to keep Theory down. Cole with another neckbreaker and more trash talking while Theory is down. Cole takes Theory to the corner and traps him, kicking him in the gut. Cole grounds Theory with a headlock now, taunting him. Theory fights up and out of the hold, rocking Cole with a forearm. Cole comes right back and levels Theory with a back elbow.

Theory tries to fight from his knees but Cole sends him back into the corner. Cole sends Theory to the apron and they keep fighting. Theory ends up rolling back in and hitting a big dropkick for a close 2 count. Theory sits up and stays in control as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Theory is still in control of Cole. Theory drops Cole again and stomps his chest. Theory grounds Cole and taunts him now as the crowd rallies. Cole tries to fight up and out but Theory nails a backbreaker. Theory with a standing moonsault in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Cole blocks a shot in the corner. Theory runs into a big boot in the corner. Cole with clotheslines out of the corner now. Cole drops Theory with a big kick for a pop.

Theory counters from behind but Cole drops him with a kick to the face. Cole with a Backstabber for a close 2 count. Cole scoops Theory on his shoulders but Theory fights free. Cole with a big pump kick to the face again. Cole with the Ushigoroshi for another close 2 count. Cole keeps control and goes to the second rope for a Panama Sunrise. Theory counters and Cole can’t roll him up. Theory with a shot to the back of the neck. Theory with the Blue Thunderbomb for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Theory can’t believe it and shows some frustration now.

They talk trash and trade big forearm strikes from their knees. Cole gets up first as the firearms continue. Cole unloads with shots to the face now. Theory charges with an elbow to the face. Theory runs the ropes but Cole levels him with a big superkick in mid-air. Theory ends up dropping Cole’s neck over the top rope after baiting him to the ropes. Theory comes back in but Cole nails another superkick. Cole with another Ushigoroshi and then the Last Shot for the pin to win.

Winner: Adam Cole

After the match, Cole stands tall as the music hits. Cole talks to the camera about how Kyle O’Reilly was born ready and wants the NXT Title more than anyone else. Cole says O’Reilly will shock the world at Takeover on Sunday against Finn Balor. Cole stands tall as we go to replays. Cole does The Undisputed Era pose on the stage now as we go back to commercial.

– We are back and Sarah is with Io Shirai and Damian Priest.  She asks how confident they are tonight.  Damian says they are keeping their titles on Sunday.  Tonight is a preview.  The rockstars of NXT are going to take care of business.  Io Shirai speaks in Japanese and Damian is impressed.  Io says he is not too bad.

Kayden Cross vs. Xia Li

They lock up and Li with a rollup and they alternate near falls.  Li with a leg sweep and cover and Carter does the same.  Carter with a waist lock and Li with a standing switch.  Carter with a standing switch.  Carter with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall.  Carter with a springboard drop kick for a near fall.  Li trips Carter and spins her around and hits a forearm.  Li pulls Carter off the apron to the floor.  Li kicks Carter when Kayden returns to the ring.  Li gets a near fall.  They lock up and Li with knees and a back heel kick.  Li gets a near fall.  Li gets another near fall and even more near falls.  

Carter with a punch but Li blocks a kick.  Carter sends Li into the turnbuckles.  Carter with chops and forearms.  Li with a rollup but Carter escapes and hits a thrust kick for a near fall.  Li with a sunset flip for a near fall but Carter with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Kayden Carter

After the match Carter offers her hand and then pulls Li up from the corner.  Li pushes Carter down and then pushes Catanzaro away and leaves the ring.  

We go to commercial.

– Back from a break and we get a pre-recorded segment with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels sitting at a table in a ring with the NXT Title belt. He hypes the “Takeover: 31” main event and is joined by Kyle O’Reilly, and NXT Champion Finn Balor. Shawn proposes a handshake and they do.

Balor congratulates O’Reilly for winning the Gauntlet Eliminator and comments on having respect for him. He can’t wait for their match at Takeover. O’Reilly agrees and thanks Balor. Shawn appreciates the respect between the two but he’s ready to talk about Sunday. Shawn talks about the match and asks about how Balor prepares for O’Reilly. Balor doesn’t think O’Reilly is a secret at all. Balor talks about knowing how good O’Reilly is, and how he’s proved himself around the world. Balor says he knows exactly how good O’Reilly is. O’Reilly says he likes Balor. He says Balor is the best at stroking his own ego. O’Reilly goes on and says this will be absolute certain defeat for Balor. Balor isn’t sure if O’Reilly will show up with The Undisputed Era, or if he will show up by himself like a man. O’Reilly talks about how The Undisputed Era has watched each other’s backs but this Sunday is about him and his success. Michaels asks about a potential power struggle and O’Reilly says that’s laughable. He goes on but Balor interrupts and threatens to slap his freckles off on Sunday. This is the Balor that O’Reilly wanted.

O’Reilly wants no excuses on Sunday. Balor says there will be no room for excuses on Sunday, and no luck or jokes. Balor has been proving himself for 20 years. O’Reilly has been in the business for 15 years, what’s 5 more? O’Reilly says Sunday is not just the biggest match of his career, it’s the biggest moment of his life. Balor says there’s a difference between a main event of a night and one that lasts a life. They go on and O’Reilly says the idea of him being the underdog is bulls–t. He says Balor has never been in the ring with a person like him, and he will change Balor’s mind. He threatens to make Balor’s kneecaps explode and says the tag team specialist will get the job done again this Sunday. Balor says O’Reilly is really, really good in the ring and he believes he has what it takes to be NXT Champion, and he would be champion if the title was around the waist of anyone else but Balor. Shawn thanks them and that ends the segment.

– Tom hypes tonight’s main event. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Tom hypes Corey Taylor’s “Culture Head” single and a live performance airing on Taylor’s website this Friday. This is the theme song for “Takeover: 31” on Sunday. Tom and Beth go over the card for Takeover.

Damian Priest and Io Shirai vs. Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Johnny Gargano is out with Candice LeRae. The boos continue as they head to the ring for this Takeover Champions vs. Challengers match. The lights briefly go out and the spotlight starts shining on NXT North American Champion Damian Priest. Priest shoots his invisible arrow at the big screen and then motions for his partner. Priest’s music goes right into the music of NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai as she comes out. They pose on the stage together.

Shirai and Priest rush the ring and start brawling with The Garganos. LeRae and Gargano eventually retreat to the floor to regroup. The referee restores order and we get the bell. Priest charges but Gargano ducks and rocks him. Gargano bobs around with more strikes while taunting Priest. Gargano unloads in the corner now. Priest misses a big boot. Gargano looks to mount more offense but a big boot levels him. Priest unloads in the corner with big strikes now.

Priest charges and rocks Gargano, then scoops him for a big sidewalk slam. Gargano rolls to the corner for Candice to encourage him. Shirai is tagged in, so LeRae must come in. They go at it, trading strikes in the middle of the ring. LeRae launches Shirai into the corner. She charges but gets kicked in the head from the apron. Shirai comes off the top but LeRae moves. LeRae rolls Shirai for a 2 count. Shirai catches LeRae with a Flapjack on her face. Shirai keeps going and hits a low dropkick to the ribs, sending LeRae to the corner for a breather.

Shirai charges but Gargano runs in and gets in her way. They face off and here comes Priest. He stands next to Shirai and then rocks Gargano. Gargano ends up on the outside. Shirai with running knees to LeRae in the corner. Gargano and LeRae regroup together on the floor now. Shirai stands on Priest’s shoulders as they walk closer to the ropes. Shirai leaps from Priest’s shoulders and flies to the floor, taking Gargano and LeRae down at ringside. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and LeRae has Shirai grounded in the middle of the ring. Shirai tries to fight up and out but LeRae drops her to more boos. We see how Shirai hit 619 on Gargano during the break, because Gargano jumped in the way as Shirai went to hit 619 on his wife. LeRae taunts and slaps Shirai around a bit now. Shirai rocks her and hits a big German suplex.

Shirai crawls for the tag and in comes Priest. Gargano charges but Priest rocks him several times. Priest levels Gargano with a clothesline. Priest shoots his invisible arrow and charges with the big leaping back elbow in the corner. Priest with a bigger Broken Arrow for a close 2 count. Priest goes for the Razor’s Edge but Gargano slides free. Priest runs into a big boot. Gargano with a big tornado DDT from the corner. Gargano misses a roundhouse kick. Priest fires back with kicks of his own. Priest drops Gargano with an enziguri.

Shirai tags in and leaps off the top, taking Gargano down. LeRae charges in but Shirai drops her twice. LeRae blocks the Tiger Driver. Shirai ducks an enziguri and quickly applies the Crossface submission. Gargano pulls Shirai off his wife and out of the ring but Priest stops him and levels him at ringside. More back and forth between Shirai and LeRae in the middle of the ring. LeRae with a big kick to the face and a driver. LeRae misses the moonsault off the ropes. Shirai with a double underhook backbreaker. Shirai goes to the top rope for the moonsault but Gargano comes in and rolls his wife to safety on the floor. Priest comes from behind and hits the Bell Clap, then a big jumping kick to the face to drop him.

Shirai hits the moonsault on Gargano. Priest tags in and goes for The Reckoning but LeRae runs in and hits a low blow kick on Priest while Shirai has the referee distracted. This leads to Shirai attacking LeRae and dropping her on the outside. Gargano takes advantage of the chaos and hits One Final Beat on Priest for the pin to win.

Winners: Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae

After the match, LeRae and Gargano stand tall as the music hits and the boos get louder. Shirai comes in the ring to confront Gargano but LeRae drops her with a Backstabber. We go to replays. Gargano goes to ringside and grabs the NXT Women’s Title belt and the NXT North American Title belt. He brings them in and drops to one knee in front of LeRae. He hands her Shirai’s title and then they pose together with the gold as Tom wonders if we will see the first husband & wife champions at Takeover on Sunday. The go-home NXT episode goes off the air with LeRae and Gargano raising the title belts in the air.

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