Friday, September 11, 2020

More Than 60 People Reportedly Let Go by WWE on Thursday

More Than 60 People Reportedly Let Go by WWE on Thursday
The WWE cutbacks continued on Thursday and it turns out that a lot of people lost their jobs.

Pwinsider reported on Friday that the belief from one source they talked to said that there were over 60 staffers let go yesterday. Some of these people were previously furloughed or working in departments that currently aren’t very active.

This would include the department that overlooks live events because COVID-19 has put a halt on touring. It had been recently reported that WWE plans to reduce the number of live events they host when they’re able to hold shows with fans again.

We noted earlier on the site that producers Mike Rotunda and WWE producer Sarah Stock were among those departing the company.

It should be noted that unlike this past April, there were no wrestlers released on Thursday.

The cuts this year all come during a time where WWE is the most profitable it has ever been due to their big-money television deals with FOX to air Friday Night SmackDown and the USA Network to air Monday Night Raw.