Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Keith Lee Denies Stealing Move From NJPW Star Jeff Cobb

Keith Lee Denies Stealing Move From NJPW Star Jeff Cobb
During Monday's RAW match against Dolph Ziggler, Keith Lee delivered a move that resembled Jeff Cobb's "Tour of the Islands" slam, which he calls the Jeff Brown Slam.

A day later, when asked by a fan if he had used Cobb's popular finishing move against Ziggler, Lee revealed that he was paying homage to Jeff Brown, a wrestler from Texas who he looked up to during his years on the independent circuit.

"Nah boss lol. Cobbzilla's [Jeff Cobb] slam goes the other direction and has a full stop. I'd never steal my boy's move. I call it that the #JeffBrownSlam.

"He's [Jeff Brown] a former wrestler in TX. He used it when I first started. I was always a fan so when he retired, I started using it to pay homage," Lee wrote on Twitter.

Keith Lee's response caught the attention of Cobb, who recently told Wrestling Inc. that he was a free agent and would announce his next move when the time is right.

"And that's why you are one of my favorites....... even if you are pouncing next or spirit bombing me..... or any physicality towards me," said Cobb, who recently appeared on NJPW Strong to compete for the New Japan Cup.

As reported earlier, WWE boss Vince McMahon reportedly has plans to "push Lee to the moon" which was the reason for Lee to beat Orton in his first PPV match.