Jon Moxley Details Renee Young’s Experience With COVID-19

Jon Moxley Details Renee Young's Experience With COVID-19

As noted, Jon Moxley’s wife, Renee Young, in June tested positive for Coronavirus.

During an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, Moxley talked about what happened during that time and how he thought it would be unlikely that she would test positive since he had tested negative.

“Here’s how it all went down as far as the whole her getting sick part,” Moxley laid out. “She came back from Orlando. Apparently somebody over there had had it. So everybody had to get tested. So her and how ever many people it was got tested. She was negative. No big deal. Fly home. It was about five or six days later, she starts feeling sick. I’m thinking nothing of it. No big deal and she was talking about, ‘aw, I hope I don’t have COVID man.’ I’m like, ‘na, you don’t have COVID.’ I’m thinking, ‘what are the odds?’ Next day, I went and trained in the morning and came back, and she was still in bed which normally she would have been out and about by then.

“She’s like, ‘ugh, I feel like s–t,’ and I’m like, ‘oh man.’ Still I’m thinking what are the odds? She’s like, ‘maybe we should get tested?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know’ because I’m thinking no way. You’re probably just regular sick, but also, I’m like, ‘ah, let’s not f–k around. Let’s get a test, then we’ll just know, and we can rest easy.’ We get a guy to come over to our house and test. It takes about 36 hours as it comes back the first time, and we’re literally about to lay down in bed. It’s about midnight or something, and the test comes back. They came back through email.

“I look up mine, and it says negative. I’m thinking ours are gonna be the same because we’ve been in super close contact. She’s my wife. You can imagine how close in contact we’ve been for six days. At this point, I’d already pulled out of the next week’s TV because all I was gonna do was a promo anyway, so I’m like it’s not worth the risk, and if you think it’s a bad enough situation where you feel like you need to get tested, you probably shouldn’t go anywhere until you get the result because if it was positive, I would look like a d–k. So I get my negative, and for 30 seconds, I’m going, well, s–t, we’re negative. I can probably catch a 6 a.m. flight and still make it to TV. Alright, we’re back on. I’ll be at TV tomorrow. Not [even] 30 seconds later, she gets hers back, and it’s positive.”

Jon Moxley talked about the idea of him going to a hotel, but he declined that idea as to not potentially spread the virus to others. He admitted that he was scared about the situation and the condition of his wife with COVID-19 being a new disease and with new information about it coming out as scientists learn more about it.

“We’re staring at each other, and we’re like what do we do because I didn’t expect us to have different results,” Moxley admitted. “So we’re just sitting there like we don’t have any idea what to do. So I’m like maybe I should go to a hotel, but what if I have it? Because hers came back six days later, I have to assume I have it too. So I didn’t want to go to a hotel and some maid touches a door knob that I touched, and she gets sick. So at least if I stay home, I don’t spread it anymore. So I went down and slept on the couch.

“I didn’t know what to do. So I just immediately got tested again as soon as I could, but that whole thing sucked. She was bad for a couple days. Like some people don’t get sick at all. Some people get mildly sick. She got bad for a couple of days. She’s coughing a bunch, and I got to sit on the couch listening to her coughing all night. I didn’t sleep for two days because I was scared man.

“I’m not ashamed to admit I was a little scared because we just know so little about this disease. It affects everybody differently, and I was doing all this research. I as talking to specialists, but it worked out [well]. Her case was probably average at best like sick for a couple of days, then lingered a little bit and now she’s fine. It all worked out, but it sucked man. I had f–king feelings about it. I’ll tell you that.”

Young has now confirmed she is leaving WWE, but at the time of the interview, Moxley prefaced that he will let Young tell her story. However, he said that her future his wide open and listed the amount of things that Young can do post-WWE.

“As far as the details of her leaving WWE, that’s her story to tell,” Moxley noted. “So I’m not gonna tell her story for her, and I’m sure in the pretty near future, you’re gonna get the details from her. I’m not gonna step on that, but I will say her future is wide open. It’s literally whatever she wants it to be because she can do literally anything.

“She can be on NHL Network, the Food Network, MTV [or] VH1. She can be on Sportscenter. She can be on WWE. She can be on AEW. She can can be on the red carpet. She can do a podcast. She can act in movies. She can do comedy. She’s done a lot of stuff. People probably don’t even know what she’s done. She’s done stand-up. She’s done acting. She can do anything, so it’s kind of whatever she wants to be, and right now, it’s kind of sitting back and chilling.”

Moxley noted that there is no animosity between Young and WWE. He explained that it was just time for her to leave, and he praised Young’s work on and off camera.

“There’s no scandal or anything. There wasn’t some big blow up or anything,” Moxley revealed. “She just felt like it was time. The sun sets on things sometimes. It was just time to move on for her. It’s just whatever she wants it to be, and I’ll support her in whatever she wants to do. I don’t care if she wants to go off and join the circus. I don’t care if she wants to go back to school to become a veterinarian.

“I’ll support her 100%. I don’t give a s–t, whatever she wants to do to make her happy. I know she really wants to flex a lot of her skills on camera, even behind the camera with producing and stuff like that. You should see her quarterbacking this photo shoot for the cookbook. She’s got so much skill. I think her biggest asset is her intangible ability to put people at ease. She’s very disarming. The exact opposite of me. She gets the best interview out of anybody. She makes people comfortable, and they just open up their souls to her and that happens on camera. That’s why she’s the best interviewer.”


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