Impact Wrestling Results – September 15, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - September 15, 2020

We see a recap of everything that went down last week, including Eric Young vs. Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann’s return, attacking Young with a crutch.

Susie & Kylie Rae vs. Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee

Kylie and Deonna started out.

They locked up with Purrazzo trying to control the top contender by working over her arm. Rae reversed and went back and forth with The Knockouts Champion, reversing holds until Purrazzo escapes and showboats. Rae grabbed her in a small package for a two count. Purrazzo tagged out to Lee, who charged but was immediately overwhelmed by Rae, who controlled her. Lee avoided a charge in the corner but was soon caught in Rae’s corner.

Susie tagged in and they double-teamed Lee, nailing a series of charging moves into the corner, followed by a double bulldog for a two count. Purrazzo drilled Susie with a knee to the back as she rebounded off the ropes, shifting the momentum of the bout. Lee grabbed Susie in a single-leg stretch, trying to hyperextend the knee but Susie made it to the ropes. Susie tried to fight from underneath but was taken down. Purrazzo tagged back in. Susie was nailed with a double suplex for a two count. Susie was hit with a short arm clothesline in the corner but nailed a sunset flip for a two count. Undaunted, Purrazzo cut her off with a clothesline. She and Lee tagged in and out, beating down Susie. Lee locked her into a surfboard variation, following up with a knee to the back. Susie finally nailed a flapjack and was able to make the hot tag to Rae.

Rae cleaned house on Lee and nailed a big running clothesline. Rae showed some nice intensity but Lee maintained her form, drilling her across the back. Rae went for the Kylie Special but Lee caught her foot. Rae cartwheeled out and nailed a dropkick, then followed up with a big cannonball for a two count. Purrazzo went to interfere but nailed her own partner by accident. Rae tossed her to the floor but that allowed Lee to snatch her with a back suplex. Rae landed near her corner and tagged Susie. Lee caught Susie coming and nailed another German suplex for a two count.

Lee went to the ropes but was caught by Susie with a Palm Strike. Susie nailed Su Yung’s finishers and scored the pin with the Panic Switch.

Your winners, Susie and Kylie Rae!

After the match, Susie began acting like Su Yung but Kylie Rae brought her out of the trance.

Good wrestling from bell to bell.

The announcers noted Rich Swann was in the building and ran down the lineup for tonight.

Backstage, Trey Miguel accused X-Division Champion Rohit Raju of ducking the challengers. Raju claimed he was giving away title shots like Oprah. Trey asked for a match. Raju said Chris Bey didn’t get a rematch yet and TJP just beat him, so it’s not clear who deserves the shot. Trey said he was going to go beat TJP and then come for the title.

John E. Bravo was on the phone.

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan showed up and started to get involved. He told them they were not his best men. They claimed Taya made the decision for him. He said he made his decision himself. They asked who his best man was. Fallah Bah walked out of a door and Bravo said it was Fallah. They told Steelz and Hogan to get lost. Bah was all excited about being named the best man.

XXXL vs. The Deaners

They noted Acey Romero has dropped nearly 100 lbs. Great for him!

They battled back and forth with Cody being worked over by Acey for much of the early going. XXXL tagged in and out, mauling Cody Deaner. Deaner tried to fight his way out of the corner but Larry D drilled him and nailed a big stomp.

Cousin Jake scored a tag and nailed a big shoulderblock in the corner, followed by a massive sideslam for a two count that was stopped when Romero broke up the pinfall. Cody returned to the fray and everyone brawled. The Deaners went for their finisher but Romero nailed a Pounce that sent him to the floor. Jake slammed Acey but D nailed him with the big right hand and scored the pin.

Your winner, XXXL!


Trey Miguel vs. TJP

They had some really nice back and forth wrestling early on, countering each other with a nice pace. They each attempted some pinfalls before facing off and showing the other respect.

They continued to go back and forth. Trey gained control briefly but was caught with a monkey flip by TJP before being turned over into a Muta Lock. Miguel battled his way to the ropes to force a break but TJP was immediately on him, slamming Miguel and drilling him with a slingshot splash.

TJP continued to tie up Miguel on the mat. He placed Miguel on the ropes. Miguel worked him over and came off the ropes but was nailed with a dropkick in mid-air. Miguel fired back and went for a 619 but was caught. Trey went for a kick but was caught. He spun through and nailed a second one. TJP was sent to the floor, where Miguel nailed a dive to the floor.

They battled back into the ring, where TJP nailed a superplex and transitioned Miguel into an Octopus. Miguel snapped him to the mat and locked on a leglock. Miguel fought his way to the ropes, breaking the hold.

Miguel was drilled with hard kicks to the legs. TJP elevated Miguel’s knees and drove them down. Miguel was able to avoid another move and cartwheeled into a dropkick. TJP avoided a charge in the corner and snapped Miguel with a tornado DDT. TJP went for a splash but missed. They went back and forth with counters until Miguel drilled him with a pair of knees, then repeats the feet off the ropes for the pin.

Your winner, Trey Miguel!

In terms of pure wrestling, this was a lot of fun. I don’t think anyone expected TJP to win given how hard Miguel has been pushed in recent months but they had a credible, entertaining match.

Backstage, The Rascalz were attacked by The North, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton who were intent on leveling the playing field before their eight man tag team main event. They placed Wentz’s head inside chair and rammed it into the wall. They left The Rascalz laying as the Motor City Machine Guns and security finally intervened.

After a commercial, a doctor told The Machine Guns he cannot clear Dez and Wentz tonight. The doc was played by Impact PR guru Ross Forman. He left. The Guns said they have been through worse and they’ll get through this when the Good Brothers showed up complaining they were done doing jabroni media for the company. They said they saw the Guns have an issue and offered to join their side. They walked off. The Guns weren’t sure this was going to help their cause.

Rich Swann made his way to the ring. Swann said he was supposed to talk about this in the office, but the world deserves to hear what he’s about to say. He asked Scott D’Amore come to the ring. D’Amore made his way down. Swann said he had made the decision to give up the thing he loves the most in the world, professional wrestling, by retiring. He was at home rehabilitating and as he watched Impact every week, the very guy who tried to ruin his life becomes the Impact World Champion. He said that he knows D’Amore cares and has his concerns, but he asked to be able to return to the ring and fight Eric Young. Scott said that he’d like nothing more to see him compete in the ring, but he’s spoken to Swann’s doctors and said that Swann isn’t cleared to compete. Swann said he’ll be cleared by Bound for Glory on 10/24. He said he’s the only person who’s pinned Young and did so at Slammiversary so he should be next in line for a title shot.

D’Amore said that sometimes things just don’t go your way. If he gives Swann a title shot, he might not be next in line; he might be crippled. Swann said that Scott may be right but asked him to put himself in Swann’s shoes. He said Scott was once a competitor and he knows that if he had the opportunity after everything, he would take the chance. Scott is still in the business to give guys like Rich a chance. Young tried to ruin his career and end it and tried to change Swann’s life. He doesn’t care if he ends up crippled. He’s from Baltimore where you have to grow up with the heart of a lion and the fight of a fire-breathing dragon. If he doesn’t have this, you may as well take him out back behind the barn like an old animal. Swann said he has nothing if he doesn’t have this and asked Scott to give him what he needs.

D’Amore was going to say respond, but Impact Champion Eric Young came out and nailed him. Swann, one leg and all, tackled him down and attacked him with punches. Young rolled to the ring and told Rich was going to sign his death warrant. D’Amore took the mic and said he heard Swann’s words and he takes him to heart. He told Swann that he was going to get his chance to take this “piece of sh** out.” Young said this wasn’t allowed and Swann should be retired.

Everyone involved did a great job here. As I have been writing, Swann’s promos have been absolutely great, the best of his career and Young has been nothing but magnificent since returning to Impact.

Rosemary was approached by Taya, who asked where she was when Tasha and Kiera were double-teaming her last week. Rosemary said that resurrections are harder than she thinks. Taya asked her if she was going to be out there for her match later. Rosemary asked her to be with her to help with her thing but Taya said she had to prepare her outfit and other excuses. Rosemary cut her off and said they’ll handle their personal business and then meet out at the ring.

Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack

Mack went right after Myers with a series of rights and took him down with a big hiptoss. Mack sent Myers into the ropes and dropkicked him, then clotheslined him over the top. Mack nailed a pescado to the floor. Myers shoved him into the ring post and then nailed a side Russian legsweep on the entrance ramp.

Mack was almost counted out of the ring but made it back right before the ten count. Myers pounced upon Mack with a series of right hands and a suplex for a two count. Myers drilled him with a knee to the back and cinched on a rear chinlock. Mack fired back but Myers tripped him up and began stomping away at him for a two count. Mack ripped one of the buckles off and went to send Mack into it. Myers continued to grind away at Mack on the mat, using a chinlock.

Mack finally nailed Myers with a back suplex. Both men were down and fought to their feet. Mack nailed a big clothesline and a back elbow. He nailed a slam and drilled Myers with the Atomic Legdrop for a two count.

Mack went for a TKO but Myers slipped off and nailed an enziguiri. He followed up with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Mack caught him out nowhere with an exploder but Myers rolled out of the ring to the floor. Mack followed and tossed him back into the ring. When Mack followed, Myers kicked the ropes, low-blowing Mack. He snatched Mack with a Flatliner DDT but Mack kicked up at the last second. Myers was shocked at this.

Myers went to the corner and ascended to the top. Mack caught him with a big right hand. Mack was knocked off the ropes. Myers came off the top but Mack moved and Myers rolled through. He charged Mack, who sidestepped him and Myers hit the exposed buckle. Mack drilled Myers and scored the pin.

Your winner, Willie Mack!

Another good meeting between the two.

Backstage, Rosemary approached Neveah and Havok. She asked Havok for help with resurrecting the one person who would oversee the union requires either a virgin sacrifice or the agreement of the murderer – so they are absolutely talking about Jim Mitchell. Havok refused and Rosemary tried to prevent her from leaving so Havok threw her into the wall and left Rosemary laying

Moose came up to Scott D’Amore saying they have a big situation to deal with. EC3 has been stalking him. Moose said he stole his title and brainwashed his Coach. Scott said his priority is not the prop Moose is using to pretend he’s the champion. Scott said he’s known Moose a long time and said that there’s no one who can get in someone’s head like Moose can. He said that maybe Moose is blowing this up and it’s all in his head. He walked off saying we have enough madmen around here and walked off. A projection of EC3 appeared on the wall. He told Moose he was going to destroy the title belt and time is running out. He told Moose that time is running out. Moose grabbed his phone and called the “Demo God.” He said that he needed help. He asked how he handled the situation when he won that title that one time and then lost the belt the same night. He listened and thanked him, saying next time the “Bubbly is on me.” That was pretty funny.

Backstage, Rhino was sneaking Heath into the building and told him to follow his lead.

We go to a Tenille Dashwood photo shoot. Kaleb with a K is shooting the photos. Jordynne Grace walked in and said that she thought Dashwood was showing up to work this week. Dashwood said that she was working, on her photos. Grace told her they have a match next week. Dashwood was obviously not happy but then went right back into her photo shoot.

Kiera Hogan vs. Taya

Rosemary was not at ringside after being attacked by Havok.

Taya tackled Kiera into the corner immediately. Taya works her over and tossed Hogan to the floor. Taya nailed her with a double stomp across the back. Taya was drilled with a knee strike for a two count. Taya escaped a move and nailed a big knee to the face of her own. She dumped Kiera to the floor again. Taya nailed a hip attack in the corner but Tasha pulled Hogan out of the ring. With Hogan distracting the referee, Steelz got in Taya’s face and raked her face. Hogan drilled Taya and scored the pin.

Your winner, Kiera Hogan!

This felt like Impact was using Taya’s credibility to build Hogan. Hogan and Tasha are a hell of a duo.

Rhino entered Hernandez’s room and said he wasn’t here for a fight but an arm-wrestling rematch. Hernandez agreed and Heath snuck in behind Hernandez and stole the wad of cash as Rhino distracted him and then finally decided he didn’t want to have the rematch. So, they have heisted the money needed to continue the Heath campaign.

Bound for Glory PPV promo.

Chris Bey approached X-Division Champion Rohit Raju. He said he knows this is the first time Raju was champion but he owes Bey a rematch. Raju agreed he deserved a rematch but he lost to TJP and some might say he would have to wait in line. TJP showed up and agreed that he deserves a title shot but some people might say that Trey Miguel is owed a shot since he won tonight. Trey agreed and said he wanted his shot. Raju said that he doesn’t make the rules and said perhaps they should all get in the ring to determine who deserves the shot. It will be a three-way next week. I wonder if the end game here is Ultimate X at Bound for Glory with this quartet.

Impact Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns & The Good Brothers vs. Madman Fulton & The North & Ace Austin

Karl Anderson and Ace Austin started out. Austin was brought into the wrong corner where Gallows tagged in and worked him over with big right hands. Anderson tagged back in and the Good Brothers nailed Austin with a double shoulderblock. Anderson tagged in Chris Sabin in a somewhat aggressive manner. Sabin had words with him, which allowed Austin to tag in Josh Alexander.

Alexander had control for a short moment but the Machine Guns double-teamed him. Ethan Page got involved but was also overwhelmed. Ace Austin got the same treatment. Fulton grabbed them both for a chokeslam but they escaped and knocked him to the floor as they went to commercial…

When Impact returned, Alex Shelley and Josh Alexander were battling. Alexander gained control and nailed a snap suplex off the ropes for a two count. Ace Austin wanted a tag but Alexander glared at him and tagged in Page. Page controlled Shelley, then tagged in Fulton, who mauled Shelley in the corner. Shelley tried to make a tag but was caught by Fulton and tossed over into a suplex for another two count. Shelley continued to get worked over. Ace Austin went to tag out to Fulton but Page reached out and tagged himself in. Page kept working over Shelley. Shelley took a lot of punishment.

Shelley finally broke free with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Sabin was almost tagged but was knocked off the apron. Sabin hit the ring and interfered, allowing Anderson to get tagged in. Karl Anderson controlled the ring, including a big neckbreaker on Austin and a spinebuster on Page.

Gallows tagged in and booted Fulton off the apron. They nailed a double-team back suplex on Page for a two count. They set up for the Magic Killer but Alexander hit the ring to break it up. Sabin nailed a flying bodypress on The North. Everyone hit the ring and battled. Sabin nailed a big dive on everyone on the floor. The Guns nailed the Dream Sequence. Sabin went for a tornado DDT off the ropes but Page blocked it. They went into an insane succession of moves, with the momentum going back and forth. Alexander nailed a ripcord clothesline on Shelley and clotheslined Gallows over the top to the floor. The North worked over Sabin and hit their finisher but Ace Austin tagged himself in and scored the pin.

Your winners, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton & The North!

All action. The storyline at the end was that The North didn’t like having their earned win stolen, even if they were still the winning team.

All the teams faced off with their respective partners as they went off the air.

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