Chris Jericho Talks WWE NXT Moving To Another Night: “It’s Embarrassing For NXT At This Point”

Chris Jericho Talks WWE NXT Moving To Another Night: "It's Embarrassing For NXT At This Point"

In an interview with Alex McCarty from talkSPORT on Inside The Ropes, Chris Jericho talked about what it’s like to work with Tony Khan and AEW. 

He said he liked working with Khan because everything is fresh and new. Jericho also pointed out that Khan is the one with final say and not anyone in The Elite.

“One thing about Tony is he’s very driven, and he’s very passionate and he knows what he wants. He’s not a pushover in any way shape or form,” Jericho noted. “I think that’s kind of a misconception for a lot of people about Tony Khan. ‘He’s a money mark, and he doesn’t know anything.’ He does know. He knows more about wrestling than I do as far as the history, and the dates, and the matches and all that sort of stuff. I love working for Tony Khan because it’s fresh [and] its new. I loved working for Vince McMahon as well, but Vince, he’s been doing it for 45 years. He’s set in his ways of doing things, and they’re very successful. Tony’s still figuring out what way he wants to do things. We’re learning all together. We’re learning on the fly.

“I mean we did a live TV show with 75% of the roster who had never been on live TV before. ‘Who’s going to produce the shows Tony? ‘Who’s going to write the shows?’ All of us. ‘OK, well, who’s gonna direct the shows?’ Keith Mitchell has been doing this for 30 years. We have a great group of people who are all doing this for the right reasons because they love the business, and they love this of brand new brave new world that we’re creating. So Tony to me is my boss. Obviously, the buck stops with him, and I appreciate that and I enjoy it. You have to have a boss. I worked in companies where there wasn’t a boss. That never works.

“Tony Khan is the boss. I’m saying it right here. It’s not The Young Bucks. It’s not Kenny [Omega]. It’s not Cody [Rhodes]. Tony calls the shots. He’s got the final say, but he’s very open to suggestions. I talk to Tony Khan every day about ideas for the show, about live shows or advertising or press or action figures, and that’s a really cool environment because I’m getting a chance to use my 30 years of experience in a positive way and not being kind of undermined because I’m just ‘talent.’ I’m as much as part of the office as anybody is, and I think that’s a lot of fun. It’s very challenging in a great way for me.”

With schedule changes made due to the NBA and NHL playoffs, WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite have been running shows on different nights sometimes running unopposed to the other until this week. A trend in the TV ratings shows that NXT does stronger numbers when they are not running against Dynamite prompting many to wonder if WWE will move NXT to another night. Jericho said just that calling it “embarrassing” for NXT.

“I’m going to ask you one question,” Jericho prefaced. “Why is NXT on a Wednesday night? (Alex McCarthy answers that it’s to oppose Dynamite). Exactly, they came on Wednesday just to mess with us. Take your head out of your ass and go make money. Don’t worry about our company. We’re not worried about you. We don’t have a screen up that shows what’s going on every moment on NXT, like they do watching Dynamite.

“Leave us alone. Do your own thing. Go to Tuesday’s. Grab an extra 250,000 viewers. Finally get your demo where it needs to be because it’s pretty embarrassing on a Wednesday night to go up against us. ‘The Demo God’ thing is is not a gimmick. It’s real. So go. Go to Tuesday, go to Sunday [or] go to any other day you want, but don’t exist just to mess with us because we’re beating you every week. It’s kind of embarrassing for NXT at this point.

“So I think you should throw the red flag, retreat, go to Tuesday, make Tuesday your night, make more money, get more viewers, get more guys over and don’t worry about what we’re doing because we’re going to continue on either way, and we’re winning every week anyways, so just go your own way. That’s the best way to do it.”

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