Friday, September 11, 2020

Bray Wyatt Introduces Wobbly Walrus in The Firefly Funhouse (Video)

Bray Wyatt Introduces Wobbly Walrus in The Firefly Funhouse
Tonight’s SmackDown meant a brand new episode of Firefly Fun House, where Bray Wyatt promised to introduce us to a brand new friend. Unfortunately for him, things seemed to go south rather quickly.

During the new segment of the Fun House, Wyatt attempted to introduce the WWE universe to his new friend, Pasquale the Persevering Parrot. However, Wyatt forgot to include any air holes in the box that kept his feathered friend in, meaning we never get a chance to see him. Shortly after, McBossman – the puppet version of Vince McMahon – stepped into the show, telling Wyatt that he didn’t trust Wyatt anymore and that he would be introducing a new special advisor to the show. That special advisor was revealed to be none other than Wobbly Walrus, a balding Walrus dressed in a suit.

McBossman was clearly happy about this, proclaiming it as “good s—” while Bray Wyatt looked up in shock.

Wobbly Walrus puppet is obviously inspired by Paul Heyman. As you probably know, Chris Jericho called Heyman a walrus during a 2014 RAW episode and that led to "Walrus!" chants from the crowd. Others have referred to Heyman as a walrus over the years.

WWE filed the trademark for the term "Wobbly Walrus" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Sept. 1, 2020.