Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Another Arrest For Teddy Hart

Another Arrest For Teddy Hart
Teddy Hart‘s legal issues continue to compound after his latest arrest in Richmond, Virginia.

Hart (real name Edward Annis) was sentenced to 10 days in the Richmond County Jail stemming from his Feb. 12 arrest due to possession of a schedule III narcotic. His stint in jail is said to have begun on Sept. 10. However, he has been arrested again since he has been locked up.

Per PWInsider, the latest arrest comes from Hart being declared a fugitive from justice in May. He was arrested on Sept. 11 for that charge and is facing “charges of a felony arrest without a warrant.” He’s set for another hearing on Oct. 13.

Hart was also arrested in March due to an alleged domestic violence incident involving Maria Manic, but that has been dropped.