“All Out Fall Out” – Being The Elite Ep. 220 Recap

“All Out Fall Out” - Being The Elite Ep. 220 Recap

Here are highlights from the latest Being the Elite. You can watch the full episode at the bottom of this page.

* Matt and Nick traveling for All Out. Matt sees Jake Roberts up ahead on the flight and wonders what he has in his bag.

* Young Bucks head to Walmart looking for AEW figures, but everything (minus the ring) was sold out. Nick says this was one of the bucket list things he had as a kid and see his own figure in a store.

* Clips shown from Dynamite.

* EVP room, Matt and Nick after their match on Dynamite think about just heading home. Jurassic Express coming and ask what’s up with Matt and Nick, they didn’t even do their entrance taunts. They bicker about the match, Matt says Luchasaurus could have hit the most basic match in wrestling — a canadian destroyer. Matt and Nick talk some more trash and then become happy there’s a “proper feud” between the two teams now.

* Christopher Daniels finishes up his 50 reps for 50+ segments. Hangman Page is looking on from a distance. He then wants to talk with Cutler. Page asks Cutler if he can let Matt and Nick know he’s sorry and he f—ed up for costing them a match. Page says FTR and The Bucks are right, he is a “piece of s—.” He doesn’t expect forgiveness, but just wants Cutler to let them know. Cutler tells Page he kind of knows what Page is talking about, and brings up him and Peter Avalon breaking up.

* John Silver and Alex Reynolds head in to MJF’s locker room to recruit him, but find Wardlow. Wardlow says MJF isn’t here if they are looking for him, Silver and Reynolds say they are looking for him! Silver and Reynolds give some compliments and go a bit overboard to the point of making things weird. Wardlow then gets a call from MJF and has to take it, but says they could finish “whatever this is” later. Wardlow heads out, Reynolds then realizes they never bothered to actually recruit him.

* Matt, Nick, and Brandon after a meal at Cracker Barrel. Nick says it feels a little smaller though with just the three of them, they used to fill all the rocking chairs on the porch in their old photos. The guys show off their swag from the store, but Cutler realizes they don’t have an actual sponsorship and just stole a bunch of items. The trio runs off. At the hotel, Nick and Brandon try out their new shirts. Matt shows up, it’s a bit tight and it looks like he took a women’s t-shirt. Cutler tries to tell them about what Page told him, they didn’t even want to here it and cut the camera.

* “Speaking Spanglish” with Alex Abrahantes shows off the “MiPhone” with Vickie Guerrero and Diamante.

* Matt and Nick on the red carpet, posing for all the paparazzi, and show off what their wearing.

* Clips are shown from All Out.

* Public Swole Announcement: Swole talks about how women can sit pretty while at the bar. When she says “pretty,” Ricky Stark stands up from behind the bar and poses. Swole walks off, annoyed Starks is always ruining her shots.

* Backstage, Dark Order is hanging out. An angered Brodie Lee comes in and wonders where Colt Cabana is. The group lost their tag match at All Out, Evil Uno is on his phone. Lee can’t believe Uno is on his phone after a loss. He asks Uno what his name is on Twitch, Uno says “Evil Uno,” and Brodie responds, “Not any f—in’ more!” Lee continues yelling there will be no more Twitch and no more third-party affiliates! A jab at WWE’s latest directive towards its talent.

Silver and Reynolds come in and say they got a new recruit. Reynolds shows Lee a Cameo video from Sinbad saying he talked with Reynolds and Silver, and asked if he could join the group, and apparently he’s in. He congratulates Lee on his title win and says “We are one” while doing the Dark Order hand signal. Lee is in a better mood, and tells Reynolds he did a good job. Lee says he has a surprise, as well, he leaves and comes back with Griff Garrison, but Lee thinks it’s Jungle Boy. Silver finally tells him it’s Garrison, Lee smiles and says “just wait a minute.” Anna Jay rises up from behind Garrison and chokes him out while the rest of the group celebrates.

* Cutler tries to talk to Matt and Nick about Page, they don’t want to. Cutler then wants to know about Kenny Omega walking off after the tag title match and the brothers not going off with him. Matt says maybe it’s time they worry more about themselves, and then says to Nick maybe he doesn’t need that “The Elite” shirt anymore. We see clips from the end of the AEW World Tag Team Match and Omega walking off afterwards, along with a photo of The Elite sitting at a Cracker Barrel together. As the camera pans out the photo’s glass frame is shattered.


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