Monday, August 3, 2020

What Happened With WWE’s New Mysterious Faction On RAW?

What Happened With WWE’s New Mysterious Faction On RAW?
WWE fans were told to expect something very unique this week on RAW, and that is exactly what happened.

The lights started to flicker early on in the show. This was blamed on the weather being bad. They are in Orlando, after all. The lights continued to flicker during the opening United States Title match.

During the Kevin Owens Show, KO’s microphone kept cutting out on him. WWE was experiencing a lot of technical difficulties. Later on, Charly Caruso reported on some fallen boxes backstage.

Towards the end of the RAW broadcast, Tom Phillips showed us surveillance camera footage of a group of unknown men and women outside of the WWE Performance Center. The group was wearing all black attire with hoodies on, and was seen yelling and cheering as they threw fire bombs or Molotov cocktails at a transformer in the parking lot of the venue. They continued to cheer as the electrical equipment caught fire, and then ran off into the night.

It was reported earlier on Monday how WWE had plans for the new stable to "cause chaos" in WWE, from a storyline standpoint. It was also said that the members of the stable were being kept close to the vest by top WWE officials, and would not be immediately revealed. The reported idea behind the group is that they will use any means necessary to get the attention of WWE officials, and that the idea behind the chaos is that they are trying to "loosen control" over WWE Superstars and change the way the company operates.

While many fans and wrestlers on social media are comparing the new storyline to Antifa, which has dominated the headlines and led riots across the country this summer, it was noted in Monday's report from Pro Wresting Sheet that the new storyline was specific to WWE, and not meant to be political.