Triple H On How He Handles Arguments With Vince McMahon

Triple H On How He Handles Arguments With Vince McMahon

During his appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Triple H revealed what Vince McMahon is like now that he’s gotten older and if he’s lost a step along the way.

“He’s a machine,” Triple H said. “It doesn’t bother him. He’s probably, given the circumstances, sleeping more than he ever has, but I still don’t think he ever missed a day at the office. Even when nobody else was there, he’s still there and it’s just what he does. He still trains every day. If you go to the office, even at one or two in the morning, he’s probably in there training. That’s what keeps him going. He eats incredibly well and is just a routine and disciplined person.

“It’s hard for some people to understand. When someone is really driven to do something, this is his passion still to this day. He doesn’t get up dreading going to work. He gets up looking forward to doing it. All these years later and it’s still like he’s dating a new girl in a way. He can’t wait to get up and do all this stuff. It’s awe-inspiring, it really is.”

Simmons transitioned over and got Levesque to open up about what their relationship has been like over the years and what McMahon is like as a grandfather.

“He’s awesome, man,” Levesque said. “They love him. He’s busy and works all the time, but he’s a funny guy that he’ll work and do all these things but when it comes to his family and he needs to be there, he’s the guy that’s right there. He’s there for all the things that they need to do. He’s there for their big moments, whether by video or in person, he’s there.He loves having fun with them. It’s funny, with family stuff he’s like an observer. He likes to sit back and watch them do things that kids do. He just gets the biggest kick out of it. It’s awesome, really.

“I would imagine our relationship as unique. If you ever read any books on it or anything, family business is difficult. You don’t walk away from it. You don’t leave the office or hang up the phone or leave the table and just be done with it. It’s 24/7 and it effects everything. It’s very unique and very difficult and there’s a lot of factors. How you react in business to each other is difficult because you’re family and naturally, you treat your family different than everyone else.

“There’s just so many components to it. At the same point in time that it’s difficult, it’s also wonderful and we all share the same passion for doing this and that it’s the greatest form of entertainment. Our passion about doing this and growing it for the next generation, whether that be my kids or anybody else, you just want it to continue and we’re all hell-bent on doing that. So, while it’s difficult, you’re all working for the same cause and you know that.

“In terms of arguments, we both kind of get over it quickly. You have moments and things happen and come up and we just get past it and get over it. If it came down to it and it meant the difference of my kids having their grandfather in their life or not, I’d have no problem just walking away. I’d walk because it’s not worth it at the end of the day. Family business is awesome, though. I love it and wouldn’t change a thing.”


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