Friday, August 7, 2020

Retribution Hijacks SmackDown, Destroy The Ring With a Chainsaw (Video)

Retribution Hijacks SmackDown, Destroy The Ring With a Chainsaw (Video)
Tonight’s SmackDown ended with a chaotic scene as Retribution stormed the ring, taking down members of the crowd before finally sawing the ropes down.

During a tag team match between Heavy Machinery and Miz & Morrison, things broke down once Mandy Rose ran down to the ring to attack Sonya Deville. With the match called, Rose and Deville began brawling in the ring, which eventually led to them fighting backstage. Once there, the lights cut out for a moment, before Retribution stormed the empty ring, chasing away the commentary team and WWE security before attacking members of the crowd. After that, they began spray painting along the ring and plexiglass windows, before finally cutting down the ropes with a chainsaw.

There's no word yet on what WWE has planned next for Retribution, or if we might see them on the WWE NXT brand. There continue to be fan comparisons to the Antifa group, but it's been reported that the storyline is related to WWE only, and is not political. It's also been reported that the members of the group are being kept a secret for some time and will not be immediately revealed. The idea behind the storyline is that the group will bring chaos to WWE by any means necessary, to get the attention of WWE officials, and that they are trying to "loosen control" over WWE Superstars and change the way the company operates.