Sunday, August 9, 2020

Real Retribution Members Were Reportedly Not Used For SmackDown Angle

Real Retribution Members Were Reportedly Not Used For SmackDown Angle
There's been a lot of online speculation on who the masked men and women were in the RETRIBUTION invasion of  SmackDown, and if the same people were used for the debut parking lot angle on last Monday's RAW.

It was reported by Dave Meltzer on Sunday Night's Main Event podcast that the people used under the masks and hoods on SmackDown were not the wrestlers who will be playing the actual characters when the RETRIBUTION members are revealed. Meltzer noted that this was told to him outright.

Meltzer speculated that during the RETRIBUTION attack angle in the crowd of developmental trainees on SmackDown, WWE went through some extra effort to show that a female member of the group was attacking the female developmental trainee, so it wouldn't look like a man was attacking a woman.

It should be noted again that just because WWE used a wrestler for the masked invasion on SmackDown, that does not mean they will be used as a member of the group when they are all revealed.

It's been reported that members of the RETRIBUTION stable are being kept close to the vest by top WWE officials, and will not be immediately revealed. There's no word yet on how long they plan to go without revealing the men and women behind the masks.

It's likely that we will see more from RETRIBUTION on this week's RAW.