Sunday, August 2, 2020

Naomi Comments On The Big Botch Against Lacey Evans

Naomi Comments On The Big Botch Against Lacey Evans
As seen below, Naomi has taken to social media to clear the air on a botched moment in her match against Lacey Evans on Friday's Smackdown.

After a Twitter used posted a video of the botched move, the comments debated what the intention originally was. Numerous people claimed that Naomi was attempting a diving Canadian Destroyer to the outside on Evans. However, Naomi says that it was originally supposed to be a sliding blockbuster maneuver.

"It's just a sliding blockbuster not a Canadian Destroyer, not something I tried to copy from someone else, just a move I thought of bc I like doing blockbusters and wanted a different way to do it but anyway I'll improve it," Naomi writes.

It's interesting to note that when WWE posted the clipped version of the match to their YouTube page, they still included the mishap in the edited video.

As noted, the hashtag #NaomiDeservesBetter was recently trending on Twitter after Naomi suffered a quick loss on television. She responded to the love with, "Wow! I know y'all got me you always have! I appreciate you all so so much! Thanks for the continuous support and believing in me!"