Thursday, August 27, 2020

Matt Jackson Trolls Randy Orton Over Botched Punt On RAW

Matt Jackson Trolls Randy Orton Over Botched Punt On RAW
Randy Orton and The Young Bucks have had a social media beef from time to time particularly with Matt Jackson.

Recently, Orton had poked fun at a video Jackson had shared where Jackson talked about him sticking a landing on a dive. Orton wrote to Jackson referencing the former WWE talent on AEW, "Sweet landing.....but you didn't hit anybody. Tell Cody, Goldust, Harper, Swags, Y2J, Hardy, Ryder, Spears, Ambrose, Arn, Milenko, Gunn, and most importantly FTR for me."

Jackson would respond to his own jab at Triple H's previous WWE offer in 2018. Now, Jackson has poked fun at Orton's own mishap.

This past RAW saw Orton attack WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Both times, he attempted a punt on McIntyre, but Orton's first punt kick did not look particularly convincing.

This led Jackson to leave a comment referencing some of his old ROH and indie friends in WWE on Instagram saying, "@randyorton Sweet landing ... but you didn't hit anybody ... say hello to Bryan, Claudio, Kevin, Generico, Tyler and Adam for me."