Sunday, August 9, 2020

Matt Jackson On Why The Young Bucks Left Twitter

Matt Jackson On Why The Young Bucks Left Twitter
As noted, The Young Bucks quit Twitter last December, right after a lot of negative feedback on AEW.

When discussing leaving the website the first time, Matt Jackson explained that it was a distraction and toxic.

Matt has now shared more in-depth that the reason was that people were tweeting images of their homes and threatening them.

He wrote, "I applaud anyone who decides to take a break from social media. Especially the toxic world of Twitter specifically. We logged off when threatening messages were sent to us regularly and finally the last straw came when google map images of our homes were being tweeted to us. It's been a nice break for our mental health. If someone decides to sign off, good for them."

As noted earlier this week, Brandi Rhodes became the latest AEW star to leave Twitter due to harassment.