Sunday, August 16, 2020

Large Number Of WWE Stars Reportedly In Contact With AEW

Large Number Of WWE Stars Reportedly In Contact With AEW
According to Dave Meltzer, Interest in AEW from current WWE stars may be more common than fans previously thought.

On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer reported that "virtually everybody" on the WWE roster has reached out to AEW in some fashion to discuss a potential future with the company. He notes that this includes whether or not the company has interest in the particular WWE superstar and, if so, how much money that person could make signing with AEW.

Of all the top WWE superstars on the roster, it was noted that Roman Reigns is the sole person that has never inquired about AEW's interest.

During one of his recent Saturday Night Special YouTube shows, Chris Jericho named the top 5 people he would like to see sign with AEW someday. The person at the top of his list was none other than "The Big Dog", Roman Reigns.

"Roman Reigns, Will Ospreay, Ricochet, [Kota] Ibushi, and Don Callis," Jericho chose as his top 5.

He also mentioned how much he wants to see Cesaro competing in an AEW ring at some point.

"Now we just have to get Cesaro in AEW and then we'll really stir it up," Chris stated. "I think Cesaro in AEW would be one of our top guys."